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What's Coming?
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Fully Ripened!
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February 9, 2019
Warrior Harvesters
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Harvest Abundant
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Walking (Rhema Word)
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Patient Endurance
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Divine Protection
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April 28th 19’ Rhema
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ALERT to the BRIDE!! (Rhema Word)
Mar 13, 2014 (Please prayerfully discern all messages you receive and post scripture in the comments.) My bride, My bride will have ears to hear. If you want the ears to hear you will receive them. Ah, My bride, let Me shower you with My love every day until you are in My very presence, for I love you so, My bride. What is so important now is our relationship. We must be in perfect harmony now, My love. When you see that you get tangled up into your world do not take the time for remorse or sadness but get right back on My path with Me. You see, I never leave your side no matter what but some things will cause you to be unable to hear My voice clearly. I will always be pulling at your heart to give up the things that aren't good for our relationship. To one person something might be harmless. To another it could be an idol. That is why you must let Me search your heart and tell you what I need for you to turn from. And deep down you already know. For many of you things that may seem harmless have become idols to you and you don't even know it. I will give you passions, this is for certain. But anytime your passion is replacing Me in your life, that turns it into an idol. You know this in your heart. This time that is passing, right now, is a period of cleansing for My bride. You don't have to do this on your own. In fact, you would be unable to, if you tried. You must let Me help you. When you try, in your flesh, to change your ways and behaviors or to break bad habits, you might succeed but your heart of flesh doesn't satisfy. Unless I have paved the way before you and you have allowed Me to change you, you will always fall or at least stumble. Give Me access to your heart now, My bride. Let Me purge and cleanse it. Surrender, My bride. Surrender and put your life in My hands. Let Me be the one who cleanses your heart from the filth of your world. Let Me place in you a new heart and let Me finish My creation in you. You have a heart of flesh. Let Me remodel it into a spirit-filled heart that is sold-out to Me. I paid the price for your heart but you must transfer possession to Me now, My bride. If I don't have your whole heart I cannot make the changes within you that I need to make. It is that simple. You need to give up your control. I need to purge your heart completely, shining My light into the deepest and darkest corners. There are places of hurt and anger and distrust and sadness and guilt and shame and disgust and hatred and addiction and jealousy and envy and lust and worldliness and many more things hiding out of the view of My light. If these are not purged they will resurface and affect our perfect marriage. This we cannot have. Bare your soul to Me, My love. Give it all to Me. I will cleanse you with hyssop and plant My seeds within you. My gifts I give freely but only a bride, pure and clean has room in her heart to receive My gifts. Let Me cleanse you now, My bride. Open your heart and let Me cleanse you.
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For anyone waiting on the LORD
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My daughter write my words for those with ears to hear, I see your struggles everyday my children. I see when you have the strength to rise above the world, and remain in my kingdom living and I see when you fall and drink from the cup of the world that you are living in. Many fall my children but I see your true hearts, and I know they are true to me. Your flesh is evil, and would like nothing more than to partake in the things of this world. Yet my holy spirit within you acts as your helper. Pray my children constantly, to be lead away from temptation and delivered from evil. It is very apparent that the enemy goes out of his way to lead my children down his path of destruction. My holy spirit within you will guide you down my safe path, if you allow him. This is not a time to give up on me my children. I know many of my children have waited a lifetime for my harpazo, my catching away and because I have yet to snatch them to me they are losing hope. They are growing weary and experiencing doubt. I am the I AM, the beginning and the end. There is no haste in my timing, for my timing is perfect. Many of you, though you have many of your physical needs met some even living by quite luxurious standards long for my presence with your hearts. No matter what the world has intiste these with, they can not really enjoy their lives in this world. They simply long for me alone. There are others of my children who are struggling in this world. They struggle everyday to meet their physical and families needs. They are becoming more indown from this journey, and they long for my return. Both of these sets of people face different struggles. Some more than others but something is consistent between them. They ache for my return. They ache for me, knowing that only I can fill the emptiness in their hearts. One may be quite wealthy by earth's standards, and the other quite poor. But they both long insatiably to be in my presence, and place no value upon anything of this world. These are my bride. They have already given me their hearts and are going through the motions on this earth and know it is not their home. They seek me constantly in all that they do and expect to hear from me and have an open mind to my truths alone. They have walked away from the doctrines from men, and they ready themselves daily to receive new revelation from my word and from my holy spirit. They have allowed me to crucify their flesh and remove every last bit of pride from them. These will be the generals and my army my children. These will be the waves sheef offering to my Father. The wise virgins. If you are not to this point in your journey with me, if you still cling to the things of this world do NOT be dismayed. The identity of these was known from the beginning. These are my 144,000. Spiritual Israel. Emptied of this world. Crucified. Dead to this world, and waiting for their chance to shine. They will walk safely about the enemy and not be touched. They will be escorted by angels and touch the hearts of many, they will serve a great purpose and harvesting the lost and the back-slidden. They will bring the oil to the unwise virgins, removing from them any sliver of man’s doctrines. They will shine in the three days of darkness. As beacons of hope and comfort to those in mourning. They will bring my truth to many, and will be limitless against the enemy and his minions. Receive and accept this truth my children. All will occur the way it is written, and it has been planned like this since before the beginning. Do not limit me. Yeshua Hamashiach.”
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In ME or in this WORLD? Rhema Word!
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Warning! Satan's minions everywhere! ( Rhema Word)
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Wake up 4 1 hour
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Unclean Spirits
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RECOGNIZE ME! (Rhema Word!)
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Leaven or HEAVEN
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EXODUS 23:20-26
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THE KEY! (Rhema Word)
My daughter tell my children how much I love them this morning and forever. Tell them my arms are open and I am waiting for all of them who will accept my free gift of salvation. The key free gift, but the key must fit into the lock. The lock is one's heart. A person's heart must receive and accept the key. They key is free and offered to all. But many refuse the key and they keep searching in the wrong places for what they think will fill the space in their heart. They find themselves wrapped up in the world searching for me, but they will not find me in the world. They even try to satisfy and fill their heart by worshiping other gods. But they will never be able to fill the hole in their hearts until they find, accept and receive the love of their creator. For I made each person to love. People ask "What kind of creator makes His people suffer so?" Remember children. Mankind made his choice in the garden. This world is not my world. It has fallen from my perfected state and my children by default walk in its fallen state. This is true. But the children that have accepted me by accepting the key have found the answer. When people ask you "why would such a loving God and Creator let a tragedy happen?" Tell me "The darkness that rules your earth let it happen." Explain to them that their creator and Father created them to love them. That perfect state that they were in originally was lost when evil wormed its way into my perfection. Starting as a worm and infiltrating my entire creation. When people ask you "What kind of God would let immense human suffering come upon His children?" Explain this to them: Mankind that continues to walk in the evil and corruption that was set forth by the dragon himself has a choice. Receive me and accept me as their salvation. As their teacher. As their comforter or continue on in this fallen world, in a fallen state and await the consequences. I am a God of Love. I created each individual's heart differently. My agape love is the only thing that if missing from their life they will continue to search for forever. Without my love they will never feel satisfied or at peace. And there will always be a hole. A deep and gnawing emptiness. When man asks you, "What kind of God lets his children suffer and die?" Let the man know the answer. Nothing a person cans suffer in this time on this earth is even at all comparable to an eternal damnation in hell where my love will never ever fill the empty hole in the hearts of my creation. If it takes tragedy, pain, destruction, chaos, confusion. Whatever bad I allow I allow in the great hope my creation will look up and call upon their Father. For as many hearts that do not accept my key will be breaking my heart in eternity. That is a very long forever. Nothing in hell will be as awful as the eternal knowledge that the hole in one's heart will never be filled.
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Still Judging One Another?
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Do not Miss HIS call!
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Love One Another!
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Romans 8:6-9, Titus 3:5-7, Mathew 10:19-20 1 John 3:19-20, 1 John 4:16 John 15:19, James 2:5, 2 Cor 1:2-5
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A letter to JESUS!!
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No turning back!
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BELIEVE IN ME- not your flesh
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