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Guitar truss rod: single and double action
This video shows how single and double action truss rods work.
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how I play Dennis Lloyd - Leftovers
A simple chord progression with a very tasty way to play it down the neck. The video includes the progression with diagrams. I use this version for my transcription: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNQr5A6voBg Here is a link to a video with slower playing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-pL9443M5Q
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How I Play Leftovers, a follow up video
I have been asked to slow down my playing on this Dennis Lloyd song: here it is. The link to the original play through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-0IQ8zjZQ4
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Beavis Audio Noisy Cricket 2xLM386 inspired guitar amp
A jazzy sound from 2 LM386 op amp chips inspired by the famous Noisy Cricket from Beavis Audio. This video shows the schematic, pictures of the build and some sound samples.
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Gibson ES- 125  how it looks inside!
Some history, some specs and a travel inside this wonderful, sweet made in 1958 guitar.
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A Varitone switch: a build and a demo
On some of his ES guitars, Gibson uses a Varitone switch that allows for more tonal variations. One famous guitarist to have some of his guitars equipped with the Varitone was BB King. There are many adaptations of this circuit and here I show mine: a very simple one, far from Gibson's design, that basically switches between different capacitor values and makes the sound of the neck pickup gradually darker. Instead of being connected to the hot signal of the pickup (which requires the additional use of resistors to eliminate popping when switching), it is to the ground. It can also be totally bypassed.
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Tune Up, Miles Davis. Real Book, Arrangement and Tutorial
In this video, I play and demo my teacher's arrangement of Miles Davis' Tune Up using the Real Book score.
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Tube amp: importance of the standby switch
On tube guitar amp, the standby switch will protect the power tubes from a surge in DC voltage when the amp is turned on. Here is a demonstration using meters connected to the plates of 6v6s tubes.
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how I play Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still
My transcription is based on the "acoustic" version performed by Portugal. The Man on 91X, San Diego. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ieB0lx-tac The song is played in Bm (I believe the record version is in D.)
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Power tube going wrong: how it looks and sounds like.
I first heard some cracklings and then saw this. Those Electro Harmonix EL84s came stock in my 2012 Maz18nr. After 2 years of almost daily practice and a few gigs, one finally gave up on me. A new pair and everything is back to normal.
Views: 1253 Jean Pasqualini
Dr Z Maz 18 JR. NR: a look inside.
A look at the components, layout and beautiful craftmanship.
Views: 1103 Jean Pasqualini
Bluesette, chords and melody, from the Real Book
Using only open and close 7th chord voicings.
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Take the A Train, real book, melody and chords
Using only open and close 7th chord. voicings
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Crimson Guitars kit guitar episode #2- drilling holes and fitting the neck
This video shows the drilling of the neck pocket holes, pickups and output jack channels and the fitting of the neck. Also the first mistakes I made.
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How I play How can you mend a broken heart
I use Luke McMaster cover of this Bee Gees song. Chords in the video. Check http://www.lukemcmaster.com/ and the very tasteful music channel BluesIsFeeling Memories at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXpexOM6S2ScmkW1yvi6gQ
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how I play Moon Taxi - Two High
A play through showing the chords. I am using a live version of the song. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyCIqLtoDgs To play on the record version, you will need to move everything down 2 frets.
Views: 1605 Jean Pasqualini
My Funny Valentine from the Real Book, chords and melody
My Funny Valentine. From the Real Book, for guitar with melody and chords (using open and close positions)
Views: 3539 Jean Pasqualini
Build Your Own Clone Germanium Boost Kit with Gibson SG and Maz 18nr
A kit from BYOC. In this video I show different settings of that pedal inspired by the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster. The transistor is a germanium type, OC76. I really enjoy its sound. It's rough, doesn't clean well but is very warm (even on the treble boost setting...) Here is the BYOC link: http://buildyourownclone.com/products/germanium-boost-kit
Views: 2016 Jean Pasqualini
how I play M83 Outro on guitar
From the album HurryUp, We'reDreaming The song was also used on the Versailles TV series.
Views: 916 Jean Pasqualini
how I play twenty one pilots Car Radio on guitar
Educational purpose only.
Views: 763 Jean Pasqualini
First live show for the LA Band II
7th graders Donovan (keys), John and Kai (drums), Elijah (guitar), Alex (guitar) and Suzanne (vocals) go to town.
Views: 274 Jean Pasqualini
The LA Band Mark II Covers Zombie
7th graders open for the first recognition assembly of the school year. Kai on drums, Eli on electric guitar, Alex on acoustic guitar and Suzanne on vocals.
Views: 389 Jean Pasqualini
A Foggy Day from the Real Book, chords and melody
In this video I show the chords position (7th voicing open and close) with melody.
Views: 1478 Jean Pasqualini
LM386 Noisy Cricket guitar amp from Beavis Audio.
After breadboarding the Cricket, here it is in his enclosure. I added a switch that changes between different capacitor values to add some bass or treble boost. I also added a 1/4 headphone jack output. Runs on battery or adaptor. Nice warm clean sound and distortion at low volume. Tone pot not very effective, probably because of the mods I did... More details of this build on: http://sginanattic.blogspot.com/ Schematic, layout, BOM on the fantastic BeavisAudio website! http://www.beavisaudio.com/projects/NoisyCricket/
Views: 3529 Jean Pasqualini
Crimson Guitars guitar kit, episode  #4, bridge measurements, pickups
Selecting pickups and bridge alignment.
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how I play Big Mike & The Booty Papas - I'll Take Care of You
A play through with chords and diagrams of this very cool blues in G minor with two (not too often used in this context) chromatic progressions on the I and IV. I also attempt parts of the guitar solo. Link for the version I used for the transcription: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXiHjvy8lYM&index=18&list=PLmBhy1pBmv6v2i3ELOyDkN4YLrobPZvcL
Views: 406 Jean Pasqualini
Autumn Leaves, an arrangement using the Real Book
This is the arrangement of Autumn Leaves I learned from my teacher Jay EuDaly. I am using the score from the Real Book (fifth edition). I am using 7chords (roots and inversions), some with flat 5. The guitar is a kit from GFS that I put together, Seymour Duncan Jazz and a Fender Cyber Champ (modeling amp) with phones out connected to Garage Band via jam from Apogee.
Views: 302 Jean Pasqualini
Crimson Guitars kit #6- electronics and setup
In this video, I show the wiring of the kit and a first setup
Views: 295 Jean Pasqualini
small bear ursa minor fuzz kit pedal: my first attempt
In this video you'll find pictures and sound samples of my build of the fuzz Ursa Minor by Small Bear Electronics. I chose to try point to point wiring instead of using the board that comes with the Small Bear kit The kit can be purchased at: http://smallbear-electronics.mybigcommerce.com/kit-the-ursa-minor/
Views: 573 Jean Pasqualini
how I play twenty one pilots Heavy Dirty Soul on guitar
This is from the MUTEMATH sessions, link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfEFq_NRZu4&feature=em-uploademail Educational purpose only.
Views: 2236 Jean Pasqualini
Crimson Guitars kit guitar episode #1- body and neck
Crimson guitar is a British company producing electric guitars. The kit I am building here (2016) is their first attempt at producing kit guitars. After a few months they stopped making them. As from the end of 2017 they are making a new series of kit guitars.
Views: 1781 Jean Pasqualini
1 x15 guitar speaker cab: no joints, almost no glue
Pictures of the build. Cab is equipped with a Weber California 15' ceramic speaker.
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My 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom reissue in Classic White
At the beginning of the 1960s, Gibson stopped producing their Les Paul Standards (the now famous 58, 59, 60 Burst) and Customs (Black Beauty) and replaced them with the SG. Thanks to Clapton, Richards and Page (amongst others) the Les Paul came back to life and in 1968, Gibson restarted the production. Here is my 1968 reissue Les Paul Custom built at the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville in 1999.
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Guitar chord progression for Start a Fire (La La Land)
I muted some parts of the song for copyright purpose.
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how I play Lemmo - Lay There
This is my transcription and tutorial of the album version of the song Lay There by Michael Lemmo, Los Angeles based guitarist. I play through the song, showing the chords and solo parts. I included some diagrams. Link here: https://soundcloud.com/lemmotheband
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how I play the Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
Very cool tune to practice triads. Just one bar chord escaped from my fingers... I'm going through a Fender Cyber Champ, Allen and Heath mixing board into Garage Band. The guitar is a kit from Crimson Guitar with Fralin pickups.
Views: 111 Jean Pasqualini
A Tale of 2 Guitars: #2, shaping bodies
Back at the community workshop where I am shown how to use routers to shape the bodies of 2 tele type guitars. Music: Free Music Archive, Berthelot and Saccoma
Views: 115 Jean Pasqualini
Building a guitar amp speaker cab: Weber California 15 ceramic speaker
This is video 1 of my build: a look at the Calif 15 ceramic speaker. I am aiming at a cabinet that will produce a smooth sound for jazz. The baffle is from Mojotone.
Views: 1906 Jean Pasqualini
The Thrill is Gone using 9th chords
In this video I show how to substitute the common chords use in this song with 9th chords. Those give a total different feel to the progression. The backing track I use can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WAFDwYk4yc
Views: 103 Jean Pasqualini
A Tale of Two Guitars: #9, drilling tuner holes and headstock revisited
In this series I'm building two tele type guitars from scratch. Those are my first guitars builds. I am showing my many mistakes and trying to repair them. I work from a community workshop where I learn how to use those tools that I would not have been able to access/ afford otherwise. In this video I deal with tuner holes and headstock thickness.
Views: 308 Jean Pasqualini
how I play Lilly Wood and the Prick, Prayer in C (live)
A play through using this live performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6jSGIW3l1o
Views: 171 Jean Pasqualini
All the Things You Are, an arrangement from the Real Book
In this tune, the melody notes are most of the time on the thirds of the chords. This allows for some tweaking of the voicing of the root chords, creating some "interesting" sounds. An arrangement from my teacher, Jay Eudaly.
Views: 155 Jean Pasqualini
LA Band V covers You don't know what love is
From the Whites Stripes. 8th graders Shawn on drums, Evelyn on guitar and vocals. Thanks to all the chairs, books, tables, shelves, and old food for their endless support!
Views: 63 Jean Pasqualini
how I play Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know
A play through showing the riff and chords. Main chord progression is: G minor, D# major, C minor, G minor
Views: 48 Jean Pasqualini
Stella by Starlight, chords and melody from the Real Book
using only 7th chords open or close voicings Chords and melody. Played through Dr Z Maz18nr and BYOC Royal Tweed with Strymon BlueSky reverb pedal and Tweed 57 Wrampler pedal. Both amps miked with OM2 Audix and recorded through GarageBand.
Views: 433 Jean Pasqualini
How I play Led Zeppelin No Quarter
In this video I play the keyboard part and the main guitar riff. I also show my sound chain.
Views: 116 Jean Pasqualini
The LA Band Mark II covers Smoke On The Water
7th graders Suzanne (vocals), Kai (drums), Alex (guitar) and Elijah (lead guitar) practice the Deep Purple classic Smoke on the Water. Produced by Jean Pasqualini, sound engineers John and Donovan.
Views: 211 Jean Pasqualini
Top wrapping (or overwrap) strings will damage a guitar tail piece
In this video I show the damages caused to the tail piece of my SG Standard by seven years of top wrapping.
Views: 737 Jean Pasqualini
Crimson guitar kit- episode #5. Stain, oil and pickups
In this video I show the final installation of the bridge and the pickups. I stain and oil the guitar.
Views: 1381 Jean Pasqualini
Guitar wooden pick with a grip
Guitar picks can become slippery. when strumming. In this video I show how I mod mines.
Views: 148 Jean Pasqualini

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