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2016 July 4th Firework show Explosive Finale
Firework show Explosive Finale Finale goes very wrong but it's a good show
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Firework Set Up 2016
Bremond Tx Firework setup
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The Foundation of Youth Ministry
This is an intro video to the channel. It is dealing with the importance of The Gospel in youth ministry.
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The Church in Relation to God; Part 2
Fbc Bremond Sermon July 24th 2016 by John Norcross, about growing closer to the Lord.
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3 Steps To Avoid Stress and Burnout
3 simple steps to help avoid stress and burnout.
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The Church in Relation to God Part 1
Sermon July 17, 2016 by John Norcross
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Don't Do That! Funny (Stories about us And things we notice)
A fun light hearted video about different situations we have found ourselves in. As well as things we notice in ministry and at conferences. If You have a funny story to share do it in the comment section. We in no way intend to offend anyone. I love you just the way you are, in Christ. However if you are involved in a lifestyle of sin and are struggling to get out, hit me up on facebook. or shoot me an email [email protected] "Rock On & Peace Out, I Love You Guys"
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Vision and Vision Casting
Shane & Justin talk about vision, and vision casting.
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2016 New Years Firework Show
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Things To Avoid As Ministers
A quick talk on basic and most common misunderstandings in ministry. This includes something for every minister.
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2017 Firework Show
Fireeworks in Brremond TX
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D3 Ministries Shane Norccross
The Great Commission. A short breakdown of the Churches responsibilities.
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