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قواعد البيانات-1   (introduction to oracle core dba  (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
مفهوم DBA بشكل عملي محتويات الكورس و الشروحات القادمه oracle darabase oracle instance oracle database 11g/R2 installation guide for linux x86-64 database 11g/R2 creating with different methods
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قواعد البيانات 8 (Control Files (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
قواعد البيانات 8 Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial concept of control files The database name Names , locations of datafiles and redo log files timestamp of the database creation current log sequence number Checkpoint information
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قواعد البيانات 16 (Starting Up a Database (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial Starting Up a Database startup database nomount database Mounting a Database to an Instance open database
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قواعد البيانات 17 (Shutting Down Database (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial Shutdown a Database Shutdown with the NORMAL mode Shutdown with the IMMEDIATE mode Shutdown with the TRANSACTIONAL mode Shutdown with the ABORT mode
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قواعد البيانات 11 (Background Process 2 -DBWR,LGWR (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial Background Process part 2 (DBWR,LGWR,CKPT,ARCH) oracle database writer background process dbwr log writer background process lgwr checkpoint background process ckpt archive process
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قواعد البيانات 6 (Background Process-PMON,SMON  (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle Database Process- Overview of Oracle Processes Background Processes , System Monitor Process (SMON) , Process Monitor Process (PMON), Recoverer Process (RECO)
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قواعد البيانات 2  (database buffer cache (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
database buffer cache in oracle 11g - Memory Structures - Overview of the System Global Area
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قواعد البيانات 5 (Redo Buffer Cache  (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
قواعد البيانات 5 Oracle Redo Buffer Cache (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial concept of redo buffer cache
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قواعد البيانات 15 (Oracle 11g Database Creation (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
قواعد البيانات Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial oracle 11g database creation oracle 11g create database manually . pfile oracle 11g create database dynamically (dbca) spfile ..... يفضل ان تقوم بانشاء قاعدة البيانات manually ف البدا ثم بعد ذالك قم بانشاء الداتر بيز باستخدام dbca ملحوظه لا توجد اي علاقة بين الداتابيز (max (manually والداتا بيز (text (dbca
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قواعد البيانات 4  (Shared Pool (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial shared pool - oracle 11g Library - Sql area and procedure/ sql data Dictionary cache block structure
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قواعد البيانات 7 (Oracle Parameter Files (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial parameter files (pfile) (init.ora) server parameter file (spfile) Parameter Values difference between spfile and pfile
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قواعد البيانات 9 (Redo Log File,Archive Log File (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial Redo Log File , archive log file online redo log offline redo log file archive log file Log Switches
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قواعد البيانات 13 (Oracle 11g Installation Part 1  (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
oracle database 11g installation guide part one linux configure for oracle database 11g installation oracle database 11g software :: Link NO 1 www.oracle.com Link No 2 (linux.x64_11gR2_database_1of2) http://www.mediafire.com/download/vl9ahz94jjb6ya5/linux.x64_11gR2_database_1of2.zip (win32_11gR2_database_2of2) http://www.mediafire.com/download/zkv3sc59rfgszw8/win32_11gR2_database_2of2.zip 54 file (packages for linux ) run.txt file http://www.mediafire.com/download/g01bbaki6u6chha/rpm_package.rar
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قواعد البيانات 3  (server process and  PGA (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
oracle database 11g server processes program global area in oracle 11g user global area in oracle 11g dedicated server process
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قواعد البيانات 14 (Oracle 11g Installation Part 2 (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle 11g Installation Part 2 install oracle database 11g (installing oracle database 11g release 2 on enterprise linux 5) www.oracle.com
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قواعد البيانات 10 (Oracle Datafiles (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial Oracle Data Files Overview of Tablespaces and Overview of Datafiles database block,extents,segments
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قواعد البيانات 12 (Installation Oracle Linux (Oracle DBA 11g Tutorial
oracle enterprise linux 5 installation guide on vmware (V-10) http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/linux/downloads/default-150441.html https://blogs.oracle.com/sergio/entry/free_oracle_enterprise_linux_d_1 http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=06012
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