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Deja Vu according to the Bible.wmv
Deja Vu according to the bible
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Is George W Bush lying about 911
proof that Bush lied about 911
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Weeping and gnashing of teeth
where is the place the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth is it in the fire or in outer darkness
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Christianity  the enemy of Yahweh
Christianity is more pagan then YHWH obedient
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The UNSPEAKABLE HELL of North Korea Concentration Camps Illustrated Video Shocking Cruelty  4345818
. warning very graffiti everyone needs to post this video on there ch. if you are a person that cares. this world is the real hell and N Korea is the center of hell. YHWH have mercy
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Sugar Field original song
A song i wrote a few years ago its called Sugar Field
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I did not make this video i copied it it was good inf. about keeping the new moon and Sabbath , I do not agree with a few thing but for the most part it is a great video good info,
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Message to Police Officers Of America  What Orders Will You Follow
. I did not make this video i copied it from some that copied it. this is a very good and powerful message
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Thermosphere where the satelites are
the thermospher is where the Hubble Telescope and other satellites supposedly are according to NASA and others . I really do not think so
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I am not human ( humane ) poem By Carlos Gomez
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carlos-the-poet/1453871378165829 I am not human We don't hold hands like we're supposed to do We rarely even say I love you. I am not human if I cannot be humane, Compassion is caring not tearing apart. Perhaps that's why our lives are so dark. We've severed our hearts that's why we don't care So being human is like living in hell We've coffined love and resurrected lust and greed The only reason I broke you was to see if you had a heart I needed to know why your soul is so dark. The reason that I hold you is because I want to know you More than I know myself. I need to know if I am human and not a stone on a shelf I cannot be human if I am not humane, And I cannot be humane if love does not remain. There can be no marriage if we cannot be gentle How can he walk the same path and yet live in so much wrath. We believe that we have a god given right to breath Than why do we bullet what we don't understand Killing each other tearing everything apart until all is darkness. We talk about fixing, yet what we do is destroy We tear the little hope we have at being humane And so we never gain the totally of being sane. No We don't hold hands like we're supposed to Compassion is replace, with almost, if you be kind to me Then I'll be kind to you. We all have the same color of blood we're all made from the same dust So don't call yourself a human if you cannot be humane. By Carlos Gomez 1-6-14
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What is meant by( it repented god )
What is meant by god repented? Well first we have to understand that there is no such thing as freewill. If you cannot get that idea out of your head, then you will not understand what I am about to say. We have to understand that Yah is the creator the ultimate authority. He can do whatever he wants to do with his creation. He has no restrictions, we do. Did god know that the people he created would be so wicked, of course he did after all it was he that allowed them to be that way. Every word, every whisper, every action of the people was exactly the way he planned it to be. He even knew that he would change ( nak ham )his mind. In Genesis 6:6 it says and it repented (nak ham from H 5162) him that he had made man on the earth. And he was grieved (H 6087 at sab) pain) in his heart. The word H 5162 nak ham means to be sorry, console oneself, repent, regret, comfort, and be comforted. a) (Niphal) 1) to be sorry, be moved to pity, have compassion 2) to be sorry, rue, suffer grief, repent 3) to comfort oneself, be comforted 4) to comfort oneself, ease oneself God was not feeling ( nak ham ) repented because he did something wrong. Because he cannot do anything wrong. Him changing his mind ( nak ham ) Was not an acknowledgment that he did anything wrong. He just simply changed his mind. He had pity. And he can do that if he wants to. He is the ultimate authority We are just his creation and if he wants to afflict us with suffering he has every right to do that. Does this make him a monster an evil creator, no by no means? You see we think differently than god and when we think that something is bad god might see it as an opportunity to play with us to teach us something. In 1samuel 15 god made Saul king, god made Saul behave the way he did, god (nak ham ) his mind. He was sorry. When Saul didn't do things exactly the way God wanted them it was not because of Saul's freewill but it was because that's the way god purposed it. Romans 9: 22-23 what if god willing to demonstrate his wrath and his power endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction. 23 And he did so in order that he might make known the riches of his mercy which he prepared beforehand for glory. So in conclusion god is the ultimate authority there is no freewill he purposes everything and when he repents it's not because he did anything wrong. Ultimately all of humanity will be recoiled back to the creator.
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There are no mistakes in life
god make no mistakes.as humans we make mistakes but when god created that moment that we made the mistake in gods view it was not a mistake
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A Prayer, Native American Indian
a prayer to God for our children in the Comecrudo language
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What in the world is the meaning of humanity
What is Humanity I am living in a world where understanding what it is to be human is so twisted and confusing. In a world that is rapidly declining, what is the meaning of humanity. When there is so much conflicting attributes from the human spices like just be yourself, do what feels good to you, don't let others tell you what you should be, if it feels good do it. Hate those that hate you. Or the opposite is: obey authority, love those that hate you, be kind to one another, do what is right not what feels right, question all things, live and let live. What is the meaning of humanity; right now I see that it is a conflict of entrust, a road of chaos and confusion this is what being human is then I hope for something greater.
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Ears of Corn
Ears of corn Never again shall I hold an ear of corn Plucked from its fields of green and gold Never again shall the fields unfold In all there golden reveling. The days of innocents are gone The corn fields I played in scorned My life unfolding in its ghost The tortured earth cannot love us anymore. Never again shall the day be threaded In the way that I held it before I was old Never again shall I walk in its golden fields Feeling so small among its stocks and ears. Not forever will us grief But a new earth and a new me Will god resurrect to breathe? And then I’ll hold those ears of corn Sweeter than the ones I knew before. By Carlos Gomez/ Water 8-14-14
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Positive Thinking, song/poem
This is a song/poem about positive thinking in the poit of veiw of an unGodly person.
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The demons believe and they tremble
They Believe They believe and they tremble like leafs on a tree, they fall to the ground to acknowledge the king. They may not obey our follower his rules but they know he's the king the master their doom. They believe and they tremble these spirits of old knowing that the king will bring an end to them all. If only the people of the world could be as frighten and humble and also fall to their knees then maybe peoples life's would not have to fall apart if only they'd humbled their human hearts. People speak with their tongues things that their taught believing in salvation with out enduring believing that the kings laws are burdening believing the traditions of men putting aside the commandment of Him. believing but do not tremble there is no fear in the people. Demons believe and they tremble like leafs on a tree, they fall to the ground to acknowledge the King, to acknowledge His Throne they believe and the tremble but people stand tall, not realizing that their pride is what will end them all. By Carlos Gomez 11-18-12
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A book of contradiction, creates division, the bible is evil
is the bible an evil book, it is the cause of many debts , arguments and deaths it is a book of contradiction, of confusion a book that divides family's and friends any book that does this would be evil don't you think so.
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The Gathering.hope you're  not one
The gathering Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until the harvest and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers gather ye ( first ) the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them. But gather the wheat into my barn. 1 the wicked are taken first 2 the righteous are taken to Gods barn what is a barn and what is it use for. It is a place to store the grain in this case the barn is a place where the righteous are taken and are being held so they didn't going to heaven, they go to a place a barn to be held. Before the wheat can be used it has to be threshed, so before the righteous move on they have to be threshed. Matthew 24: 40-41 Then shall two men be in the field the one will be taken, and the other left Two women will be grinding with a hand mill, one will be taken and the other left. This could very well be talking about the harvest and not what people call the rapture. 1Thessalonians 4:16-18 the ones that are a sleep are awaken and taken to the clouds the the ones that are alive shall be caught up together with them
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did you really feel the presence of God
Did you really feel the presence of God? How do you know to a certainty that the feeling you felt is really YHWH And not something else. If you are praying in the name of Jesus or the name or Mary And if an unexplainable feeling comes over you how can you be 100% that it is god? what about other religions feeling what Christians feel are they also in the presence of god?
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When you love me ( poem by Carlos Gomez )
When you love me I have everything I need Reality is pure and you and I have everything we need When you love me you animate my every heart beat There's a part of me that is not me because it's you When I love you it's more the truth it's more than a moment I have everything I ever wanted when I love you and you love me. Reality is sweater then our dreams because we are alive in every moment. By Carlos Gomez 12-5-13
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Does the Holy Spirit lie
Does the holy spirit lie or play tricks on us how many times have you believed something to only later find out it was not true and you really believed the holy spirit had revealed that thing you believed
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Come out of her My people My chosen ones
Come out of her My people we are all Gods people but here it refers to His chosen ones God is telling them to come out of all of the world systems and to have nothing to do with them any more.
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I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy
God will have mercy on whom He wills
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How does God knows
How does god know? Does god know because he sees? Or does he see because he knows If he created everything then wouldn't He know, Because He caused things to be. To say that god knows not the mind of man That somehow mans out of god's hands That man can do and think without God having prior knowledge of him. This makes god limited in his mightiness For when He does not know what man thinks Then god is not the mighty one When man can out smart Him Then god is just a man and not a superior being. How does God know what He Knows? It's really simple to bestow He knows because He created everything, Every word and every thought we think He knows because it's part of His scrip We are the animated mind of God So when He thinks of us so that we can exist Then He controls everything we do We can do nothing apart from Him. By Carlos Gomez /water 5-31-14
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Suicide Letter ( poem )
Suicide letter The day he took his life, he knew he would be killing you too. He talked to you about the problems in his life Told you he didn't know how to serve. You told him it would be greedy of him to kill himself And he told you it is greedy of you to want me to continue For I have no life outside of pain, he's words echo still today. Every day is like a hurricane and I am the candle Trying to stay lite in the chaos in the storm that never ends He came to you to say he was sorry and that goodbye Would not end his story But he had to die because everything that he tried to kill his pain Only made matters worse There is a curse in life when all you do is cry. When living in pain, just to make you happy that he still breaths Is both a curse and a blessing. Who is the greedy one you or him. In death there is no more pain In live there is always pain. Be happy that he is not in pain any more. By Carlos Gomez /Water 7-8-14
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God has no equal
YHWH is not a murder
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YHWH created everything for His pleasure
Yesu Christ said if we hate people we have committed murder he loved us while we were still sinners then He changed our hearts He chose us or those that He chose we did n't chose HIM
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Everyone or just some
Everyone or just some It has become a debate that God will or will not save all men. 1Timothy 4:10 we fix our hope on the living God that is the savior of all men,especially of believers The word (all ) is the Greek word ( pas ) and it means every, any, all, whole, everything, all things, some of all types. Okay in Revelation 21:8 the word (all lairs ) the word is pas, Strong's # G 3956 So if the word ( all ) in 1Timothy 4:10 dose not mean all but you say it means some, then how do you determined when the word (all ) means all. One could easily think that the word ( all ) in Revelation 21:8 means just some of the lairs, but we know that is not true, it will be all ( pas ) every signal one that will be punished. So then why not all men every signal one be saved. Here are more examples or the word ( pas ) John 1:3 all things made by Him, same word ( pas ) John 5:28 all ( pas ) that are in the grave will hear His voice Matthew 7: 21 not every one ( pas ) that say to me LORD LORD Matthew 10:30 all ( pas ) the hairs on our head are numbered Revelation 7:17 all ( pas ) tears shall be wipe away. Revelation 4:11 for Thou did create all ( pas ) things So from any of these verses can you really and truly say and believe that only some tears are wiped away, HE does not know how many hairs we have, only some are lairs, God only created some things. Do you see how silly it is to believe that the word ( pas ) means every signal one in all the scriptures expect 1Timothy 4:10.
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My Feet spoken poetry
My Feet I tried to ware shoes but my feet would refuse So off I went into the unknown bare footed so I went, For I despised all shoe ware, my feet had to aware. I left my shoes by your house so that my feet would one day return, and one day at school I got in trouble for walking bare footed down the halls I had to feel the freedom the ground beneath my feet. I would not allow bondage of my feet, nor cover them when I walk the streets. My callused feet carried me to an fro, on pavement and the grass. I'm sure I made my parents mad for loosing all the shoes I had. But my feet more comfortable would be naked, bare and free. By Carlos Gomez 3-31-12
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where do thoughts come from
is there such a thing as the collective mind do we receive our thoughts from invisible bubbles that carry thoughts
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The worm that never dies and the fire that never ends
the worm that has immortality and the fire that never goes out. Isaiah 66:24
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I  hate life and I hate death
I talk in a poetic way about life and death and eternity I hate life because it reminds me of death And I hate death because it reminds me of non existence How will I be remembered how will I be forgotten Was I the best at what I was or better yet were you the best What are the colors of life if not death and What are the colors of death if not life! I hate life because it reminds me of death. By Carlos Gomez/ Water 5-21-18
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Satan does not have a free will.wmv
how can someone be rebellious and submissive at the some time . Satan does not have a freewill and he is not rebelling against God he is doing what he is told to and limits have been set on him.
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ask and it shall be given what does this mean
Carlos Gomez and Yirmeyahuweeps Talking about the meaning of ask and it will be given you Seek and knock and the door will be open.
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Jonah and the city of Nineveh.mp4
the mind set of Jonah was that he wanted death and destruction to the people and city of Nineveh but Elohim had mercy and compassion
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Guillotines = beheading
will the heads of Christians roll, Fema has 1000's of Guillotines Revelation 20:4
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Oppression spoken poetry
Oppression When oppression has been all that freedom has known When restrictions are the words of liberty When the limits of where our feet can walk Are chain with walls and boundary's When you are accustomed to being a slave Restricted to do and in what to say. When fear of the unknown keeps you bound Then resignation of slavery will not be found. When a life of oppression dominates it makes it hard change. For oppression would rather stay oppressed and live. Then to be free to die in the most comfortable way. By Carlos Gomez 8-15-13
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Pretending to be a Christian
Laws and rules, authorities, bounders and borders Administrations and governments Do not exist to make us free They exist to control us. In the world that we live in It is important to have laws and rules They are there to help us live more comfortable Or not so comfortable, but they are not there to make us free The meaning of free is to be without: laws, rules, bounders, borders Administrations and governments The mean of free is not to exist
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Everything begins so the end can be realized
Everything begins so the end can be realized So that our beginning can be revolutionized The beginning had no name but the end will scream with intelligence As we were in the beginning so shall we be at the end For the end was the beginning and the beginning was the end We were in the light but only knew darkness Because the beginning held the contrast And only in the contrast could we find love. By Carlos Gomez /Water 12-4-18
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Proving that God does not exist
To believe in God I must try to prove that he/she does not exist If I can proof that God does not exit and that all creation is a random phenomenon By process of elimination I must begin by asking am I really free. Do I have total control? Of me or in other words do I have freewill. And I can answer that by saying; no I do not have freewill. The choices I make all have a reason everything that we do has a reason and a cause, to be free one would have to take away cause and reasons for everything, making everything that we do… not explainable, because if there is no reason then there is no explanation. Since free means to be without limits to be with limitation, to be without restriction then this tells me that we are not free and that there is no freewill or randomness. Therefore I say that we are being animated by something that is highly intelligent. God or our animator dose exist and we are his/hers creation Created by him/her for his amusement. As humans we have to have laws and rules to live by This laws and rules restrict us be it for good or bad. We are independent individuals created by the animator to be and do what we do. If God does not exist and if everything is random then we would have to say that we do not have reasons and causes for the things we do, then I can say I drink water because I am not restricted and not because I am thirsty since thirsty would not exist.
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Hanging on a cross ( poem with native American music )
hanging on a cross words by Carlos Gomez music by Robert Mirabal this is non prophet poetry. Hanging on the cross Hanging on the cross ethnicity and the color of the man Hanging on the cross love and the way of healing The love of love is hanging on the cross bleeding. We act like human beings when in reality we live like serpents What is the deal with the human heart that is crucifies love. Hanging on a cross ethnicity and the color of the man Hanging on the cross love, and the way of healing Hanging on the cross humanity and humility. Words mean nothing without out light Love means bleeding for the ones we love. What is passion when it kills, it is hate. Hanging on the cross ethnicity and the color of the man Hanging on the cross love, and the way of healing The love of love is hanging on the cross loving us. By CARLOS Gomez 9-30-13
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our breath speaks the Creators name.mp4
When we breath we are speaking the Creators name with our breath Palms 150:6 let everything that has breath praise YHWH
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part 2 did you really feel the presence of god
Are Jews and Islam and Catholics Native American Indians, And other also feeling the presences of Yah the important thing here is so what if we felt some warm feeling the main thing is what did it produce
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Sin Eater
Sin Eater Thread the words and stitch the wind Promise me your heart beat and I'll eat your sins. Your fear is mastered at the grave yard Where you spell out your incantations on their skin. Thread your stare upon their corpse Lip the answer to their ghost Spew your words of indignation And condemn your soul. Your popularity is threaded On the paths that you have chosen To be a sin eater and a witch Doomed to repeat your fate. Light you up a word, smoke the meaning deep inhale. Her words are weapon's that tear your soul That eat your sin and purify and lift you up to the sky. If you have no fear she'll stitch you still She'll fill your soul with confetti With words she'll entomb your breath And place you in in her basket and hide you in her bath. Thread the words to their meaning Eat the food that takes their sins away And birth yourself new beginnings With extra heart beat for yourself. To be a witch and a sin eater In total solitude like the spider The brown recluse You are neither bad nor good You're a victim and a savior Because of what you do. By Carlos Gomez 3-27-14
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Knowledge of good and evil =the bible
can it be that the tree of knowledge of good and evil represent the bible after all it is a book of good and evil knowledge.
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Stop Signs a spoken poem by Carlos Gomez
Stops signs I woke up today not knowing that my heart would stop get tied up like a traffic jam and leave me motionless on the floor. The blood dipped from a cut on my head, the floor was red and I almost dead. You know when you are falling, there is no stop sign that will pop up and like a good citizen you stop in mid air.no, you fall like a ton of bricks. I drove my car today not knowing that it would not stop when I step on the breaks, It kept on moving straight onto a tree that wrapped its self around me. When breaks don't work it does not matter if you obey the law because the stop sign that you just pass means nothing to a car with no breaks. I guess when it's our time to go, you know what I mean, not move on but die. It won't matter if there is a million stop signs, it won't matter that you were an outstanding citizen that stopped when you had to. You see you cannot stop this kind of stopping When your breath and heart stop knocking Blood courses though our veins like cars do on the highways the only difference is, at a certain time of day the traffic stops or slows down. If your blood stops or slows down that is not a good thing. That's when you want the green light on, like if you're on the autobahn No speed limit and no stop signs the blood can't stop because than we die. I woke up today and like a good citizen I stopped when I was supposed to and moved when I was supposed to. There were no stop signs in me so my heart had the green light on. Full speed going strong. And when I drove my car it stopped on a dime, when I saw that stop sign. Time is a revolution of the evolution of moving and stopping. Stop signs save lives, but not all the time. By Carlos Gomez 10-20-13
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Corruption   spoken poetry
Corruption I have come to talk to you today to ask you to change your ways. I have stepped out of my comfort zone to have this conversation I promise I won't be long I just need to have a revelation. You have been around from the beginning of time You infiltrated the people and confuse their minds It's time to ask you for resignation and to pay for your crimes. Your heart is full of anger your mind is full pride, speak to me and tell me why. I will explain my existence and I won't take too much of your time I am in the highest form of government I'm in the church, and I'm even in the dirt. I am in religion, I am in the word, I only have one agenda and that is to hurt. My name is corruption my nick name destruction I was birth into the universe To exploit morality to be dishonest and selfish and to only love me. Without me how would you understand that what I have not corrupted is correct? I bring a contrast to the universe so that it will understand the meaning of its worth. You see I identify with all that is alive, and life identifies to its self, its complexity. So to ask for my resignation before it is my time, in its self would also be a crime. Identify with me for a moment please, for as bad as I am there is some good in me. You see the same voice that spoke righteousness into existence Is the same voice that created me, to a bridge a contrast to all that God has planned? By Carlos Gomez 6-8-13
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WATER spoken word poetry
Water My teardrops make puddles buckets of salted water filtered though coal it becomes a promise to life That I will give my tears for the thirsty That I will cry with those that death is taking My tear drops will be their hope their salvation And their tears will be my strength and their hope will be my tears Mothers cry as baby's die rives thirst for waters sky rainbows a thing of the past but how they wish that one would pass Spirit in the wind filter a billion tears spring up waterfalls from every eye and sweated the water tears that cry Let hope be seen for those that scream Let keys unlock the chains that bond Let water flow on the dry ground Eyes and sky unite as one to fill the buckets and pail with water The earth receives the love it needs as it absorbs the water And once dried tongues now drink the billion drops that dripped Giving life the promise that everyone will drink By Carlos Gomez 1-11-13
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