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Inside Achille Castiglioni's Studio
We take a peek behind the scenes at the studio of one of the most important industrial designers of the 20th century. Achille Castiglioni produced more than 150 products during his career and forged enduring relationships with Italian manufacturers such as Flos in lighting, Zanotta in furniture and Alessi in home products. For all his honours and achievements, Castiglioni remained as curious, challenging and inventive as ever until his death in 2002. Superbly resolved as his work was in terms of its formal qualities, he never lost his wit or his delight in paradox.
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Vitra Eames Ottoman Assembly
This video below shows how the label of authenticity is applied to the base of the ottoman, and then how the leather pad is attached to the wooden base. The craftsman applies the label with a custiom-made devise that ensures all labels are placed in the exact same position, every time. Also, when the leather pad is attached to the shell base, we can see that the pad is attached via a series of aligned studs and clips. This is to ensure that there are no unsightly screws or attachments on the base of the ottoman.
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See How the Eames Lounge Chair is Made
The perfect gentleman’s chair, the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman was designed by the revolutionary Charles & Ray Eames and has become something of a design icon. Like a soft baseball glove, the chair encourages you to sink back into it and take advantage of its utmost comfort.
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Celebrating 60 Years of the Louis Poulsen PH 5, PH Artichoke and PH Snowball Light
It is now 60 years ago that 3 of the world’s most well-known and popular pendant lamps first saw the light of day. In 1958, the Danish designer Poul Henningsen completed work on the PH 5 pendant, PH Artichoke and PH Snowball suspension lights, which in many ways marked the pinnacle of his long career. Since then, these 3 lamps have become icons of Danish design, and much-loved lamps that for generations have illuminated countless dining tables around the world. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/louis-poulsen-ph-5-pendant-light https://www.nest.co.uk/product/louis-poulsen-ph-artichoke-suspension-light https://www.nest.co.uk/product/louis-poulsen-ph-snowball-pendant-light
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Kristalia Thin-K Aluminium Table
The Kristalia Thin-K Table is extendable by up to 80cm - discover how in our latest demonstration video.
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Making of the Orsjo Hobo Pendant Light
A short walkthrough of how the Orsjo Hobo Pendant Light is created.
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Vitra Allstar Office Chair by Konstantin Grcic
When developing the Vitra Allstar Office Chair, Konstantin Grcic wanted to provide office workers with a relaxed home-like feel and sense of familiarity. The form of Allstar makes it seem as though this chair has always existed, which inspires a feeling of trust and security. Allstar contains the necessary functional features of an office chair: a synchronised mechanism with lockable positioning, seat depth and height adjustment, and an adjustable backrest. This makes Allstar suited to a wide variety of settings where high functional performance is desired but a classic office chair would not be appropriate for aesthetic reasons – an ideal choice for modern workplace concepts or co-working spaces as well as home offices. http://www.nest.co.uk/search?q=allstar
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Magis Spun Rotating Chair
Made from a single profile rotated through 360 degrees the aptly named 'Spun' transforms the domestic seat into a beautifully rendered spinning top. When upright Spun is a sculptural vessel and it is only when it is lent on its side that the full possibilities of its form come to light. Spun allows its user to swivel in a circular rocking motion, including being able to rotate in a complete circle. Available from Nest.co.uk: http://www.nest.co.uk/search/magis-spun-rotating-chair
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Arne Jacobsen & The SAS Royal hotel
In an age of concept hotels and boutique guest houses, it can be hard to imagine a time without designer digs. Yet this was precisely the situation Arne Jacobsen found himself in when tasked with building the SAS Royal, the world's first design hotel.
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Foscarini Maki Suspension Light
Video interview to Oki Sato - Nendo Studio Take two sheets and roll them up together: A simple gesture is at the origin of an evocative and easy to interpret object, which designs the light with poetry and lightness. It goes by the name of Maki: the new suspension designed by Studio Nendo for Foscarini which was previewed at Euroluce 2011. More info here: http://www.nest.co.uk/product/foscarini-maki-suspension-light
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Vitra Belleville Collection by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
Belleville is the name of the vibrant Paris neighbourhood where the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have their studio. Classic French bistro furnishings and the lively atmosphere of this Parisian quarter give visual references for the Belleville Chair and Belleville Tables – an unusual plastic chair and a family of tables for dining rooms and cafeterias available now from Nest.co.uk
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Flos May Day Utility Lamp
Konstantin Grcic designed the May Day Utility Lamp to be a multi-use lighting tool.
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Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein
The remarkable ensemble of contemporary architecture brings together the commercial and cultural aspects of the Swiss furniture manufacturer: for decades, the buildings designed by renowned architects have made the production site a magnet for fans of design and architecture from all over the world. Take an architectural tour and experience the work of renowned architects such as Frank Gehry, Tadao Ando and Zaha Hadid up close.
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Meet the NEW Louis Poulsen Flindt Wall Light designed by Christian Flindt
The Louis Poulsen Flindt Wall Light, designed by Christian Flindt, has been created to provide elegant illumination both indoors and outdoors. The seamless circular form and stunning crescent moon opening, demonstrate how Flindt has created a peaceful yet striking design that owns the surrounding space. The Flindt wall light is inspired by the popular Flindt Bollard, having a similar light egress that distributes light vertically across the front of the lamp. A warm glow is created from the reflected light between the concave and circle's surface, angling the light out into the room. Available in three different sizes and colours, the wall lights are easily adaptable and can sit beautifully on their own on an inside wall, or work in combination in a larger outdoor space or living area.
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Explore the NEW COPERNICA Lighting Collection from Marset
The Marset Copernica lighting collection, designed by Ramírez i Carrillo, is created with an elegant collection of primary shapes, creating a cosmic like structure. The pure relationship that is formed between circles, semicircles, tubes, and bars of different diameters, materials and weights, produces a visual masterpiece that is simple yet profoundly alluring. The design allows for the light to effortlessly move through space with no more than a light touch; easily adjusting to different heights and distances to suit specific individual needs. Available models include a table lamp, matching floor light and an upright version. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-copernica-m-table-lamp https://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-copernica-p-floor-lamp https://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-copernica-p190-floor-lamp
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Vitra Mariposa Sofa
The Vitra Mariposa 2½ Seater Sofa, designed by BarberOsgerby, is modern with a cosy and inviting feel. The sofas extraordinary comfort comes from the pleasantly soft upholstery and an ingenious adjustment mechanism, which makes it possible to individually adapt the side and backrest elements for various sitting or reclining positions. The Mariposa Sofa does not openly display its functional features: the slim side and back elements can be continuously and silently adjusted, from an upright position to an outward angle of approximately 30° and back again. The resistance is calibrated in such a way that these elements stay in place when the sitter leans back in a normal fashion, but will adjust to the desired angle when intentional pressure is applied. This flexibility allows individual users to determine the position that is most comfortable for them. Available now from Nest.co.uk http://www.nest.co.uk/product/vitra-mariposa-2-seater-sofa
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Discover the Muuto Linear Steel Outdoor Furniture Collection by Thomas Bentzen
The Muuto Linear Steel outdoor furniture series embodies a refined expression with understated detailing, creating a stylish focal point in any outside space. Inspired by the notion of meetings - the meetings of lines, the meetings of shapes and the meetings of materials, the Muuto Outdoor Linear Steel series brings a fresh perspective to contemporary outdoor furniture. Combining a simplistic expression with intricate detailing and craftsmanship, its sleek lines, folded edges and angled tabletop provide an easy outflow for water, making it a crowning, practical addition to any garden or patio space.
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See How the Iconic Eames Fiberglass Chairs are Produced by Vitra
The Fiberglass Chairs were the first chairs made of dyed-through fibreglass with a one-piece shell and a choice of different bases. Vitra produced the Fiberglass Chairs from the 1950s to the 1990s. The Fiberglass Chairs are now back - thanks to a new and improved production method. The irregular texture of fibreglass means that no two shells are alike. Vitra now produces the Fiberglass Chairs in a selection of the earliest colours developed by Charles and Ray Eames. The Original is by Vitra at nest https://www.nest.co.uk/product/vitra-dsr-eames-fiberglass-side-chair https://www.nest.co.uk/product/vitra-dsw-eames-fiberglass-side-chair
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The birth of the Egg Chair by Fritz Hansen
Fritz Hansen has been manufacturing Arne Jacobsen's Egg chairs since they were first released in the 1950s. They're individually crafted by specialists at their factory in Denmark, using only the finest quality materials. They're made with love and are built to last - two trademarks of any great design. We explore the history and craftsmanship of this forever design in our latest article https://www.nest.co.uk/the-egg-chair-a-classic-is-born
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Marset Polo Desk Lamp by Joan Gaspar
Polo, designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset, is a desk lamp which mixes fluid movement with excellent stability to create a light that won't clutter your desk. Available from Nest.co.uk http://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-polo-desk-lamp
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Nest.co.uk at designjunction with Sarah Akwisombe
Award-winning interiors blogger Sarah Akwisombe took a tour of our pop-up shop, Buyers Lounge, Design Clinic and Victoria House at designjunction to bring you this video blog. Sarah: "I've been hanging out with the guys from 2 Lovely Gays a lot recently, so I was privy to a little bit of their planning process for the Nest.co.uk Buyers Lounge/Design Clinic and pop-up shop at designjunction this year. The materials and colours used were so interesting and unusual for a luxury retailer that I just had to come along and see it in the flesh for myself! Plus, with the Nest.co.uk Design Clinic taking place throughout the week, I had a chance to get some advice for my own place..."
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See how the Fritz Hansen 60th Anniversary Edition Egg Chair is made
The 60th anniversary of the iconic Egg™ chair, as well as the SAS Royal Hotel which it was originally created for, is celebrated through this limited edition featuring a selection of exclusive materials, a pure and natural colour palette and a respect for Arne Jacobsen's original design. The Egg chair comes in a limited edition of just 1958 pieces. Each chair will feature a special 60th-anniversary leather engraving, with numbering and is available until 31st December 2018 at Nest.co.uk. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/fritz-hansen-60th-anniversary-edition-egg-chair
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THE SOUND OF COPENHAGEN with the Vifa Copenhagen Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
Nordic design is a key characteristic of the Vifa Copenhagen Wireless Speaker — the Bluetooth loudspeaker for anyone who values exclusive design just as much as great sound. Winner of both the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award for best product design in 2014. Urban life seen through the eyes of Copenhagen based colourist and trend spotter Nina Bruun is a calm explosion of expressions. The confident Dane has her very own tales of the city. From rooftop-views and greenhouses, to Nordic harpoon-hunting. We stopped by to hear what it means to be part of the Copenhagen fabric.
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Meet Spanish Artist & Designer Jaime Hayon | Fritz Hansen
Spanish furniture designer & artist Jamie Hayon collaborates with world-renowned brands to design the very best contemporary furniture & lighting for your home. https://www.nest.co.uk/browse/designer/jaime-hayon
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Vitra Vegetal Chair
Its plant-like structure made of polyamide dyed throughout goes to the limits of the technically feasible, and the six colours (unusual for plastic chairs) emphasise the link to nature. Vegetal is stacking and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. More info here: http://bit.ly/KOUIhu
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Making the marble Flos Biagio Table Lamp by Tobia Scarpa
Discover how the Flos Biagio Table Lamp by Tobia Scarpa is carved from a single block of fine white Carrara marble.
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Designer Arihiro Miyake in conversation with Dezeen about the Moooi Coppelia Suspension Light
Inspired by the modern chandelier, the Moooi Coppélia Suspension Light exudes elegance and grandeur whilst being truly innovative. Available now from Nest.co.uk http://www.nest.co.uk/product/moooi-coppelia-suspension-light
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Rope Trick - Designed by Stefan Diez for WH HD
The Wrong for Hay Rope Trick Floor Lamp is a high-quality, progressive design that integrates LED technology within a dynamic tailored form. Now available at Nest.co.uk http://www.nest.co.uk/product/wrong-for-hay-rope-trick-floor-lamp
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Foscarini Birdie Light
The wall model, which makes the Birdie lamp family complete, displays a delicate line and natural inspiration. So elegant, it fits harmoniously into any room, with a multiplicity of opportunities to combine the different versions in different arrangements, right up to coordinating the lighting of an entire area. Birdie assumes different personalities and communicates with the different home environments, according to the diffuser colour. Read more here; Wall Light: http://www.nest.co.uk/whats-new/foscarini-birdie-wall-light Pendant Light: http://www.nest.co.uk/whats-new/foscarini-birdie-pendant-light Table Light: http://www.nest.co.uk/whats-new/foscarini-birdie-table-lamp Floor Light: http://www.nest.co.uk/whats-new/foscarini-birdie-floor-lamp
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Watch how FLOS uses its "Cocoon" material to create unique lighting designs
Few people know that when Italian lighting company Flos was being founded there was also a small company in Merano called Cocoon International. Its founder, Artur Eisenkeil, managed to import a new spray-on polymer from the United States, called the "cocoon". According to some, this unique material, which was obtained from a liquid resin, was originally used as a protective packaging by the US Army, during the Second World War, for shipments by sea. Eisenkeil started looking for ways to use the cocoon in a creative way and suggested the material be sprinkled around a steel frame to determine the shape of innovative lighting designs. The aim was to give a sense of magic to the light it emanated, which shined warmly through the cloud-like material. Designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Tobia Scarpa were called to experiment with this new technique. The first Cocoon lamps were named: Viscontea, Taraxacum and Gatto by the Castiglioni brothers and Fantasma by Scarpa. The result of this cooperation was the founding of Flos in 1962 and the production of lamps that were to become Italian design classics. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/flos-taraxacum-suspension-light https://www.nest.co.uk/product/flos-zeppelin-suspension-light https://www.nest.co.uk/product/flos-gatto-table-lamp
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Nest.co.uk Showroom
Nest.co.uk is a modern design store selling authentic furniture, lighting and accessories from the likes of Vitra, Hay, Kartell and Muuto. In our recently renovated showroom, we sell both design classics and emerging contemporary brands. Come and visit us at 9 Parkway Rise, Sheffield, S9 4WQ.
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See How the Zero Lighting Hoop Pendant Light is Made
HOOP is a mesmerising suspension light fixture that is defined by an elliptical globe light source resting within a refined metal frame. Designed by Stockholm based design studio, Front, and unveiled at Stockholm Design Week 2018, HOOP is a beautiful combination of layers, materials and shapes. The skeleton-like outer cage, available in 3 different colours, cleverly hides the light's electrics and protects the delicate light source encased at the bottom. The globe appears to float in space and instantly captures your gaze, acting as a brilliant centrepiece and instant talking point in a room. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/zero-hoop-pendant-light
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Philippe Starck
Italians have made him responsible for our furniture, President Mitterand asked him to change life at the Elysees Palace, the Cafe Costes has become Le Cafe, he has turned the Royalton and Paramount in New York into the new classics of the hotel world and scattered Japan with architectural tours de force that have made him the leading exponent of expressionist architecture.
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Marset Maranga Suspension Light by Christophe Mathieu
Maranga interprets Scandinavian style through its shape and its rational use of light to generate a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Chinks of light escape the shade, made up of 32 slice-like pieces fitting together. Available now from Nest.co.uk http://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-maranga-suspension-light
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The Making of the Vitra Eames Wool Blanket  | Nest.co.uk
https://www.nest.co.uk/product/vitra-eames-wool-blanket Watch as Vitra artfully showcases the production process behind the wonderfully soft and luxurious Vitra Eames Wool Blanket. Created and designed by https://www.vitra.com
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Meet the Fritz Hansen Lune Modular Sofa
Designer Jaime Hayon has combined the renowned quality of Fritz Hansen with a functional modular sofa system to create Lune - a warm and cosy couch with a touch of exclusivity and urbanity. Lune is Jaime Hayon's take on a modern modular sofa. The word "lune" exists only in Danish and the meaning of it is both a reference to a temperature and to a feeling of comfort. Lune is a sofa built by combining several modules with the visual appearance of a singular sofa. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/fritz-hansen-lune-two-seater-sofa
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Diamantini & Domeniconi Cucú Clock.mov
Diamantini & Domeniconi Cucú Clock A traditional cuckoo transforms from 3D into a 2D graphical representation, giving the wall a shadow of the past. See more at: http://www.nest.co.uk/product/diamantini-domeniconi-cucu-clock/
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Discover the NEW Louis Poulsen PH 5 Lamp in Copper designed by Poul Henningsen
Louis Poulsen's classic PH 5 pendant light is now available in a stunning new raw untreated copper which ages over time to create a stunning vintage style centrepiece. Originally designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958, this copper version is the newest addition to the PH 5 family as the Danish design icon turns 60. Distinctive yet refined in styling, the pendant emits light both downwards and laterally, illuminating not only the surrounding area but also itself. The Copper and Aluminium shades are hand-spun by Louis Poulsen's skilled craftsmen at their factory in Vejen, Denmark. Importantly for this new addition to the PH 5 family, the polished shades are raw and untreated, meaning they are not lacquered and sealed, which will create a patina over time, resulting in a strikingly beautiful vintage look. If preferred, the patination can be removed by carefully polishing the copper surface, bringing the lamp back to its original look. Create a stunning focal point with this Danish design classic.
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Introducing the Marset Theia Lamp by Mathias Hahn
Named after Theia - the Greek goddess said to be the mother of the Sun, the Moon and the dawn, the Marset Theia Lamp showcases light in all of its changing forms. Designed as two-half spheres, one placed horizontally, the other vertically, the Marset Theia Lamp allows you to swivel the fixtures around a central axis, allowing you to alter the perception of the lamp. Mathias Hahn’s design is an attempt to portray the contrast, as well as the harmony and balance found within light and shadow. This highly original, contemporary piece satisfies our natural fascination with light in all its forms. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-theia-table-lamp https://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-theia-floor-lamp
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Introducing The Pot Chair - designed by Arne Jacobsen for the SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen
Originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1959, the Republic of Fritz Hansen has reintroduced Arne Jacobsen's Pot lounge chair to their collection, allowing admirers old and new to add this iconic, perfectly formed design to their homes.
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Meet Clara von Zweigbergk - designer of the Cirque Lamp for Louis Poulsen
Cirque is a colourful and robust pendant lamp designed for Louis Poulsen by Clara von Zweigbergk. We hear how Cirque was inspired by a trip to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Tivoli is full of whirls and twirls – carousels, candyfloss makers and wheels of fortune. When an object spins around very fast, the colours merge and end up being perceived as horizontal bands of colour. All these impressions resulted in a vibrant design which unites unconventional colours and forms in a series of truly innovative lamps which will add both edge and charisma to their surroundings. Cirque is available in 4 colour combinations including the new greyscale version at Nest.co.uk
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PH 5 Pendant Light Contemporary Hues - New for 2018
Much has changed in the six decades between 1958 and 2018. But the ingenuity of Poul Henningsen’s PH 5 has kept the design relevant for all these years, proving the concept’s worth time and time again – in every space and every hue. Get yours - www.nest.co.uk/product/louis-poulsen-ph-5-pendant-light-contemporary-colours Designed by: www.louispoulsen.com/uk
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Discover Muuto Stacked Storage Systems endless possibilities
From designer and architect, Julien De Smedt comes the Muuto Stacked Shelving System. Available in a range of compositions which you can keep intact or rearrange according to your needs. The Muuto Stacked System utilises individual shelf blocks and metal clips to create useful and appealing configurations. For custom configuration options, get in touch with one of our helpful sales advisors. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/muuto-stacked-shelving-system
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Foscarini Solar Floor Lamp
Solar is a new type of object, a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat, at home or outside. Find out more here: http://bit.ly/JtDNFP
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Fritz Hansen Ro Chair Milan 2013
We meet designer Jaime Hayon in Milan as he talks about his new lounge chair, Ro. Watch the video to hear his thoughts on the design process and what the new design means for Fritz Hansen.
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Meet the AWARD WINNING Marset Bicoca Portable Table Lamp by Christophe Mathieu
Winner of the #MetropolisLikes award at NYCxDESIGN 2017 - Bicoca is a lightweight and portable table lamp that projects an intimate light, adding warmth to your personal spaces. Bicoca can accompany you through the good times, wherever you go. Contemporary and versatile, the Marset Bicoca Portable Table Lamp, designed by Christophe Mathieu, is made from polycarbonate and comes in an array of beautiful pastel-inspired colours. The unique feature of this luminaire is its wireless form; the lamp contains a rear USB charging port, allowing you to pick up and carry it with you, wherever you require ambience and illumination. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/marset-bicoca-portable-table-lamp
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Introducing the LIMITED EDITION Louis Poulsen PH 3/2 Table Lamp for 2018
The exclusive Limited Edition amber coloured glass PH 3/2 Table Lamp, designed by Poul Henningsen, is a unique collector's piece which is only available at Nest.co.uk until 31 December 2018. The renowned three-shade system, invented by Henningsen in 1926, is a design legacy that has stood the test of time. Following last year’s release of the amber coloured PH pendant light, Louis Poulsen has now released the Table Lamp in the same opulent colour; honouring Henningsen’s legacy of creating remarkable light designs. https://www.nest.co.uk/product/louis-poulsen-ph-3-2-amber-glass-table-lamp-limited-edition
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Flos Kelvin LED Table Lamp from Nest.co.uk
Now the Flos Kelvin LED Table Lamp becomes Green: saving even more energy thanks to its automatic compensation of the ambience light. By pressing the sensor on its head for approximately 3 seconds, it turns from orange to green and the device automatically regulates the brightness of the LED according to the quantity of light present on the desk. The brighter the ambient light is, the less light will be emitted by the device and vice-versa. Available now from nest.co.uk
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Turn On - Designed by Joel Hoff for WH
The effortlessly simple Turn On Lamp, designed by Joel Hoff for Wrong for Hay, is illuminated by turning the base in a clockwise direction with further rotation increasing the light output.
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Foscarini Innerlight Wall Light
Innerlight was conceived as a wall sculpture, which once lit comes to life and transforms into an elegant platform for the light. More here: http://bit.ly/JLk9jZ
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