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Real Men: Dealing with Anger
Let's face it, we all get angry. The question is, how to followers of Jesus deal with managing their anger? How does one "not sin" in their anger? We'll discuss this today in Real Men Iowa.
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Real Men Iowa Episode 1
This is the first video for our Real Men Iowa Youtube channel. We explain what Real Men is and where we are headed. We also talk about the top five spiritual priorities for men.
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Real Men Iowa: What does it mean "Men are the Head of the Home"?
Guest Steve Allison helps us talk about what it really means for men to be the head of the home
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Real Men Discussing Politics
Whether you voted for Hillary, Trump or someone from another party, the election has impacted you and the lives of your friends and family. Real Men discuss what it means to be a Christ follower in a divisive political environment where some of our brothers and sisters in Christ may have voted for the opposite side. Is there grace and peace to those in the family of God who disagree on politics?
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Being Men of Integrity
Our topic today is being men of integrity with Jesus as our moral foundation. If you had the power to be invisible, would you act any different?
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Raising Godly Boys
We discuss how Real Men are needed to raise Godly boys in a society that aims them in many other directions.
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Real Men Intro
How we start the show
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Choosing Godly Friends
Men have a need for deep intimate relationships, but they tend to approach it differently than women do. In this video we discuss the importance of paying attention to the kind of people you hang out with and the search for the ones you call "friend."
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Real Men: Raising Godly Girls
How does a father raise Godly girls in an environment that encourages them to engage in every form of ungodliness? We'll tackle that subject in this episode of Real Men
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Developing a Plan to Grow Spiritually
We talk about steps a person can take to grow in their faith. It's like the old saying goes, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.
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The State of the Church in America
Real Men Ministry talks about the state of the church in America and how men can do our part to lead the way to renewal and a vibrant spiritual life.
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Real Men: Discovering God's Will
We have a conversation about discovering God's will for your life and how to know if it is His will or your will.
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Real Men Living in Community
In this episode, we discuss the importance of living in community with one another and the benefits of having someone to walk along side you in the faith.
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A Taste of Real Men Iowa Radio
Here are a few excerpts from our first few Real Men Iowa shows. We discuss a broad range of topics that deal with men learning to be better followers of Jesus.
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Culture Shock Intro
Promo for Culture Shock Segment
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2017 Real Men Conference!
Come to the 2017 Real Men Conference March 17, 2017 at Rising Sun Church of Christ in Pleasant Hill, Iowa. Speaker is T.C. Stallings and worship is by the Jeff Arrandale Band. www.realmeniowa.org
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Real Men: Conquering Porn
We have a very open and honest conversation about men dealing with and battling the temptation to engage in pornography. Statistics say that a vast majority of men deal with this issue. We offer suggestions and help to overcome this battle.
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