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H3p8 Memories
My first edited slideshow video which I made during my college years.I had a lot of exciting moments when I was once a H3p8's students in KMM. All the laughter and sadness were blended up creating the best experience in my life. really missing 'em so much.
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A Waltz To Remember
My second video in YouTube. Woot woot! A video which is all about my vain life. Nah! An appreciation video which I took when I was 18 yrs old surrounded by cool friends and families. Like listening to the waltz...they were. Soothing and joyous. A Waltz to Remember.
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My Final Year Degree | Photo Slideshow Video
Mengkomposisikan foto-foto kenangan bersama rakan taulan setelah 3 tahun berhempas pulas menuntut ilmu pengetahuan di 'perantauan'. Alamak ayat skema. I purposely choose the song 'Hebat' by Tangga as the background music since 1) We love the song. It's kinda like our anthem song. 2) I defined this whole experience as 'HEBAT' i.e. awesome. 3) The people that I met here are "HEBAT'. Disclaimer: No Copyright Infringement Intended. I do not own the rights to the song Hebat by Tangga.
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Irdina Ketawa
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Irdina Meniarap
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