Videos uploaded by user “Jan Fellstrom - Design”
Jan's Wildlife book
Wildlife photos from Germany, Spain and Taiwan
My artwork portfolio
Some examples of my artwork from over several decades.
Rhino 3D boat
Rhino 3D boat animation
Electra - one
Rhino 3D model animated in Blender 2.78 (study)
Lotus 49 J
This classic 1970s Lotus 49 formula one racing car was originally driven by Jim Clark in the late 1960s. This later version, shown in its Gold Leaf sponsor colours, was driven by Graham Hill and Jochen Rindt who between them won many Championships. The founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman, was a highly innovative engineer and designer who created many classic sports and racing cars. The Ford-Cosworth V8 engine that powered this F1 car was one of the most successful racing engines of all time.
Rhino 3D boat animation
Test animation using Rhino 3D software.
My Jaguar XK-EJ
Rhino 3D model of Jaguar based on a Lightweight S1 XK-E. Rhino rendered
Rhino model
How my final student project in 1976 might have looked like had I finished it and not gone to Porsche. Originally the half finished clay model was called the Proton, maybe now it should be called the Electron … modeled using Rhino 3D, animated with GIMP.
Jaguar E-ytpe
Solid gold! Well almost ... a solid Rhino 3D model, ready for printing ... even in gold ... at a price of course.

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