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How to brush your long hair - demo
Maintaining a very long hair is very tedious process. you have to spend lot of quality time to make it beautiful. In this video sukanya the long hair girl demonstrates how slowly and patiently she brushes out her long hair. You can follow this brushing method to have less hair loss.
Carefully removing knots from wet long hair - Demostration
This long hair women just washed her hair and dried it using towel and blow driers. She found lots of knots and tangles in her hair. So the hair stylist is in action ton remove the knots and tangles from her wet long hair.
Beautiful long hair braid - How it looks ?
A beautiful girl with a very long and neatly made Braid. Her braid is very thick and black. How does she make this long braid? See this video
How to make hair ponytail from centre head
ponytail from forehead or ponytail from center of the head are the few latest hair styles for Indian girls. While you wear jeans and T-Shirt, you can choose this hair style. It adds looks to you. Its a look at me hair style
Shampooing very long hair  forward tub shampoo
This Kerala long hair girl shampoos her hair in a bucket at her house bathroom. She uses ample amount of water to rinse her hair thoroughly after the shampooing process.
Extreme oiling long hair - Champi
A man oils the long hair girl. He uses one full bottle of coconut oil for this champi. Champi is famous hair treatment where the long hair is soaked in oil completely. Excessive amount of oil is poured into the hair and make it drip oil. This long hair oiling practice can be done once or twice a month. You have to retain the oil for at least one hour after oil massage. Then take a hair wash. You get back your silky and shiny hair back.
Backwards sink shampooing long hair
This video demonstrates the best method of shampooing your hair at the saloon or parlors. Yes, the advantage of this method of backward sink shampooing is that, you can shampoo your hair without making your clothes wet. I suggest this type of hair wash method when you are in hurry for getting your hair ready.
Creating braided bun with oiled long hair
Braided bun hair style is famous hair style among Kerala girls and south Indian girls. Indian home makers also often prefer this hair style while they are in home. Braided bun hair style is easy to make. You can follow steps demonstrated in this video to make this style yourself at home
A man combing and brushing with girl's long hair - hair play
This is a man hair play video. A man plays with the Indian girl's long hair and makes some beautiful hair styles like double ponytail, double bun and double braids with his girl's long hair. Its special video for long hair lover.
Homely looking Tamil Girls with long hair styles
This video has a huge photo set collection of Tamil girls looking very homely with long hair. They wear traditional saree at most of occasions. The most popular long hair style of homely Tamil girls is braid.
long hair oiling and play by man - Champi
Indian long hair girl gets an oil massage from a man. She has very thick and shiny long hair. This method of oiling is also called as hair champi. She enjoys the hair play with oil massage.
How to French braid hair
Swetha demonstrates the steps to make a French braid hair style. Her long hair is healthy and beautiful.
Indian long hair girls photos
Spy photos of Indian long hair girls at streets. This video is dedicated to long hair lovers. This video also includes various styles of long hair made by Indian long hair women.
How to make Stylish twin ponytail from long hair
This is Indian long hair college girl Bhuvana. She has a very thick and beautiful long hair. Her hair is parted into two and two beautiful thick ponytails were made. Color hair bands were also used to tighten up the ponytail. The specialty of this double ponytail style in this video is that the cut styles were created in Bhuvana's fore head which looks royal and stylish.
A man playing with long hair girl
A man pulls and plays with sudha's long hair. Her hair is so soft and long. The man pulls her hair hard and plays with his fingers. He finally makes a long hair pony tail.
Indian girl combing her beautiful long hair
Its a early morning time. Sudha has just woke up. She sees her hair full of tangles and knots. she sits over her bed and starts combing her hair gently and smoothly. She does slowly so that she don't have any hair fall.
Long hair combing - Hair care Tips
Do you have a very long hair. Then you should always comb your hair slowly and carefully without breaking it. I suggest you to use oil twice every week. Oil makes your hair very healthy and shiny. During summer days you can try Amla oil. If your hair is tangled use your fingers to go through your hair and remove the tangles. Don't haste and rub your hair with small tooth combs. It ultimately breaks your hair.
How to comb and make ponytail with very long hair
Are you confused on how to make ponytail with very long hair? Do you feel difficult to make a ponytail from long hair? Yes, this video is dedicated to you. This long hair girl from India demonstrates clearly on how to make a elegant ponytail from your long thick hair. You can try out this at your home.
Manjula long hair shampooing - Forward sink shampoo
A demonstration of shampooing very long hair at your home sink by yourself. She does a forward posture sink shampooing method to clean and wash her hair. Remember to wash the lather out from your hair for good health of long hair. This long hair girl is from Kerala.
Combing long hair in sitting posture
Is your hair very long? Does it need lots of time to comb it out? Is your legs paining while standing and combing for long time? This video is exclusively for you !! This long hair lady sits on the bed and show how to comb efficiently even by sitting in the bed.
Beautiful Indian girl pampering her wet long hair
This girl shows off her beautiful face and wet long hair. She plays off with her bath towel and with her hair. she wipes out the water from her hair joyfully and playfully, she is enjoying drying out her wet long hair
How to make loose long hair style
The hair is already twisted in a braid. So its tangled. You have to remove your braid very carefully. This videos demonstrates how to remove your long hair braid safely and carefully to avoid hair fall , knots and tangles
How to comb our very long hair
Do you have very long hair? Do you feel difficult to comb it? here are some tips and demo to comb your hair without hair fall. 1.Comb your fore head first and leave your entire hair at your back side. 2.Split your hair into two half. 3. Use wide toothed comb to remove knots and tangles. 4. Take your long hair to front. 5. Hold your hair at the top near head. brush out softly. 6. Don't comb your hair more than twice a day. If you follow these steps you can also grow your hair long in short time.
Hindi long hair girls photos
Cute and lovely looking Hindi long hair girls photos. Also Mumbai college girls with long hair also featured in this video.
long hair show off video
This video is to show off the beauty of long hair to the world. This malayali long hair girl opens up her long hair on the table. Her hair is very silky and black. This video is dedicated to long hair lovers.
Drying your hair properly after a hair wash
How do you dry your long hair? Do you use towel or hair driers? I suggest you always let your hair dry naturally. So do air drying. After hair wash just gently wipe your hair using soft towel and let it open and loose. Let it dry automatically in natural air. Its the best way to dry your hair.
How to make long hair braids on sitting posture
This girl is from India and she has a lovely long black hair. She shows off her long hair combing gesture to the camera. She is sitting down on a bed at her house bed room and starts combing of her long black mane with a comb. Slowly she parts her hair into two portions and braids it. Her double long braids looks beautiful.
Tamil Nadu long hair girls looking beautiful and homely
A photo set collection of homely and cute looking Tamil girls with long hair. Tamil girls wear traditional saree at most occasions.
Long hair saloon shampooing
Have you ever dream to see shampooing in hair salon or parlors? You have never seen live shampooing in parlors? This video is exclusively for you. The hair stylist shampoos the Indian college girl vidhya directly without using sink. As her hair is fully soaked with oil, this is the best way to shampoo her hair. Shampoo spreads all over the eyes. As this is organic shampoo it does not irritates your eyes.
Long hair ladies and college girls photos
This video has long hair college girls and home maker photo set. This includes long hair styles like braids, buns, ponytails etc... Its a ultimate long hair photo set
Twin braid hair style from oiled long hair
Oil is just dripping out from her oiled long hair (Champi). Her hair is not very loose after oil massage. But even though its very thick enough to make two long braids out of it. A man hair stylist also makes braids for her. Its a show off of her thick long hair indeed.
How to make twin braid from oily/oiled long hair
Do you just oiled your hair or your hair is oily? Is it getting late for your school? This video demonstrates how to make twin braid hair style with your oiled long hair. You can try it out at your home. But if you don't have thick hair, your braids will be very thin.
How to shampoo and wash very long hair in shower
Indian long hair girl Sushmitha is featured in this video. She shows off how to shower shampoo her long hair. She washes her long hair at her house bath room. she follows Indian traditional way to wash her hair. She also uses shikakkai (Herbal paste) to wash her hair. She also uses other herbal products which help to keep her hair healthy and long.
Long hair flaunting and play by man
Its Indian long hair girl sukanya. She is Indian long hair beauty. She flaunts and styles her hair in her home. A man also plays with her long hair. he combs down her beautiful tresses and plays with it. Its dedicated to long hair lovers
Very very long hair
Unseen very very long hair girls pictures are there in this video
Very long hair girls and their hair styles
This video has photo gallery of very long hair girls from South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra pradesh.
Making wet long hair bun after bath
Your hair is very soft after a wash. So you need to handle it carefully to avoid breaking. This Indian girl just wraps up her wet long hair in bun immediately after bath before she starts drying her hair.
How to make stylish hair updo - Party wear hair styles
Are you confused at what hair style you can make for your friends birthday party? Just try this stylish hair updo hair style. It is a look at me hair style. It turns attention of your friends on your hair style. You can try this hairstyle even at your home with help of your mother.
Beautiful long hair lady combing her long hair
She is very beautiful and she has blonde long hair. Its partially colored in brown die. She cobs out her hair in front of the camera. She uses a good branded comb to brush her hair. We can see there is almost no hair fall while she combs, she has such a healthy hair.
long hair bun making - demo
This video just gives you a demo of how hair stylists create a tight and stylish hair bun with long hair. This bun is made tight so that it doesn't gets loosen down during the girl's routine house hold works like cooking,washing, cleaning. You can also try this tight bun hairstyle in your home yourself.
How to shampoo long hair
Do you have long hair? Do you feel difficult to shampoo your hair quickly? Are you a hair shampooing lover or admirer? This video is dedicated for you. This Indian long hair girl beautifully shampoos her hair at sitting posture. She shampoos her hair weekly twice for healthy long hair and to beat the summer.
long hair spread in bed - Hair show off
Have you ever seen such a thick and dense long hair. This Kolkata girl has beautiful thick long hair. She just want her hair to be show off to the world. She lays down the bed with her hair open in loose hairstyle. Her open long hair looks like a bed spread.
Straightening long hair with hair straightener
I personally advice not to straighten your hair. Straightened hair looks modern but it spoils natural looks and quality of your hair. If you are interested in straightening, you can learn the process of hair straightening in this video. This is also a long hair crimping
How to make multiple pigtail braids and updo
This hair style can be done for party wears and bridal hair styles. You should have a little thick hair to make multiple pig tail braids out of your hair. You can try out this style even at your home yourself with this video demonstration tutorial.
How to wrap up towel on your wet hair after shampooing - Tutorial
Our hair becomes very soft after a hair wash, So we need to dry it with lots of care and patience. If you dry your hair vigorously with towel you may end up breaking your hair. This video demonstrates how to wrap up towel on your wet hair gently and slowly with out damaging your hair.
How to make braid from oiled hair
This Bengali long hair girl has just finished her oil massage and intensive oiling practice called champi. Now she shows off a braiding show done with her long hair soaked in oil.
How to blow dry long hair - tutorial
After a hair wash I suggest you to wipe your hair gently with a soft towel. vigorous towel drying may damage your hair and lead to splits. After some time let your hair dry in air naturally. If you are in a hurry to dry your hair follow the method of blow drying demonstrated in this video. My personal opinion is that blow drying spoils the natural quality and shine of your hair.
How to make ponytail with claw clip
Do you feel the big claw clip degrades the look of your long hair. Don't worry here is a solution. Here we hide the hair clip with the ponytail. The advantages is If you have very long hair you can make a ponytail from forehead. This style is one of the modern ponytail styles by Indian girls
How to make stylish hair bun using claw clip
This claw clip bun hair style is mostly preferred by modern Indian girls and college girls. This bun which can be created easily from loose open hair needs just a claw clip to complete the hair style. So its a get ready quick kind of hair style. Most of the Indian college girls prefer this hair style while staying in hostel with friends.
How to make curly hair styles using Rollers - Part3
This video is part 3. The part 1 and part 2 are available at the below link How to make curly hair styles using Rollers - Part1 : http://youtu.be/z9iM8UE8QlA How to make curly hair styles using Rollers - Part2 : http://youtu.be/66mbeRELVwE I would suggest before you start rolling your hair with rollers make sure that your hair has required moisture content to retain the curly hair style after removing the rollers. This Indian girl uses oil as moisturizer before she curls her hair. So her curly hair style is retained for long duration.