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Dublin Ukulele Group Covers 'Hit Me Baby (One More Time)'
Filmed at Ukulele Tuesday, which takes place upstairs at The Stag's Head from 8pm
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Bressie Mental Health Lovin Dublin Show
Niall Breslin gave a super powerful talk at the Lovin Dublin Live show. More videos and the show in full here http://lovindublin.com/
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The Declaration
The moment the results of the Marriage Equality referendum were finally announced
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Marco Pierre White Interview At Lovin Dublin Live
A chat with Marco Pierre White about his cooking in the early days, winning three Michelin stars and cooking in general. Full video here http://lovindublin.com/live
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Thrifting in Dublin Vintage Factory - Tried & Tested
I'm a bit of a vintage queen, I love finding a piece of clothing that has a story behind it that you'll just never find out about, but you can just imagine. How many people have worn this? what did they do? who were they? Cool to think about, huh? I decided to visit Dublin Vintage Factory and put together an outfit. I actually really liked it but nothing seemed to really
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Food Challenge: The Biggest Chicken Fillet Roll In Ireland
Ever felt like you could eat 5 chicken fillet rolls in a row on a Sunday morning? Well The Shamrock Lodge in Finglas will oblige, for free, on the condition that you finish it in 15 minutes and with NO DRINK to wash it down. Fail to complete it and it will cost you €20. We had to give this beast a shot...
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Joe Caslin: I wanted to create imagery that young Irish men could relate to.
He's the man behind the mural that got everyone talking during this year's Yes Equality campaign. And now, Joe Caslin – a teacher by trade – spends his time developing pieces of art that help young people in Ireland to be inspired by their everyday surroundings. We caught up with him and spoke to him about how he came to discover his talent, how his parents nurtured it in him, and what keeps him so passionate about what he does.
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Mary Lou McDonald Speaks At The Irish Water Protest
Mary Lou talks exclusively to Lovin Dublin about why the Irish people are protesting today against Irish Water and what they hope to achieve.
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Vintage Tea Tours - Discover Dublin
The Vintage Tea Tours offer delectable afternoon tea and a historic tour of Dublin. It's the perfect way to see the city in style while brushing up on your history. They even have a Polaroid camera so you can get a snap of your little outing. (& it's class for the awl Insta) And come on, who doesn't love tea and scones? Here's what we thought: https://lovindublin.com/food/coffee-tea/this-vintage-tea-tour-is-the-loveliest-way-to-spend-an-afternoon-in-dublin
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Lovin Box
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Eyeliner Stencil From Penneys Dublin- Tried & Tested
I am obsessed with eyeliner. Anyone who knows me knows I wont leave the house without it, in fact most of my friends haven't ever seen me without it. I adore trying out those wacky inventions that appear on the shelves in Penneys, that you might not usually actually end up buying but think about every now and then " DOES IT REALLY WORK?" Well, I'm here to answer your prayers. In this case, it was a firm no. Have you tried it?
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Beefeater Gin Lane Market
Beefeater Gin Lane Market, House Leeson Street, Dublin 2
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Mad Egg Camden Street
Checking out the newest, hottest restaurants in Dublin is our thing, so when we heard that a new chicken burger joint had opened up on Camden Street we thought it would be rude not to pay a visit. Mad Egg is a new trendy eatery that offers a simple but mighty menu. There are six burger options on the menu - Some sweet, some spicy, some veggie, but all are made from fresh, Irish produce. Here are some of the burgers on offer
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Food Challenge: The Biggest Pizza In Ireland
Pinheads Pizza on the South Circular Rd offer up the biggest pizza in Ireland at a massive 32 inches. And on top of that, they're giving it away for free to anyone who can take it down in 32 minutes. Needless to say, we had to head over and give this thing a shot.
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Getting VENEERS - Tried & Tested
In a world of coffee, toffee, red wine and curries it's hard to keep those pearly whites... pearly white. We headed to to the Teeth Whitening Fairies to try out clip-in veneers. Step 1: Getting our moulds done.
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Ferrero Rocher Cocktail - Urchin Dublin
Chocolate and alcohol are two of our favourite things so when we found out a Ferrero Rocher cocktail existed we HAD to check it out. Urchin in Stephen's Green have been listening to our prayers and have produced the cocktail we've all dreamed of - A Ferrero Rocher cocktail This beauty is nutty, chocolatey, creamy and delicious, without being too heavy on the stomach. It is the perfect way to drink dessert! Here's what we thought: https://lovindublin.com/food/this-ferrero-rocher-cocktail-is-a-chocolate-lovers-dream Find out more about Urchin: http://www.urchin.ie/
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Lovin Dubliners: Niall Sabongi
We're an island with fishing in our DNA, yet Irish people have a strange relationship with seafood. Chef Niall Sabongi wants to bring the joy of seafood back to the masses.
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Food Challenge: The Totally Fried Challenge
Token Dublin were serving up a brand new food challenge and who better to give the inaugural attempt than us? With a combination of chilli, cheese, spice, and over TWO KILOS of chips, the "Totally Fried" challenge is something to behold.
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Pink Gin Cocktail - Easy To Make
This pink gin cocktail tastes live heaven and it is super easy to make. It would be the perfect treat for a night of drinks and chatter. We are obsessed with it.
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Deluxe Facial Pro - Tried & Tested
We headed to Clearskin Clinic to check out one of their amazing facials. This one left my skin feeling amazing for weeks! Is there anything more satisfying than having gunk hoovered out of your skin? Nah. Would you give it a go?
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I Got CRAZY Nails In Tropical Popical - Tried & Tested
Tropical Popical is one of the funnest nail bars in Dublin and we are totally obsessed with the tropical, colourful vibes. I headed down to get some funky nails and to get the fiull Trop Pop experience.
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Meltdown Cheese Pop-Up
Meltdown is Dublin's newest communal pop-up that serves melted cheese madness, artisan coffee and wine. They take the wonderful Irish delicacy, that is the cheese toasty, to a whole new level with a range of drool-worthy flavours. There are five decadent sandwiches on offer at the moment, each one cheesier than the last. They even serve a pulled pork toasty loaded with mac'n'cheese, omg. This tasty number is the Spicy Cajun Chicken, made from sourdough, cheddar, cajun mayo, cajun chicken and jalapeno peppers.
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Hotpod Yoga - Discover Dublin
Today we went to discover Hotpod Yoga in Dublin. It's a super fun way to excercise, break a sweat, stretc and also take a break from all other stresses in life. I was so surprised at how relaxed I felt after doing a class. Have you tried it yet?
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Hello you beautiful human and welcome to BRAND NEW series here at Lovin Dublin. I find myself visiting so many restaurants and grub hubs during the week while shooting for the site and just because I'm a huge foodie. Places we checked out: -Monday: SABA https://lovindublin.com/food/theres-a-new-saba-opening-up-on-baggot-street-and-heres-how-its-looking https://www.sabadublin.com/saba-to-go/ -Tuesday: WHIPPED https://lovindublin.com/food/whipped-ice-cream-has-opened-up-three-stores-today-in-dublin https://www.facebook.com/whipped.ie/ -Wednesday: TACO TACO https://lovindublin.com/best-of/the-top-10-places-to-eat-tacos-in-dublin http://www.tacotacodublin.com/ -Thursday: PACHECO https://www.facebook.com/pachecovsf/ -Friday: KIND https://www.totalbrandsolutions.ie/brand/kind-bars/ I thought it would be great to share these experiences with you and give you an insight into what's going on behind the scenes in Lovin HQ (hint: we are eating a LOT) We will be releasing a brand new Food Guide every week and updating you on all things food related in this wonderful city we call home. Have you any recommendations for us? Leave them in the comments below! Much love xx
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Brunch In Dublin - Where To Go
Brunch on the weekends is key but sometimes it can be hard to find a new place to visit. Don't worry, we've compiled this little video just for YOU to fill you in on our top picks. Brunch places listed: 1. Pot Bellied Pig - Rathmines: This stunning pink café is not just easy on the eyes, it serves unreal grub. Here's what we thought of it: https://lovindublin.com/lifestyle/theres-some-pretty-lovely-things-happening-in-the-pot-bellied-pig-this-month We would recommend their eggs benedict, proper delish! http://www.potbelliedpig.ie/#potbelliedpig 2. Bang Bang - Phibsborough This edgy little café tucked away in Phibsborough is famous for their brunch burger & we can see exactly why. We are still dreaming about it anytime anyone mentions the word brunch. Here's what we really thought: https://lovindublin.com/food/the-famous-bang-bang-brunch-burger-is-definitely-worth-the-hype To find out more about Bang Bang visit: http://bangbang.ie/ 3. Urbanity - Smithfield Acai bowls are probably the most Instagrammable brunch option you could ever order and we are obsessed with the ones Urbanity has to offer. It's also a deadly place to check out it if you've got some work to do. Here's what we thought of it: https://lovindublin.com/dublin/three-great-places-where-you-can-work-remotely-in-dublin They also serve unreal coffee to give you a little kick while you work. www.urbanitycoffee.ie 4. The Cake Café - Pleasants Place This place is vegan-friendly and super cute. Also from judging by the name we're sure you've already guessed that they are masters of sweet treats too. Their cakes are drool-worthy. Here's what we thought: https://lovindublin.com/reviews/cafe/heaven-cake-adventurers-dublin For more info: http://www.thecakecafe.ie/ 5. Storyboard - Islandbridge This edgy café is just what Islandbridge was missing. Eggs, avocado, sourdough, all the brunch favourites are served here but they all have their own twist. Here's what we thought: https://lovindublin.com/food/coffee-tea/this-new-caf%C3%A9-offers-a-tasty-brekkie-and-lunch-menu-in-dublin-8 For more info: https://www.storyboardcoffee.com/ We hope you have a wonderful brunch!
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Nail Fan Penneys - Tried & Tested
I am terrible at waiting for my nails to dry so I got this nail dryer from Penneys and put it to the test.
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The Ultimate Fries Dublin - Just Wing It
The Ultimate Fries from Just Wing It are pure filth. Cheese, bacon and garlic mayo on a bed of fries, what more could you want? Hangover food of dreams! You'll find these guys in Eatyard at The Bernard Shaw every Thursday-Sunday and 136 The Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24 To find out more you can check out their website: http://www.wingit.ie/
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Teeth Whitening From Penneys - Tried & Tested
Teeth whitening can be expensive but Penneys have released a home kit and we just HAD to give it a go. We put it to the test for a week to see if it would make any difference to the appearance of my teeth. What do you think?
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BUJO Burger Joint Dublin
Bujo serves some of the best burgers we have ever tasted and we are completely and utterly hooked. A casual (yet so clever) new burger joint in Sandymount, BuJo brings the humble burger to a whole new level, with the attention to detail making this simple restaurant instantly impressive. Here's what we thought: https://lovindublin.com/food/dublins-newest-burger-joint-is-making-big-changes-to-the-little-things Want to learn more? http://bujo.ie/
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10 Things You Must Eat In Dublin Before You Die
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Bubble Waffle Factory Dublin
Bubble Waffles have hit Dublin and they are so pretty we almost felt guilty eating them. You can choose whichever toppings, sauces and ice cream flavours you want to indulge in. Originating in Hong Kong, the bubble waffle can best be described as something between a waffle and an ice cream cone. They're filled with fruit, sauces, ice cream and various toppings that blend perfectly with the chewy texture of the bubble waffle. To find out more visit: https://www.facebook.com/bubblewafflefactory/
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Rossini Cocktail By Lovin Dublin
Having friends over? This Rossini cocktail is the perfect treat! It's super easy to make and it tastes bloody delicious. Prosecco cocktails are our favourite kind of cocktails!
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Campfire Smoke Cocktail Candlelight Bar Dublin
The funkiest and quirkiest take on a Smoked Old Fashioned is definitely the Campfire Smoke from Candlelight Bar in Dundrum. The flavours in this bad boy will take you back to your childhood camping trips. There are even tiny roast marshmallows to nibble on while you sip this smoky beauty. More about Candlelight Bar: http://www.candlelightbar.ie/
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Burgers Pepper Sauce
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Turkish Delight Cocktail
Turkish delight is one of those flavours that just takes you back to your childhood. It's such a distinct flavour. Ruby's in Dublin have just created this incredible cocktail that tastes EXACTLY like Turkish Delight (its unreal) More info on Ruby's: http://rubys.ie/
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Tried & Tested: I Wore Blue Light Glasses For A Week
I spend most of my day looking at a screen and recently I've been getting headaches, migraines and I've had trouble sleeping. A friend suggested to me to purchase a pair of screen glasses to combat the issue. At that point, I had no idea such a thing even existed. That's when I came across Irish company Ambr Eyewear.
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Dublin Palette NYX - Tried & Tested
Nyx released their Dublin palette recently and I had to try it out. I won't lie I was kind of scared to use the green as it's not a colour I'd typically put near my face but I was pleasantly surprised. Have you tried it out yet?
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Food Challenge: The Footlong Burrito
The record time for finishing El Patron's 'footlong burrito challenge" is just over two minutes and to make it onto the board we had to do it in under 5 and a half. We paid a visit to see how our burrito skills stacked up.
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The Aurora Band - Tried & Tested
There have been quite a few wacky inventions as of yet but The Aurora Band is one I just HAD to get my hands on for a Tried & Tested. I'll admit, I miiiiight not have done it correctly, but hey, I tried it out and it just wasn't for me. What do you think of The Aurora Band?
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The Mixed Platter at My Meat Wagon
The way My Meat Wagon put together this mixed bbq platter will have you absolutely drooling. Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mymeatwagon/
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The Lovin Dublin Show Episode 3
A look at tech, lifestyle, food and trends with Niall Harbison and Jamie Heaslip for Lovin Dublin. More info here http://lovindublin.com/
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Finding Work Outfits - Tried & Tested
Shopping is the best fun when there's nothing specific in mind, but when you have to go on the hunt for a certain look or style it can be pretty stressful. I went on the hunt to find some nice work outfits as I was running low on them myself. I loved dressing up and dressing smartly for work so I went for those styles in this video. Which outfit was your favourite? Got any suggestions for a Tried And Tested? Leave them in. the comments below! X
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30 Second Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich
How to make a Chocolate chip ice cream sandwich in less than 30 seconds. Unbelievably delicious. More here http://lovindublin.com/
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Pitt Bro's Dirty Menu Dublin
Dublin BBQ joint Pitt Bros has added another string to its fairly delicious bow with the addition of its Dirty Menu – which, because it's so filthy it should be illegal, you have to ask the wait staff for in stage whispers. Okay, fine, you can ask without whispering, but it's an insiders-only type of job, so they're not shouting about it from the rooftops. Here's the lowdown: https://lovindublin.com/food/say-hello-to-pitt-bros-dirty-secret-and-prepare-to-salivate
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Getting Laser Hair Removal - Tried & Tested
Laser is being talked about quite a bit lately and as someone who really doesn't like body hair, I said I would give it a go. I headed to Sensius in the Ilac Shopping Centre to try it out. Because I'm fair it hasn't worked as well as I had hoped but I am glad I gave it a go! Here's what we thought of it: https://lovindublin.com/sponsored/getting-laser-hair-removal
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Supper Club In Pot Bellied Pig Dublin
We headed to Pot Bellied Pig in Rathmines to try out their 7-course Supper Club. It was UNREAL. Here's what we thought: https://lovindublin.com/lifestyle/theres-some-pretty-lovely-things-happening-in-the-pot-bellied-pig-this-month
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Lovin Dublin Show - Episode 1
A weekly show with Niall Harbison and Jamie Heaslip from Lovin Dublin taking about tech, food, lifestyle and general banter. Sign up and subscribe
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The Lovin Dublin Show - Episode 5
A weekly show with Niall Harbison and Jamie Heaslip from Lovin Dublin taking about tech, food, lifestyle and general banter. Sign up and subscribe!
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