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Honey Boo Boo's sister hit by lightning_baby master arts in funny video
http://sariinfo.com/ http://sariinfo.com/hairstyles-in-black-hair-of-all-kinds-hair-2016/
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Why They Got A New Audrey For National Lampoon's "Vacation"
http://sariinfo.com/ We caught up with Dana Barron the actress who played Audrey in National Lampoon's Vacation back in 1983.She explains why she wasn't involved in the sequel and another major 80s role she was promised but had stolen from her.
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Holland Taylor on Ann Richards, Tattoos, and Charlie Sheen
http://sariinfo.com/ While Holland Taylor tends to play women with big personalities fans might not know the actress actively stays away from too sweet roles.I don't think it's very real she says.Sometimes you see scripts when there's a mother who's just a cliché warm sweet mother. Well I don't know any of them so I would not know how to do that.If her lower back tattoo is any evidence of her true persona her role choices won't surprise.Maybe I am a naughty girl she says. To find out about her special friendship with former costar Charlie Sheen check out this episode of Daily Shot.
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Just Explain It: The Only Child Myth
$295,560.That's how much a middle class couple can expect to spend on a child born in 2011 until his or her 18th birthday, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. And by the way it doesn't even include saving for college or the added expense if your adult child moves back home. The cost of raising a child is one of a few factors persuading some couples to have one child despite the societal and familial pressure many parents feel to have more. So why do some people buck tradition and choose to have just one child? And is there any truth to myths many of us have about only-children? Answering those questions is the subject of today's Just Explain It. Along with the cost of raising a child the uncertain economy and delaying marriage and pregnancy are pushing parents to have fewer children. According to Census data the percentage of families with kids that have only one child was 33% in 1970. In 2011 that number was 43%. And the National Center for Health Statistics said the fertility rate in 2011 for women aged 15 to 44 was its lowest ever reported at 63.2 births per 1000 women.
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Baby Bear Rescued from Garbage Bin in Azusa
Fish and Wildlife officials rescued a baby bear that got stuck inside a trash bin Sunday night in a forest parking lot in Azusa.
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How to Get Him to Approach You
http://sariinfo.com/ Guys tell Sam she's hot but she still has trouble getting the attractive ones to approach her.Mehow explains to her what guys call a Bitch Shield:body language that scares away men.He then shows her how to be more approachable by changing her non-verbal signals. They go out on hidden camera to test the reactions of real men as Sam practices her approach invitations.Will Sam get approached by the right guys?
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Dog Gets Emotional Watching Movie Ending
Even this curly-tailed critic can't help but get drawn into the drama, adventure, and all-around heart-warming story of the 1993 Disney flick about two dogs and a sassy cat who go on a journey to find their "lost" owners (SPOILER: they were on vacation). You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll spin around and bark. Pugs are clearly the Siskel & Eberts of the dog world.
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Expensive Sailboat Crashes Into Bridge ,,http://sariinfo.com/,,
http://sariinfo.com/ This sailboat ends up crashing straight into a draw bridge in Tonsberg Norway breaking the vessel's mast.That's one way to ruin a beautiful day on the water! Getting behind the wheel any wheel is a big responsibility and sometimes things don't always go your way.Take a look at these videos of especially hilarious transit troubles.1.The Sailboat:It's a lovely day for a sail. All the captain needs to do is just motor on past that drawbridge and ...uh oh.
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Are Hormones Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?
Katie's Take: If you are fighting the dreaded battle of the bulge it may have less to do with your willpower to hit the gym and eat low fat foods and more to do with your hormones.Marjorie Nolan Cohn National Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and author of The Belly Fat Fix says the secret to maintaining a health weight may be in balancing your hormones by giving yourself a hunger hormone makeover. Hormones play a role not only in weight gain but in our inability to lose weight once we're already overweight or obese Nolan Cohn says. There are two different types of hormones at play here:one that makes you feel hungry and one that makes you feel satiated. Ghrelin is a hunger-stimulating hormone that also controls metabolism and thirst.But if you are hoping to take matters into your own hands and completely shut off this hormone and its effects, Nolan Cohn says that you are out of luck; but that you can be creative with it. "The only way to shut it off and tune it down is to actually eat she revealed. "We know through science and research that ghrelin peaks about three times a day; at 8am, 12pm, and 6pm, and then there's a smaller peak around 3pm which coincides perfectly with the evolutionary times of meals. What you can do is eat generally ghrelin-suppressing foods such as lean beef fat-free or non-fat plain Greek yogurt or white fish.These allow you to eat a lot while only absorbing a minimum amount of calories.And don't think you have to eliminate the carbs. Nolan-Cohn says that sweet potatoes and rolled oats are also good as suppressing ghrelin because they are high in fiber and resistant starch that can slow down digestion and keep you feeling full for longer. The hormone leptin on the other hand is responsible for alerting you when you're stomach is full. When someone is at a healthy weight their ghrelin and leptin are balanced perfect Nolan Cohn explains. The problem is when we become overweight our body actually becomes leptin resistant. So if you are hoping to use this hunger hormone makeover to lose weight Nolan Cohn recommends eating on grehlin's schedule for starters; having meals at those three peak hours with a mid-day snack.She also advises against over-exercising, which can work against you by sending a starvation signal to the ghrelin producing cells making you want to eat more. Nolan Cohn anticipates further new and exciting research coming from the hormone balance that everyone can adapt into their own life. The ghrelin/leptin balance was really discovered only six or seven years ago so it really is now that we discover what it is in real life Nolan Cohn said.
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Cheerleader's Migraines Relieved Through Implanted Device
http://sariinfo.com/ Rechargeable Battery May Be Key to Severe Migraine Relief Procedure implants a small battery under the skin to send electrical impulses to the brain. Lulu Alvarado was a typical teenager enjoying a night out at the skating rink when she fell on ice and suffered a third-degree concussion. That's when the severe migraines started.Formerly a star student and varsity cheerleader Lulu's migraines lasted for 10 straight months causing her to miss 100 days of school. So Lulu 17 and her Weatherford Texas family sought help from a neurologist who warned the family that the migraines might be permanent. Hoping to lessen her symptoms Lulu tried medications and even Botox injections but nothing worked. Eventually the family decided to try a surgical treatment not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration called the Omega procedure.
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Scuba Divers Almost Swallowed by Whales
Shawn Stamback and three friends were scuba diving last weekend off the coast of California exploring a coral reef when they were nearly swallowed by a pair of nature's biggest beasts the humpback whale. The massive whales lunged out of the water with their huge jaws open as they chased a school of fish right next to the swimmers. I still don't know how they got that close to us without us knowing Stamback 39 of San Louis Obispo told ABCNews.com.I was probably like six to eight feet away.The first thing that went through my head was that I didn't want to get swatted by the tail because you see two whales that are moving away from you and you know how long they are he said.
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Daughter throws fake wedding for dying dad
Bride gets married sans groom for terminal father A California woman may not have a groom but she wanted to have a wedding ceremony in honor of the most important man in her life - her dad. Rachel Wolf wore white to her fake wedding and had no groom to actually marry.She's not even engaged. But the pretend bride had a really good reason. Wolf's dad is dying of pancreatic cancer and won't be around for the actual big events in his daughter's life.
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Awesome Hotel Amenities That Don't Cost Extra
http://sariinfo.com/ After years of slashing rates and cutting extras hotels are finally getting their groove and their amenities back. And we're talking about way more than a free breakfast. At hotels these days it's all about the wow factor and that ranges from designer pajamas by lingerie designer Arielle Shapiro in the VIP Suites the W South Beach Hotel all the way up to the 24-carat gold iPads at Dubai's Burj Al Arab.The hotel claims to be the first in the world to offer the iPads to guests.No the iPad is not yours to keep. And there's a world of cool amenities that fall somewhere between free PJs and 24-carat gold iPads. At The Kitano Hotel in Manhattan they're very proud of their new toilets. Their toilets? Yes said General Manager Clement Carey.At The Kitano Hotel we have 149 guest rooms each one equipped with a Toto toilet. It's a combination bidet and toilet he said.They cost $1500. It's quite an amenity. There's a wash feature (you choose pulsating or not) and a blow dry feature. It's a warm wind of air that dries you off Carey said. The Kitano is the only New York City hotel to offer the Toto toilets in every room, a feature desired by the hotel's large Japanese clientele. Totos are popular in Japan but only now starting to catch on in the U.S. If fancy toilets aren't your thing, head uptown to the Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side where the in-room mixology program sends a bartender to your room to mix drinks to your liking. And it won't cost you a penny more than the bottle you buy. "The mixologist will come to your room and create a drink for you based on the flavors you like said Patrick Chiappetta director of operations.The bartender will make the first four or five for you teach you how to do it and if you want to have them come back they will or you can make them on your own. It's the perfect amenity Chiappetta said for people who want to relax with a cocktail in the luxury of their hotel room before heading out for a night on the town. And the experience is a memorable one. One couple that ordered the cocktail experience called back a month later from Australia to find out what ingredients were used and how exactly it [the drink] was made Speaking of drinks and fancy mixologists there's also a new camel's milk mixologist at the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi.Locally-sourced camel milk combined with freshly muddled ingredients like strawberry and mint were initially introduced for Ramadan.But the camel milk mixologist will make the drinks anytime. Camel milk has only recently been introduced to the main-stream consumer said manager Hasan Al Masri manager of Mijana the hotel's Arabic restaurant where the concoctions are available.Our guests are always looking for new experiences and this would be an interesting and authentic opportunity for anyone visiting Abu Dhabi. Back in the U.S. at least two California hotels offer luxury cars to guests. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa recently rolled out a program that allows guests to borrow a Porsche complimentary as long as it's returned the same day.There are three models available: 911 convertible Panamera Hybrid and a Cayenne GTS. And at the Beverly Wilshire a Four Seasons Hotel a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom is on hand to take guests anywhere they want to go in the three-mile radius of the hotel.And if the Rolls is out with another guest? There's a Mercedes on hand too.
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Bindi Irwin's Unusual Birthday Celebration
Bindi Irwin is growing up so fast! The daughter of the late Steve Irwin known affectionately as the The Crocodile Hunter celebrated her 15th birthday in one of her favorite places.The teenager had a birthday bash at her family's Australia Zoo in Queensland and she looked like the spitting image of her father with her blond hair khaki shirt and shorts. Along with a full audience in the stands Bindi's mother Terri and her brother Bob were smiling as she Bindi cut her zoo-themed cake.The animal -lover vowed to continue her father's legacy after he passed away in 2006.We think he would be proud of the beautiful young lady she is becoming and also pleased with her age-appropriate birthday celebration.
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U.S. Air Force airman pulls off a windmill dunk at the USA Basketball Showcase (Video)
With or without LeBron James USA Basketball has a great number of NBA stars at its disposal.Yet at Thursday's USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas the biggest highlight didn't come from a group of young players that included Kyrie Irving Anthony Davis and Paul George.Instead it came from United States soldier Nathaniel Mills. At one of the scrimmage's TV breaks Mills came onto the court in full uniform camo combat boots etc.and pulled off a one-handed windmill dunk.It's a move we're used to seeing from someone in a dunk contest not from a member of the United States Armed Forces.Check out the video above from our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute. This moment is cool chiefly because it comes from someone who's devoted himself to public service but we shouldn't look past the athleticism on display. While Mills didn't get up as high as we're used to seeing from a professional basketball player it's important to remember that he's doing all this in boots the sort of footwear we don't commonly associate with an NBA-level vertical leap.It's possible he's actually a better leaper than many pros.Former Air Force staff sergeant and recently waived big man Bernard James might have some company soon enough.
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Style War: Vanilla Ice vs. Justin Bieber
Vanilla Amish Amish Baby! omg! Insider caught up with Vanilla Ice as in Ohio as the rapper turned reality star filmed his new reality show for the DIY Network, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.In the new show, airing Saturday Vanilla Ice aka Rob Vanwinkle is leaving technology behind and heading to Amish country.He's even milking cows! Check out the vid for a sneak peek of Rob's new show and be sure to tune in to omg Insider on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.
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Former World's 8th Richest Man Loses $34.5 Billion
Brazil businessman Eike Batista has seen better days. Last March the Brazilian commodities tycoon ranked as the world's eighth richest person with a net worth of $34.5 billion.His net worth today: $200 million according to Bloomberg Billionaires.
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Lobsterman stranded at sea rescued by U.S. Coast Guard after massive search
A commercial lobsterman who fell overboard and became stranded at sea for more than 11 hours was rescued on Wednesday 43 miles off the coast of Long Island.The U.S. Coast Guard located John Aldridge floating in the Atlantic Ocean south of Montauk, N.Y. during a massive 770-square-mile search that involved Coast Guard crews from Massachusetts, Rhode Island Connecticut New York and New Jersey as well as other local fishermen. The 43-year-old who apparently fell from the 44-foot Anna Mary on Tuesday night as the rest of the crew slept was struggling to keep his head above water and had been using his rubber boots as floatation devices during the ordeal. He was not wearing a life jacket. At one point Aldridge said sharks were circling him. He was lifted into a Coast Guard helicopter in a dramatic rescue that was captured on video.Aldridge was flown to Cape Cod and treated for dehydration exposure and hypothermia.His family in Oakdale N.Y. said they expected him to make a full recovery. It was just meant to be that it wasn't his time his father John Aldridge Sr. told WABC-TV.It's just such a feeling to have him back.It's just beyond words.This ending had a lot of people shaking hands and smiling Coast Guard Lt. Joe Klinker said late Wednesday.Reports of persons in the water often mean a difficult search is ahead. To hear the call that he was found and rescued makes it a proud day for those Coast Guard crews.
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Air Canada loses woman's dog, sends email suggesting it's no big deal
What's worse than an airline losing a customer's dog? Sending an accidental email dismissing the mishap as being no big deal.Air Canada is working to get the missing pooch crisis under control after its manager of corporate communications Peter Fitzpatrick fired off an email that was intended to be internal but actually reached the inbox of Maria Medina a reporter from CBS-13 in Sacramento.Ruh-ro.Upon hearing that the dog had escaped Medina wrote to the PR firm representing Air Canada according to the Toronto Star.The company's PR contact emailed Fitzpatrick for input on how to respond to Medina's questions.Fitzpatrick wrote I think I would just ignore it is local news doing a story on a lost dog.Their entire government is shut down and about to default and this is how the U.S. media spends its time.He intended the email to go to the PR contact. Instead it went to the reporter.The dog a 2-year-old greyhound named Larry went missing from the San Francisco airport after an Air Canada employee let it out of its cage.As of Friday people are still searching for the dog according to the Star.Speaking to the Star about the incident Fitzpatrick said I guess I'm the poster child now for Be Careful with Email.Indeed he is.The story of Larry is truly a sad one.Larry's owner Jutta Kulic was honoring the wishes of a recently deceased friend who had asked that Kulic find a home for Larry.Kulic did find a home in British Columbia where Larry was supposed to go.Kulic is still hoping that Larry turns up alive and well.
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2-Story Pirate Ship Emerges From Ohio Home Baffles Neighbors
If you like to decorate your home for Halloween with pumpkins and fake spider webs prepare yourself because the bar has officially been raised.One house in Lorain Ohio has a lifelike two-story shipwreck crashing through the back between the house and the garage.It's the brainchild of Ricky Rodriguez who comes up with a bigger and better idea each year.All the trick-or-treaters are excited Rodriguez 39 told Good Morning America.We're going to have everyone dressed in pirate costumes and have a big pirate-themed party.
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Middle School Student Aces SATs ___( Boy, 14, Nails Perfect SAT Score )
Vivek Jain woke up his 14-year-old son Varun one early morning in early July.Varun you got a perfect score on your SATs the father said. The sleepy teenager simply said Wow and fell back asleep. If anybody in the United States can get a perfect score in middle school it has to be Varun his father told ABC News. In an indication of how rare it is to get a perfect 2400 score on the trio of tests that make up the SATs only 360 students did it in 2012.More than 1.6 million students took the tests that year. And those students were in high school. Jain who will be a high school freshman this fall was in eighth grade when he took the tests. Jain did not stress over the test. His father reminded him the night before that he was to take the exam the following morning. Only then did he start preparing for the math writing and critical thinking segments. Just a few days before the SAT was administered Jain took the AP Calculus BC exam a course usually offered to the most mathematically advanced high school seniors. Jain took the course online in a month. He is also the highest scoring point guard for his school.He plays the sitar and the violin. He has trophies for chess and debate.He won a scholarship from John's Hopkins University to take classes at a community college. He goes to the movies and plays video games with friends. I tell him Varun this is a gift for you Vivek Jain said.He realizes that because we have seen quite a few geniuses here and there, but they only have a gift for one thing.Varun has an ability that is so well rounded. Varun Jain hopes to use his talent in the computer science field. His father says he wants to do something technology related that improves peace in the world and makes everyone thrive. He is expected to graduate early and then move on to one of his top choices for colleges either Harvard or MIT.
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Robotic surgery error causes woman extreme pain
Heidi Carlson of Southeast Portland, Oregon experienced intense pain after undergoing a hysterectomy in September 2012 conducted using the high-tech robotic da Vinci Surgical System by Intuitive Surgical. Carlson spoke to KATU News to warn others about her experience at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.The patient said that after her surgery Suddenly this pain just set in and it was just this crazy pain like in my hip.She complied with all of her doctor's remedy suggestions like physical therapy injections, and acupuncture but none of them worked. Heidi knew that the pain she experienced was not right and had to work relentlessly to convince doctors the same.I was trying to over and over get it clear to them that this is a totally different pain. This is nothing like what I was experiencing before. Months passed and doctors finally conducted a CT scan which revealed a piece of metal the size of the tip of a ball point pen was left behind after her surgery. Heidi explained It was some type of needle holder and that part of the clip that pinches it had broken off and just fallen into my body and nobody knew.The metal was a piece of the da Vinci robotic arm. Heidi reflects If they would have just taken an x-ray like right after the surgery or really examined all the instruments it could have been prevented.KATU has filed paperwork with the hospital to investigate more story details. Heidi told the station that she would have explored other surgical options aside from the robotic surgery, but doctors at Legacy did not present her with any.Overall Heidi Carlson's advice to other patients is to trust your gut and Don't just automatically assume that oh it's in your head.
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10 Great Places to Live in 2013
Which cities offer the best combination of affordability good jobs and quality schools? Kiplinger's crunched the numbers and is out with 10 Great Places to Live. This list is a nice representation of Americana says Marc Wojno Kiplinger's Senior Associate Editor and what's so interesting about these cities is that they each in their own unique way offer opportunities for their residents and visitors alike. Topping off the list, #10: Dubuque, Iowa; #9: Anchorage, Alaska; #8 Ithaca New York; #7 Morgantown, West Virginia; #6: Billings Montana. These cities have what Kiplinger's calls, "EDS and MEDS" -- robust education and healthcare sectors that provide not only solid job growth, but also critical services for aging baby boomers. "You don't have to travel to cities like Pittsburgh if you live in Morgantown, for example; these cities each have significant facilities and offer quality medical care," says Wojno. As for the top five... #5: Columbia, South Carolina In this "Famously Hot" college and military town, you can cool down in local rivers and lakes. The city is also home to seven major hospitals and offers ample job opportunities in health care and government. #4: Santa Fe, New Mexico With an unemployment rate of just 5%, its economy is bolstered by the tourism industry and government jobs, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Just 45 minutes away, it's one of the largest research labs in the nation. #3: Bryan-College Station, Texas These twin cities, known as "Aggieland," are the home of Texas A&M University and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum. College spirit fuels the region's economic growth. #2: Burlington, Vermont A hub for green technology, its vibrant economy boasts an impressive three and a half percent unemployment rate. As for the scenery? Gorgeous! And finally... #1: Little Rock, Arkansas This city of 200,000 offers sophisticated amenities with a small-town feel. Residents of this state capital can take in a concert by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra or go boating on the Arkansas River. The Clinton Presidential Library--a big draw for tourists--also attracts world-class lecturers for the locals to enjoy.
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Tips to Save $200 on Workout Clothes
Financial Expert and Host Farnoosh Torabi team with Fitness Magazine's Argy Koutsothanasis for tips on how to save money on workout wear.
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Why Elizabeth Berkley Was 'So Excited' to Recreate Iconic 'Saved by the Bell' Pill-Popping
http://sariinfo.com/ t was the moment that "Saved by the Bell" fans were waiting for, and it satisfied to The Max! On Monday's "Dancing With the Stars," Elizabeth Berkley dusted off her legwarmers and took viewers back to the '90s to recreate an iconic TV moment as she paid tribute to her most memorable year.Berkley's throwback moment was taken from the 1990 "Saved by the Bell" episode "Jessie's Song," which featured her character, Jessie Spano, freaking out after taking too many caffeine pills. Who can forget when Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) saved the day as Jessie broke down while singing the classic Pointer Sisters song, "I'm So Excited"? The scene has been named one of the most memorable moments from the show and has gone viral on YouTube, so it's no wonder the actress tied it in to her Most Memorable Year dance on "Dancing With the Stars."
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Dog Bears Ring to Help Master Propose
This dog proves dogs are not only a man's best friend, but also a man's best wingman. John McCormack's 15-month-old black lab, Spud, had his owner's back when McCormack decided to pop the question to girlfriend, Sarah Leighton. OK, Spud. It's your time to shine, McCormack told Spud, who had the ring tied around his neck in the video.Whatever you do, don't eat the box. McCormack then sneakily asked Leighton to call Spud into the living room, where she was resting with an injured foot. As the dog runs into the room, Leighton immediately notices the present around his neck and asks, "Oh what's that? What have you got?" Distracted Girlfriend Fails to Notice Marriage Proposal She unwraps the little box to unveil a diamond engagement ring, which leaves her speechless. "What do you reckon?," McCormack asks Leighton, laughing as his surprise went according to plan. "Want to get married?" Leighton musters out a 'Yes' through her tears of joy. "Put it on my ring like a proper person, on my finger," she says. The happy couple, whose proposal has gone viral with nearly 1 million YouTube views, are planning their wedding and Spud is a shoe-in for ring bearer.
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Blue Jasmine stars on working with Woody Allen
Cate Blanchett leads an all-star cast in Woody Allen's latest drama Blue Jasmine.At the film's New York premiere Blanchett and her co-stars Andrew Dice Clay and Peter Sarsgaard spoke to CBSNews.com's Ken Lombardi about working with the legendary director.
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Animals with Bad Reputations:You can't always blame the animals.
Some animals have the worst reputations -- pit bulls, great white sharks, and vultures. But when you get to the bottom of it, some of the scariest animals are actually anything but.
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Ping-pong expert Franck Raharinosy teaches Jordan Carlos all about tennis little brother.Your opening move is half the game and you can't go wrong with the underspin serve.A solid forehand puts some spin on the ball and keeps your opponent off guard.The backhand is the most important shot on defense and will keep you in the game.Finally finish with a smash to really put the smack down on your opponent.
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$122,000 Bentley Wrecked in Car Wash Crash
http://sariinfo.com/ Jessica Sawyer drove up to a car wash in England dropped off the keys to her Bentley and then 15 minutes later heard from Manchester police that the Bentley had crashed into the side of the car wash.Whoops! The damage to both the car and the car wash was massive and strangely the folks at Wash and Shine don't even know for sure if the culprit actually worked there.This is definitely not the kind of car wash that Rose Royce was singing about back in the 70's.
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A Bear Walks into a Bar Literally
Get ready for the story of a bear a bar and one very inquisitive (and brave) man.Daniel Lyell was walking home from work in Estes Park Colorado at 9:15 pm when he saw a 350-pound black bear walk into Lonigan's a local watering hole.The weirdest part? No one in the bar noticed it!
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Amanda Bynes Hospitalized on Psych Hold for Setting Fire
Amanda Bynes's tumultuous off-screen life has taken another sad turn, as the onetime child star has been hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after allegedly setting a fire in a Los Angeles suburb. The Ventura County Sheriff's Department confirmed to omg! that Bynes "was involved in a disturbance at a residential area" about an hour outside L.A.
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Advertising All Over Your Body
In the fast-paced world of advertising it's becoming harder and harder to get people to notice your product. Well, some companies are turning to advertising on the human body. Today, we'll learn about the Dollar Shave Club's "beardboards, the thigh-vertising trend in Japan, and don't worry, we didn't forget about the human billboard himself, Billy Gibby.
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Fans choose PGA pin placement
Allie LaForce and Doug Gottlieb take a look at a new initiation the PGA is starting to involve their fan base.For the first time ever fans will be able to vote on four options of pin placement for the 15th hole of the final round of the PGA Championship.
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Dating DON'TS you should actually DO
Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? If you're sticking to the rules you just might be. Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser are the authors of It's Okay to Sleep with Him on the First Date and Every Other Rule of Dating Debunked and they say avoiding the people who are usually off-limits might actually hurt your dating life. Couples have broken all of these rules so we want to shine light on the fact that it happens and sometimes it's the best decision you can make Andrea says.If you have a connection with someone and you don't usually feel this way pursue it. WATCH: Andrea & Jeff on More Dating Myths Conventional wisdom may say to never date a co-worker, but the truth is 38% of the working world has dated someone in his or her office. Jeff says if you do it carefully it can be worth the risk.It's less about not dating somebody at work but rather how to do it well and not fall into bad traps. The authors also warn against dismissing a long-distance romance.We don't think your soul mate is necessarily in your area code Andrea says.That certainly makes the pool very small! If you're intentional schedule regular visits and have what Jeff calls doing laundry time to see how you work as a couple in everyday matters you could live happily ever after.
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Watch Lady Gaga Get Her Nose Pierced
Lady Gaga crosses yet another line! The 27-year-old singer stopped by a Chicago piercing parlor to get her nose pierced and rather than posting a pic of her new accessory after it was done Gaga decided to do things her own way by videotaping the whole event! The video taken and uploaded by Gaga's makeup artist Tara Savelo shows the Born This Way singer calmly getting the piercing.
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Rico Suave Singer's Surprising Profession
Gerardo talks about how he helps people now
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Mystery substance turns family pool neon yellow
http://sariinfo.com/ The Rush family in Ponca City Oklahoma woke up on July 13th to see that their pool water normally blue was bright yellow.Nineteen-year-old Darian Rush told KFOR NewsChannel 4 I thought someone was just like playing a prank on us just dumped paint in our pool.According to Ponca City Police the previous night vandals broke into the family's backyard and poured chemicals into the above ground pool.A reward of $1000 is being offered to anyone with information about the crime.Sherry Bowers of the Ponca City PD said I've been here a really long time and I have never seen anything like this.Darian is confused by the cause of the vandalism I don't really know.I don't know anybody that I didn't think really hated us that much to do that.The damage was not isolated to just the pool water. Damage was done to the pool lining to the water pump and the adjacent lawn.The repair will cost the family thousands of dollars which is something that Lona Rush a single mother with two jobs cannot afford. To make matters worse two weeks after the incident the color has not dulled and the pool is now giving off an awful smell.Grandmother Lorraine Calicchio said The agricultural department is not going to let her to drain this.it's going to have to be hauled off after they figure out exactly what it is.Water sample analysis is being conducted by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture to determine what chemicals were dumped and why they turned the water yellow. If anyone in our audience happens to have any information on the vandals who committed this crime we urge you to call the Ponca City Police Crime Stoppers line at (580) 762-5100.
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Cat Allergy Breakthrough: Give Your Kitty a Hug Today _(The truth about cat allergies)
New researchers finds that bringing your first cat into your home when you're an adult raises allergy risk by 85 percent. CBS News medical contributor Dr. Holly Phillips shares tips to combat your pet allerg It's good news for cat lovers: A new, more effective treatment for allergies may be on the way. Scientists at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have discovered the receptor protein in human cells that triggers cat allergies. They anticipate that new drugs will be developed to bind the protein and prevent people from having an inflammatory response. More on Yahoo!: Cat Nurses Abandoned Puppy It has long been known that cat allergies are caused by people reacting to cat proteins secreted by the salivary or scent glands being transferred to the fur Dr. Clare Bryant, lead researcher told Yahoo! Shine.Other allergen—for example house dust mite allergy protein—trigger a receptor protein in host [human] cells and we wondered if cat allergen would have similar effects.We did not expect this to happen because the cat allergy protein is very different to the house dust mite protein so we were very surprised to find that it triggered inflammation through the same receptor. Also on Yahoo! Shine:Top 10 Cat Beards on the Internet About 10 percent of people have pet allergies and reactions to cats are twice as common as reactions to dogs. Cat allergies are especially pernicious because the proteins are small light and sticky. They float through the air and when they land on a surface—a piece of clothing for instance—they can be transferred to places that are cat-free.Symptoms include sneezing watery eyes stuffy nose sore throat hives wheezing and in severe cases asthma. VIDEO:Mustachioed Cat Finds Internet Fame Currently the only way to treat cat allergies is to reduce the symptoms with antihistamines or decongestants or endure weekly shots to boost the immune system—which can take as long as a year to kick in and may not even be effective. Bryant can't predict exactly how long it will take for new drugs to reach on the market—that's up to the pharmaceutical companies—but says that drugs that inhibit the receptor have already been tested in clinical trials for conditions such as sepsis.She added I would anticipate that an allergic person could say inhale a blocking drug before going to a house with cats and not get a reaction. And allergic dog lovers have cause for hope too. Bryant believes the findings could lead to improved treatment for canine allergies.The research will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Immunology.
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Meet the voices of the Egyptian protests''Maroon 5 discovers young photographer on Flickr''
On The Radar The protests raging in the streets of Cairo are expected to grow even larger today following a call from the Egyptian military for its backers to show support for the new government and stop violence and terrorism. In this special edition of On the Radar we go into central Cairo to bring you the voices of the Egyptian protestors -- both those who are calling for President Mohammed Morsi to be returned to power and those who are supporting his ouster and want Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and the interim government to retain power. It's not a coup says one woman who supports Gen. El-Sissi's overthrow of Morsi.She says the Egyptian economy has suffered under Morsi's leadership. Mohammed Morsi he didn't make anything for the people she says.We have a lot of people they didn't have ... any food; they didn't have enough work. Asked if Morsi should have been allowed to finish his five-year term instead of being removed from power by the military the woman replies that the overthrow was justified. We gave him our vote and we take our vote away from him again she says. While many Egyptians are giving their unquestioning support to the new military leadership others have come to the streets to call for Morsi's return to power. Morsi's supporters say they will not stop protesting until the ousted president is returned to power. God willing we believe that Morsi is coming back a pro-Morsi protestor says.We wanted to see democracy in Egypt. We went to the ballot we put our voice in the boxes and we wanted democracy but we didn't see democracy...I want to see Egypt like America. The protestor says he does not belong to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, as many pro-Morsi supporters do, and insists that rallies in support of Morsi are not violent and will continue until he is restored to power. We will not do any aggressive action the man says.We will wait here in the sun waiting for Morsi and god willing, he will come. Another young woman expressed distress at the ongoing unrest in Egypt. Egypt will be unstable a mess said a 15-year-old girl who supports Morsi.it should not work this way...every president who is elected gets ousted. To hear more from the Egyptian protestors and to see what it's like among the protests of Cairo check out this episode of On the Radar.
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Hollywood latest movie interview_The Rock_Dwayne Johnson Is Bigger Than Ever as Hercules
Hollywood latest movie interview_The Rock_Dwayne Johnson Is Bigger Than Ever as Hercules
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Air Force Fires Two Star General in Charge of Nuke Missiles
The Air Force's two star general in charge of the units responsible for its 450 nuclear missiles has been fired "due to a loss of trust and confidence in his leadership and judgment." Maj. Gen. Michael Carey has been removed from command of the 20th Air Force, according to an Air Force statement. That command is responsible for the three wings that maintain control of the 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles scattered in missile silos across the northern plains. Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, the commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, made the decision because of what the statement said was a "loss of trust and confidence. The statement added that Kowalski made the decision to relieve Carey based on information from an Inspector General investigation into Carey's behavior during a temporary duty assignment which is the military's term for business travel. "The allegations are not related to operational readiness or the inspection results of any 20th AF unit, nor do they involve sexual misconduct," said the statement. Carey has been reassigned to an undetermined job within the Air Force pending the results of the investigation. "20th AF continues to execute its mission of around-the-clock nuclear deterrence in a safe, secure and effective manner," Kowalski is quoted as saying in the statement. "It's unfortunate that I've had to relieve an officer who's had an otherwise distinctive career spanning 35 years of commendable service." Brigadier General Les Kodlick, the Air Force's chief spokesman, said the ongoing Inspector General's investigation had been triggered by "reports of personal misbehavior" during that temporary duty assignment. Kodlick would not specifically reveal where the personal misbehavior may have occurred or may have consisted of though he said it did not involve criminal behavior. Kowalski's command is responsible for two-thirds of the nation's nuclear triad, including Air Force nuclear missiles and long-range bombers. Kodlick explained that personal behavior is important in nuclear commands because "it's a position of great trust and responsibility." He added that "the nuclear deterrence mission is one of great focus and discipline. Personal behavior is vital to that, especially from a commander. Earlier this week President Obama relieved of command the number two officer at U.S. Strategic Command, which among other things oversees the military's nuclear forces. Vice Admiral James Giardina had earlier been suspended from that command following a criminal probe into his potential use of counterfeit poker chips at an Iowa casino. Obama became involved because only the president can relieve a three- and four-star officer from his post. Giardina has been reassigned to an undetermined position within the Navy. The Air Force statement indicated that the move was unrelated to the inspection results of the 20 th Air Force. Earlier this year, two of the three missile wings under Carey's command received unsatisfactory ratings in regular annual inspections.
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Why Is Reese Witherspoon Going 'Wild'?
Reese Witherspoon gave fans a sneak peek of her newest movie role on Friday when she tweeted a pic of herself on the set with the caption Here's first pic of me as Cheryl Strayed in WILD. So excited to play @cherylstrayed in a movie! Reese will be playing Strayed in the film adaptation of her best-selling memoir. The book, which gained popularity after it was featured in Oprah's Book Club, documents Strayed's struggles as she hiked 1,100 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, a challenge she embarked on in 1995 after her mother died of lung cancer at the age of 45 and her marriage was falling apart.But Reese isn't the only one excited about her new role. Strayed tweeted the same pic with the caption, "The first photo of Reese Witherspoon as me in 1995! Crazy beautiful amazing to see this.TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.
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Selena Gomez Doesn't Want to Know the Prices of Her Fancy Designer Dresses ... But We've...
Ever wondered how much the amazing dresses Selena Gomez rocks on the red carpet actually cost? Well according to the 21-year-old singer she would rather not know! I don't even want to know how much they usually cost but it's been really fun for me to dress up and get to meet different designers Justin Bieber's off-again/on-again flame recently told People magazine.I don't think I could ever actually purchase a big gown unless it's my wedding dress. It's probably a good thing then that Selena stays mum on the price because those couture gowns she borrows for big events would definitely set her back some big bucks! Case in point? That red hot jewel embroidered lace Dolce & Gabbana frock she donned at the recent 2013 ESPY Awards sells at LuisaViaroma.com for nearly $9,000, and that fabulous silk Versace dress she wore to the AMP Radio Birthday Bash in Boston in June retails for $7,318 on stylebop.com. But the biggest splurge of them all? The white Atelier Versace dress with sheer panels she sported for the 2013 Billboard Awards in Las Vegas in May. Check out the video to find out the hefty price tag on that one and be sure to tune in to omg! Insider on TV tonight for more of the latest in entertainment news.
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Little Black Dress''Katy Perry Picks Lakewood High School's Lip-Dub 'Roar' Video as Contest Winner''
The Little Black Dress can be a challenge for some women because they're stuck in a rut when it comes to styling-- they always wear it the same way. Celebrity stylist and fashion expert Brett Alan Nelson shows Juliana how she can rework her basic LBD into a completely different look.
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Marine Biology Student Survives 16 Hours Lost at Sea Off Honduras Coast
A Florida college student studying marine biology said she's ready to take a break from the beach for a while after being swept to sea for 16 hours off the coast of Honduras. Heather Barnes 20 a third-year student studying marine biology at the New College of Florida went snorkeling alone before dawn on Friday to collect coral samples. I started cramping in my stomach and leg, and get pushed out by the currents way out Barnes wrote on her Facebook page.I try to stay in the same spot thinking people will search for me soon but after two hours I still didn't see anyone. When Barnes didn't show up for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. that morning, her professor supervising the trip, Sandra Gilchrist, said she knew something was wrong. I was furious with her when we realized she had gone out with herself. She knows better Gilchrist said.The search was immediately on. Rescue boats were deployed at 7:50 a.m.Gilchrist said, adding that local fisherman were alerted to keep an eye out for Barnes, who had gone into the water with just a snorkeling mask and a wetsuit. The rescue effort expanded to include 100 people by midday Gilchrist said. However a shoreline search showed no signs of Barnes leading her professor and fellow students to fear the worst. The wind was blowing to the point where there were swells so strong we wouldn't have been able to have seen her even if we were 30 feet away unless we were on a crest Gilchrist said. Meanwhile after treading water in place for a couple of hours Barnes wrote that she still didn't see anyone. I realize if I'm going to make it I have to swim back myself she wrote. Aided by the buoyancy of her wetsuit and the changing direction of the wind, Barnes began swimming toward a light she saw on shore and focused on going toward it even as night fell, Gilchrist said. After hours of swimming, Gilchrist said Barnes pulled herself over a coral reef and arrived on shore, where locals gave her water before putting her in a kayak and taking her back to the area where she was staying. My first reaction was I thought they were bringing back her body, because it was so long and it was dark.Then one of my students came out and said She's alive! She's alive! Gilchrist said.Everyone broke out in tears and grabbed her.Aside from exhaustion Barnes suffered sunburn and jellyfish stings, and is now back in Florida recuperating from her ordeal. Gilchrist said students were given an extensive safety lecture before the annual summer trip but next year she plans to institute an additional safety measure -- requiring each student to tether a bright orange life jacket to his or her body even if they're snorkeling. She said she's also considering using GPS devices to track students in the water.
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Eagles use Nerf balls
Chip Kelly has Eagles wide receivers performing drills with Nerf footballs at training camp. Allie LaForce and Doug Gottlieb theorize why the first-year NFL head coach prefers to use the unconventional method.
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Wedding proposal photo surfaces on Facebook to couple's surprise
Josh Partridge proposed to his girlfriend Audrey Laws in Anthem Arizona on a bridge at the city's community park.The moment was a special one for the couple but one that they never planned on seeing in photos. However when photographer Kim Mattina, who was in the park shooting pictures for a client saw the proposal taking place she moved over to snap photos of the couple.Mattina said I saw him starting to go on one knee and it's like Oh my gosh.He's going to propose to her right now.The bride-to-be recalled I was more focused on him down on one knee at the moment but I had heard the click click click of the camera...He wasn't expecting it to be captured, I wasn't expecting it to be captured, and you know I guess by the grace of God we got it captured.Mattina gave the newly engaged couple her card so she could send them the photos and returned to her original shoot. Unfortunately Josh and Audrey lost Kim's business card so they were afraid they would never be able to see the photos of that moment in time.To their surprise the photos turned up in an unsuspecting place: Facebook.After Mattina did not hear from the couple she decided to post the proposal pictures on Facebook and hoped they would reach the two.In just 36 hours, the photos were viewed 500,000 times and shared 500 times.Audrey explained how she was united with the memorable shots I was tagged in a photo on Facebook through my soon to be mother-in-law. It was crazy I was like oh my goodness this picture actually made it to us.Kim gave the couple digital copies of the photos she took all free of charge and said They cannot go back and get this moment again it's done. I was able to give that to them so that, that is pretty special.The couple is grateful for Mattina's photos and excited that they'll get to share the photos at their wedding and one day with their children.
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Greece riveted by mystery of 'blonde angel'
It's date night and chef and host Megan Mitchell has got your back with a decadent and delicious soaked in chili-lime butter.With this recipe in your back pocket you just might seal the deal!
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Hollande expelled 15-year-old can return -- alone
At first glance, Melissa McCarthy's November ELLE cover seems like a score for plus-size women — fashion magazines don't exactly have a history of showcasing diverse body types — but the actress is wrapped in a bulky coat, a move that isn't sitting well with many fans. Every November, ELLE puts out its "Women in Hollywood" issue, featuring the buzziest female celebrities. The issue (on stands Oct. 22) features various stars on its covers. McCarthy's issue features the funny lady rocking bombshell bedroom hair, but wearing a wool and cashmere blue Marina Rinaldi coat, revealing only a tiny patch of skin on her decolletage.
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