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Top 5 niche fragrances for autumn 2016
A precious selection of fine niche scents for the fall time of the year. Sorry for the occasional vibrations in this video. Hope you enjoy anyways.
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Top 5 Jo Malone fragrances
A nice selection of very well made scents for any occasion.
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Fragrance Paradise
"Le Visage" in Vienna is the perfect place to check if you are looking for rare, hard to find, discontinued designer perfumes!
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Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense (2011) fragrance review
Smells like a City Park at night! Simply a great, modern, urban, dark & aromatic fragrance by one of Italy's best designer houses!
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Havana by Aramis fragrance review
A fantastic, exoticly dense scent with great personality and well above average performance! The "Gentlemens Edition" version.
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Scent Land signature fragrance revealed
25 years of returning use made its mark....
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Ferrari Uomo (2009) fragrance review
High quality release from the legendary italian Scuderia, with Morillas & de Baschmakoff headlining the scent and the design! Perfect as a mature, signature scent with unbeatable price vs quality ratio! Forza Ferrari!
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Jules by Christian Dior (1980) fragrance review
True brilliance of french perfumery! A legend still alive today!
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Wild Fern by Geo F Trumper (1877) fragrance review
A natural beauty from the 19th century.
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Preferred Stock by Coty (1990) fragrance review
Classy, green aromatherapy for the senses.
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Subtil Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo (2003) fragrance review
A stylish & tastefully crafted Italian juice, perfect for the summer months!
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Knize Ten (1925) fragrance review
The signature fragrance of James Dean! The eternal classic from the very hands of Francois Coty & Vincent Roubert (whom I mistakenly call Roucel here - apologies!), survived almost 100 years and is shining in its woody & leathery glory forever!
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Scent Land News
Its time again for the Big Apple
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Kenzo Jungle Pour Homme (1998) fragrance review
Fresh spicy, woody, aromatic & even exotic juice from Kenzo
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Black Walnut by Banana Republic (2006) fragrance review
Perfectly exotic, woody, tobacco & boozy scent from the very hands of Harry Fremont with a weak performance, still very much worth owning, since the amazing smell makes up for the lack of longevity!
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My Springtime choices 2018, fragrance review
5 pure, clean & energizing fragrances for the most beautiful time of the year.
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Derrick by Orlane (1978) fragrance review
Fresh spicy juice with a great vibe from the old days! Love it!
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Ungaro III (1993) fragrance review
My review nr 50: a mysterious, dark yet refreshing, boozy juice for those special evening & night time occasions!
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YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme (2003) fragrance review
A timeless, perfectly blended barbershop fragrance from the very hands of Jacques Cavalier.
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Aramis 900 (1973) fragrance review
An eternal blast from the past! The 70's at its best with a vivid rose that shines beyond any perfume market trend...
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L`Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Edt (2004 & 2016) fragrance review
The peak of perfumery. RIP Beatrice Piquet.
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Leonard Pour Homme by Leonard (1980) fragrance review
Dark, mysterious & soapy fresh!
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My Top 10 fragrances of the New Millennium...so far
My Top 10 list of designer fragrances released between 2000 - 2018
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5 under the radar designer masterpieces
Welcome to this review on a Friday evening at Scent Land home
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Pino Silvestre Original (1955) fragrance review
Pine at its best! Simple but effective!
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Lagerfeld Classic (1978) fragrance review
A must for the cold days, this truly genuine warm & comforting composition is the best selling fragrance from the house of Lagerfeld to date.
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My Top 12 fragrances of the 80's
The eighties had a lot to show, so lets see which ones I dig the most!
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My Top 15 autumn designer fragrances 2017
My 2017 selection of perfumes perfect for the fall time of the year.
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New York Intense by Parfums de Nicolai (2014) fragrance review
As classy as the Big Apple itself
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Habit Rouge l'Eau by Guerlain (2011) fragrance review
Sophisticated blend of french elegance made by Thierry Wasser!
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ICON by Dunhill (2015) fragrance review
A potent, modern day classic which elevates this precious designer house back where its belongs too, namely the upper class of the fragrance world!
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Opium pour Homme by YSL (1995) fragrance review
Pure class from the mid 90's
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Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene (1986) fragrance review
A classic green & aromatic citrusy fougere with a fantastic performance! "A bowling green is a finely-laid, close-mown and rolled stretch of lawn for playing the game of lawn bowls." - thats the name reference as I finally found out!
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My Top 10 Most Luxurious smelling fragrances
Its not necessarily the price tag but the overall feeling the juice actually projects to you and your environment. The vibe of wealth & joy de vivre.
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Aramis Adventurer (2014) fragrance review
A fragrance for the adventurous spirit
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What about Adam by Joop! (1997) fragrance review
Urban jungle at its best!
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Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time (2011) fragrance review
A Campari sipping Dracula vibe in a fragrance of rough edges, going against the flow. Sour blood bottled!
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Le Roy Soleil Extréme by Salvador Dali (2012) fragrance review
A signature scent for the mature man!
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Guerlain Coriolan (1998) fragrance review
As classy as the Roman times
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John Varvatos Artisan Blu (2016) fragrance review
A Varvatos release that lasts and projects a happy, summery vibe!
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My 5 choices for the Festive time 2018
Its all about Vanilla, Marzipan, Dark Chocolate, Honey & Apple pie
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Top 5 designer scents for office use
My five favourite under the radar, "non niche" fragrances for the time while at the office!
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Orange Bitters by Jo Malone (2016) fragrance review
A festive fragrance for the cozy days of the year! Enjoy!
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Davidoff Good Life fragrance review & more
My ad hoc review of a wonderful scent like bright sunshine and hay + a personal story of a stone going the full circle.
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Féraud Homme (2005) fragrance review
The perfect summer citrus fragrance!
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Scent Land - 10 fragrances for Springtime
My 2019 choices for this special season of the year
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Best Pepper Fragrance: Fire on Ice by Salming (fragrance review)
Vivid, comforting & uplifting pepper with a great overall performance and amazing price vs quality ratio! Another stunning release from Salming!
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...and 5 more fragrances nobody ever talks about.
Rare, under the radar, out of spotlight beauties from the world of forgotten designer fragrances.
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Top 5 under the radar, ROSE themed fragrances
Lets shed some light on rose based scents, that are out of the main spotlight but still very much worth to take a closer look at!
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My Top 10 fragrances of the 70's
My selection of perfumes representing the iconic decade!
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