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How to reset Maintenance Required light 2000 2003 Acura 3.2 TL Type S
1 insert the key 2 press and hold both the "reset" and "select" buttons on the dash to the right side of the streering wheel. 3 turn the key to on position, holding the button in but do not start the car 4 wait a (few seconds) until the maintenance req'd light goes off 5 Release both buttons 6 Shut the key off. 7 done
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How to disable Windows Updates in Windows 8
Just stop windows update process and you done...
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Dodge neon 02 thermostat replacement
Very easy to replace you can do it in 10 min.....
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Mazda 626 Transmission Range Sensor aka Neutral Safety Switch Location
PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR CAR IN NEUTRAL AND LIFT UP THE EMERGENCY BRAKE before swapping out this part. If you have P0708 P1780... you car sometimes doesnt want to engage reverse or drive doesn't want to switch from 3rd to 4th gear you brought your car to the tranny shop and they saying that you need to replace transmisson and rebulid it ( from 1750 to 2300$) depends on a shop... before doing this give it a try and replace 50-86$ Transmission Range Sensor..
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How to install drivers for Wireless Gaming Receiver Xbox 360 on Windows 7
If you lost your driver disk this tutorial shows how to get and extract the driver for xbox 360 receiver and proper install him.... if you have driver disk you can use this tutorial to install driver for receiver as well but you don't need to extract from exe file.... drivers on installation disk already extracted.....
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How to change battery on Lexus IS300 three button Key remote
Pretty simple just make sure you have correct size of screw driver not to strip the thread inside of the mini bolts especially those with are inside of the key...
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How to replace radiator on dodge neon 02 part1
Radiator on this vehicle if you want could be replaced only from the top... you don't need to go under the car ... you don't need to jack the car up...
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How to disable Windows Updates in Windows 8.1
it could be done the same way like in windows 8... nothing wasn't changed for now...
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Windows 10 No CD required to install Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver
Windows 10 have integrated drivers for Xbox 360 receiver you don't need to use CD or to download drivers from Microsoft website!!!
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Shevrolet Impala power windows don't work Part2
you need to check all wires especially ground wire... in this case ground wire was corroded or maybe power plug didn't feet properly... some people posted on my previous video that ground wire was smashed... it could be wire loom from the door to car the ground is gone....
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07 Dodge Caliber Brake Light Bulb Replacement
Pretty easy to replace... Make sure you wear gloves, cause you don't wanna touch the bulb itself with bare fingers, this will reduce bulb life up to 30% or more..
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HP All in One Desktop PC How to Boot from a USB Flash Drive
Follow this simple tutorial....
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Lexus IS300 Replacing front brake pads part1
could be done by beginner mechanic in less then 2 hours... tools that you need: 14 mm socket, 17 mm key... optional : Break bar for stubborn bolts.... ;-)
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How to replace Spark Plugs and Air Filter on 05 Toyota Camry 2 4L
Very easy to replace.. Tools that you need ..... 10 mm and 11 mm sockets .... ratchet... 5/8 spark plug removal socket, extension plus breacker...
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Acer Nitro 5 Laptop HDD SSD Upgrade
Very easy to install, no special skills required, during the upgrade I used this SSD: 1TB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Model: MZ-7TE1T0, perfect fit, and very fast operation.
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2002 Dodge Neon Poor IDLE Faulty PCV Valve Oil in Intake How to Fix
Replace the PCV valve with the brand new one!!! On this vehicle, you will need a ratchet and a 24 MM deep socket to perform this labor.. When replacing, make sure you get the right part number, because as simple as it looks, each valve has a flow rating to match each individual engine/car. A bad PCV valve can cause oil to blow onto air filter element. Also: Oil begins to be pumped into the air intake tube through the breather hose, upstream of the throttle plate. Oil runs down the intake tube into the throttle body. Oil sludges up the throttle body and throttle plate. With time oil drips into intake manifold runners you can see this in this video!!! This could result in poor idle. Besides that, depends on the vehicle, you also can have following problems: Increased engine oil consumption. Idle can be normal, but may run slightly rough. Engine power would sometimes surge, especially with the A/C turned on. In some cases, fuel consumption will increase.
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Unpacking Review 3M Tekk Protection Professional Multi Purpose Respirator and Project Safety Kit
This type of protection for respiratory system of yours is perfect for performing repairs of motherboards, logic boards, especially in those cases when you using Kester 951 soldering flux ... Highly recommended by me..
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Dodge Neon  EVAP control system Leak Troubleshooting and Repair P0442 P0455 P0456
If you have the dodge neon and you pulled codes P0442, P0455, P0456... This video will help you to fix the issue...
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Craftsman Bolt On High Pressure Inflator Attachment Unpacking Testing
I'm pretty happy with this product... up to 80 PSI. equipped with sports needle and raft/beach ball inflator.
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lexus is300 changing spark plugs and intake valve gasket part1
pretty easy labor make sure that you do not overtighten the intake valve gassket bolt's because you can easly smash the gasket....
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2002 Dodge Neon Radiator Fan WILL NOT COME ON part2
After radiator cap was replaced overheating issue is gone.... the last problem are the fans while directly connected they sometimes move sometimes not even if AC is always on... that's why temporary i connected them directly to the battery.... if you don't want always to open the hood and have the same problem with fans i do... you can connect them to the cig lighter.....
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Lexus IS300 Replacing front brake pads part2
could be done by beginner mechanic in less then 2 hours... tools that you need: 14 mm socket, 17 mm key... optional : Break bar for stubborn bolts.... ;-)
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Installing drivers for Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver  on Windows 8.1 No CD needed
Windows 8.1 have full built in support of Xbox 360 controller you don't need to have installation disk or to download any additional drivers to install Xbox 360 receiver in Windows 8.1...
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Honda Pilot 2005 Crankshaft Bolt Removal Using Starter
If you decided to use this method you doing this on your own risk!!! Its better to buy special tools and use them to perform this labor. This method will not work for all vehicles firstly you should found out witch way your engine turns.. Before you will try this method make sure that it cranks the right direction and is a right hand thread or instead of loosening the crankshaft bolt you will tighten him even more tighter and make sure that you disconnected the ignition coils and fuel to the engine, if you don't know how don't use this method!!! On this Pilot I tried almost everything to remove this stubborn bolt. heat the bolt with torch, 2 impact guns ( 250 and 360PSI). was trying to block the pulley then i found out that i need to buy special Honda pulley removal tool ( it cost 47 $) and after this I decided to use old grandpa method to remove this stubborn bolt!!! this method worked for me. ;-) Great success!!! ;-)
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Replacement and Location of MAP sensor 02 Dodge Neon P0108 P0107 P0106
If your MAP sensor is faulty, you will notice a reduction of power, backfiring and hesitation when accelerating. It is important to first test related engine components before replacing the MAP sensor. MAP sensors are responsible for identifying the air pressure within the manifold and sending a reading to the engine's ECU (engine control unit) relating the voltage level for the spark in the ignition cylinder.
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Honda Civic 2007 IDLE Problems Repair Troubleshooting
If you have very bad poor IDLE on your Honda civic the first thing that you have to try: 1. Check coolant level. . Plug troubleshoting odb2 computer (diagnostic tool) and read error codes if it will say that you have P0300 P0301 etc. misfire 2. Check your spark plugs 3. Check ignition Coils sometimes it will or can detect crankshaft sensor position wrong sometimes not anyway !!! if it's still does the same consider replacing your crankshaft and camshaft sensors they are very important because they determine position of the engine.
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2005 Hyundai Elantra AC Recharge the Easy Way
Just follow this tutorial....
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How to Add Coolant Toyota Camry 02-06
This video shows you where the coolant reservoir in your Camry is located and how to add coolant. Use Genuine 02-06 Toyota Coolant Antifreeze (Pink color) For the best cooling efficiency it's better to buy original coolant from Toyota. This Camry is 05 it's using pink color of coolant... if you have Camry 03 you will need to use red coolant.. never to not fix different color coolant/antifreeze..... Use safety Goggles.. Removing the coolant reservoir cap on a warm/hot engine could cause the fluid to spray out of the reservoir and you will get serious injury.
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Honda Pilot brake light bulb replacement
very simple to replace!!! very often you will need to replace more than 1 bulb... they sell them 2pc per package anyway ;-)
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How to reset Maintenance Light Toyota Camry 05 06
While making this tutorial i couldn't record this moment when the maintenance light actually disappeared because was holding the camera.. but the light was successfully reset ed .... Just follow this video and you will reset Maintenance Light on your Camry 05 or 06...
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03 Acura 3.2 TL Evap Leak P1456 Part 1
If you have a leak in Evap system but don't have a smoke machine to find a leak... You need visually to inspect all hoses for cracks and excessive rust...
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lexus is300 changing spark plugs and intake valve gasket part3
pretty easy labor make sure that you do not overtighten the intake valve gassket bolt's because you can easly smash the gasket....
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2007 Pontiac G6 Headlight Bulb Replacement
To replace the headlight bulb or bulbs you will need to remove the headlight. this labor requires a 7mm socket with ratchet and a small flat head screwdriver to remove black plastic pop rivets. It will be a lot easier, if you will get another person, to help you to remove the headlight, although it is possible to do it by yourself.
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CD4E transmission expensive to rebuild
This CD4E is from 2L mazda 626. rebuild was already made 6 years ago for 2450$ rebuild plus labor the car run aprox. 25000 miles and transmission broke again... the transmission fluid pump went bad... when i took transmission out from mazda 626 i bring it to the shop .... the shop estimated me 950$ for parts and 500$ labor ... Total cost is 1450$ + I have to install transmission back myself... ( if to pay somebody to do it it's additional 600$) 1450+600..... Cool price 2050$..... You can buy another car for this money!!! In my opinion for this 1997 mazda 626 it's better not do it because after rebuild the warranty is only 24000 miles.... This CD4E sooner or latter will go bad again!!! It doesn't matter how good you will rebuild it.. If you have a huge amount of time you can go to the junker and pull tranny out for 170$.. there is no warranty when you will install junker transmission because maybe the vehicle from witch you pull this transmission was junked because of transmission issue.
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How To Replace a Starter on 2002 Dodge Neon
Starter is mounted on two 15 mm bolts... you can remove him from the bottom...
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Lexus IS300 Broken Lug Nut Stud Replacement
This is a tutorial or demonstration... how a rear lug nut stud could be replaced without special tools on a Lexus IS 300... Of course it's better to rent or buy those Wheel Stud Remover Installation, Heavy-Duty kit or something like that.... However as you can see on this video, I demonstrated how it could be done, without any heavy duty kits...
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Oria 4 Digit Combination Lock Anti Rust Padlock Set Testing
Good buy very easy to set up. https://www.amazon.com/Combination-Padlock-Weather-Employee-Toolbox/dp/B01GKSDOYY/ref=sr_1_2?m=A2FOADTO08BQD0&s=merchant-items&ie=UTF8&qid=1508123382&sr=1-2
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05 Honda pilot Timing belt Water pump replacement part 2
compress tensioner piston with c-clamp put Allen key to block him inside ....
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How to replace Transmission Mazda 626 part5
The bolts are very very stubborn some of them only could be removed with impact gun...
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Replacing Instrument Cluster on Dodge Neon part 1
Easy labor.Make sure you disconnected negative terminal of the battery because air begs can open while removing the cluster upper panel and protective moldings .
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Acura TL 2004 Power Steering Pump Replacement
It will take you about 1,5 hour to replace this pump on this Acura, and you don't need to be that much skilled in mechanics, pretty easy labor!
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Step by Step Replacing Radiator Dodge Caravan 2001 3.3L V6
Easy to replace compare to Dodge Neon!!! Will take you approx 1.5 hours...
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lexus is300 changing spark plugs and intake valve gasket part2
pretty easy labor make sure that you do not overtighten the intake valve gasket bolt's because you can easly smash the gasket....
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How to replace video card on a MSI GT780 Laptop
could be done in 10 min... no special tools required just a small screw driver
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02 Dodge Neon Antifreeze Coolant Leak Water pump or Defective Coolant Hose
From the beginning I thought that coolant is leaking from water pump, since timing belt and water pump were replaced aprox. 65 000 miles ago... When I took more close view I found out that coolant is leaking from the hose near by thermostat... After this hose were replaced the issue were fixed... Make sure that you disconnected negative terminal of the battery... You will need to remove manifold to perform this labor...Before disconnecting fuel line... release the pressure in fuel system by removing gas cap. Small amount of gas can leak while disconnecting fuel line, be very careful not to produce any spark..
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Compression Testing Honda Civic 2007 Bad Engine
The engine on this Civic 2007 need to be replaced Compression Testing showed that cylinder 1 have 125 psi cylinder 2 have 125 psi cylinder 3 have 150 psi cylinder 4 have 125 psi it must be 150 everywhere to ignite the fuel properly.. A huge amount of parts were replaced on this civic (crankshaft sensor, ignition coils, spark plugs) but simple Compression test was not made before. Before attempting replacing all this staff just run compression test only cylinder 3 was good.. after the engine was inspected we noticed that the head gasket is blown... ( also there is a damage crack in the block of the cylinders) it will be more costly to rebuild this engine ( parts cost 800$) we decided to swap another engine from the same make and model.
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