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Glowing Inside - Nikki Gil (dedicated to all teachers)
This is my thanksgiving video for our loyal and loving teachers in Don Gerardo Ll. Ouano Memorial National High School for teaching us, for sharing their knowledge to us, and for the compassionate heart they have for us. We may be all silly and naughty to them, despite all their admonishes to us. But nothing compares to the understanding love they gave to us. Now that I have graduated, I dedicate this song to them as I continue my journey, bringing with me their knowledge and hope. And I hope this song touches your heart to the importance of your teacher. Treat them as your hero, for they saved you from being dumb. Treat them also as your second mother, for they care and love us like their own children. Always remember, no one becomes successful without the help of a responsible teacher who is willing to teach us how to be ready for our future. Enjoy watching guys, please rate and subscribe! Share the love today!
Glowing Inside - Nikki Gil (dedicated to Br. Joshua Carl S. Vitale)
Now this is my second video for my brother and friend, Br. Joshua Carl Stephen Vitale. Wheew, I guess we have another misunderstanding again! But this time, I have to say farewell to him. No matter how hurt it is for me to leave him, I must. We have different worlds, and we can't come together to all things. So I think it's time to say good bye to him. But, above all this, I'm still thankful I met him. And besides, he made a difference in me. So he's still worthy for my thanksgiving. Time to say good bye, brother! M.G.B.Y.A. & take care. You'll always be a part of me forever.
Gwiyomi Kiyomi (Me & My Elder Sister)
This is not a showdown, okay? We just wanna impress ourselves. Heheheeh, I thumbs up to this! So cute!!! ;)
Advanced Happy 32nd Birthday, Ma'am Soco!!!
I'm sure this will going to be the memorable of Ma'am Soco's life!
MAPEH IV   Break Dance
Everyone of us loves to DANCE!!!!
My Destiny  Jim Brickman ft. Jordan Hill (dedicated for Bradley)
This is a video for my friend who misses his wife and children so much. And who's friend won't help seeing her friend sad? I don't know what will be his reaction if he will cry, got angry or be happy. This is also my last good bye for him so that he would have a peace of mind and clear away the problems that he thinks everyday that causes him to have a bad state of mind. I wanted him to keep this as his remembrance for her loving wife. To his wife, wherever she may be now, I hope she'd still remember him and I hope this video will be an instrument for the lonely hearts to become as one again, even just in a song. Enjoy watching! ;)
Secrets   Alexander ''The Great Dancer'' music video
Wala lang talaga akong magawa!!! I want him to be famous not because of his talent of dancing, but as a famous citizen in our city.