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Peek-a-boo baby
My daughter playing peek-a-boo.
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Favorite play thing: the talking potty
M likes her talking potty. She loves dancing with it. Yes, she does actually use it too but I won't show that!
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sisters sticking out tongues
I've been trying to teach Mariah how to stick out her tongue, but she wouldn't until her big sister arrived home from college
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Mariah sining with me.
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Baby likes guns!
She's playing with a squirt gun and totally happy with it. She is incredibly verbal. Don't look at me! *I* didn't teach her to say "GUN" nor do I buy these toys for my kids!!
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M learning words
when I started filming this she used words that sounded pretty darn close to "cat" and "baby". I swear she can say a few small words but it's hard to get her to say them on cue.
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Baby's jawbreaker
M sees her sister, R, enjoying a huge jawbreaker so she imitates her by putting a toy in her mouth that remembles the jawbreaker. The rest of the family is sacked out playing video games which is why there is talk about guns and ammo going on.
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Sharing the tunes
Priceless! She discovered that if she pulls out the earbuds from her brother's ears she can listen to the music too!
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Happy Birthday!
April 18th---and one year old big girl!
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Mariah with her brother bouncing/dancing and throwing kisses. (after Christmas)
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iPod baby
I'm holding up one earphone into the camera. This is one of her favorite songs
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Veggie Abuse
silly stop motion animation my kids made. Don't be critical. We're still experimenting!
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much cwap
M's way of saying I love you is repeating the word "MUCH". At the end of this she sounds like she's saying "crap"--she seems to like that word too
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Feel Good!
Haha! This is cute. My kids are singing "Feel Good Inc." (Gorillaz)on the Song Star karaoke game. Baby M LOVES when her older brother sings that song and she starts dancing.
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Baby Dance moves!
M is dancing to one of her favorite tunes ("Bang on the drum all day" by Todd Rundgren (Feb. 28, 08)
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walks with spoons
M is 10 months old here and she is taking a few steps with the aid of 2 spoons. (Feb. 18)
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clay-mation test
three parts. I was showing my youngest son how to do stop motion. I did th efirst two and he did the last part--not bad! (notice the one with the skull you can see my aunt go zipping by really fast!)
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Mariah playing
my daughter playing while my mother plays piano in other room
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animation test
Okay I did these while the baby was asleep. Something I had never tried before. The peaches and tomato were grown in the yard. Makes good traffic for the table scene!
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test AVI
another test from my files. Will it work?
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Ah, Shut up!
April 17, 08. I blame myself for teaching M how to say this phrase. I had been annoyed by the dog barking so I said it and my little parrot repeated it! (I tried not to get daddy's belly in the view of the camera-- he had a terrible burn that he was trying to air out. sorry!)
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