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(/:F application not found) ***How to fix "not found" Flash Drive problem.***
For a shortcut -Press "windows icon" on keyboard - Type 'Computer Management" -Click or press "enter" for the matching result icon -and follow the rest of the steps on the Video
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Water Spider eating a Fish.....StarMobile Quest Camera Sample(Night time)
Camera app used "Snap Camera HDR trial". Rear camera, 12 MP,Default Settings. Android Smart Phone,Philippines,Star Mobile, Star Mobile Quest,A fordable smartphone,Camera Sample, Camera Testing, Video Sample, Night Time camera testing, Camera ISO testing, Lazada, Budget Smart phone, Budget Phone, Php. Auto Focus
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Lenovo Y50-70 display flicker.
Os Win 8, Bios updated as adviced. 😠
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Its more fun in the philippines...worlds best
Worlds best neighbor...
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Lenovo Y50-70 screen flicker alternative solution.
-You need to have TuneUp Utilities installed. it is available for free, only in trial (http://www.avg.com/us-en/tuneup-utilities). once you installed it. 0:39 in the software, click the 'Fix problems' tab and click 'Check hard disk for errors'. a new window will open. check all your drives and click next. choose the 'Through analysis'. reboot your computer and wait for the process to finish. - 2:13 Download a new Bios/UEFI for your Laptop. I think this is just optional. im not really sure(sorry), but if your laptop is freezing randomly like mine(before). all i did is update the Bios, and the Lag is gone. so does the flickering, but it didn't really solved the problem. flickering returned eventually. the name of Lenovo Y50-70 bios update is 9ecn43ww.exe. click the download link below for the BIOS/UEFI update installer. after your download is done, follow the steps below. Link for manual download - http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ph/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-notebook-lenovo/downloads Link for auto download- https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/9ecn43ww.exe (BIOS/UEFI-update download link) 1. 3:40 Shutdown your device 2. Press tiny button ^_^ next to the Power button on your device to go to the Boot Menu. 3. 4:25 Select the 'Bios Setup'. 4. Go to the 'Configuration' section or tab. 5. Select 'BIOS Back Flash' and enable it. 6. Press f10 or fn + f10 to save the new settings or go to the 'Exit' tab and select 'Exit Saving Changes'. select 'Save Changes' first just to be sure. ^_^ 7. 5:46 Wait for your Laptop to finish booting. once done, install the BIOS/UEFI update (9ecn43ww.exe), i already installed mine so there's no need to install it again on my part. your device will reboot to complete the installation, wait for it to finnish to 100 percent. its is important that you connect your device to an Outlet. if the installation is disrupted, it could cause a serious damage in your machine, i learned it could cause "bricking" on your motherboard. the BIOS/UEFI installation is really not that complicated. i have done it many many times. more than 10 actually and its because of the frustration, By the way. 8. 8:29 Download all the Lenovo Y50-70 drivers on the Website except the BIOS/UEFI update installer. click the link below to go to the site. on the website, click the 'Components' drop down menu to access the drivers one by one. http://pcsupport.lenovo.com/ph/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/lenovo-y-series-laptops/y50-70-notebook-lenovo/downloads (drivers installer download link) 9. Download all the drivers according to your operating system. Mine is Windows 7 64 bit so i picked the drivers with the description of windows 7 64bit. 10. Once finished, install all of the files one by one, some of the installers will ask you to restart your computer to complete the installation. if your device didn't restart automatically, do it manually. 11. Once you installed all the files, i assume that your device's defections will be gone. if not, perhaps its a Hardware problem. if its a hardware issue you can contact Lenovo on their Facebook page (https://web.facebook.com/lenovo/). Mostly they reply quickly but i don't guarantee a much help (no offense to them) ask them for some Service sites on your area. if its not a hardware issue i hope this alternative solution will help.
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