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People I despise
This video, I describe the people I want to punch in the face. I hope ye enjoy. I do not own the music used in this video. So pls no copyright strike. Gotta insert the furry in me somehow.
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Hey look ma I make memes
I do not own any images or song used, only the memes in which they spring from. THIS IS A COMPILATION! WEEW! If Brendon Urie sees this, I want to tell you that love you. If I get a copyright strike, I will die.
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Dr Smartarz's Philosophical Question
This video's quality is bad, but I didn't do any examples of this because it would lower my content's quality even more. Pls comment if you want to see more videos of me. Or if you like meme comps, it's fine by me. This is sort of an experiment, but it's risky since ye know my face now. I'm British BTW
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Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths
This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito
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How to successfully make a Mary Sue
I'm trying out new stuff. This channel is in a very experimental stage. And it's low quality, so bear with me. This is sarcastic, so this ain't actually good advice, Now, let me tell you about my run ins. It all started when I played SWTOR, and I created this Zabrak character named Zagarus Pax. Marty Stu points for... Being related to a canon character (Revan), Unnecessary Half-breed (Zabrak-Human), and being a sorta self insert. I say he was quite Marty Stu, but not My Immortal levels. However, I rarely wrote fanfic, so I just raved about him to me stepdad. When I got knowledge of Mary Sue, I asked him whether I made one or not, and he said, pretty much, yes. So, I took that into account, and tweaked and improved him. And also rewrote the story concept around him. Now he's a former Jedi, turned Sith maniac/assassin who was too confident and prideful in himself, and turned to the Dark Side, and he is seen as a monster to his Sith brethren. I haven't touched fanfiction for a while because I write OG novels, and I'm sort of burnt out from Star Wars as a whole. So tell me, if you can, about any Mary Sue character you made when you were younger.
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