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How to set background colors in the Brine templates
Note that the benefit of adding the styling to the index code injection is that we can keep the custom CSS style cleaner, and this particular CSS will now be easy to find.
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How to use Squarespace's page layout templates
When creating a page, choose from Squarespace's suggested options. This can speed your workflow and also inspire creating layouts.
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How to adjust image size to refine a Squarespace layout
Drag the bottom edge of photos in order to make small refinements to an image size. This can help layout appear more polished.
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How to choose a template for an interior design website
There are 2 main groups of templates to be considered for interior designers. The first one I'd call "portfolio oriented templates". The second one I'd call "other". Note that not all Squarespace templates work great for interior design websites
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How to jump to pages anywhere within the Squarespace back end
Simply press the "/" key to launch the search tool. Note that as you type, you can jump to the top suggestion by pressing enter. Pressing the down key will take you t the second suggestion.
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How to manually apply an overlay to a banner image
Create a layer on top of your image layer. Set it to a color. Reduce the opacity of the layer.
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What's the significance of an interior designer's website?
Three things clients look for from an interior designers website
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Architecture & Interior Design Field Trip with Barrie Livingstone
Shot on location at the Intercontinental Hotel 900 Wilshire BLVD Los Angeles. Hosted, Directed, and Produced by Barrie Livingstone. Edited by House Digital.
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How to add elements next to stubborn text blocks
When attempting to drag a content block next to a text block with more than 1 paragraph, you may need to first cut the section of text by using the line block
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How to add an image into the corner of a text block
Drag the image into the text block until you see a square appear.
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How to drag content blocks into place
From the menu of content blocks, simply drag (rather than clicking) a content block to where you want
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How to connect dummy social media accounts
When you connect certain social media accounts, Squarespace will require you to login to your actual social media account. After you do this, simply revise the account URL away from your actual account. You may like to create actual dummy social media account to do this procedure so that you don't run the risk of actually attaching your real accounts.
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How to create a portfolio mockup for a finished website
After finishing a website, follow these steps in Photoshop to create a mockup image for House Digital's portfolio.
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How to use spacing to communicate relationships in layout
By increasing or decreasing the space between elements on a page, sections can be grouped visually
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ICS Carpet Tour Video with Barbara
Home page video for ICS website
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How to remove "last name" from a form
Simply replace the "name" field with a text field specifying name. In general I believe it's unnecessary (and even a little aggressive) for forms to ask for last names except for special cases.
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How to keep visitors engaged after viewing a project
Give the visitor something to click. Options include: 1) the next project, 2) any project within the portfolio, 3) a button to take them back to the portfolio page.
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How to use summary block to achieve magazine layout
The summary block keeps margins between sections consistent the way a magazine does. This technique is especially useful for collections such as portfolios, blogs and press pages.
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How to group lines of text
Hold SHIFT then press ENTER. This technique is very helpful in situations where you want to go down a line but stay remain in the same idea/paragraph.
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How to use a shortcut when using style editor
Click particular elements on the page to filter the relevant styling options. WARNING: this feature is unreliable
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How to combine a texture with a color in photoshop
Stack the texture layer on top of the color layer, then set the texture layer to blend mode: screen
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How to transfer styling from website to website
Find the export/import buttons at the bottom of the Style Editor menu. Take care that you are transferring to a website with the same template. Transferring styling saves time when duplicating a site.
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