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How To Win With Hard Goods What To Look For to Resell On EBay | Etsy | Mercari
Showing some recent hard goods to sell on eBay & Etsy from a few thrift stores over the past 2 days. Hosted by Loretta aka thriftlovesell on instagram Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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10 Reseller Hacks That Make My Business Better on Ebay | Poshmark | Mercari
My favorite 10 things I use on the daily, for my life and Reselling Business!! Follow Reseller Revolution on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/resellerrevolution/ You can follow me on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/fortheresellofit/ Affiliate Links to the exact or similar products seen in this video: Heat Gun https://amzn.to/2HdHIsr 2" Tape Dispenser https://amzn.to/2EILhVU 15" Lazy Susan https://amzn.to/2C3sbrL Zero Odor https://amzn.to/2C2YGGy Goo Gone https://amzn.to/2SGmsxB Rubbermaid Power Scrubber https://amzn.to/2SIzxXj
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Easy And Quick Tips: How To Identify Vintage Levi's - Jeans, Tags, Selvedge
Elle here - sharing some tips on how to identify vintage Levi's. These are a few quick and easy tips, but there's a wealth of information on the interwebs to help you navigate the world of vintage Levi's even deeper. *Additional notes: A selvedge seam is an inside seam of the pant leg this is located on the outer part of the leg seam. The inseam (running down the inner part of leg) on almost all Levi's made before the mid 80's had a single stitch only, so yet another indicator that you have a vintage pair in hand. Happy vintage Levi hunting (and researching)! --- You can find me on Instragram @collectrolyte --- Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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Items to list and sell quick on eBay or Mercari
Here is a look into items that I keep on hand to list and sell quick on eBay and Mercari!
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How To Increase Your Sales. Better Keywords. Building Titles. Get Your Items SOLD on Ebay | Poshmark
Using the right keywords in the right order will increase your sales!
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Terapeak For Ebay Tips And More!
Wanna know the best ranking item on ebay? Want to find out where you really rank in best match? Lets discuss! I go over Terapeak and the information you can find there and show you the site big sellers use to build their stores and rank higher in search!
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Thrift With Me Hard Goods Hot On Trend Home Decor To Resell On EBay | Etsy | Mercari
Come along & thrift with me. Looking for hard goods & home décor. Hosted by Loretta @thriftlovesell on instagram
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Our Top 10 Garage Sale Items That Make Us Money | Prevent Summer Slow Down!!!
#whatsellsonebay #makemoney #garagesaleflipping Prevent #whatsellsonebay #makemoney #garagesaleflipping Summer Slow Down! Plan ahead & source these 10 items that sell all summer! Loretta @thriftlovesell Instagram
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Increasing Your Cart Size To Make More Money On Ebay
#ebaytips #makemoneyonebay Cyndi is back to offer her tips to how she sells multiple items to the same buyer every day on ebay!
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How to Increase your sales on Ebay. Simple ways to Grow your Reselling Business.
Lets dive into ebay search and figure out why is one seller at the top of search and another is at the bottom!
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How to ship glass fragile items, ebay, etsy, Mercari, packing tips
How to ship glass & breakables with confidence! Loretta @thriftlovesell on Instagram
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Ebay Early Spring Seller Update 2019
#thrifting #ebay #resellerrevolution Should you be scared?? Lets talk about the details of the update!
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Hardgoods Haul To Resell For Big Profits On Ebay. Grow your Reselling Business with In Demand Items
Hardgoods, Electronics, Toys and Games can all be big wins, when reselling.
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How To Get Goodwill Sharpie out of your Clothing label
Preowned and NEW items!! Channeling my inner Newyorkthrifter (check out her YouTube channel!) With my hands only explanation on how I get out those pesky sharpie marks on clothing labels. Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte #resellersquad join our hashtag! #resellerrevolution Things we use and love in this video Affiliate Links: Borax: https://amzn.to/2RqOwIt Shout Color Catcher: https://amzn.to/2RwOVcM Oxiclean spray: https://amzn.to/2RuryQQ Tide pen: https://amzn.to/2Vl1I0M Ecosense cleaning wipes: https://amzn.to/2StRt8w arm & hammer baking soda: https://amzn.to/2BY3KeC Snuggle Lavender dryer sheets: https://amzn.to/2BUlneZ
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Ebay Seller Update April 2019
The ebay seller update is out! Should you be scared? Lets look it over! What do you think? Good or bad?
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3 Top Animal Collectables That Are Hot Sellers for Big Money On eBay | Etsy
My Favorite 3 Top Animal Collectables That Sell On eBay Etsy Loretta @thriftlovesell on Instagram Reseller Revolution ! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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How to Wash Silk At Home Thrifting for EBay Poshmark Mercari
Hi! This is Krissy from Frugal_Living on IG Today, I show you how I wash thrifted silk items at home for resale. Reseller Revolution ! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution Affiliate Links: Things we use and love in this video The photobooth Krissy uses: https://amzn.to/2RnmPQT
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Tips on How To Take Great Photos For Ebay & Poshmark
Tips and hacks on how To take great photos for Ebay, Poshmark or any other online selling Platforms. Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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How To Spot Real Gold/Silver from Fake At The Thrift Stores | Garage & Estate Sales
#thrifting #ebay #resellerrevolution Basic 101 on spotting real gold and silver when you are out and about! Follow us on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/resellerrevolution/?hl=en You can follow me @ https://www.instagram.com/fortheresellofit/?hl=en
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How To Find Out What sells on Ebay | Poshmark | Mercari and when??
How to utilize Ebay data to know what to sell and when to grow your online sales!
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5 Hot Items To Sell On Ebay & Stimulate Sales
These are my 5 go to products that I seek out ALWAYS. If your sales are slow look for these items to boost you store. Loretta @thriftlovesell on Instagram
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Make $1000+ Reselling These Items On Poshmark From Just One Brand
#thrifting #poshmark #resellerrevolution J.Crew is a brand with little, hidden gems that are worth great money in the resale market. Learn about these little gems as Elle discusses and shows photos of these items. Elle's instagram: @collectrolyte
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Reselling is getting harder and thrift store prices are out of control.
#thrifting #ebay #resellerrevolution Reselling has become harder over the past few years and thrift store prices in general have skyrocketed. I feel bad for the regular shopper who just wants to find a deal or something unique This was the worst thrift day I have ever had as there was not much to resell or was priced way to high. I am optimistic that there will be better days ahead. Loretta @thritlovesell
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How to Find & Source Great Men's Items For Resell On Ebay | Poshmark!
Tips and Tricks Tuesday! This week Matt joins me to talk tips and tricks for sourcing men's items to sell on Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, or whatever other site you want to sell on!
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Reseller Cribs Office Edition! My Office | Storage | Shipping Area For Ebay | Poshmark
#Ebay #Poshmark #office Im showing you around my office and storage room. I have some crazy ways of doing things. I re-purpose and go way outside the box. You can find us on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/resellerrevolution/?hl=en you can find me on Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/fortheresellofit/?hl=en
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TOP 25 Cleaning Products / Tools For eBay, Poshmark, Mercari Inventory
***I apologize in advance for the focus issue and the not-so-steady, one-handed filming. Live and learn!*** So, these 25 products and tools are the ones I reach for the most in my reselling arsenal of cleaning and processing inventory. I hope you have found this information helpful. Thanks for watching! Instagram: @collectrolyte / @resellerrevolution Catch the Reseller Revolution group of 5 on Sunday mornings for a live hangout/chat - 10AM, EST.
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How To Clean Suede or Nubuck Boots/Shoes to Resell On Ebay | Poshmark | Mercari
#thrifting #ebay #resellerrevolution One of the Hardest types of leather to clean is suede. You won't be intimidated by suede once you have these simple tools in hand!! Find us on Instagram @: https://www.instagram.com/resellerrevolution/?hl=en You can find me on Instagram @: https://www.instagram.com/fortheresellofit/?hl=en Affiliate Links to similar items seen in this video: Suede Cleaning Kit: https://amzn.to/2EzTfiE Goo Gone: https://amzn.to/2tMVbzo EASY CLEANER---Shoe Cleaning product NOT SHOWN but Recommended for all typed of shoes and leather: https://amzn.to/2TclHBv
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Can you make money on Mercari? How to Kill it Reselling On this Growing Platform
Is there traffic on Mercari? What is selling? Lets dive in together and look! Reseller Revolution ! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution Affiliate Links: Things we use and love The photobooth Krissy uses: https://amzn.to/2RnmPQT
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Smashlots Wholesale Clothing Lot Unboxing and Giveaway!!
#giveaway #whatsellsonebay #whatsellsonposhmark Smashlots is a liquidation company offering liquidation items for eBay and Poshmark sellers! Check out these items similar to the ones you could win! https://smashlots.us18.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=3993e0f0758e064d75c71749f&id=c50d2932d0
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Spring Thrift With Me | Items To Sell On eBay!
#thriftwithme #thriftstorefinds #whatsellsonebay Sun is out, bound to find some good items to resell. Only got a few items & that’s how I roll. Please let me know your most recent heavy hitter! Loretta @thriftlovesell on Instagram
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Anti Haul Items that are not selling on eBay & Etsy. Burn it all!
Come along and see the junk I am giving back to the thrift stores. Learn from my mistakes. Don't buy this! Loretta @thriftlovesell on Instagram
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The truth about selling on ebay Etsy as a stay at home mom! A day in the life of.
My day is always unpredictable but I find a way to make money reselling online while taking care of my sons! I love what I do! It is hard but very rewarding. Work smart & hard! Follow me Loretta on Instagram @thriftlovesell Part time reseller.
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Reseller Revolution New Years Eve 2018 Review
Thank you for joining us on our FIRST hangout! quick recap of our 2018 and whats to come for this channel in 2019 Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad Affiliate Links: Things we use and love in this video The photobooth Krissy uses: https://amzn.to/2RnmPQT
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How to stay accountable and build your online reselling business Ebay | Poshmark | Mercari
Sharing my spreadsheet for how I stay accountable and how I forecast growth for my business! Download the spreadsheet here: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhSQgMbJp5YHalRnYxx2fn8O5eU Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad
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2019 Wedding Trends How To Make Money Reselling Decor Fashion on ebay |  Etsy | Poshmark
Overview of the 2019 wedding trends, what to source for reselling online. Join us live on Sunday at 9am CT Loretta @thriftlovesell Instagram
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Reseller Revolution Hang Out Couples get real
#ebay #resellerrevolution #etsy join us as we double up and talk about our partners QUITTING their jobs to join us reselling!! @frugal_living @thirftlovesell
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Reseller Week In Review!
#reseller #whatsoldonebay #resellerrevolution Lets chat about our week!
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5 EASY Steps | How To Build A Repeat Buyer Base on Ebay!!!!
#ebay #ebaytips #reseller The 5 steps we used to create a repeat buyer base that continues to buy from us year after year!
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How To Book a Disney Cruise on a Budget!!
Hi! Krissy from Frugal_Living on IG This is My first day back from our 5 night Disney Cruise! half the video is my 5 tips, the second half is my tour of the ship. I talk about ways to save money booking and enjoying the cruise. I take a Disney Cruise every other year and we love it! I hope this video inspires you to book your first Disney Cruise!! https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/
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Bags on the wall haul. Thrift store finds.
#thrifting #ebay #resellerrevolution Bags on the wall haul, see what I found! Such great opportunity to be found in these treasure bags. Also inexpensive way to find good quick flipping inventory. What has been your best find in the little thrift store bags, please comment below. Thanks for watching Loretta @thriftlovesell on Instagram
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Reseller Revolution Live Hangout - One $900+ FAST Sale, eBay Open 2019, Poshmark, Etsy Photos, SEO
The group of 5 get together for a live chat on everything from sales (including a single, $900+ sale on eBay), to selling musical instruments, shipping hard goods, eBay Open 2019, photographs, backdrops and how that affects SEO/Google, Q&A, and much more! You can also find us on Instragram: @resellerrevolution Krissy: @frugal_living Cyndi: @amazingtastestore Loretta: @thriftlovesell Christina: @fortheresellofit Elle: @collectrolyte
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Sourcing for Ebay at Buffalo Exchange $168 into $1500
#resellerrevolution #ebay #thrifting Krissy here! Join me as I hit up the Buffalo Exchange $1 Earth day sale! Hear my 5 tips to maximize potential at these warehouse/sidewalk sales. Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution Affiliate Links: Things we use and love in this video The photobooth Krissy uses: https://amzn.to/2RnmPQT
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How To Make Booty Shorts Distress Cut Off Denim Jean Shorts for Resell Ebay | Poshmark Daisy Dukes
Krissy here! Short tutorial on how to repurpose damaged or worn designer high end denim into shorts! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution Affiliate Links: Things we use and love in this video The photobooth Krissy uses: https://amzn.to/2RnmPQT
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How to find the Resellers In Your Area & Know What They Are Selling
Find out who the sellers are in your area and what they are selling! Great information for ebay, poshmark or marcari sellers!
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Make Money on Ebay While Sitting On The Beach!
#ebay, #resellerrevolution, #thrifting Thank you for joining us on our hangout. Cyndi is back from vacation, and we talk about best ways to keep your sales rolling in while you are sitting on the beach! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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Reseller Revolution Hangout Ebay Poshmark Home Business Goals  1/06/2019
Thank you for joining us on our weekly hangout. Today we talk about our 2019 goals, and how they differ from 2018 goals. Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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Friday night chat with Loretta and Krissy: what I learned at the bins
#thrifting #ebay #resellerrevolution Just got back from the bins! I show you what i purchased and also let you know what I learned!! Thank you for joining us while we chat! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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How to deal with Shipping and Returns on Ebay. Live Hang Out Feb 10 2019
Thank you for joining us on our weekly hangout. Today we talk about Shipping and Returns policies... ughhhhhhh! Find us on Instagram! @resellerrevolution @thriftlovesell @amazingtastestore @frugal_living @fortheresellofit @collectrolyte Join the community! #resellersquad #resellerrevolution
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How did you get your start reselling
#reselling #ebay #resellerrevolution Krissy and Cyndi share their stories how they got where they are today! YES! this is a real picture from Krissy's Ebay Listings in 2004 Join us every Sunday for a live 5 reseller chat! IG:resellerrevolution IG: amazingtastestore IG: frugal_living
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