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ebay | How To | Return an item on eBay
This tutorial shows you how to return an item to a seller on eBay. For more tips, go to: http://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/home Video topics: • How to start a return on eBay • Attaching photos to your return request • Checking the status of your return request
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Returns on eBay: Using return shipping labels
Learn more about returns on eBay and how return shipping labels work on eBay.
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eBay return request for refund
How to return an eBay item for a refund Watch this simple video tutorial For more tips, go to: http://supplyhub.ie/support
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How to return an item from eBay!
Want to go on eBay:http://www.ebay.in/ ========================================­===== Thanks For Watching....... Please Leave A Like I Worked Hard On This Also Subscribe For More................. Follow me Facebook:-https://www.facebook.com/mohdkashif.ali.9 Twittter:-https://twitter.com/kashifali6272 Google+:-https://plus.google.com/u/1/109449729658211951745/posts
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How to refund a buyer after the item has been returned eBay
How to return money to your buyer after they gave returned the item to you. Top Rated sellers and all sellers a like, this is important so you do not receive negative feedback or a strike against your account. I have sold many items on eBay in the last 8 years and I am still learning a lot. I am starting a series of eBay / eBay support tools that I have used to grow my knowledge and expand my business. Hope my videos help. Visit my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4KREjTx9_-Lk6G8tMweI5Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinditattheBay Facebook: www.facebook.com/finditatthebay eBay: www.stores.ebay.com/Finditatthebay Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main/ref=aag_d_sh?ie=UTF8&asin=B00ELQYB8G&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&seller=AZVYEONQWIAFF www.Finditatthebay.com
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Ebay Scam: Buyers switching out parts on Macbook Pro then Returning item (online Amazon Defect Case)
Extremely angry at Ebay buyer returning a Macbook Pro after switching out all the good parts for their bad parts. Yes you can try to fight it but Ebay usually takes a pro-buyer policy on returns. Take a risk to have the claim progress to a case and decided against you, you will have a negative ding on your account. Get more than 2 of these babies against you then they suspend you or ban you forever. Not fun.
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Cool things on eBay: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=1&pub=5575256240&toolid=10001&campid=5338012459&customid=&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg WARNING ALL EBAY SELLERS! BEWARE OF THE BUYERS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "5 Reasons Why I Don't Buy Lepin LEGO Clone Sets & Why I took down one of my most popular videos!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ2eX9vlcUQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Checking the status of a return and refund on eBay
Learn about eBay return and refund policy. For more tips, go to: http://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/home Video topics: • What a seller can offer to a buyer for a return • Add photos to a return request after it has been submitted • Add tracking when using your own return label • Checking or tracking the status of a return and refund
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eBay return policy abuse documented.
I made this the very next morning after contacting the buyer whom requested a return for an item (seen in the video) claiming that it was not fully functional, stating that all buttons were frozen. I asked that they contact me if they needed any help using the item to please contact me which member did not and so I issued a return along with a shipping label paid for by me. Item arrived in the same packaging, also upon opening the first box I noticed that the item was not unboxed from the second packaging, so I was instructed (by you, eBay) to fully inspect item and to document which I have (please watch full video). Item link below. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261901102162?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1559.l2649
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Ebay Listing Problems Solved! Business Policies Opt Out
Well I figured out the problem thanks to Reddit and the subreddit r/Flipping. I hope this video helps anyone who is encountering the same problem as I was having. Here's the link to the previous video with the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n53EmaLwVs8
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How to Cancel an Order on ebay
Sometimes you need to cancel an order because something goes wrong (out of stock, customer changes mind, etc...). Here's how to do it!
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Quick Tips for Sellers by eBay: Printing a Label
Jim “Griff” Griffith shows you how you can save serious time and money with the eBay Print Label feature. You can print a postage paid, addressed envelope for your buyer’s package in just a few clicks. Whether you sell one item every now and then or several a day, this feature is essential to your eBay business.
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ebay | How To | How to void and reprint a shipping label on eBay
In this video, learn how to cancel and replace an eBay shipping label. For more tips, go to - http://ocsnext.ebay.com/ocs/home
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eBay Tutorial - How To Bulk Edit Your eBay Listings
This week Joe shows you how to bulk edit your listings and revise old listings so they can be optimized and ultimately sold.
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Cost of Goods Sold for Products You Sell: Writing off Costs (Inventory)
If you buy products that you sell, these are called inventory. So how do you write it off? In the income section on Schedule C for Sole-proprietors there is a Write-off called 'Cost of Goods Sold' which is costs directly related to inventory and is subtracted before ANY other tax write-offs for a business sub total called 'GROSS PROFIT.' COGS is calculated on page 2 of Schedule C Part III COGS and is based on inventory at the beginning of the year, plus all purchases of products during the year, plus all direct costs of selling products, minus total ending inventory value, equals COGS. This amount flows to line 4 for Gross Profit calculation. In general, companies that sell inventory are required to use Accrual Method of Accounting. Check out my video about Accrual Method if your not sure what that means... However, there is an exception, covered in this video, if your average annual receipts received over 3 years is less than $1,000,000. In this case, the form is filled out the same but you don't have to worry about recording costs as incurred, just when they have been paid.
Buyer on eBay returns item with packaging destroyed!
Download The Make Money on eBay Training Course: http://PowerSellerResearch.com Subscribe to The Channel: http://goo.gl/LJqwYH Video Keywords: Returned Item Fraudulent Return Dodgy Buyer Legal rights Compensation eBay Related Keywords: Make Money on Ebay How to Make Money on Ebay Selling on Ebay Ebay Business Running an eBay Business Beginners Guide to eBay ebay for Dummies eBay Thrift Store Selling clothes on eBay Selling electronics on eBay Selling shoes on eBay Selling antiques on eBay Selling junk on eBay Selling items on eBay How to be a Top Rated Seller Make Money Online Make Money Selling on eBay
eBay Guest Accounts and Firefox Issues
In this weeks video Joe talks about issues with using the internet browser Firefox when on eBay, what eBay guest accounts are and how they have affected Joe’s sales. Also Joe talks about the subject around “CFS” type returns (see the video), and how fixed price shipping appears to be prioritized in search engines. Ask him anything eBay.
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eBay Returns: How to reduce and manage returns as an eBay seller
Click here to discover how to drive sales to your products or services online with one simple formula: http://www.deytips.com/theformula Learn more about the formula here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGnsAwEB7OM --~-- For more business tips visit: http://www.deytips.com Let me sell your products or services for you: http://www.proudagent.com Rupet Heather's article on deytips: http://www.deytips.com/handle-ebay-returns-and-resolutions-in-one-place/ In this video I am speaking about eBay returns and sharing tips to help you reduce your return rate on eBay. I am also introducing you to http://www.xsellco.com/fusion which is a software that helps you to manage all of your order returns, buyer questions and more, all in one simple to use interface. Connect with me on social media: Subscribe: http://www.deytips.com/subscribe Facebook: http://www.deytips.com/facebookpage Twitter: https://twitter.com/Deytips Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/deytips/ Google plus: http://www.deytips.com/googleplus Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/u/sarmaddey/ LinkedIn: http://www.deytips.com/linkedin Share this video: https://youtu.be/UoBxWn2gVmg Business email: [email protected] Sam Dey
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ebay return policy sucks
ebay return policy really sucks for sellers it allows fraudulent buyers to take complete advantage of sellers
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How To Return Items To Amazon
If you ever wondered how easy or how hard it is to return an item to Amazon, I'm going to show you in this video. It's very easy. I needed to return a defective item back to Amazon so I thought I would make a video to show you the exact steps to take. Do not ever hesitate to return something that you have paid good money for. If you get something on Amazon that does not meet your requirements, remember, it's easy to return.
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Scammer eBay buyer wants full refund, after throwing faulty item away!  - PowerSellerResearch.com
Download The Make Money on eBay Training Course: http://PowerSellerResearch.com Subscribe to The Channel: http://goo.gl/LJqwYH Summary: Buyer pulls a scam saying his item doesn't work and wants a full refund. He claims he threw the item away so is unable to return it. He claims he is trying to be good so hasn't opened a case.
The ebay Resolution Center & Non-paying ebay Buyers
There are going to be times when you sell a product and your buyer doesn't actually finish paying for it. So what then? We talk about how to use the ebay Resolution Center to circumvent non-paying buyer issues.
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Good Till Cancelled Vs 30 Day Buy it Now - I am changing how I list my eBay items for sale
My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NicHillsReseller My Website: http://nic-hills-reselling.weebly.com/tools-of-the-trade.html My Video Game Deals page: https://www.facebook.com/Amazon-Video-Game-Deals-1515973485373045/?ref=hl The Struggleville - video proving that eBay does not promote GTC listings when they resist or come to the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmgDNHtLzJc SeeAnneSave - Great video about her take on the GTC format - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG4exOzh92U Gofer Pickers - Very helpful video showing how to switch listing format while your listings are running -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts2Afp_lvtw - Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olly_and_molly/ Links to products we use in our business: (affiliate links) Jiffy bags (DVD size - large letter) - http://amzn.to/2mBEOAM Jiffy Bags (to fit 2 x DVD side by side as a large letter) - http://amzn.to/2m4fPbJ Brown Packing Paper (that I use for wrapping board games) - http://amzn.to/2l8Ofef Packing Tape (Brown 36 rolls) - http://amzn.to/2mHLM6B Packing tape (Clear 36 rolls) - http://amzn.to/2lloVwv Bubble Wrap (500mm x 100m roll) - http://amzn.to/2mHDETM Jiffy foam wrap (500mm x 100m roll) - http://amzn.to/2lldzsE Sticker Remover Liquid (this stuff is awesome!) - http://amzn.to/2l8ICg1 Royal Mail Postage Size Guide - http://amzn.to/2l8I8q9 Quality Salter Scales for weighing packages - http://amzn.to/2mBIbYw Heavy duty weighing scales (up to 200kg) - http://amzn.to/2l8KUM6 FBA product labels - http://amzn.to/2llhoho Suffocation warning labels - http://amzn.to/2m9YXAA Mailing bags (ideal for clothing) - http://amzn.to/2mHKCIe
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How To Sell on Ebay - Complete Guide
This video will show you how to list an update on eBay to sell. I will show you every step from listing to shipping. ============== ** Digital Scales you can purchase: 1) Smart Weigh Digital Shipping and Postal Weight Scale, 110 lbs http://amzn.to/2wbw9uk 2) Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale 440 lbs http://amzn.to/2gc2HQM ===== ** I HAVE LISTED COMMON Q & A. PLEASE READ IT FIRST BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS** Q: So when you sell an item on ebay and select a shipping method do you go to any postal place and give it to them? A: You can print and prepay for the item at home, then take it post office and mail it, or print a mailing label and take it post office and pay for shipping there. Q: What happens if you sell the item, sent it to their home, and they do a charge back and lie about not receiving item when they did? what do you do? A: All you can do is use tracking to confirm delivery, and hope people are honest. You also have the ebay rating for the person. So hopefully that will vet out who is scamming others. Q: So if i don't have a printer i can just go to my local post office and ship it there? What information do i need when using this method? A: You need a mailing label with sender and receiver address. This can be hand written if you want. Then post office will place the postage sticker on the package. Q: So after purchasing the shipping label, if I go to my local post office, can I just hand it in and no additional costs will apply? A: Once you purchase that postal label, it's paid for, and you need to stick it on the box, and take it to the post office. It's paid already so you don't pay anymore,. You are just dropping the package off to have it shipped out. Q: With all the fees and postage, how do you figure asking price to not end up losing money? A: Your asking price is solely dependent on what other sellers are selling the same item for. If you ask for more than what others are selling at, nobody will buy your item. If you are not comfortable selling it at the market price, then you are better off not selling it. Q: I am confused when it comes to the shipping cost. You originally set the shipping cost at $9, but once you chose the way you wanted to ship the item it came out to $10 plus. So did the difference come out of your pocket, or did the buyers? A: Yes, I paid out the difference. When you preset a shipping cost, you really don't know where that winning buyer is located. If that person lives in your state, then shipping is cheap and you can make money on the shipping. But if the person lives across the country, then it can cost a lot. When you preset a postage price in your auction, you have to be prepared for this to happen. Just choose a reasonable shipping rate so it will attract buyers and cover most of your cost. For people that might say...how about charge more for shipping....well be careful as you might price yourself way higher than all the other sellers and never sell your item. My only advice is don't get too hung up on loosing couple dollars on the shipping, if you are able to sell your item, and you made some money, then it's money in your pocket. Versus not selling anything and have that item sit at home and you made $0. Q: Do you need to get your own boxes? And also how do you know how much you'll have to charge shipping? A: Yes you supply your own box, unless you ship using USPS Priority mail, then you use there boxes. As to how much you charge shipping, you can go on USPS and get an estimate. The difficulty is estimating where the winning bidder is from (near you or opposite side of the country which will be higher shipping). You can just charge a flat rate shipping and expect to either pay a few dollars more to ship at the end if the person lives far away. If you charge too much shipping right off the bat, then you risk no one buying it. Q: Can you use FedEx or any shipping method that you like? A: You can ship however you like as long as you get it to the buyer in a timely manner. Preferably with tracking information. Q: So will I have the money in my PayPal account before I purchase the shipping label or do they have to receive it first before I get paid? A: You don't ship until you get the money deposited in your Paypal. Ebay will also only give you the option to ship after payment has been made by the buyer. Q: You say you can pick up free boxes at the post office. Are flat rate boxes free or not? A: Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping is a fixed shipping rate you pay USPS. In order for you to ship using the Flat rate with USPS, you need to use their 'free' boxes which you can pick up for free at USPS. The reason for using their box is they predetermine the size and how much you can fit in it to qualify for their flat rate. When you go to the post office, you will see a shelves with these boxes which you can take as many as you want. ========= Shop Amazon https://amzn.to/2LqTtuk Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial: https://amzn.to/2S3GjHI
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eBay buyer claimed INR, refunded buyer, item later found and delivered...No response!
Download The Make Money on eBay Training Course: http://PowerSellerResearch.com Subscribe to The Channel: http://goo.gl/LJqwYH An eBay buyer asks for refund for an item not received. Seller issues refund because tracking says undelivered. Courier company finds item and later delivers it successfully. Seller contacts buyer about reissuing the invoice, but has yet to get a response. Keywords: INR INR ebay Item not received Item not received eBay Item not received claim Item not delivered Refund buyer Early refund eBay buyer protection eBay seller protection PayPal buyer protection PayPal seller protection eBay tracking
How To Make $10,000 A Month On eBay - 6 Hot Selling Wholesale Electronics Items
FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING TO KNOW HOW I PULL MY DATA AND STATS CLICK HERE FOR A FREE TRIAL TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF https://www.terapeak.com?rfsn=188488.9b3d9 I recently made a video titled "How I Do $250,000 A Month In Sales on eBay & Amazon With Alibaba & Ali Express Products." If you havn't seen the video you can watch it below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04oTbbbgcx8 The video was very well received and people we're asking for additional categories, specifically electronics so I decided to make a follow up video giving you 6 Hot Selling Wholesale Electronics Products, you can sell on eBay and Amazon. If you prefer to read the document or if you want to access the links the blog post is linked to below... http://rulesforrebels.blogspot.com/2015/11/6-wholesale-electronics-products-to.html
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How To Avoid The eBay "Partial Refund" Scam
Blog: http://www.darrenhottinger.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garagesalegenius/ Hydra Lister Fast eBay Listing Tool: http://start.hydra-lister.com/thegaragesalegenius SKUgrid Inventory Management and Repricer: http://skugrid.com/web/?ref=dahott Buy Local, Sell To The World: The ultimate guide to finding great inventory for eBay and Amazon at local Yard-sales, Estate Sales, Auctions, Thrift Stores, Craigslist and other local resources. http://bit.ly/buylocalSell
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Revise or Edit an Item on eBay
This video teaches you how to revise an item listed on eBay.
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Packaging and Shipping 3 Different Items for Etsy or Ebay
I show you how I package and ship 3 different types of items on Etsy or Ebay: books & patterns, jewelry & cufflinks, and fragile items. I also share how I save a bit of money using a Flat Rate Padded Envelope. Stay tuned at the end for Aunt Maggie's Tip of the Day! #texasgaltreasures #ebay #etsy
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How to Avoid eBay Defects When Giving Refunds
Today's video is about how to avoid eBay defects when giving refunds to your customers. we all need to refund our customers sometimes it's all part of doing business on eBay, but we need to make sure its done correctly so we don't get a defect from eBay. A defect is a black mark on your account given by eBay for something they are not happy with, this is usually in relation to a bad customer experience, like selling an item and then realizing you don't have any in stock or a customer returning an item that is not as described. If you get too many defects you can risk getting suspended from eBay, get some more and you may get banned forever! So be sure to use the returns process on eBay correctly and tell them why the customer is returning the item, for example, an item of clothing doesn't fit, or the buyer has just changed their mind,this is all OK in the eyes of eBay but you have to be clear and tell them. Wholesale Help Private Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wholesalehelp/ Wholesale Help Gold Membership: http://www.wholesale-help.com/gold Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com Music used with permission under creative commons public licence http://danosongs.com/danosongs.com-license.pdf
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How To Respond to ebay Buyers Who Claim Their eBay Account Has Been Hacked
In this weeks show Joe talks about Hassle free returns, the eBay stickers promo, and more on feedback and return stories and the duplicate listing debacle and how to respond to eBuyer's "claims" Ask him anything eBay !
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How to Deal With eBay Returns! Codey Orgill
Blog : https://www.codeyorgill.com Email : [email protected] Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Codey-Orgill... Codey Orgill is a young Australian reseller who began his journey reselling in 2013. From stumbling across many successful reselling YouTubers he followed in their footsteps and started implementing what he was learning. At this current time in 2015 two years since beginning, Codey is an 18 Year Old who loves traveling around particular parts of Victoria, Australia buying a variety of profitable items for resale on platforms like eBay, local buy and sell website hosts and many others. Codey continues to teach others of his experiences and knowledge in the reselling niche.
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How To Return Items to Amazon
Instagram - www.instagram.com/pibini_photography . As soon as you confirm your return request, an Email will be sent to your registered E-mail ID where you are provided with all the details. Unfortunately Amazon does not pick up the item but rather we our self must courier it to them. So here's simple way to do it. #amazon #return #pibini
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eBay freebie and refund scam....fraud alert!
Download The Make Money on eBay Training Course: http://PowerSellerResearch.com Subscribe to The Channel: http://goo.gl/LJqwYH Keywords: ebay, refund scam, customer scam, ebay fraud, ebay scammer
eBay Sellers Beware Of Returns, You May Not Get Back What You Sent!
Buyer claimed "Not As Described" and "DOA". Item was insured but customer never said it was damaged. As soon as a buyer files a "Not As Described" Ebay has Paypal take the funds from your account! Ebay was no help at all!
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Focusrite Octopre MK2 8-Channel Mic Preamplifier - eBay return inspection
This is a test of the functionality of the Focusrite Octopre MK2 8-Channel Preamplifier upon receipt of return. I cannot find any issues with this unit. Seller: killersdude Buyer: mast2969 Ebay item: #181926805910 Return request: #5019694139 Reason for return: Doesn't work or defective Return comment: Mic line Input 8 for the xlr on the back gets no signal. All the other one works fine. We trouble shot the unit by plugging other mics in and it still didnt work.
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A Day in the Life || eBay seller || Fraudulant eBay Returns DITL || No Respect for Sellers
This video shows that eBay disregards any third party verification. It isn't about accepting or not accepting a return. It is about the "not as described issue". Buyers can claim this and sellers cannot win.....in any case. It is one-sided and wrong. Whether or not the buyer did this purposely or without malicious intent (just wanting to be able to get free return shipping), eBay won't even consider the third party verification. Here is my antique site https://tamarackshackantiques.com/. Here is my auction site-- http://www.hueckmanauction.com/ Tamarack Shack Antiques Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tshackantiques/ Hueckman Auction Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hueckmanauction/ Tamarack Shack Antiques Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TamarackShackAntiques/?ref=bookmarks Hueckman Auction Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/hueckmanauction/?ref=bookmarks A great watch resource site http://www.pocketwatchdatabase.com/ Where I get my business cards https://www.allegramarketingprint.com/locations/eagan-mn/ Here is a fabulous place to find watches at auction https://www.schmitt-horan.com/ I make my thumbnails with Canva, found here https://www.canva.com/
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How To Price Products on ebay - Completed Listings
We discuss how to use the "Sold" and "Completed Listings" filters to come up with market value on a product that is difficult to price.
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eBay buyer admits to breaking iPhone and then opens a SNAD case requesting full refund
Download The Make Money on eBay Training Course: http://PowerSellerResearch.com Subscribe to The Channel: http://goo.gl/LJqwYH Video Keywords: Item Not Received Opened Case Resolution Centre DSR Feedback Refund Escalate Case Broken Item Resolution Team Escalation Team Refund Request iPhone Phone Cell Phone SNAD Significantly Not as Described eBay Related Keywords: Make Money on Ebay How to Make Money on Ebay Selling on Ebay Ebay Business Running an eBay Business Beginners Guide to eBay ebay for Dummies eBay Thrift Store Selling clothes on eBay Selling electronics on eBay Selling shoes on eBay Selling antiques on eBay Selling junk on eBay Selling items on eBay How to be a Top Rated Seller Make Money Online Make Money Selling on eBay
How I Do $250,000 a Month Selling Alibaba and Ali Express Products on eBay & Amazon
BEST CONVERTING SHOPIFY THEME https://bit.ly/2TbVsqV Jungle Scout Analytic Tool http://affiliate.junglescout.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=618 SETUP YOUR OWN SHOPIFY STORE http://bit.ly/26SUDFb LINKS TO THESE PRODUCTS http://rulesforrebels.blogspot.com/2015/10/how-i-do-250000-month-selling-alibaba.html eCommerce is not rocket science, it's simply the process of finding products which sell well on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, or your own Shopify store or WooCommerce store. You want to find products which you can source cheaply either from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers on sites like Ali Express, Alibaba, Saleshoo, or domestically through something like ThomasNet. You want to find products which you can buy cheaply on those platforms and resell for more money on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc. My intention with this post isn't to have you run off and sell these exact products. It's to show you the process, to show you how to find items, etc. While you can probably make money just copying this exact method I would rather see you use the overall concept to find your own products and niches which you can sell. Money can be made selling random one off products, however a better way to build a longer term sustainable business with better margins, less competition, and loyal customers who make recurring purchases is to stick within a niche. Rather than selling a mixing bowl today and a tactical pen tomorrow you find a niche to settle into in which you can build content, a social media following, etc and then market and sell to that audience. If your selling all kitchen goods or cooking items people may buy multiple items from you or come back and make more purchases. If your selling a nintendo controller extension today and a pair of Yoga socks tomorrow your items are not crossover purchase items that the same consumer will buy, however if your selling multiple items in the Yoga niche for example there's a good chance the buyer who purchases Yoga socks will come back for a Yoga mat. Something I hear alot is how can we possibly compete with the low prices of Chinese manufacturers selling direct to consumers on platforms like eBay and Amazon. While that is making selling more challening, pricing isn't as big an issue as you may think. Sure someone can buy an item for $2 form a Chinese seller but it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive, the quality may be spotty, the listing probably isn't well written, and returns are difficult, often leaving the buyer paying expensive return shipping. Simply by putting together quality listings with good pictures and descriptions you can often outrank the manufacturers and sell for a higher price by that alone. You can also employ strategies like bundling products and private labeling which can also help you sell your products at higher prices than the manufacturers and suppliers are offering them for. I explain that in more detail below. Bundling refers to packaging items together. Let's take for example something like the fire starter. You can buy this for 0.20 cents and maybe sell it for a couple bucks right? Okay, well what if we now add a fire starter, a compass, a paracord bracelet and a folding credit card knife. All these items are very cheap. We could probably buy one of each for say $1. When we bundle these items together and call it a "Survival Pack" something along those lines we create added perceived value and can maybe get $16.95 for these 3 or 4 items which maybe cost us a buck and some change at most. How does private labeling add value to a product? Most people prefer buying brands as opposed to generic products. Sometimes it's because the brand product is superior, while other times peole just like a fancy name on a box. Think about it, if your at a store and your looking to buy a HDMI cable. Are you going to buy the one in the clear plastic bag with no name that just says "HDMI Cable" or are you going to buy the one in the box called "Lightening Cable" that has diagrams showing how the connections are gold, its faster than other HDMI cables, etc. Most people will probably opt for the branded item. Same thing with most other products, people want a branded product more and will typically pay a couple extra bucks to get it.
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Louis Vuitton Iconic Messenger bag unboxing, Reveal And Return to EBAY
A day in the life of an avid eBayer and long time LV LOVER
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How to return items to Amazon after 30 days return policy has expired.
Updated how to, Here is how to contact Amazon and request a return or refund on an item that if you had bought in a bricks and mortar store you could have returned. However, Amazons policy of 30 days although offered by Amazon does not limit your legal rights and as such you can request refunds or replacement. I have personally returned an item 11 months after purchase.
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BEST Items to Sell on eBay - Items with high demand, low supply!
Ebook reveals the best items to sell on eBay & Amazon dropshipping: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step Get SaleHoo & the Market Research Lab here: http://wholesaleted.com/yes/salehoo So: you want to know the best items to sell on eBay before you go out and purchase a bunch of products to relist in your eBay store? Fair enough. No one wants to buy products to resell that no one will buy! Here is our step-by-step process for avoiding that happening to you. Step 1: Generate a list of potentially good items to sell on eBay What we like to do here at Wholesale Ted is brainstorm a big list of potential items that might be great for reselling on eBay, and then going through each individual item and making sure it meets our criteria for a great item to relist. But brainstorming a big list of potential products to sell/list is pretty hard. So what we suggest you do is go to the Amazon Best Sellers list. Here, you’ll find the top 100 selling items in Amazon for each type of category (e.g. baby gear, outdoor furniture etc). Pick a category that interests you, and write down the items listed. Now: if you plan to buy items in bulk wholesale rates and resell them individually, I suggest you write down the generic product rather than the brand. This is because it is hard (but not impossible!) usually to find branded products in bulk, wholesale rates. But, if you plan to instead focus on thrifting or Craiglist for finding products, I recommend noting down the brand names and focusing on those. Step 2: Use SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab to identify the best items to sell on eBay Now that we’ve got our list, we want to go through each item and find the ones that have lots of buyer demand, but few suppliers. A high demand, low supply will ensure that it will be easy and profitable to sell. The way I do that is I put each item into a free tool included with a SaleHoo subscription: the Market Research Lab. Look for items that meet the following criteria: * Low seller competition * At least a 33% success rating * An average sale price of at least $10 If you find an item that doesn’t meet this criteria, cross it off your list. Keep going until you have a big list of items that do meet this criteria: these are the best items to sell on eBay. In my video I reveal one item as an example, tactical military backpacks. This had the following stats: * Low seller competition * A 44% success rating * An average sale price of over $25 Option step 3: Look for suppliers using the SaleHoo directory Want to locate cheap suppliers for the items you’ve generated on your list for steps 1-2? Then use SaleHoo’s directory list containing over 8,000+ wholesale suppliers, dropshippers and liquidators included as part of your subscription. Here is how you use it: Click “wholesale directory” in the top menu. In the search bar, type in the item you want to find suppliers for. That is it! SaleHoo will now generate a list of suppliers that sell your item. Super easy. If you enjoyed this tutorial on how to find the best items to sell on eBay, you’ll love our free ebook: How to Make $10,000 per Month with Dropshopping. Download it now by clicking this link: http://wholesaleted.com/4-step
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How To Return To Amazon
No shipping address? No problem! Ever wondered how to return something to Amazon? I'll show you how - it's easy! Go to "Your Account" - "Your Orders" - Return or Replace Items. Follow the prompts based on your needs. You will get a Return Authorization form to print. Here's the tricky part -- you place this INSIDE your box. Nothing goes on the outside of your box. Nada. No mailing address (whaaa?!). Confusing, I know... The UPS man deployed to pick up your return will have the mailing address for your box. Let him take care of it!
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ebay Talk- How to Cancel a Transaction on ebay 2015
in this video TRS ebay seller hubcapjoes shows you how to cancel a transaction when a buyer asks you to so that you do not get a defect. Joe will walk you through the process
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ReplyManager eBay After Sale Workshop Product Demo
ReplyManager unveils version 6.5 which includes the integration for eBay's After-Sale feature to help eBay sellers manage Returns and Cancellations directly from within ReplyManager. Plus we've also added Notes to the Resolution Center. Join Jodi Gaines Pereira, Co-Founder and CEO of ReplyManager, as she takes you through the eBay Returns and Cancellations features including implementation, use, and a tour of all features that ReplyManager has to offer to online sellers, including Amazon merchants. ReplyManager is a web-based message management tool designed to help online sellers manage high volumes of incoming email messages from eBay, Amazon, Sears, Alibaba and more. It is an eBay Compatible software that fully integrates with eBay customer service features with support for multiple accounts around the globe. It's the perfect all-in-one solution for eBay sellers. Instructions to Implement eBay After-Sale in ReplyManager: https://replymanager.com/customer-support/resources/ebay-returns-cancellations For a Free Trial Visit: https://replymanager.com/free-trial ReplyManager on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/replymanager ReplyManager on Twitter: https://twitter.com/replymanager ReplyManager on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+ReplyManager ReplyManager on YouTube: http://youtube.com/replymanager
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How to Detect Duplicate Listings on ebay Fast and Quick
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How to get non-payers to pay on eBay
Are you tired to non-responsive, non-paying, deadbeat eBay buyers? Here are a few ideas to get back at those quiet and disappearing buyers that seem to get away with our time.
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