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Girls und Panzer [AMV] Pravda- ☭The Red Army is the Strongest! (rock version)☭
For Pravda ! ☭ Group : LUBE (rus.Любэ) Song : Red Army The Strongest! (rus.Белая Армия, черный Барон)
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Girls Und Panzer-Pravda vs Kuromorimine
Information: This is an AMV/Montage on the anime Girls und Panzer presenting two teams of two different themes of two different music and cultures. First we have the german WW2 themed Kuromorimine with the song Panzerleid playing and second is the Soviet themed Pravda team with the song Katyusha (GuP version) playing. My Present to you Kamil! And for anyone else watching this is an AMV using footage from Girls Und Panzer to show 2 teams. Pravda (USSR themed) and Kuromorimine (German themed) and their national songs as used in the anime. Hope you Enjoy!
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thanks to bandai namco for sending me this early meme SUBMIT MEMES: https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ :::::::My Setup:::::::: Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Headphones:: http://rzr.to/edgar Camera:: http://amzn.to/2FaJFGa Microphone::: http://amzn.to/2F8gUKa Display:: http://amzn.to/2H2PhyM Light:: http://amzn.to/2CWDLTa Keyboard:: http://amzn.to/2FaJNWa Mouse:: http://amzn.to/2oOqJlG Mousepad:: http://amzn.to/2oH0tu7
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Katyusha-Girls und Panzer (Pravda) Sub Español- Transliteración Latina
Subtitulado y transliteración latina. For english speakers: My english is a **** **** so I have gonna write this in spanish, use a translator or whatever you want. 1- Este vídeo era para hablantes en español, no para hablantes ingleses y nunca imagine que lo vieran rusos. 2- Los subtitulos son en español y la transliteracion latina (No es ruso! ) Transliterar : (Real Academia de la lengua española) Representar signos de un idioma o escritura mediante los signos de otro. Y para finalizar, a los que comentaron que "no era ruso", los felicito, descubrieron que el agua moja, en la descripción siempre estuvo la primera oración que esta escrita y si no se toman la molestia de investigar no entiendo como si se toman la de criticar.
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Girls Und Panzer - Pravda - Soviet March (Red Alert 3)
At last, It happened. I'm officially crazy!^_^. Making Girls Und Panzer AMV is incredibly funny, because I can combine two of my most loved passions (anime and military song). Honestly I didn't know about this song, so thanks to Larry SFX that suggested it to me. This AMV is yours also!^_^ Next time, we'll meet Kuromorimine again! What will be the song? ... Surprise! See you soon
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GIRLS und PANZER - Pravda (Sovjet Hymn/Instrumental) Bonus Video for "Командир Нонна"
Yesterday I worked 14 hours at minus temperatures and I am sick today. So let the time go by somehow. Well, at least for today I am reported ill. I can not ever sit in the house and waiting to be healthy. After all, Christmas is at the door and the business is booming xD I hope you like the video "Nonna Pravda Commander" ;) From now on I will create one or two videos each month my viewers want. Bonus Videos extra for you, with your name in the title. So express your wishes and I look for the lucky ones
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Girls und Panzer - Pravda - March of the Soviet Tankmen (Марш советских танкистов)
Very long time since I was uploading previous video, 'cause I'm so busy doing my works, I almost upload this video without my intro :O Anyway, Any comment, question or suggest?, write it down below! :D Oh! and thank you you guys fir subscribing my channl until it reach 390! March of the Soviet Tankmenis a military march composed in 1939 by the Pokrass brothers with lyrics by Laskin. It was commonly used as a Soviet propaganda song in World War II. The origin of the song was the movie "Tractorists" (1939) Read more about this song! : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_of_the_Soviet_Tankmen
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Girls und Panzer   Katyusha full version.  Катюша Девушки унд-я танковая
Anime: Odc 8. :http://www.anime-shinden.info/22739-girls-und-panzer-08.html#daily Po polsku: Rozkwitały jabłonie i grusze Popłynęła ponad rzeką mgła Ku brzegowi szła Kasieńka błoniem Ku brzegowi wysokiemu szła Ku brzegowi idąc pieśń śpiewała O stepowym orle sponad skał O tym, kogo bardzo miłowała Czyje listy chowa niczym skarb Oj ty pieśni, piosnko ty dziewczęca W ślad za słonkiem jaśniejącym spiesz Żołnierzowi z pogranicza dźwięcznie Od Kasieńki pozdrowienia nieś Niech tam wspomni miłą swą dziewczynę Jak mu śpiewa do utraty tchu Gdy on strzeże ziemi swej rodzinnej Kasia serce wiernie strzeże mu Rozkwitały jabłonie i grusze Popłynęła ponad rzeką mgła Ku brzegowi szła Kasieńka błoniem Ku brzegowi wysokiemu szła
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GIRLS und PANZER - Pravda (Katyusha/Soviet March Instrumental)
Today Katyusha gives us the honor. Have fun ;) Heute gibt uns Katyusha die Ehre. Viel Spaß ;) Picture: https://rightwingotaku.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/movie-review-girls-und-panzer-der-film/gup129m/
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Girls und Panzer - Soviet March (Red Alert)
Using up the rest of the Pravda battle clips here. A little lazier done
Girls Und Panzer AMV - Pravda - Гимн Советского Союза (Female Version)
Here we are again. Honestly I wasn't quite sure about Pravda version. I wanted a female version of the Soviet Anthem, so I've serched a most proper alternative. Sorry for the poor audio quality, but this is the best I could find. Al rights reserved to proper owners
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GuP der Film: KV-2 sacrifices for Katyusha
I do not own any media used in this video, it is for entertainment purposes only This footage is from "Girls und Panzer der Film" (2015) Girls und Panzer der Film OST Soundtrack 決断します! https://youtu.be/f2Sxtderzyw
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R.I.P. Klara
I do not own any media used in this video, it is for entertainment purposes only. This footage is from "Girls und Panzer der Film" (2015).
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Girls Und Panzer AMV - Pravda - Гимн Советского Союза
And with this we are four. Now it is the turn of Pravda. For the occasion, we take a trip into the past, replacing the actual anthem with "Гимн Советского Союза" (Gimn Sovetskogo Sojuza) Making this video was more difficult than I expected, because the battle scenes were very few, so I had to reuse some. For Anzio, obviously the real Anthem version will be available only when we'll see the next OAV, but for time I'll create a "temporary" version. All Rights To Proper Owners
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Полюшко-поле (Girls und panzer AMV)
~Facebook~ https://www.facebook.com/Cobragorgonsite ~Twitter~ https://twitter.com/xcobragorgonx ~Anzio offical facebook~ https://www.facebook.com/VivalapastaeAnzio Panzer VOR! I DONT OWN ANYTHING
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[AMV] Girls und Panzer - Soviet March
Дорогие друзья, коллеги, экзорцисты, хокаге и шаманы я бы хотел представить вам свой канал что направлен на созданиях различных роликов по аниме, начиная от AMV заканчивая различными творческими порывами ( аниме обзоры, аниме топы, аниме приколы, аниме тесты и многое другое). Дикий ржач и безумный контент, как Граф Безумия, это вам гарантирую. Да прибудут с вами тортик и чай. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Моя группа в ВК https://vk.com/paladins_of_anime ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ [МУЗЫКА] Song: Аниме: Girls und Panzer Музыка: Soviet March
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Stalin's Singing Schoolgirls
"I wonder, why does Katyusha have a toaster hat?" - Orange Pekoe "It's to keep her head toasty!~" - Darjeeling Anime: Girls Und Panzer Music owned by Lantis and this video is under the terms of Fair use. Lyrics (Romanized): Rastsvetali iabloni i grushi, Poplyli tumany nad rekoj. Vykhodila na bereg Katyusha, Na vysokij bereg na krutoj. Vykhodila na bereg Katyusha, Na vysokij bereg na krutoj. Vykhodila, pesniu zavodila Pro stepnogo, sizogo orla, Pro togo, kotorogo liubila, Pro togo, chi pisma beregla. Pro togo, kotorogo liubila, Pro togo, chi pisma beregla. Lyrics (in Russian): Расцветали яблони и груши, Поплыли туманы над рекой. Выходила на берег Катюша, На высокий берег на крутой. Выходила, песню заводила Про степного, сизого орла, Про того, которого любила, Про того, чьи письма берегла. Ой ты, песня, песенка девичья, Ты лети за ясным солнцем вслед. И бойцу на дальнем пограничье От Катюши передай привет. Пусть он вспомнит девушку простую, Пусть услышит, как она поёт, Пусть он землю бережёт родную, А любовь Катюша сбережёт English Translation: Apple and pear trees were blooming. O'er the river the fog merrily rolled. On the steep banks walked Katyusha, On the high bank she slowly strode. As she walked, she sang a sweet song Of her silver eagle of the steppe, Of the one she loved she loved so dearly, And the one whose letters she had kept
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Girls Und Panzer - All "Speak in Japanese" Scenes
Klara is the only actual Russian in the series, and so far, has a voice actress being from their native hometown, being Russia.
Views: 6355 Mike A.
Girls und Panzer 09 - Ooarai 38(t) vs. Pravda T-34
Selbstmörderischer Angriff vom kleinen 38(t) gegen die T-34. Leider kann ich nur kleine Ausschnitte von Girls und Panzer bieten, ganze werden nämlich von Youtube sofort weltweit gesperrt, weil Dritte Rechte in Anspruch nehmen. Untertitel auf deutsch verfügbar. Selbst erstellt, hab gut eine Stunde an der Syncronisation rumgefummelt. Viel Spaß!
Views: 441689 Daniel Gehb
Girls Und Panzer - AMV - Pravda & Others - Soviet March (Male Version)
Oh my God, Katyusha has gone crazy!!! She decided to declare war to all Japan. Will someone be able to stop her? Many of you asked me to create a "Male Version" of Soviet March, but I didn't want simply create a "remake" of the first AMV, so I decided to create this... madness^^ Some clips are from 白瀬うに 's incredible and really fun video that you can find here http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20599169 Remember also to visit my FB page for news and questions https://www.facebook.com/pages/CJ-Spencer-AMV-Production/680897808652021 Stay tuned, soon more pravda!^^ All Rights Belong To The Proper Owners
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Cossack Lullaby
From the Girls und Panzer anime. All the parts of the song that aren't sung by 上坂 すみれ (Uesaka Sumire) were made by digitally changing the pitch of Наталья Фаустова's (Natalia Faustova's) voice from her own, excellent version of the song. Made as a gift for a fan. Cossack Lullaby written in 1838 by Mijaíl Lérmontov. For those asking if Natalia Faustova "speaks good Russian", see https://imgur.com/a/0YvbDde
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Girls und Panzer - Katyusha (full version)
as above
Views: 907878 Zetarn
GIRLS und PANZER. Team Pravda's march song. ("March of Soviet tankers") ("Марш Советских танкистов")
This video is not recommended to persons without sense of humour.)) Видео не рекомендуется для просмотра лицам, лишенным чувства юмора.)) Япоцы заигрались в "World of tanks" и сняли мультсериал на эту тему.)) . In Japanese animated film girls go into battle singing "Katyusha". But "Katyusha". is not military song, it is a civil song. If tank club members are fans of Soviet Army, they also must to know and must to sing war songs before fight. MARCH OF SOVIET TANKISTS Armor is strong and our tanks are fast, And our people are full of courage: In the ranks are Soviet tankers - Their Great Motherland children! Thundering with fire, glinting the steel, The tanks will begin a harsh campaing, When the severe time of war will become And our Motherland will call us to battle! The labor of factories and the labor of collective farms We will protect, saving our country With the shock force of our gun turrels, With the quickness and with the rush of fire! Thundering with fire, glinting the steel, The tanks will begin a harsh campaing, When the severe time of war will become And our Motherland will call us to battle! Let the enemy, hiding in ambush, remember... That we are on alert, we are watching for enemy! We want not a single inch of an alien land But we shall not give away even one inch of our territory! Thundering with fire, glinting the steel, The tanks will begin a harsh campaing, When the severe time of war will become And our Motherland will call us to battle! And if a hardened enemy will rise up against us, He will be destroyed always and everywhere, In this case our tank drivers will activate the ignitions, And the tanks will go across forests, hills, water... Thundering with fire, glinting the steel, The tanks will begin a harsh campaing, When the severe time of war will become And our Motherland will call us to battle! If you prefer historic version: Thundering with fire, glinting the steel, The tanks will begin a harsh campaing, When we called to battle by Comrade Stalin And the First Marshall will lead us in this battle!
Views: 70883 Nikilint
Girls Und Panzer - AMV - Pravda - Bandiera Rossa
Hi again to everyone!^^ Sorry for this endless period of darkness, but during the past April I had every single weekend occupied by other activities, and considering work I had absolutely no time for nothing, both write and make videos. But finally I'm here, and considering the special day for my return I thought that there was no better song to celebrate the Work's Day than this one, the Italian "Bandiera Rossa". The man in transparency is Palmiro Togliatti, one of the greatest leaders of the Italian Communist Party, so well known and respected even in Soviet Union that there's a city named in his honor (Togliatti, sometimes Togliattigrad, along the Volga). See you soon with a new entry!^^ ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE PROPER OWNERS
Views: 11600 CJ Spencer
Girls Und Panzer OST: Polyushko-polye
By: Knipper Lev Konstantinovich
Views: 1049189 OstsForAll0
Girls und Panzer [AMV] Pravda - March of Stalin's Artillery
March of Stalin's Artillery
Views: 25341 Honza Moravec
Girls und Panzer - Katyusha Russian Song /w Lyrics
Lyrics used of the Anime Girls und Panzer Rastsvetali yabloni i grushi, Paplyli tumany nad rekoy. Vykhodila na bereg Katyusha, Na vysokii bereg na krutoy. Vykhodila na bereg Katyusha, Na vysokii bereg na krutoy. Vykhodila, pesnyu zavodila Pro stepnogo, sizogo orla, Pro togo, katorogo lyubila, Pro togo, ch'i pis'ma beregla. Pro togo, katorogo lyubila, Pro togo, ch'i pis'ma beregla.
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girl und panzer pravda tanks
Girls Und Panzer, Girls Und Panzer Pravda, Pravda, Katyusha, Tanks,T-34, T-34/85. IS-2, KV-2, Soviet Tanks, WW2 Tanks, Russian Tanks, Nonna,
Views: 8380 Daniel Aldrighetti
Girls Und Panzer OST: Katyusha Sung by Katyusha & Nonna
By: Katyusha (CV: Kanemoto Hisako), Nonna (CV: Uesaka Sumire)
Views: 907512 OstsForAll0
Girls und panzer Vodka The angry russian version
All rights to their respective owners Once more into the breach with vodka (hopefuly for the last time) I dont think i will be able to use the original version anytime soon so there is this piece of work.... Anime:Girls und panzer Der Film Song:Vodka cover by Beer Bear (original by Korpiklaani)
Views: 84192 666MIHI
LEGAL LOLI Katyusha - Girls und Panzer [60FPS]
U Want Sum Lolis? https://www.youtube.com/c/LolisandTrapsandMOREEE Anime: Girls und Panzer ガールズ&パンツァー Episodes 8,9,10
Views: 25927 Legalolicon
Girls Und Panzer - AMV - Pravda - The Artilleryman's Song
Hi again! I'm back for you with a new GUP AMV Quite ironic, don't you think? Two days ago I finally decide to make a new Pravda's AMV months after the last one, and the day after probably the latest "heroes" of the socialist revolutions' era passes away: was it destiny?^^ By the way, the video was ready yesterday evening already, but I found some problems after the final editing so I had to postpone its release to this morning. As expected, with the movie's images is much more easy to create good AMVs with pravda. A note: Even if some of you asked, I cannot make the "song of the sovietic tankmen" anymore. The song has been recently used by Grafspee Ankoree to make an AMV, and it's one of my rules to not use songs already used if I'm aware of their existance. That's all folks! See you soon!^_^ ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE PROPER OWNERS
Views: 246687 CJ Spencer
[10 Hours Perfect Loop] Girls und Panzer - Katyusha
"You prepared these tanks just to make Katyusha laugh, did you not? All of you are below Katyusha! Your tanks, your technology and your height." ―Katyusha
Views: 144021 Piso Pedralbes
Girls und Panzer - Pravda - To serve Russia
Just one russian song that has been wait for long time. Any question, comment, suggestion, or request? Write it down below! : ) This song is a typr of Red Army choir cossacks song, but I don't have any information about this song :( , I just found it on Youtube and it's a great video (In my opinion),So I choose it.
Views: 60696 Grafspee Anköre
[MLG] Girls und Panzer; Russian Gril scopes noobs
Anime: Girls Und Panzer Top kek grill anime snipar in tank. PS: Watch it until the end Please! There is a voting Poll there. XD Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139804407 Patreon (For those who want to donate): https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2518851&ty=h Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimeMLGs
Views: 36573 xXWeegeEXx
Uesaka Sumire talks about tanks (From Sugita's AniGera #133) [Girls und Panzer]
From Sugita's AniGera #133 (2014-05-01) Host: Sugita Tomokazu, Mafia Kajita, Kedouin Guest: Uesaka Sumire ーーー 【杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン #133 (2014.05.01) 】より パーソナリティ:杉田智和、マフィア梶田 準レギュラー:祁答院 ゲスト:上坂すみれ
Views: 9908 Lost Subs
Girls Und Panzer OST: Panzerlied
By: Hoffman
Views: 694524 OstsForAll0
Girls und panzer - Pravda Hell march (amv)
Soviet theme from the original Red alert game and Girls und panzer anime tv show highlights with a little bonus right at the start of the video. All rights belong to their respective owners Enjoy
Views: 179077 666MIHI
Girls und Panzer: Russian Lullaby AMV
Girls und Panzer is a military anime where Panzer fahren is a female sport. There are German, Russian, Japanese, American, Italian and British themed schools and they fight each other in the Sensha-do World Cup. Enjoy! ^^ Music: Toy Box-Russian Lullaby Anime: Girls und Panzer 1 I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING INCLUDING THE ANIME AND THE AUDIO! ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR REAL OWNERS!
Views: 11580 Aurora Ostrogoth
Girls Und Panzer:Katyusha (Soviet Song)
Girls And Panzer:Katyusha (Soviet Song) URRAAA!!! Anime Version
Views: 656 Rama Danadipa 31
Soviet Tankists (Girls und panzer OAV)
hey guys! i hope you enjoyed this video~! if you did be sure to subscribe and comment what i should do next!
girl und panzer in REAL LIFE pravda vs saunders soviet march
sorry for everything wrong
Views: 1829 The old music
Girls und Panzer - Pravda Hell March
Pravda girls' high school publicize
Views: 9428 林文麟
Gambino und Panzer 【Girls und Panzer x Childish Gambino】
Shoutout to Miho, she represents the realness. Shoutout to Panzer Girls, my dick is in the Anglerfish. This mashup will be downloadable on a future album. All songs are property of their original owners. Sources: Girls und Panzer - ENTER ENTER MISSION Childish Gambino - Bonfire Super Dodge Ball - U.S.S.R. Theme John Jacobson - Double Dream Feet
Views: 3793 Truongasm
Anime Review: Girls und Panzer
A slice of life, moe show featuring cute girls doing cute things, however with a fun twist... THEY ARE IN MOTHER F**KING TANKS! Check description for updated score. [Re-Upload] Youtube decided, delete my channel after one copyright strike. Yeah thanks for that, really appreciate it. [Updated Score - 5.8/10] Story - 5 Characters - 5 Animation - 7 Sound - 6 Enjoyment - 6 Overall - 5.8
Views: 85611 Kevin Nyaa
【MAD】Girls und Panzer THE Red Alert 3 Remix/ガールズ&パンツァー X Red Alert 3
A remix of a Japanese animation Girls und Panzer
Views: 80283 yrefrank
Girls und Panzer funny moments: Re-treat-ing=We-are-charging
Anime: Girls und Panzer (der film) One of the most hilarious and stupid scenes in all of Girls und Panzer I do not own this clip.
Views: 24095 The Soviet Comrade

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