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How to Use Qards and Contact Form 7 (v.1.0)
A short tutorial about how to integrate Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin with Qards using shortcodes. Qards - http://designmodo.com/qards/ “Contact Form 7” is popular plugin that allows you to create contact forms on your WordPress website. In this video, we’ll show you how easily use the “Contact Form 7” and Qards. It’s important to know that Qards are ready for shortcodes and you can use shortcodes directly in your HTML block. So, we have installed Contact Form 7 and Qards. Go to Contact, from left menu and copy the shortcode of our contact form. After this, go to Qards, open the Visual Editor with our previously made design and integrate the contact form in the design. You can also use this contact form in the special page only for contact details of your website. In this example, we will insert contact form in this place, choose a block to drag and drop to our design, change the text of this section and click save. Now we’ll copy and paste the shortcode to HTML of this block. Click the settings icon and choose Edit HTML/CSS. We’ll remove this part of code with block description, and insert the contact form shortcode. Remember that you can’t use the Visual Editor for this block after you save HTML changes. In our example we save changes, and let’s see the result. Here is the shortcode of our contact form, click save and we can see how it looks on the live website. Now you have a contact form, but in the default style without any design. Let’s customize this form using Global CSS. Go to the admin dashboard, appearance and qards settings. Here we have Global CSS that rewrites CSS of our website and you can style your design. We have prepared style code for this contact form, copy the code from editor to the Global CSS editor. Click save changes and let’s see the final result. Refresh the previous page and here it is. Now you have a nicely-styled contact form using Contact Form 7 and Qards. Code used: .wpcf7-form { background:#fff; border-radius:2px; max-width: 500px; padding: 10px 20px; margin:0 auto 10px; text-align:center; } .wpcf7-form input, .wpcf7-form textarea { background:#fff; border:1px solid #f7de7f; border-radius:2px; width:100%; margin: 4px 0 8px 0; padding: 14px 18px; color: #4f4f4f; font-size: 16px; vertical-align: middle; border-radius: 25px; text-align:center; outline:none; } .wpcf7-form p { color: #919191; margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:10px; } .wpcf7-form .wpcf7-submit { background:#f7de7f; cursor:pointer; color:#6C6C6C; font-size:18px; } .wpcf7-form input:hover[type="submit"] { background:#f7de7f; cursor:pointer; color:#6C6C6C; }
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ไอที ลิเวอร์มอลล์ แนะนำการเพิ่มโมดูลใน Joomla
แนะนำ การเพิ่มโมดูลใน joomla และแก้ไขโมดูล คลิกเมนู "ส่วนเสริม" แล้วเลือก "การจัดการโมดูล" และจะพบกับรายชื่อโมดูลทั้งหมดและทุกตำแหน่ง หากเราต้องการเพิ่ม มีวิธีเพิ่มดังต่อไปนี้ การเพิ่มโมดูล 1.คลิก "สร้างใหม่" แล้วก็จะเห็นประเภทโมดูล ที่เราต้องการเลือกใช้งาน ตามคำอธิบายต่อท้ายสีดำ 2.เลือกประเภท ในที่นี้ผมเลือกโมดูล "กำหนด HTML เอง" 3.ใส่ชื่อโมดูลที่ต้องการ 4.ใส่รายละเอียดหรือโค้ด หรือรูปภาพ ลงไป 5.กำหนดการแสดงที่เมนู หมายถึง "การกำหนดให้โมดูลแสดงทุกหน้า หรือ กำหนดบางหน้าที่เราเลือก" 6.กำหนด "แสดงชื่อโมดูล" เลือก "แสดง" หรือ "ซ่อน" 7.เลือกตำแหน่ง "โพทิชั่น" หรือเลือกตำแหน่งการแสดง 8. เลือกการเรียงลำดับ 9.บันทึก โดย แนะนำให้คลิก "บันทึก & ปิด" คำแนะนำ *หากไม่ทราบ ตำแหน่ง Position การแสดงผลของโมดูลให้ทำดังต่อไปนี้ 1.คลิกที่ส่วนเสริม 2.การจัดการเทมเพลต 3.คลิกดูตัวอย่าง เทมเพลต ที่เราใช้อยู่ ก็จะแสดงตำแหน่งต่างๆ ให้เราเห็นทั้งหมด จะบอกเป็นชื่อตำแหน่ง เช่น Position: toolbar-l [ Style: none outline] ชื่อตำแหน่งก็คือ "toolbar-l" จัดทำโดย นายสุขสันต์ ประดิษฐ์แท่น ผู้ดูแลเว็บไซต์ http://www.itlivermall.net/ โทร.0870460257
Tutorial Joomla Template erstellen: 1. Die Grundlagen - Einführung in Joomla Templates
Dies ist hier nun der erste Teil meiner Serie zur Erstellung eines eigenen Joomla Templates. Diese Serie baut auf meiner vorherigen Serie auf, in der man lernt, wie man eine einfache HTML5-Webseite erstellt. Nun adaptieren wir unsere Webseite und bauen daraus ein Template, das wir auch in Joomla benutzen können. Im ersten Teil erkläre ich euch, aus welchen Dateien und woraus ein Joomla Template besteht, ausserdem gehe ich auf die Datei templateDetails.xml ein, die man benötigt, um sein Template in Joomla zu installieren. Auf Wunsch biete ich auch Online- oder Offline-Schulungen an, nehmt dazu einfach Kontakt über das Formular auf meiner Webseite auf: http://www.whykiki.de Auf Wunsch meiner Abonennten habe ich nun einen Spendenknopf eingebaut, wer mir was Gutes tun will, kann das dort ab sofort tun. Ihr findet ihn auf meiner Webseite. Auf Wunsch meiner Abonennten habe ich nun einen Spendenknopf eingebaut, wer mir was Gutes tun will, kann das dort ab sofort tun. Ihr findet ihn auf meiner Webseite. http://www.whykiki.de Auf Wunsch meiner Abonennten habe ich nun einen Spendenknopf eingebaut, wer mir was Gutes tun will, kann das dort ab sofort tun. Ihr findet ihn auf meiner Webseite. http://www.whykiki.de
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Joomla!: Reviewing the module insertion code | lynda.com
This specific tutorial is a single movie from chapter one of the Joomla! 1.5: Styling with CSS course presented by lynda.com author Jen Kramer. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/CSS-1-5-tutorials/joomla-1-5-styling-with-css/665-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=videoupload-lynda-665-0103 The complete course has a total duration of 2 hours and 29 minutes. Joomla! 1.5: Styling with CSS table of contents: Introduction 1. CSS in Joomla! 2. CSS and Menus: The Basics 3. CSS and Menus: Advanced 4. Module and Content Settings and Styling 5. Managing CSS Across Several Templates Conclusion
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Bambi Blurbs Animated SVG Icons Plugin for Divi
Bambi Blurbs Animated SVG Icons Divi Plugin. Find it here: https://seku.re/bambyt Bambi Blurbs. A funky Animated SVG icons Divi Plugin What is an Animated SVG Icons Divi Plugin? A plugin is a bit of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your Divi Theme. It adds a specific feature to an existing program. A program that supports plug-ins enables customisation. In this instance the plugin serves up 90 animated SVG icons and allows the user to customise colours, hover effects and have some control over the animation. What you get With the Divi Plugin you get 90 pre-designed icons that have a range of animation options. And more packs of icons will be made available at regular intervals for a small price. What does it do? Here are some of the properties this Divi Plugin has. The small file sized icons will load fast on a website. The plugin will integrate seamlessly with the Divi Blurb Module Settings. The SVGs resize infinitely without loss of quality. The Bambi Blurbs loads all animated icons as code. All you need to do is install the plugin. No need to have animation skills to change it. What can you change with the Plugin? You can change the following and have control over: Hover Effects - slide-in left to right - slide-up - slide triangle behind - shadow bottom - tilt icon left - bounce - none Change Icon Colours - outline - fill - background Animation Control - loop animation - on hover: infinite loop - on hover: animate once - off - no animation Icon Size - Icons have a default size which can be adjusted under “Design” as a percentage - Icons can be scaled independently for desktop, tablet and mobile views - To keep it mobile friendly, icons cannot be bigger than the container they are in Why would you want to buy this? Websites have become very flat in design. Of course colours, images and video can lift a website. But text tends to live in very boring blocks. These animated icons will give you the opportunity to add something extra to your design. Make a part of your site pop. These animated SVGs will allow you to introduce some fun and interest back into webdesign. The plugin allows you to change colour, change some of the animation actions and hover effects. Make it your own. And the best part. You don’t need to know how to create animations yourself. It’s been done for you. Get it now. Be the first to add animated icons to your web design. Please note: Microsoft browsers such as IE and Edge won’t support animated SVGs. IE and Edge Browsers will only show flat icons (not animated) because they do not support animated SVGs. Icons will display and scale just fine - but they won’t animate in Internet Explorer and Edge. Edge promises svg animation support in future versions. IE & Edge is just 9% of global users, so not really a big deal. More here: https://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php You do not need to know how to make animations yourself to use this Plugin Please watch our video on How to Use Bambi as shown below before asking for support SVG animations are fully responsive Get social with us: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Divi_Den_Shop Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedividen/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/divi_den/ Pinterest: https://de.pinterest.com/anjadividen/ Website: https://webdesign101.berlin/divi-den/ The Divi Den is for Web Designers and Developers who use the Divi Builder to create amazing websites. The shop offers a bunch of well designed Divi Layouts, Divi Modules, Divi Elements and Sections and combines a range of layouts into Divi Kits and Packs. Many free products as well as a few affordable premium products. Come and visit us at https://webdesign101.berlin/divi-den/
Bootstrap 4 Cards
Learn how to create digital cards using Bootstrap 4 card layout component. ▶ Download Exercise Files http://www.3rdelement.com/online_training/html/bootstrap/Bootstrap4-Cards.zip ▶ Digital Cards Digital cards are design containers that provide flexible content with the use of headings, paragraphs, lists, links, images, and more. They are a great tool for communicating quick stories, improve the user experience, encourage users to share content on social media, they represent actions and are great for pulling in information from multiple sources. And so let's go ahead and see how Bootstrap handles the Card Layout Component. Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and JS. ▶ Bootstrap 4 Cards A card is a flexible and extensible content container. It includes options for headers and footers, a wide variety of content, contextual background colors, and powerful display options. Card decks Need a set of equal width and height cards that aren’t attached to one another? Use card decks. Body The building block of a card is the .card-body. Use it whenever you need a padded section within a card. Card Titles, text, and links Card titles are used by adding .card-title to an h tag. In the same way, links are added and placed next to each other by adding .card-link to an a tag. More from Elias Sarantopoulos ❤ Creative tutorials from Elias Sarantopoulos. Helping you develop your skills with Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, and Bootstrap tutorials. Website! ▶ Helping You Develop - http://www.pixelias.com/ Flickr! ▶ http://bit.ly/1xx0bBu Instagram! ▶ https://instagram.com/pixeliasdotcom/ Twitter! ▶ http://www.twitter.com/pixEliasdotcom Subscribe! ▶ http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPq0a0HP6JvculGSNYu-pSQ?sub_confirmation=1
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WordPress Theme Customization
WordPress Theme Customization Bangla Tutorial
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How to Remove Iframe Border
Follow this step by step easy tutorial to learn how we can remove iframe border in html5 through frame border property. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ We use frames to display other documents in our webpage and the technical name used for it in html5 is iframe. Sometimes designer may require the frame without its borders, so in this tutorial we be focusing on removing iframe border. Step # 1 -- iframe Basic Code The syntax for including an iframe is shown in the following image. Here, the src provides the source of the document. It must be noted that iframe element is supported by all the browsers. While the width and height is set according to our requirement. We can describe them in px, i.e. pixels format or they can be described in % format, for example, 75%. Step # 2 -- Remove Frame Border There is a property in iframe called frameborder. If we set frameborder="0", then the borders would be removed from the frame. And this was all about removing iframe border.
How to Add an iframe Border Around a Video Embed
Do you want to add an iframe border around your video embed? You can use both iframe and oEmbed to add videos in WordPress. In this video, we will show you how to add an iframe border around a video embed. If you liked this video, then please Like and consider subscribing to our channel for more WordPress videos. Text version of this tutorial: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-add-an-iframe-border-around-a-video-embed/ Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpbeginner Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/wpbeginner Join our circle on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wpbeginner/ Checkout our website for more WordPress Tutorials http://www.wpbeginner.com/ Summary of this Tutorial: Open the post where the video is. Go to the text editor and find the code for the embed. Add some inline style code and you're done. If you want to do that for all your videos, just add a CSS class for when you add the iframe.
A close look at the Bartik stylesheet structure (a Drupal how-to)
This is one of over 80 videos in a 8-hour series on http://buildamodule.com called "Drupal Theming Essentials". How to build or modify a theme in Drupal 7. We discuss various methods to modify Drupal output, how to decide which to use, and work through several practical applications of useful techniques. You can watch over 7 hours of FREE focused Drupal video tutorials on http://buildamodule.com. To view the entire list of over videos (totaling over hours), simply go to http://buildamodule.com and scroll down. There are currently 5 collections available, including: * Drupal 7 Core Concepts (12 hours, 140 videos) - This series contains over 120 videos and 12 hours of content, covering the most essential aspects of Drupal development, from setting up module scaffolding to working with forms and the database to working with jQuery and JavaScript. This library is a must-have for all developers. Read more at http://buildamodule.com/drupal-7-development-core-concepts-video-tutorials. * Drupal 6 Development and Tools (9 hours, 34 videos) - This is the original Build a Module.com series on Drupal 6 development along with some additional tools. Weighing in at nearly 9 hours, with over 30 videos, this is a great way to get started with Drupal 6 development. Read more at http://buildamodule.com/drupal-6-development-and-tools-video-tutorials. * Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site (12 hours, 210 videos) - In this collection, we take you through the process of building a fully function Drupal 7 web site, step by step. No prior Drupal experience is required, and when you're done you will have learned the most import components of Drupal site building and will have developed the skills to tackle unanticipated problems as they arise. Read more at http://buildamodule.com/build-your-first-drupal-7-web-site-video-tutorials. * Working with Files and the File API (2 hours, 24 videos) - In this 2+ hour collection, we cover the basics and the not-so-basics of working with Files and the File API in Drupal 7. Read more at http://buildamodule.com/working-with-files-and-the-file-api-video-tutorials. * Drupal Theming Essentials (8 hours, 80 videos) - How to build or modify a theme in Drupal 7. We discuss various methods to modify Drupal output, how to decide which to use, and work through several practical applications of useful techniques. Read more at http://buildamodule.com/drupal-7-theming-essentials-video-tutorials. Here are a few things that viewers have had to say about http://buildamodule.com: "Many thanks for the terrific video series on Drupal 7 - your excellent videos are simply the best source of training and information on Drupal in existence!" "Chris has put together some of the best Drupal training material I've seen to date. I run a Drupal shop, and several of my developers have used Build a Module.com to get up to speed with working in Drupal 7. From what I've heard, they found the experience extremely valuable, and what's great for us as a team is that they can always go back and review material when they're tackling a particular problem." "Firstly, let me say that I am finding your videos extremely helpful. It's always difficult at first to get into something new but your videos are really helping me find my way in." "I recently bought the download of your twelve Drupal 7 Core Concepts videos. I am new to Drupal and they are excellent. In fact they are the best tutorial videos I have ever used in the past ten years of teaching myself HTML and PHP and then Joomla (I know, I was just experimenting.) and now Drupal." To start learning how to build sites, develop code or theme in Drupal, check out the full video library at http://buildamodule.com.
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Ribbet - Free Image Editor - Tips and Advice for Beginners
Ribbet is new @ www.ribbet.com - introduction for people who have never used an online image editor. - 'Build Your Profile' join us online at http://www.virtualsecuritybrokers.com.au - If you are making photographs, images, graphics or other picture style files and want an editor that you can learn quickly then you are in the right place. Picnik is just that - easy and fun to use while giving you professional tools to work with. - Join us on http://www.baysidestudio.com for more on artwork! - Join us at Talmidahs Art Gallery on Fine Art America - http://talmidahs-art-gallery.artistswebsites.com - Virtual art gallery - Talmidahs @ http://slurl.com/secondlife/fraser/121/26/59 -
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Slider Revolution Responsive Setup Part 2: Responsive Text
Essential training for creating responsive sliders. Part 2 explores Responsive Text Layers and additional Responsive Options for your slider's content. See Slider Revolution in action: https://revolution.themepunch.com/ More Slider Revolution Screencasts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSCdqDWVMJPPDcH_57CNZvLckoB8cimJF Full Documentation: https://www.themepunch.com/revslider-doc/slider-revolution-documentation/ Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.themepunch.com/support-center/#support Support Center: https://themepunch.ticksy.com/
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How to Fix Font Awesome Icons Not Showing in WordPress
This video is about how to fix Font Awesome icons not showing - this is what I did to solve the issue of one icon not displaying on WordPress. I hope this helps you. » Link to the blog post, covering even more solutions: https://www.theycallmehoz.com/font-awesome-not-working/ Enjoy! PS Please Like this video and leave me a comment or ask me anything if I can help you in any way (or just say Hi!). #WordPress #FontAweome #TheyCallMeHoz ⓘ RESOURCE: MY FREE WORDPRESS GUIDE: https://www.theycallmehoz.com/wordpress/ ⓘ LIKE WHAT I'M DOING? ▶ JOIN MY TRIBE: https://www.theycallmehoz.com/patreon ▶ GET MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MP893Q6 ⓘ WHEN DOES THE NEXT HOZ VIDEO GO LIVE? I publish a video when I have something cool to share with you. This varies but it's usually several times per week. As a subscriber, you can catch up with all the latest content each time you log into YouTube. Subscribe to the channel and never miss out: ▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBygaFQRESGrkTpkXIDNow?sub_confirmation=1 ⓘ OTHER COOL STUFF YOU MAY LIKE: » Here's a list of all my Playlists so far: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBygaFQRESGrkTpkXIDNow/playlists ⓘ STAY IN THE LOOP: The Blog ▶ https://www.theycallmehoz.com ▶ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBygaFQRESGrkTpkXIDNow?sub_confirmation=1
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How to Make Custom Buttons in the Rev Slider
If you don't like using the default button option in the Revolution Slider - try this out! Thanks Chris for the idea for the tutorial! #WordPress UPDATED - how to do this with a version over 5.0 https://youtu.be/IOWJKUcgrc4 Basics of Rev Slider https://youtu.be/FOjzg_Uqwqk More from Kori Ashton on https://askkori.com/
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Workshop on Tibetan Cultural-Heritage, Buddhism and Language for Tibetan Youth
Workshop on Tibetan Cultural-heritage as well as Buddhism and Tibetan Language specifically for the youth of Tibetan origin. Organized by The Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre & Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontario, Canada with resource person as renowned as Dr. Thupten Jinpa la.
How to Remove Borders on a Post or Image in WordPress : Web Design & WordPress
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/Ehowtech Removing borders on a post or image in WordPress is a terrific way to give your site a uniform look and feel. Remove borders on a post or image in WordPress with help from a programmer and web designer in this free video clip. Expert: Omar Butt Filmmaker: Victor Varnado Series Description: A grasp of elements of web design, like HTML and CSS, can really help set your WordPress site apart from the competition. Get tips on web design and WordPress with help from a programmer and web designer in this free video series.
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html tutorial for beginners lesson-9 heading and center tag in by Ashish mishra from Testy Codeiz
Please watch: "How to make BEST Thumbnails for YouTube Videos|How to Grow on YouTube? YouTube Explained!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0mNO2cX4wg --~-- #html #tutorial for #beginners lesson-9 heading and center tag in byAshish mishra from Testy Codeiz html tutorial for beginners lesson-9 #heading and center tag in by Ashish mishra from Testy Codeiz. The HTML h1 – h6 elements represent six levels of section headings. h1 is the highest ... Tag omission, None, both the starting and ending tag are mandatory. Content Headings html tutorial for beginners lesson-9 heading and center tag in by Ashish mishra from Testy Codeiz,html,html (programming language),html tutorial for beginners in bangla,html tutorial point,#heading and center tag,#tutorial for beginners,#html #tutorials for #beginner,#html #tutorial for #beginners,#html #tutorial for #beginners lesson-9 heading and center tag in byAshish mishra from Testy Codeiz,#heading tag,#center tag,#html in hindi,#html basic,#html programe #Headline Tags and SEO There are two things that a search engine is trying to figure out about your page: More organized writing When people write without using headline tags (say, when writing by hand or in visual editor like MS Word), they often just write in long, unbroken streams of text which go on too long. Or, worse yet, they might add visual headlines (with bold, ALL CAPS, larger text, or something else. This is very common, as people instinctively know they should break up text into smaller chunks. The problem with that is that it isn’t then clear how the different sections related to each other. Is the section headed with 15pt font supposed to be a subsection of the part headlines with 14pt bold font? Often, even the writer doesn’t know because they didn’t really think about it. Headline tags create a content hierarchy On a page with a single piece of content (which should be most pages), the main title for that content should be an h1 tag. Major sections within that content should be headlined with h2. Subsections within those sections should be headed with h3, and so on. It should be possible to extract an outline from your headline tags. (In fact, we do this — look at the Contents widget at the top of the page.) This structure makes writing more organized, which (at least 99% of the time) also makes writing better. Protip: Many of us who write online actually map out the headlines first and then fill-in the sections. It’s just old-fashioned outlining, but it sure can make writing go a lot faster and the end result is usually a lot more coherent than if you just started at the top and hoped to get someplace before you finished. Headlines are good for users Here’s a dirty little secret about online content: readers skim. Almost no one reads every word of an online article. And there’s very little you can do about it. You certainly can’t stop it. But you can make it so that skimmers will have something to latch onto as their eyes move down the page. Headlines, if they are well-distributed and relevant to their content, give skimmers a bunch of little ways back into the text of the article. हेल्लो दौस्तो #Testy Codeiz मैं आप सभी का सवागत है you can learn computer doc tricks by me in hindi as well as i also give u suggestion that which laguage is good for you, and i ll provide you many earning trick and tip so thats why don't miss to subscribe my channel. #Learn here any #Programing language as like #php and mysql, #wordpress, #html , #html5 , #css3 , javascript, linux , css, magento , opencart , e-commerce , drupal , joomla , youtube earning trick. command tricks and tip. you can ask me any computer qustion in facebook ,twitter ,linkedin pintrest etc. HTML and CSS Tutorial in URDU / HINDI | HTML | CSS | HTML Tutorial in URDU | CSS Tutorial in URDU facebook http://www.facebook.com/ashishmipra twitter http://www.twitter.com/ashishmipra linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/ashishmipra Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjNY_GgJydoikYPv4U953A pintrest http://www.pintrest.com/ashishmipra tumbler http://www.tumbler.com/ashishmipra Hi5 http://adf.ly/1lWpeu मेरे CHENNAL को SUBSCRIBE करना ना भूले आप मेरे लिंक से मुझसे FACEBOOK ,TWITTER पर अपने जबाब माँग सकते है धन्यवाद दोस्तों
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Webinar "Barrierefreie Webseiten entwickeln“ Teil 4 - Haus des Stiftens gGmbH
Im vierten und letzten Teil der Webinar-Reihe "Barrierefreies Internet" zusammen mit BIK. Auch in diesem Webinar geht es um die Entwicklung barrierefreier Webseiten, um damit eingeschränkten Internet-Nutzern die Orientierung auf Ihrer Webseite zu erleichtern. Ebenfalls thematisiert wird, was sich hinter WAI ARIA verbirgt. Mit deutschem Untertitel.
Public Domain Flash Map Demo
This is a demo and instructional tutorial showing how to use a Flash Map I released. The map and it's source files are all public domain and can be used by anyone. You can download it from any of the links below for free to use for whatever you like. Download the source files here: http://fav.me/d54t68r Note: The FLA was saved as a CS4 format.
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3.5 ATI Cal State L.A. Web Templates: Creating and Using Link Boxes
A Link Box is a separate content area from the main content that can be used to display content that may needs to be emphasized. A Link Box has it's own heading and can be filled with a list of links or with it's own paragraph of content. #mycsula #its #manualcheck #myCalStateLA
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Web Design Presentation
A presentation I give at Portland Community College Intro to Web Design and Development classes each term. In the presentation, I describe my work history, discuss general information about web design, and provide useful web design resources. Links from the presentation: • My personal portfolio website: http://www.iamalidesign.com/ • Wayback Machine: https://archive.org/ • Apple design video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YDXBeGOtUk • The Game of Design: 10 Things Creatives Have in Common: https://designmodo.com/about-creatives/ • Presentation slides: http://www.iamalidesign.com/wp-content/uploads/web-design-presentation-no-client.pdf • Presentation transcript: http://www.iamalidesign.com/wp-content/uploads/web-design-presentation-transcript-no-client.pdf
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Fayetteville City Council Meeting November 14, 2011
Fayetteville City Council Meeting November 14, 2011
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