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Back to school OUTFIT shopping & last summer trip to the beach
I went Back to School Outfit Shopping at Target because I needed outfits for my video over on my Jazzy Girl Stuff Channel with Hope Marie - Back to School Outfits, Uniforms v No Uniforms https://youtu.be/UKYBm7ESOgA! Any excuse to go shopping, ha ha, iI love my job! Then I went with Mackenzie to the mall & back to her house for a sleepover & then her mom took us to Galveston beach for our last trip there of the summer! I have been there twice before this year. Do you remember these videos? - http://bit.ly/2w5DJFi - summer road trip with Nomi http://bit.ly/2v5lzXa - Spring break with MacKenzie Remember to enter my GIVEAWAY! http://bit.ly/2v5CWY3 Wanna binge watch Annie’s BACK TO SCHOOL videos? → http://bit.ly/2uBawWk Back to School Pencil Case shopping with MacKenzie 2017 http://bit.ly/2uGCdKF Back to School Pencil Case REVIEW 2017 http://bit.ly/2vN69Vm Shopping for a planner 2107 http://bit.ly/2jHa4jA Back to school Shopping Vlog at Target & Walmart 2016 http://bit.ly/2aOvaFS Back to school Shopping - Target v Walmart Haul 2016 http://bit.ly/2v5zXw5 Back to school Shopping Vlog 2015 - Target http://bit.ly/2tXcX3U Back to School Giveaway Supply Haul 2016 - http://bit.ly/2bHlSP2 Back to School DIY Annie http://bit.ly/2urGenU Back to school DIY Annie & Hope BFF binders http://bit.ly/2t8t4Zo Back to School DIY Annie & Hope journals http://bit.ly/2u1Bwet First Day back to school http://bit.ly/2bkp3HK First Day back to Homeschool http://bit.ly/2unXhYm Week of School http://bit.ly/2vqvS4V Back to School Morning Routine http://bit.ly/2u0zQV7 School Night Routine http://bit.ly/2tfiJz4 Homeschool Morning Routine http://bit.ly/2v5Mobn School Day & After School Shopping http://bit.ly/2tXfBXs Shopping for School Snacks http://bit.ly/2t3VS5h ↓↓↓❤ OPEN FOR MORE❤↓↓↓❤ SAMPLE OF ANNIE! Q&A, including my most embarrassing moment http://bit.ly/2voJvBw Summer DIY’s http://bit.ly/2urBzTo How to have an AMAZING sleepover http://bit.ly/2hZ21gQ 9 things to do when bored http://bit.ly/2vaeDWd Annie’s collaborations http://bit.ly/2tM2c5X ANNIE ROSE http://bit.ly/2aZ0kJu ANNIE'S VLOGS https://goo.gl/Fmz2h6 JAZZY GIRL STUFF http://bit.ly/1FlcCaL Annie Rose, age 11, began uploading to YouTube age 9 on Jazzy Girl Stuff with her BFF, Hope Marie. 6 months later she began Annie's vlogs and a year later this channel, Annie Rose. Annie is homeschooled and is 4th of 6 kids, she posts lifestyle videos that reflect a positive, happy worldview.  This channel is monitored by Annie's parents.  MERCH:http://bit.ly/2rco981 CONTACT: P.O. Box 1476, Pinehurst, Texas 77362 USA  BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] Check out all my equipment KIT http://bit.ly/2lDcldB SOCIAL MEDIA -  INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/annie_rose_cole/  TWITTER https://twitter.com/Annierose_cole FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/Annierhcole Famous Birthdays http://bit.ly/2fsuOIU  SIBLINGS LITTLE BOYS CHANNEL https://goo.gl/PdPb4A  MattGC http://bit.ly/1SWEPM7  BFF HOPE MARIE http://bit.ly/1P9Wvxq http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music Transitions by PowToon
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Last summer [trip] | FPV-Freestyle
HI! Its been a while! This was I trip I did last summer to Valkenburg (The Netherlands) I was not sure If I would upload some clips of this trip but why not :) I've not flown lately because I'm really busy with school (yes I still go to school ;) ) and some other stuff. I'm planning to start uploading more frequently again at the start of 2019! In the mean time I will upload now and then. I need to update my flying rig and I'm in need of new lipo's! To al my subs: I WILL BE BACK!! If you like this video don't forget to like, subscribe and comment! It means a lot to me!! I respond to every single comment! ENJOY! Quad Gear: - Armattan Chameleon 5” frame - Tmotor F40III 2306 2400KV motors - Matek F405 F4 FC - Matek FCHUB PDB - Spedix GS 30A DSHOT 1200 ESC’s - Tattu 1300mah 4S 75C lipos - Dalprop T5045C Radio Gear: - Frsky Taranis QX7 - TBS Crossfire Micro Tx - TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - Immortal T antenna Fpv Gear: - skyzone fpv goggle - TBS Unify Pro HV - TBS Triumph - Immersion rc patch - Foxeer HS1177 fpv cam Camera gear: - Gopro hero 5 session - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge First quad: - Eachine Wizard X220 (slightly modified) - Foxeer HS1177 fpv cam - Gopro lens - Flysky i6 Tx - 1400-1500mah 4S 65C lipos - Tattu 1300mah 4S 75C lipos - Dalprop T5046C - Alu. gopro mount - 3d printed gopro mount
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Lithuania - Finland - Lithuania. Last Summer Trip. -/- 1 PART
Hello my youtube subscribers :) This is 1 part, from my last movie on this summer. I hope, you ennoy it :) I want to thank you, for all comments. This trip was best from my 4 journeys this summer, i cant upload 3 journey video, becouse utube blocked my videos audio. So, i'm waiting your comments, and some questions in PM :) Good luck truck drivers and fans! Greetings from Lithuania, Airidas. Songs: 1) VICCI MARTINEZ feat. CEE LO GRECome Along 2) LOVERUSH UK! feat. BRYAN ADAMSTonight In Babylon (single version)
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Last Summer Trip to the Fair Before Going Back to School! Family Friendly Vlogs 2018
Last Summer Trip to the Fair Before Going Back to School! Family Friendly Vlogs 2018 👍 We are participating in the JDRF One Walk on October 7th in Sacramento California. Please donate to our team and help us put an end to Type 1 Diabetes, one step at a time! https://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR/Walk/NorthernCAInlandChapter4052?team_id=265759&pg=team&fr_id=7494 👍Donations: https://www.patreon.com/rhgameon https://streamlabs.com/rhgameon *Portions of all donations go to JDRF and other organizations for Type 1 Diabetes research http://www.jdrf.org/ 👍Don't forget to like, subscribe and share then check out all of our other fun family friendly video games and gaming like Roblox Jailbreak, Mining Simulator, Egg Farm Simulator, Bee Swarm Simulator, Pet Simulator and more lets play videos! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKfticxbVSGekN-1Sew3RzSni1Z-ie4p_ 👍 Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/q5SfgVg 👍Follow us on twitter @RHGameOn 👍Email us: [email protected] 👍Follow us on Instagram: RH GameOn THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! robloxian high school insulin
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TRAVEL VLOG - The Last Trip of the Summer
I N S T A G R A M: ⇢ http://instagram.com/jessicahowel S H O P M Y BOUTIQUE: ⇢ http://rushbyjessica.com ⁛ SEND ME SOMETHING Jessica Howell 2255 Memorial BLVD. P.O #10704 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] C O U P O N C O D E S ⸰ UBER EATS $5 OFF code: jessicah24438ue ⸰Get 70% OFF Vanity Planet Skincare: http://vpwow.com/howell70 Use code HOWELL70 for 70% off!!! ⸰MY FAVORITE CURLING WAND: http://vpwow.com/CueWithJessica code: ‘cuewithJessica’ for 50% off! ⸰Loving Tan: jessicahowel (free deluxe mitt) ⸰Glossier: 20% OFF - https://www.glossier.com/reps/jessica... ***Follow me on DOTE: @jessicahowell and save $5 with code CG12
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Overnight Bushcraft - Survival Trip: Late Summer at Wild Pond
In this video, I'm going to share with you a survival/bushcraft outing that I went out on in the late summer. It was a great time to get out, work on skills, to be in silence and solitude, and to challenge myself with living off the land. I continue to learn and grow as someone who loves the woods and who loves a challenge - thanks for joining me on my adventure. My three favorite items from this trip were my Bahco Laplander folding saw, my wool blanket, and my 3 Dog Knife Severance. _______ Want to purchase EDC, tactical, emergency, or survival items? I'd be very thankful if you would use the following link to support Everyday Tactical Vids when you search for gear on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ETV-Amazon-Search _______________ Here are links to some of my favorite EDC, tactical, emergency, outdoor, and survival items: - 5.11 ATAC PLX Flashlight: http://tinyurl.com/5-11-ATAC-PLX-Flashlight - Surefire P2X Fury Flashlight: http://tinyurl.com/Surefire-P2X-Fury-Flashlight - Benchmade Griptilian: http://preview.tinyurl.com/Benchmade-Griptilian-Knife - Blackhawk Roll-out Medical Bag: http://tinyurl.com/Blackhawk-Rollout-Medical-Bag - UTG Messenger Bag: http://tinyurl.com/UTG-Messenger-Bag-Options - Condor Messenger Bag: http://tinyurl.com/Condor-Messenger-Bag-Options - Bahco Laplander Folding Saw: http://tinyurl.com/Bahco-Laplander-Folding-Saw - Mora Companion Knife: http://tinyurl.com/Mora-Companion-Knife - KaBar BK2: http://tinyurl.com/Ka-Bar-BK2 - Klean Kanteen Water Bottles: http://tinyurl.com/Klean-Canteen - Corona Folding Saw: http://tinyurl.com/Corona-Folding-Saw - Schrade SCAXE2: http://tinyurl.com/Schrade-SCAXE2 - Various Kinds of Paracord: http://tinyurl.com/Paracord-550-Cord - Emergency Mylar Blankets: http://tinyurl.com/Emergency-Mylar-Blankets - Survivor Fire Starter: http://tinyurl.com/Survivor-Fire-Starter - CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk: http://tinyurl.com/CRKT-Woods-Chogan-Tomahawk ______________________________ Everyday Tactical Vids: Thinking Tactically, Living Purposefully Everyday Tactical Vids exists to help individuals become an asset to self and others in everyday life and crisis situations. The 6 Core Areas of Everyday Tactical Vids: - Soul: Asking the deeper questions of our existence and why we live as we do - Body: Taking care of the physical body through fitness and medical care - Psychology: Working to understand our own minds and the minds of others in crisis situations - Skills: Applying knowledge to the point of proficiency - Gear Selection: Choosing the right gear for the job or situation - Location: Where am I and how does that impact all other 5 Core Areas _______________________________________________________ FOLLOW EVERYDAY TACTICAL VIDS: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/EverydayTacticalVids Twitter - https://twitter.com/EverydayTactic1 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Everyday-Tactical-Vids/396490423756541 Instagram - http://instagram.com/everyday_tactical_vids/ Tumblr - http://everydaytacticalvids.tumblr.com/ Google+ - http://tinyurl.com/EverydayTacticalVidsGooglePlus RELATED VIDEOS: - Car Survival Kit / Emergency Bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-ansf_-KSU - Compact Survival Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj5046AzrUA - Home Depot Urban Survival Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLHI4XQO1Sk - Bug-out Bag, Walmart Style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulrVJdiL484 SOME OF OUR MOST POPULAR POSTS: - Last Ditch Survival Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-mHmzfMzK0 - Interview - Travis Haley of Haley Strategic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKdt-8XzPHU - Tim’s EDC/Everyday Carry Bag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZrqJbcYH-g PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN AN INFLUENCE ON EVERYDAY TACTICAL VIDS: - Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman, originator of The Sheepdog Concept - Travis Haley of Haley Strategic - Chris Costa of Costa Ludus - The team over at ITS Tactical - NutnFancy and his YouTube channel/community - Tom Brown Jr. of The Tracker School - Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School - Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training
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2 Days and 1 Night - Season 3 : A Trip to Escape the Heat Part 1 (2014.08.31)
The members team up in twos to escape the summer heat. The reason why they're escaping the heat is to protect their very precious cargo, an ice statue of a unicorn. First they play games to work out how they'll travel to base camp. Once they get to the midway point, they have to do a quiz. When they get questions wrong, hot water will be poured on the statue. At their final destination they have a look-alike contest with the locals. Who will win and get a cold bean noodle treat? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube http://www.youtube.com/kbsworld ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 영어 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ------------------------------------------------ [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kbsworldtv KakaoTalk: @kbs_world (http://plus.kakao.com/friend/@kbs_world)
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Last summer, the whole BLUNT Pro team and its riders Charles Padel, Flavio Pesenti, Didine Terchague and Jonathan Perroni went for a 3 weeks long Danube Trip. The guys had the chance to ride in three different cities of Europe such as Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Budapest (Hungary). They've been to a lot of spots, meet up with the locals and shredded every places harder than ever !! Sweat, tears, blood, laughs and bangers, that's what the video is all about ! Enjoy guys... Filmed / Edited by Sebastien Prot AKA "Roots Boy Production" Thanks to SDG Distribution
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We spent a day on the Deschutes River in maupin Oregon seeing the sights. Give it a 👍👍👍 if you liked it. I filled it in 4K so check the settings to see it in all its Glory. 💰 want to contribute to the channel? we take tips on PayPal @[email protected] Because YouTube deleted my main channel I have decided to re-release all my old videos here. Please understand its going to take years to upload everything here. When YouTube deleted my main channel I lost 91,000 subscribers 2211 videos 29,000,000 views That is a lot to replace so its going to take time. See me in Berlin Germany here 👇👇👇 https://www.rtl.de/videos/ted-barrus-isst-extrem-scharfes-ekliges-5a22ea2ca2ea5073c4312b57.html My now deleted main channel was www.youtube.com/tedbarrus 🤓MY PODCAST. 👉🏼http://www.fbipodcast.com 👉🏼https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ted-the-fire-breathing-idiot/id1228335922 😎WATCH ME LIVE ON FACEBOOK 🐈http://www.facebook.com/TEDtheFIREbreathingIDIOT 👉🏼👇My Cannabis group. Safe, friendly and all are welcome https://www.facebook.com/groups/222058571497564 📷INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/realtedbarrus 💵PAYPAL: [email protected] 🤢RESTAURANT REVIEWS: http://disgustingkitchen.tumblr.com 😡TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/REALTEDBARRUS INTERVIEWS, MAGAZINES AND MY 15 MINUTES. MY 1ST INTERVIEW* http://www.idaho.com/2011/12/ted-the-fire-breathing-idiot/ *INTERVIEW WITH ABC NEWS* http://abcnews.go.com/Health/capsaicin-ingredient-hot-peppers-offers-medical-benefits/story?id=15727011 *GOT MENTIONED IN THE FAR EAST* http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/international/art/20131228/18569046 VIRAL NEWS 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 https://www.inverse.com/article/21756-carolina-reaper-bong-rip * VICE BABY* https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/yvjq9m/youtube-channel-of-the-week-number-two-456 *RUTHLESS REVIEWS* http://www.ruthlessreviews.com/29049/the-top-ten-most-outrageous-youtube-eating-channels/ *D!CKHEAD OF THE YEAR https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154251240509075&id=673169074 *WORLDSTAR* http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/android/video.php?v=wshhKjOq54wcD3DO513O *THE DAILY MAIL AGAIN* http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2529567/South-Carolina-man-awarded-growing-words-HOTTEST-pepper-Guinness-Book-World-Records.html *MORE IN ASIA*  http://www.cmen.cc/2013/world_1230/325352.html *ON CBS MORNING SHOW* http://www.cbs.com/shows/cbs_this_morning/video/3ochIHj_VDhJcO9Zut6qM595O2AdnYrm/world-s-hottest-pepper-is-300-times-hotter-than-jalapeno/ *WOW IN CHINA* http://scitech.people.com.cn/n/2013/1229/c1007-23969017.html *GOT MY NAME IN MAXIM MAGAZINE* http://www.maxim.com/food/search-of-the-worlds-spiciest-pepper *REPORTER ENDS UP IN HOSPITAL AFTER INTERVIEWING ME* http://media.spokesman.com/documents/2012/02/1471_001.pdf *MORE ABOUT REPORTER IN HOSPITAL* http://lmtribune.com/blogs/from_the_newsroom/article_0d76640c-5c1d-11e1-b2cd-001a4bcf6878.html *SEE REPORTER INTERVIEW* http://ted-the-fire-breathing-idiot.tumblr.com/post/18394326115/lewiston-morning-tribune-reporter-cody-bloomsburg *BLOGS ABOUT ME* http://bart-j-meijer-chillies.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2012-05-20T00:08:00%2B02:00&max-results=7 http://fordtufff.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/ted-barrus-the-fire-breathing-idiot-exposed/ *NEWSPAPER INTERVIEW* http://dnews.com/local/article_26831233-29e5-5d72-86c8-a669624a23e3.html http://ted-the-fire-breathing-idiot.tumblr.com/post/18374878197/you-guys-wanted-to-see-the-1st-article-so-here-you *MODERN FARMER MAGAZINE* http://modfarm.tumblr.com/post/45342081016/growing-pain-lessley-anderson-hot-chile-pepper * INTERVIEWED FOR THE ATLANTIC MAGAZINE* http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/09/so-god-made-the-worlds-hottest-pepper/279749/ MENS HEALTH MAGAZINE http://www.nextissue.com/2014/08/06/when-pain-and-fear-arent-necessary-we-seek-them-anyway/ INTERVIEW IN THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/11/04/131104fa_fact_collins?currentPage=all
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88RISING - Midsummer Madness ft. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, AUGUST 08 (Official Music Video)
Midsummer Madness ft. Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, AUGUST 08 Stream/download: https://88rising.lnk.to/MSM Prod. by August Grant & Brian Imanuel Head In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, coming July 20th, 2018. 88rising Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival September 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic Park Tickets: http://hive.co/l/hitcla 88 Degrees & Rising North American Tour Tickets: http://88rising.com Joji http://instagram.com/sushitrash http://twitter.com/sushitrash http://facebook.com/jojikansai Rich Brian http://instagram.com/brianimanuel http://twitter.com/richbrian http://facebook.com/iamrichbrian Higher Brothers http://instagram.com/higherbrothers http://twitter.com/higherbrothers http://facebook.com/cdchigherbrothers AUGUST 08 http://instagram.com/august08 http://twitter.com/august08 http://facebook.com/augustoheight 88rising http://instagram.com/88rising http://twitter.com/88rising http://facebook.com/88rising 88 is double happiness
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Berlin Germany Travel Diary Summer City Trip Vlog 2017 ♡ Last week I went with my best friend to Berlin for a couple of days. We had such an amazing trip, hope you enjoy this fun vlog! ➡️Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=littleworldofeline ➡️Check out my blog: http://www.littleworldofeline.com ➡️Follow me on Instagram @littleworldofeline: https://www.instagram.com/littleworldofeline MORE TRAVEL DIARIES: ➤ GREECE TRAVEL DIARY: https://youtu.be/95E3HKa0Bbw?list=PLFXiPCWOmzkmREp-qiuZPQ3jFamBheXdc ➤ LISBON PORTUGAL TRAVEL DIARY: https://youtu.be/9XAx5hrJy6I?list=PLFXiPCWOmzkmREp-qiuZPQ3jFamBheXdc ➤ AMERICA EXCHANGE VLOGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo-CUUjJonI&list=PLFXiPCWOmzknQhzU9tOZ3vxbB9zFxsNmi&index=1 FOLLOW ME: ♡ Instagram: http://instagram.com/littleworldofeline ♡ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleWorldOfEline-374895012701820/ ♡ Twitter: http://twitter.com/elinemarlin ♡ Snapchat: elinemarlin ♡ WeHeartIt: http://weheartit.com/littleworldofeline ♡ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/littleworldofeline Become a StyleHaul partner: http://mbsy.co/ffGWN Get paid sponsors: https://famebit.com/a/LittleWorldOfEline Earn more money with you channel: https://www.magiclinks.org/rewards/referral/littleworldofeline/ FAQ: - Where are you from? - The Netherlands (ethnicity is Indonesian) - Which camera do you use? - Canon Eos 750D + 18-55mm + 50mm lens - Which program do you use to edit? - Movavi + Lightroom - YouTube 101 Guide: https://youtu.be/DSSdlP6OC-Y?list=PLFXiPCWOmzkmpt_HkDnR1JnSg3XRkfR7W For business enquiries: [email protected] Disclaimer: this video is not sponsored and all the opinions are my own :)
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Tunisia Travel Video - Summer Trip Promo 2017
www.wecaptureyou.com I tried to make this video as short as possible to show the highlighted moments of my last lovely Summer trip to Tunisia where i filmed in 6 Different places: Kelibia Golden Sandy Beach My Home Town, Sidi Bousaid, Tunis Old Town, Hammamet Old Town, Hawaria Rocky Beach and Takelsa Sunset Beach. i hope you like the video and thanks to Support with a Like, Comment and Subscribe.
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TRIP TO SWEDEN *Cruise* PART 1/2 (Cleopatra's 18th B'DAY))
We are celebrating Cleopatra's 18th birthday in Sweden. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➔ SOCIAL MEDIA ➔ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tainalicciardotoivola/ ➔ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TainasLifestyle ➔ Snapchat: TainasLifestyle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➔ MUSIC Song: Ikson - Last Summer (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/KLDQM3fluiY
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The Cure - The Last Day of Summer
The most beautiful song of their album "Bloodflowers"... and the most beautiful song ever... "Nothing I am Nothing I dream Nothing is new Nothing I think or believe in or say Nothing is true It used to be so easy I never even tried Yeah, it used to be so easy... But the last day of summer never felt so cold The last day of summer never felt so old All that I have All that I hold All that is wrong All that I feel for or trust in or love All that is gone It used to be so easy I never even tried Yeah, it used to be so easy... But the last day of summer never felt so cold The last day of summer never felt so old The last day of summer never felt so cold Never felt so..."
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Almaty Kok Zhaylyau weekend  bike trip last summer days 2018 drone video 13.10.2018
Almaty Kok Zhaylyau weekend bike trip last summer days 2018 drone video 13.10.2018
Last Summer Trip 2015八丈島会場空撮
Views: 596 Kei Yamashita
Backpacking Europe Solo - Voyista European Explorer Trip (GoPro)
44 days. 16 countries. 18,000 miles traveled. $2,800 spent. My trip to Europe last summer with just a backpack. Filmed with a GoPro HERO4 Session and a Canon t3i. Follow me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/beauragland The list of places I visited, in order: London, UK Paris, France Normandy, France Barcelona, Spain Marseilles, France Nice, France Monaco Cinque Terre, Italy Rome, Italy Naples, Italy Pompeii, Italy Venice, Italy Munich, Germany Interlaken, Switzerland Gimmelwald, Switzerland Amsterdam, Netherlands Berlin, Germany Prague, Czech Republic Bratislava, Slovakia Budapest, Hungary Vienna, Austria Zagreb, Croatia Istanbul, Turkey New York, USA
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2 Days and 1 Night - Season 3 : Summer Heat Escape Trip (2014.07.20)
The members begin with a hot blind date with an idol girl group. Then they're brought back to reality by a car that doesn't have air conditioning and no windows in the middle of summer. What will transpire on this steamy episode of 2 Days and 1 Night? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube http://www.youtube.com/kbsworld ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 영어 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ------------------------------------------------ [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kbsworldtv KakaoTalk: @kbs_world (http://plus.kakao.com/friend/@kbs_world)
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Last Summer Trip 2015 in 八丈島 準備風景 空撮10/2 Full HD
空撮班による10/2昼と夕方の映像です。 【HP http://www.sunflowers-of-today.org/lastsummertrip15/index.html】
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Summer trip to Britain
Video with some highlights of my week long vacation to Britain last summer. The main purpose of this trip was to take a ride on a british mainline steamer. The rest of the week was filled with visits to various vehicle and WW2 museums including the York Railway Museum and the Yorkshire Air Museum
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Vlog: Our Last Vacation For The Summer Pt.1 | ROAD TRIP | TeQuerra Miller
Hey yall!! Our last trip of the summer! enjoy!! ======================================================== Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tellthetruthteq Snapchat: TellTheTruthTeQ Business Inquiries : [email protected] Send me stuff: P.O. Box 8002 Atlanta, GA 31106-0002
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trip to Turkey 🇹🇷
This was a trip to turkey last summer 2017 i really love turkey the place is so beautiful the food the people are so generous in love with turkey❤️ the places are grand spice bazar topkapi palace and the view in bosphorus #turkey #summer2017 #grandspicebazar #bosphuras #vacation #minivacation
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Last Summer Trip ll Sand Harbor Beach
last trip I took with my aunties and uncles before my fall semester gets crazy busy! enjoy!
Views: 43 Madelina Vang
Last trip with truck... Home... (LT-FR-LT)
This is last video from my trip to France this summer. I wish you patience, until next summer or for somebody til next trip! Now my uncle is at his truck ,because one month has passed and now he's working in Europe again and again... So thanks for watching my video's ,hope you like it :)
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12 U.S. Destinations for the Perfect Last-Minute Summer Vacation
The school year and autumn are closing in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in one last summer adventure. The following summertime destinations will help you pull off a trip regardless of how many days or dollars you can spare for travel. And because they’re all in the continental U.S., you won’t need a passport. Please leave your comments or feel free to discuss in the comments section. Your feedback will be appreciated. Thanks for watching!! Like! Share! Comment! Subscribe! Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/checkfacts360 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/checkfacts360 Twitter: https://twitter.com/checkfacts360 Tumblr: https://checkfacts360.tumblr.com/
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Driving to California !!! End of Summer Family Road Trip
Summer is almost over and we're making one last trip to California to visit the Grandparents. While we're out there, we have big plans. We plan on going to Disneyland, Lucy and Jason have tickets to see Hamilton in L.A., and we're all just excited to escape the desert heat. Packing for a road trip is always hard though and you'll see that Maya is going to have an especially tough time choosing what to bring and what can be left behind. Thanks for tuning in everyone! We are Jason, Lucy, Addy and Maya and we are the family behind the kid's YouTube channel Tic Tac Toy. Be sure to subscribe to this family vlog channel to follow along with us and all of our silly adventures, outdoor fun and behind the scenes goofiness! 👪 Subscribe to this channel HERE: https://www.YouTube.com/TicTacToyFamily 👧 👦🏼 👶🏽 Visit our main toy channel HERE: https://www.YouTube.com/TicTacToy
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How to MAKE THE MOST of SUMMER VACATIONS | Don't be Lazy | Sejal Kumar
Hey Guys! I decided to do this video because I ran into to you quite of my subscribers in the metro and in markets in the last few weeks and they all told me that their exams are going on and they can't wait for their vacations! So I thought to help you all out have the best and most productive summer ever! We are prone to being lazy but let's make the most summer this time! NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY & FRIDAY! Music Covers: https://bit.ly/2JfxJBw Vlogs: https://bit.ly/2uDJChp Fashion Videos: https://bit.ly/2uELrKK Skits: https://bit.ly/2GsQ40h Outfit Details: 1. Intro sequence yellow top: Zara 2. Intro speaking section top: Hong Kong, Earrings: H&M 3. Wake up early outfit: H&M and shoes: Nike 4. Do up your room top: Zara, skirt: H&M 5. Dancing top: Zara 6. Get an Internship top: Hong Kong, shorts: H&M Did theatre kurta: Anokhi, skirt: H&M 7. Makeover top: Brandy Melville, pants: Zara, sunglasses: H&M Pastel Outfit: top: Sarojini Nagar, palazzos: local market, flats: H&M 8. Explore your city dress and top: Zara, bag: Bali, flats and earrings: H&M Talk to me! Instagram: instagram.com/sejalkumar1195/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sejalkumar1195 Facebook : www.facebook.com/TheClothingEdit Shot and Edited By - Tushar Dixit Instagram: @tushardixit007 Camera used: Sony A7 range Thanks for watching!
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Our Trip To Dubai Desert - Platinum Heritage Safari
Our Trip To Dubai Desert - Platinum Heritage Safari This video was filmed last Summer on our vacation in Dubai, we spent an amazing day on a Desert Safari with Platinum Heritage, it was an experience we will never forget. Thank you to Platinum Heritage for such an amazing service and to our Tour Guide Sam who was very entertaining. https://www.platinum-heritage.com/ Some of the footage in this video was provided by Platinum Heritage. ♡ Please SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out on any of our new videos! Be sure to hit the notification bell 🔔 Please give this video a 👍 if you loved it, and leave a comment below! 💋 Emily and Evelyn Watch our other fun videos: FUN CHALLENGES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-UgNqRSkHVLUcfkH1s9DhuR PRANKS AND SKITS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-Vy_CJJiIas6QlkX4SzYZvj OUR ROUTINES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-WuiseGV1yEs6fqR3WWlwHW EGG HUNTS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-WljOdzV798aEqMXarQ0Q0v MERMAIDS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-VLgTXPP3oOeBlodPLuddLx FUN AT THE BEACH: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-VwKLKayfwf-h9svzsneaVI SURPRISE EGGS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-VEL1bKdeBTSeS8D4jHwpmM SHOPKINS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-U2yqRYI7-AHvo1W7AIJJq2 TOY HUNTS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-VZe60C4uksUV3ZcGG9MdTj POOL FUN: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-UpcmNpnaMrvhpeiypEnJAe FOOD TASTING: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-VZxFHWeaz0A5JkGaM5084r HATCHIMALS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-XXn73imadJujqYQEScdVwQ FAMILY FUN GAMES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBQzFKYByi-Xab_i1TscFe1CQOkRxJ_4_ Want To Send Us Mail? Our PO Box is: Emily & Evelyn TwoSistersToyStyle 4613 N. University Dr. #224 Coral Springs, FL 33067 Please Follow Us: Instagram: @twosisterstoystyle Twitter: @TwoSistersToyz Facebook: EmilyEvelynToyStyle Overlay Credits: editinghacksbylala, IOS Peach, iPhonematic, iEditing X, Cece Love, GreenScreen Brasil Music was provided by NoCopyrightSounds Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__CRWE-L45k Support on iTunes: http://apple.co/1FHAPVc
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One month motorcycle trip across Vietnam: An Epic Adventure
My trip to across Vietnam last summer
Views: 36944 Ednar Belmonte
ii LAST SUMMER TRIP '08 !!  Japanese Psy TRANCE RAVE Party
2008 9/20~22に八丈島で開催された伝説のレイブパーティー[LAST SUMMER TRIP]の記録。 ディレクターズカット版。 http://www.sunflowers-of-today.com/
Views: 27006 bentenTV
2 Days and 1 Night - Season 3 : Summer Heat Escape Trip Part.2 (2014.07.27)
The members are on the run and are trying to negotiate with Director Yu for a better vehicle. Will he listen to their demands? When they reach Miryang they take on some ridiculous games to decide where they're sleeping. In the morning, they have a wake up mission but they don't know what it will be. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube http://www.youtube.com/kbsworld ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 영어 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ------------------------------------------------ [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: http://www.kbsworld.co.kr Twitter: http://twitter.com/kbsworldtv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kbsworld Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kbsworldtv KakaoTalk: @kbs_world (http://plus.kakao.com/friend/@kbs_world)
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GIRLS vs BOYS Summer Morning Routine
Morning routine, girls vs boys, for the summer!!! Let us know your morning routine! Subscribe for more cool videos! http://bit.ly/2nCf9L4 SIS vs BRO instagram @ sisvsbro_karina_ronald Karina has a new instagram @ kurzawa_karina Ronald's new instagram @ ronaldkurzawa NEW MERCH: https://www.sisvsbro.com Welcome to SIS vs BRO! This is where Karina and Ronald join forces to challenge each other in countless fun videos! Challenges, gaming, and more!!! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and we will see you in the next video!!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karinavsronald/ We LOVE you guys!!!
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FLORIDA ADVENTURERS™ Last trip of summer 2014
Our last summer trip features lone adventurer Phil and his cousin AJ, who was taken on his FIRST EVER primitive trip! It was a big difference from the RV and Fort Wilderness "Camping" he was used to... They learned hoe to tie knots, split wood, find palm hearts, and even avoid the rain... or not! FOLLOW US: @FLAdventureclub Check us out, like us, and give us a good thumbin' at: https://www.facebook.com/FloridaAdventurersClub Check out our corner of the net at: http://www.floridaadventurers.com/
Views: 2760 FA Outdoors
Ahh it's our first beach trip of Summer!! I'm so excited for Summer are you? Have you been to the beach before? xo -Alisha Marie Twitter: @AlishaMarie + Instagram: @Alisha Snapchat: LidaLu11 Chloe's Instagram: @itsmechloemae Subscribe to my Main Channel::: http://www.youtube.com/user/macbby11 Graphics by Hayley Matsumoto: hayleymatsumoto.com IG: @typehayley [email protected]
Views: 620533 AlishaMarieVlogs
A paragraph on"How I spent my summer vacations"
A paragraph in a very simple and easy language. Link of my Hindi channel:- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCweQwZt_H5mfPJOGaXn3-MQ Types of FAMILY .E.V.S. lesson https://youtu.be/eD2s7F6PbHw Write some lines on the festival of "HOLI". https://youtu.be/tyczQ2KR2Vo write a paragraph on"SPRING SEASON". https://youtu.be/iN8aOPFf2eo "समाचार पत्र का महत्व" विषय पर अनुच्छेद लिखें। https://youtu.be/wfaarQG-ARA WRITE AN APPLICATION TO THE BANK MANAGER FOR THE CHANGE OF NAME AFTER MARRIAGE. https://youtu.be/UUfv3TMcKCA Write some lines on"MAKAR SANKRANTI" in simple and easy words. https://youtu.be/TQ0jAynlMdw WRITE A PARAGRAPH ON THE TOPIC "IF I WERE RICH" IN SIMPLE AND EASY WORDS. https://youtu.be/e4NS40TUjJE Write a paragraph on "My Hobby" in simple and easy words. https://youtu.be/nO-97HLNSis Write some lines on "My Country" in simple and easy words. https://youtu.be/wp1Z3D-YgUQ Write a paragraph on" Lal Bahadur Shastri" in simple and easy words. https://youtu.be/df83hKb7Bv4 Write a paragraph on"Importance of Education" in simple words. https://youtu.be/SGFgfZsREAY Write a paragraph on "Peacock". https://youtu.be/UExZKAkiYCI Write a paragraph on "Global Warming" in easy words. https://youtu.be/9xc-WAHXM0I Write a paragraph on the topic "Teachers Day" https://youtu.be/-5P6DAzj91c Speech on" Importance of Trees" in easy words. https://youtu.be/xvceAHRQMlQ Write a paragraph on "Goverdhan Puja" in easy words. https://youtu.be/gWUrO2rj-O8 Write a Paragraph on "Deepawali" in simple and easy words. https://youtu.be/8ojGb5iFS1E A paragraph about Karva Chauth to enhance the knowledge. https://youtu.be/HFfXBGQpqf8 Write a paragraph on"Dussehra" in easy and simple words so that the small children could learn it. https://youtu.be/FZd8RiGk2rg Write a paragraph on "Maharaja Agarsen Jayanti" https://youtu.be/2bUc9pwy9GU write a paragraph on "Guru Nanak Jayanti" in simple and easy words. https://youtu.be/Iv8F35t0EUU Write a paragraph on "Ram Navami" in easy and simple sentences. https://youtu.be/kurh2lYIGpU Write a paragraph on "Lohri" in simple easy words that make it easy to learn for students. https://youtu.be/pnevhtQ66ec "यदि मैं पक्षी होता" पैराग्राफ के लिए Click करें:- https://youtu.be/A2RAFEMDQ58 A paragraph on "Golder Temple" click here:- https://youtu.be/1BtAIWjL3PE A paragraph on "The Lion". please click:- https://youtu.be/M0nh0T9c2NQ Write a paragraph on "Rakshabandhan". click here:- https://youtu.be/YuvNhtQ33ic "रक्षाबंधन" पर पैराग्राफ लिखिये॥ के लिए click करें। https://youtu.be/BdeFzXydBO8 Write any three things that you do to an old person to feel them good or that you care for them. https://youtu.be/0yf4XXS2NR8 Write a paragraph on "The Elephant " https://youtu.be/RcTTAB83Sbg Write a paragraph when your toys come alive one night before your favorite festival. https://youtu.be/o31-bV7aQRM Write some lines on"My school bag. " in simple and easy sentences. https://youtu.be/AQiYCi7vgTk Write a paragraph on " Independence Day" https://youtu.be/ua6FkNEHDH0 Write a Paragraph on"A scene of Road Accident" In very easy and simple words. https://youtu.be/ozMSx_ljifY Write a paragraph on "Our National Flag." in simple words. https://youtu.be/Du2la08pzYE Write some lines on"Rainbow". In easy and simple words. https://youtu.be/0Mqxo-1MUiM Write a paragraph on "Janmashtmi" In easy and simple words. https://youtu.be/KVCs9D1Q59s Write a paragraph on" Rishi Panchami" For Nepali Hindu children in easy and simple words. https://youtu.be/bxHREwdXBUs Write a paragraph on North Indian topic "RadhaAshtami" https://youtu.be/IjlHrkPgULg write a paragraph to fulfill the requirement of Kerala students on the topic"Onam" https://youtu.be/GYLxLLbAKgo Write a paragraph on" Id- Ul -Azuha" https://youtu.be/8a_5yDrTNRY "जन्माष्टमी" पर अनुच्छेद लिखो। https://youtu.be/pLQ5--6LjZU प्रचलित मुहावरे, वाक्यों के साथ(बच्चों के विद्यालय उपयोग के लिए) https://youtu.be/3--PYtp6oFY Write a paragraph on "Islamic New Year." https://youtu.be/1BQ1aX8oUkI विद्यार्थियों के लिए कुछ उपयोगी विलोम शब्द https://youtu.be/yEuhIidwu9U Write a paragraph on" Durga Ashtami" https://youtu.be/kf3O2TKbEmg सूरज, पर, अनुच्छेद, लिखें॥ https://youtu.be/lhSZbL7GkJs Write a paragraph on"Valmiki Jayanti" https://youtu.be/7EiY0Lh2XNw Write a paragraph on"Gudi Padwa" https://youtu.be/r48mzqBPOeo Write a paragraph on "Christmas" in easy and simple words. https://youtu.be/QOd25mZSiAE
Life in Japan (Ep. 15) - Summer Trip
For my last few days of summer left, my friends and I decided to travel up north of the island (Okinawa, Japan) where we went zip-lining, spend the day on the beach, ate at a Hawaiian pancake house, and more! I wanna be friends with you guys! Follow me on my socials! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xxmia_shaixx YouTube IG: https://www.instagram.com/ptx_updates Twitter: https://twitter.com/xxMia_Shaixx I do YouTube broadcasts as much as I can to the best of my abilities so come and talk to me! Follow me on twitter to stay up-to-date and updated on when I go live! And thank you guys for 30,000 subscribers!! I had no idea I'll be doing YouTube and it seriously is surreal every single day. I am taking video suggestions so comment below. I already do have some requests so look out for those. Songs used in my videos, intro, and outro Can't Sleep Love (Aviade Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aBWc05CJmk Comment down below for video suggestions or email me! [email protected] Thanks for watching LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE to PTX Updates for more videos like these I love you guys so much and always will If you see this, comment "my eyes hurt - sabrina"
Views: 329 PTX Updates
Last summer trip 2016 - Karlštejn, Lomy Amerika
Prý poslední letní výlet na Karlštejn, Lomy Amerika v bezkonkurenčním podání Evči :D ! ! ! Pozor - silně návykové ! ! !
Views: 318 Matej Supik
(August 22nd , 2018)
Views: 39 BitFilms
Trip to Holmfirth home of Last of the summer wine
Here is a recent trip to holmfirth where last of the summer wine was filmed for so many years..its my fave programme of all time and to actually walk the same streets as clegg, compo and foggy was a joy! We even visited the final resting place of the late and great Bill "compo" Owen. Holmfirth is a must see place for all last of the summer wine fans! :-) The final piece of music has Bill Owen speaking..
Views: 25786 hhh45uk
Utah Summer Trip Vlog | Brooklyn and Bailey
Please click HERE to nominate both CuteGirlsHairstyles and BrooklynAndBailey for a 2015 Streamy's Award! http://www.streamys.org/submissions/fan-nominations/ _ This past month, Brooklyn and I traveled to Utah for EFY {Especially for Youth} summer camp, and to visit family and friend, while Kamri headed up to Kansas City, Missouri, to visit ShowMeCute's {http://www.youtube.com/showmecute} family! We decided to give you a glimpse into that week, and hope you enjoy! Don't forget to enter our 3 iPhone 6 giveaway, too! You can find all the details in last week's video! 💋's - Bailey Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel... http://www.youtube.com/user/BrooklynAndBailey?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BrooklynAndBailey Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BrookAndBailey Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/BrooklynAndBailey Follow us on SnapChat: @BrookAndBailey _ FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.
Views: 847893 Brooklyn and Bailey
LAST BOAT TRIP OF SUMMER | TYGART LAKE Shot With: Sony a6300: http://amzn.to/2rM4pfl Rode VideoMic Go: http://amzn.to/2qQWuds Joby GorillaPod Hybrid Flexible: http://amzn.to/2qUkfFM DJI Mavic Pro: http://amzn.to/2tjp9d7 GoPro Hero 4 Silver: http://amzn.to/2ts7AIh Follow Me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bobtv/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bobtv
Views: 915 Bob Buskirk
Summer Road Trip Essentials ♡ DIY Snacks, Playlist, and Tumblr Outfits!
♡ LET'S GET THIS VIDEO TO 15,000 LIKES!!! Here are my essentials for going on a road trip!! Hope you guys like it. Tell me what YOUR essentials are in the comments below! :) Meg's Video::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWyfyK5zX2w Sierra's Video:::https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=untmAhyc5O0 Eva's Video::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tA5btLM8Z0 Also, FOLLOW SPREE when I hit 30K followers on twitter!!!! :) _____________________________ ♡ Camera::: Canon 60D ♡ Editing Software::: Final Cut Pro X ♡ Music::: Alex Goot, Krewella, __________________________ ♡ Vlog Channel::: http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbby11 ♡ Instagram::: "macbby11" ♡ Twitter::: https://twitter.com/#!/macbby11 _____________________ **IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "CRAYONS" Hehehe ;) - Opinion outpost is helping support my channel! But I really do love it and found it first from Sierra :) Alisha Marie PO Box 1334 Brea, CA 92822 ♡ Business::: "[email protected]rk.com" and "[email protected]" with Macbby11 in the subject line
Views: 2254342 AlishaMarie
#travlog | JAPAN SUMMER TRIP no.2 | Universal Studio
Hello! It took a while for me to finish this video because i wasn’t sure, but i guess i’ll just upload it! This second vlog means a lot because it was one of the highlight of my trip, visiting Hogwarts! I am really really happy i could finally see with my own eyes 😭 We visited Universal Studio Japan last summer, so they have special performance in Hogwarts too. So exciting! Thank you for watching and please like and subscribe for another Vlog in Japan! See ya! — Music by: Horie de aetara (神戸近郊路線図) by Especia & tofubeats Harry In Winter (Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Soundtrack) by Claire Millhorn — Personal instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mimamumemo/ Journal and doodle instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bonejackedj... Twitter : https://twitter.com/bonejackedfox Tumblr : http://bonejackedjournal.tumblr.com/
Views: 150 BoneJacked Fox
♥ SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/1LlWBQ5 MERCHANDISE http://bit.ly/flippinmerch The Flippin' Family takes a road trip. New Back to School merchandise and donation announced! Another Flippin' Fun Video from Flippin' Katie! *wifi is spotty on vacation - please be patient with posting times :-) WATCH ♥ FAMILY VACATION PREPARATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP2pY9fJihw&index=1&list=PLdfhysj_QEZFj-8voar3a4f6fqeoXcIwP LAST MINUTE LUNCH EMERGENCY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI9a0iY_D5Y&index=1&list=PLdfhysj_QEZFj-8voar3a4f6fqeoXcIwP BRENNAN ANSWERS THE TOUGH QUESTIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUUMcGZ5pjs&index=1&list=PLdfhysj_QEZFj-8voar3a4f6fqeoXcIwP KATIE is a hilarious 12 year old gymnast training Level 9, sister, friend, and Coral Girl who loves pigs. BRENNAN is a witty, fun-loving, athletic 13 year old water polo player, golfer and swimmer who aspires to be President! RYAN is a lovable 10 year old who sometimes acts CRAZY! He is in 4th grade, loves golf, baseball, the trampoline, riding his bike, and swimming. We welcome a friendly, fun, and entertaining YouTube community! We love to read your feedback :-) So please thumb's up, share, subscribe and join our Flippin' Fun! Royalty free music by Apple iMovie, Pond 5, & Epidemic Sound. We shoot w/ the Sony AX300 *Channel art courtesy of JB. Brennan, Katie & Ryan live a Flippin' Fun life! Join their zany fun with family videos and daily vlogs! #LiveHappy
Views: 178737 It's The Donnellys
My Trip to London/ Summer in the City
So here's an exhaustive recap (also a very delayed one!) of my trip to London! Music from http://www.audionetwork.com except from La Cat - SELA (http://selamasterofwoodwinds.bandcamp.com/track/la-cat-2) Twitter: @amdsld Instagram: ana_marta_dias Tumblr: http://im-ana-marta.tumblr.com
Views: 83636 Ana Marta
Trip to Chicago: Abilities Expo
Royalty Free Music by http://audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music My friends and I took a trip up to Chicago last summer for the Abilities Expo. I was greatly disappointed due to the lack of variety of disabilities. The expo was more for people in wheelchairs than for amputees. I still got to see a lot of cool things at the expo. We went to the lego shop, the Hershey's factory, and the museum of natural history. I also threw away my cell phone in the parking lot of Denny's :/
Views: 13323 Tisha UnArmed
Summer Vacations
Last video: https://youtu.be/R3ptYE-zBmM Social Media Links: http://facebook.com/monstershanukapage http://twitter.com/monstershanu http://instagram.com/monstershanu
Views: 31229 monstershanu
Last fishing trip of the summer 2018
Abe and I hit the Little Miami River in Waynesville Ohio search of some smallmouth bass
Views: 124 Chris Wagoner

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