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What is Azure Stack?
Azure Stack enables the hybrid cloud by providing a common foundation across both on-premises and public cloud environments.
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Choosing the Right Collaboration Tool (Demystifying the Microsoft Stack)
With cloud technologies at the front of our product platforms, Microsoft have started releasing new products at lightening speed. With a myriad of overlapping capabilities, including Microsoft’s new collaboration options, how do you determine the tools required and how to collaborate? There are numerous options to choose from including Microsoft SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online, OneDrive For Business, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. Learn about how to select the right collaboration features for your organization. This webinar outlines integration options available for different collaboration technologies Microsoft offers, and the tools that can help you create offline collaboration scenarios.
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The Elite Microsoft Technology Stack – A Window to the Future
Microsoft technologies and products remain the first choice for enterprises globally through the years. The relevance and usability of this visionary technology succeeds to cater to almost all enterprises, all sizes. The assorted Product portfolio from Microsoft spanning Operating Systems, Servers, Developer Tools, Enterprise Solutions, Communication Facilitators, Collaborative Techniques and Cloud Solutions needs no introduction to most. So we hear charged up discussions for ASP.NET development or Azure or Skype or Cortana, or Windows 10 or even the Xbox with equal fervor from a diverse audience of users. The announcement that Microsoft is acquiring Linkedin, a couple of days ago only re-establishes the fact that the vision the software giant has conceived to nurture and groom its products base is impeccable. Read More At: http://blog.spec-india.com/elite-microsoft-technology-stack-window-future/
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Implementing DevOps in Microsoft Azure Stack - BRK3288
In this session, learn how to implement a DevOps pipeline for Azure Stack and integrate It with your Azure pipeline. This session also covers the benefits of leveraging infrastructure as code as well as extending your pipeline to common open source tools.
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Microsoft BI Stack
What Microsoft tools are best for me
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Microsoft: Гибридные инфраструктуры на базе Azure и Azure Stack
Докладчик: Андрей Выставкин - Product Marketing Manager - Microsoft Как показывают опросы руководителей ИТ департаментов – гибридные инфраструктуры занимают лидирующие позиции в настоящее время. И это справедливо, ведь даже если в текущей инфраструктуре всего один или два процента размещено в публичном облаке – это тоже будет гибридная инфраструктура в соотношении 98 к 2. В рамках сессии мы поговорим про возможности построения гибридных инфраструктур с помощью продуктов и сервисов от компании Microsoft с акцентом на Azure
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Cisco Microsoft Azure Stack
This video provides an executive perspective on the market potential for Microsoft Azure Stack. To learn more, visit http://cs.co/nr0402a.
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Webinar Ordina Microsoft Solutions - DevOps on the Microsoft Stack
Webinar "DevOps on the Microsoft Stack" - Wouter de Kort - Principal Consultant Ordina Microsoft Solutions
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The guide to becoming a Microsoft Azure Stack operator - BRK3334
Congratulations! You have decided that you want to acquire an Azure Stack system and have questions on how to buy and, as an Azure Stack operator, what you need to know to develop a plan for operationalizing it in your environment. This session provides you the information necessary for being that champion in your organization. This is a prerequisite for anyone wanting to get started with Microsoft Azure Stack. You should follow up with other Azure Stack operator-targeted sessions in order to become an expert.
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Azure Stack - An extension of Azure | Azure Friday
Ultan Kinahan joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how Azure Stack is an Azure consistent cloud platform that you can place where you need it, regardless of connectivity. It provides several key advantages to your cloud strategy, edge/disconnected capabilities, addresses governance and sovereignty concerns, and the ability to run PaaS services on premises. For more information, see: + Azure Stack product overview https://aka.ms/azfr/465/01 + Azure Stack pricing https://aka.ms/azfr/465/02 + Azure Stack product roadmap https://aka.ms/azfr/465/03 + Azure Stack Operator documentation https://aka.ms/azfr/465/04 + Create a free account (Azure) https://aka.ms/azfr/465/free
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3 things you can do to get started with Microsoft Azure Stack
Dell Product Manager Preetham Mukhatira shares 3 things you can do today to get ready for Microsoft Azure Stack. http://www.dell.com/dhcs https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/
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Inception: Running Microsoft Azure Stack on Azure - THR2212
Microsoft provides the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) for free so that technologists like yourself can learn how to manage and develop applications for Azure Stack. While the software is free, the hardware is not, and with requirements like 96GB of RAM and 12 CPU cores, a home lab might not cut it. In this session, Azure Stack MVP Ned Bellavance shows you how to deploy the ASDK on an Azure VM using nested virtualization. Ned presents a demonstration of the deployment process, walks through the automation scripts for deployment, and discusses important considerations when deploying the solution. You'll walk away ready to deploy your own ASDK in Azure and get started learning more about Azure Stack.
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TechDays 2017 - Damian Brady - End-to-End DevOps on the Microsoft Stack
DevOps is more than just a buzzword. It represents a really effective way of thinking about your product lifecycle, and while choosing tools should only be a part of the story, the right tools can guide you down the correct path very effectively. From managing requirements, through development, build, testing, deployment, and monitoring, Microsoft tools like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and Application Insights can make your team more effective. In this session, I'll introduce the important stages in a DevOps pipeline, and walk through each of them, all the way from planning to gaining valuable insights from what's in production. Along the way, I'll show you the tools and features Microsoft offers and I'll even show alternatives and how they can be integrated cleanly instead. By the end of this very hands-on session, you'll have a detailed insight into what's available, and how well it works to deliver DevOps to your organisation.
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System Design: How to design Twitter? Interview question at Facebook, Google, Microsoft
Designing the architecture of Twitter and similar social networks is a popular engineering interview question asked at companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, Snapchat, NVidia and others. This interview question is extremely broad but gives you the opportunity to talk about technologies like in-memory databases, replication, sharding etc. It's important to give a clear high level overview of the problem, ask clarifying questions and talking confidently about strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solution. Every architecture has trade-offs and interviewers want to hear you talk about them. Follow SuccessInTech on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SuccessInTech/ Follow SuccessInTech on Twitter: https://twitter.com/_SH4DY_ Details taken from a presentation of the VP of Engineering at Twitter: https://www.infoq.com/presentations/Twitter-Timeline-Scalability Music: www.bensound.com
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[Pluralsight]: Become a Full-stack .NET Developer
I have a partnership with Pluralsight. Using the following links, you can get a FREE 10-day trial or 15% discount on their annual subscription: Part 1: Fundamentals http://bit.ly/full-stack-1 Part 2: Advanced Topics http://bit.ly/full-stack-2 Part 3: Architecture and Testing http://bit.ly/full-stack-3 To check out my other courses: http://programmingwithmosh.com/courses
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Profitbase BI Solutions on Microsoft Stack
This video highlights the Profitbase BI Solutions and product suite on Microsoft Stack.
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An early look at Azure Stack and what it means for IT, with Jeffrey Snover
Azure Stack gives you Microsoft Azure Services to run your datacenter just like a service provider. On this episode of Microsoft Mechanics, Jeffrey Snover takes an IT Pro perspective to show you how you can leverage the operational and resource management model of Azure for your datacenter on premises. Also, you'll see how this hybrid approach gives you the flexibility to deploy apps and resources where and when you need them.
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Azure Meetup – Azure Stack (and Dev Stack) Deep Dive
Ever wonder ... "I want Cloud Solution Provider type of services and cost savings, but I do not want to leave my on-premise environments due to various reasons such as compliance. Is there anything I can achieve with today's technology?" To answer this question, Microsoft recently announced a new product/platform/feature called Azure Stack. Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver Azure services from your organization’s data center. Designed from the ground up to help organizations in particular scenarios, like meeting security and compliance requirements, or where they need to access Azure resources without internet connectivity. We will be discussing what Azure Stack is, how does it fit into the suite of offerings that Azure has currently, and where can it fit into your organization's technology stack. We will also be discussing limitations of the platform while covering various applicable scenarios. Time permitting, we will cover a demonstration and walk through of the platform. We are excited to see you all there and any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us! Presenters Bio: Shahan Karim is a passionate technical evangelist and architect with 19+ years of experience in positions such as CEO/CIO, Director of IT, Sr. Cloud Solution Architect, and Engineer. He currently has a particular focus on emerging technologies such as Azure, InfoSec, IoT, Big Data, and AWS while bringing agile solutions to Fortune 100 companies and learners alike. As an Author / SME here at Linux Academy and CloudAssessments.com, Shahan is tasked with serving the community to reach their goals on emerging technologies and certifications. Try Linux Academy FREE for 7 days: https://linuxacademy.com/join/pricing Linux Academy: https://linuxacademy.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/linuxacademyCOM Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/linuxacademyCOM Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/3761108/ Read our blog: https://linuxacademy.com/blog
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Learn about Azure Stack: with Quick Programming
A brief tutorial on Azure Stack, a new product offering by Microsoft. What is Azure Stack? What can you do with it? Learn here! My new site: http://quickprogramming.devonchase.me Azure Stacks marketing page: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/ Article on hardware nuisances: http://www.geekwire.com/2016/azure-stack-limits-meant-to-speed-and-simplify-hybrid-cloud-use-vex-some-developers/ Delays: http://searchwindowsserver.techtarget.com/news/450305122/Microsoft-Azure-Stack-tweaks-causing-delays-IT-pros-still-hopeful A fantastic article about someone who's actually played with the product. http://www.networkworld.com/article/3037483/cloud-computing/truly-understanding-microsoft-s-azure-stack.html Please subscribe to my channel and leave a comment! ************** Interested in becoming a producing youtuber? Check out tubebuddy to help you! https://www.tubebuddy.com/quickprogramming
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Understanding hybrid application patterns for Microsoft Azure Stack - BRK2374
Hybrid applications are becoming the norm for most organizations today. In this session, learn different application patterns, such as artificial intelligence (AI) patterns, to expedite development of your solutions on Azure Stack and deploy anywhere, whether on Azure Stack or Azure.
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Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Microsoft Azure
Healthcare Cloud Security Stack for Microsoft Azure Deborah Larkins, Lead Technologist, XentIT Hari Srinivasan, Director of Product Management, Qualys Qualys Talk at Microsoft Ignite Booth 1737 - September 24-28, 2018
Azure Stack Overview and Roadmap - BRK2367
Azure Stack is an extension of Microsoft Azure. It is a key asset in Microsoft's all-up Intelligent cloud and Intelligent edge strategy. You have heard about Azure Stack and our continuously expanding hardware partner ecosystem, as well as the success stories from our existing customers. Come learn why Azure Stack is the right solution for you, where we're headed, and discover how you can lead your business innovation in a truly hybrid cloud environment by leveraging both Azure and Azure Stack. This session covers how Azure Stack fits in Microsoft hybrid cloud strategy, product roadmap, and showcases some solution patterns Microsoft has to get you up and running with Azure Stack quickly.
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Welcome to Microsoft Teams
Take a quick tour of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a new collaboration tool built on the Office 365 stack. With Microsoft Teams, all your team conversations, related files, notes, and content are kept together in one place and easily accessible by everyone on the team. Download Microsoft Teams today! https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software?wt.srch=1&wt.mc_id=AID522514_SEM_SBBrxGjX
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HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack
Learn how you can run Azure-consistent services in your data center with the HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack hybrid cloud solution. Get the convenience of Azure pubic cloud with the security, performance, and control you have in your data center. To learn more, please visit: https://hpe.com/cloud/azure-stack
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Launch of Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Solution by Huawei and Microsoft
Huawei executive, Qiu Long discusses the launch of Huawei and Microsoft Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Solution.
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Sway - How to use a stack card
For more information call us on 0800 148 8001 or email [email protected] and we will get straight back to you.
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OpenDev 10.2017 | Logging, security, and analytics on Azure with the Elastic Stack
Christoph Wurm, Principal Solutions Architect at Elastic, speaks at the 2nd edition of Azure OpenDev, a live community-focused series of technical demonstrations centered around building open source solutions on Azure. This episode features DevOps, which increases business agility by delivering business value to customers faster. Every server instance, application, and process continuously create streams of events about their operation and status. Gathering this information is at the heart of the Elastic Stack. Comprised of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats, Elastic Stack is supplemented by X-Pack for security, alerting, machine learning, anomaly detection, and more. It's the most commonly deployed open-source stack for centralized log management, metrics monitoring, and analytics. Many Elastic Stack users and customers are happily running on Azure. An official Elastic Stack solution template in the marketplace helps get you started and provides separate resources for ongoing support. In this session, you'll learn about the components of the Elastic Stack and how they come together in one pipeline. You'll see the typical use cases, architectures, data sources, and end users. Lastly, you'll see how Elastic Stack is deployed on Azure. Anshul Kumar, Director of Big Data at McKesson, will demonstrate how to deploy Elasticstack in an enterprise private network on Azure as well as provide speeding data insights using Kibana.
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VConnect for Microsoft Azure Stack | Private Cloud Management | Cloud Assert
VConnect is one of the striking product from Cloud Assert for Microsoft azure stack users to manage both private-hybrid clouds and public clouds. It integrates VMware Vcenter and Veeam in the backend to provide virtual machine backups for both system center based and VMware based virtual machines. For More Information check here: https://www.cloudassert.com
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Lenovo ThinkAgile SX Solution for Microsoft Azure Stack
Lenovo’s ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is an integrated, turnkey hybrid cloud solution that is ready for deployment in your data center. Lenovo’s leadership reliability performance combined with Microsoft’s leadership in software and cloud services delivers a simplified and accelerated private or hybrid cloud deployment solution. You’ll get transformative customer experiences and world-class services and support from Lenovo. These are powered by the latest Intel (R) Xeon(R) Scalable family processors.
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Choosing a Stack For Your Web Application
In this video, Dave walks clients through the most important considerations when making a decision about which stack to go with. http://www.SourceSeek.com - Connect WIth Top Offshore Software Teams SourceSeek (www.sourceseek.com) matches your software projects for free with trusted dev teams in the U.S. and around the world. Whether you're a startup founder, small-business owner, or Fortune 100 manager, you need to get it right the first time. But too often, software projects fail, resulting in wasted time and money. SourceSeek is here to help you keep your project on-time and on-budget, and your development partners highly motivated. Our founder, Dave Hecker, is one of the foremost experts on outsourcing software, web, and mobile development projects. We're passionate about teaching both clients and vendors what they can do to ensure the success of their projects. Here's what we do, in as little as two weeks: - Quickly and efficiently assess a client's needs - Intelligently match you to a dev team for your product or project needs - Co-pilot to help you optimize distributed teams and see instant results SourceSeek is free for clients; we find you the best teams and the perfect match. It's that simple. Watch all our videos, send us feedback, and tell us about your project at http://www.sourceseek.com/get-started-now/. SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE OUTSOURCING VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sourceseek LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► http://google.com/+Sourceseek Facebook ► http://facebook.com/SourceSeek Twitter ► http://twitter.com/SourceSeek Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/sourceseek Pinterest ► http://www.pinterest.com/SourceSeek SourceSeek ► http://www.sourceseek.com
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Hear from Jeffrey Snover about the latest updates to Microsoft Azure Stack
Microsoft Azure Stack lets you bring Azure to your datacenter. Join Jeffrey Snover to hear about the latest updates to Azure Stack for IT, developers and service . Outstanding in-depth Azure Stack presentations recorded at Ignite 2016. Most of them presented by rockstars from Azure Stack's product team. PowerPoint . Azure Stack gives you Microsoft Azure Services to run your datacenter just like a service provider. On this episode of Microsoft Mechanics, Jeffrey Snover takes .
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Explore Microsoft Azure Stack “State of the Union”
Azure Stack is Azure in your datacenter. This session will provide you with an overview of everything you need to know about Azure Stack, from the value proposition to the business model to the technical capabilities. If you are coming to Ignite to learn about Azure Stack you MUST start with this session. https://www.microsoft.com/techsummit
Full stack monitoring across application infrastructure and network with Azure - BRK2270
In this session we provide an introduction to the new capabilities in Azure Monitor. We will go over demos, use cases and the motivation to reshape the portfolio of monitoring products you love and use - Azure Monitor, Application Insights, Service Map, Log Analytics and more - into an even better and integrated monitoring product.
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Marshall MS-4 Mini Stack Amp  Review
Checking out the Marshall MS-4 Mini Stack. A 4 watt amp that sounds pretty badass!! check it out and enjoy friends! Like Share Comment and Subscribe!! Merch - www.shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/RiffMaster https://www.facebook.com/mattriffmaster/
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Overview: Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack
Deploy Azure in your data center with Lenovo. Focus on cloud services instead of infrastructure with a hybrid cloud solution co-engineered and integrated by Lenovo and Microsoft. Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is a turnkey, rack scale hybrid cloud solution optimized with resilient, high performing, and secure software-defined infrastructure. It’s the perfect platform to - Deliver Azure cloud services from the security of your own data center - Enable rapid development and iteration of apps with on-premise deployment tools to help transform your organization - Unify app development across the hybrid cloud environment - Easily move apps and data across private and public clouds
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What did the Microsoft Development Stack and Azure ever do for my enterprise - BRK2276
The value and capabilities of the Microsoft Development Stack can be easily overlooked in an enterprise environment. In this session, see real-world examples of award winning solutions showing how the Microsoft Development Stack can transform how an enterprise works. We cover such transformational changes as user experience, mobility, security, cloud adoption, cognitive services, quality, and DevOps.
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BACnet Stack MS/TP port to STM32
I ported my open source BACnet Protocol Stack hosted on SourceForge.net to the STM32 Discovery Kit (a STM32F103RG which has 1MB flash, 96k SRAM, 72MHz system clock). The datalink layer is BACnet MS/TP over RS-485. The demo project includes a Device Object and 2 Binary Output objects. The BACnet services include Who-Is, I-Am, Who-Has, I-Have, ReadProperty, ReadPropertyMultiple, WriteProperty, DeviceCommunicationControl, and ReinitializeDevice. There are many compilers and IDE for STM32 - it is an ARM Cortex-M3 core: http://www.st.com/stonline/stappl/st/com/software/ides_mcu.jsp There is also GCC for ARM which is free: http://www.gnuarm.com/ http://www.yagarto.de/ and CooCox: http://www.coocox.org/ I also used the ARM-based 32-bit MCU STM32F10xxx standard peripheral library including CMSIS: http://www.st.com/internet/com/SOFTWARE_RESOURCES/SW_COMPONENT/FIRMWARE/stm32f10x_stdperiph_lib.zip The STM32 and BACnet code that I used is here: https://bacnet.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bacnet/trunk/bacnet-stack/ports/stm32f10x/ The BACnet command line tools that are used to test the unit can be built using the demo applications in the BACnet Stack and compile with GCC, MinGW, Borland C++, VIsual C++, etc. http://bacnet.sourceforge.net/ They are available compiled for Windows from Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/bacnet/files/bacnet-tools/
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How to Create a Stock Management Database in Microsoft Access - Full Tutorial with Free Download
This tutorial will explain how to use Microsoft Access to create a working stock control database with some basic features. Follow along with our free download of the basic stock database we created in this video: http://www.software-matters.co.uk/free-access-stock-control-database.asp All you need to get started is a copy of Access and a beginner's knowledge of how it works. Get more help and advice on Excel, Access or VBA projects: http://www.software-matters.co.uk/youtube_links.html If you want to find out whether a bespoke database would be right for you, get in contact: http://www.software-matters.co.uk/contact.asp Learn more about our work: http://www.software-matters.co.uk/projects-blog.html Music by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ We have now uploaded a no music version of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=049IlFNcrl0 --------------------------------------------- If you found this video helpful, please consider giving it a Like, leaving a comment or sharing it. More from the Software-Matters channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk-MVP61VQHMdfETVNQEFww Visit the Software-Matters website: http://www.software-matters.co.uk Software-Matters is based in Gillingham, Dorset, in the south-west of the United Kingdom (UK), near Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire and the cities of Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton, Bristol, Bath and Salisbury. ---------------------------------------------- MORE INFORMATION: To follow this tutorial you will need a full copy of Microsoft Access. The video was made using Access 2010, however the process is very similar in Access 2007 and Access 2013. We'll be going as far as setting up the database tables, which traditionally would be stored in a so-called 'back end' database file, while forms, queries and report, which are not covered in any details by this tutorial, would be stored in a separate 'front end' database file. The tables from the back end are then 'linked' to the front end, so that it behaved as if all the objects were in one file. In some places we have made the design deliberately simple in order to keep our relationships clean and the number of tables low. This helps those new to Access to get their heads around how to create the database, but for actual use, might cause problems. We recommend that you learn more about database design from other sources before beginning your project if you intend to use it for a real business. Key topics to consider are: database normalisation theory; Inner, Left, Right and Outer Joins; Basic SQL (structured query language) use; Software Development Methodologies; UX (user experience) enhancement techniques; and of course, the very specific needs of your business, project or client. All together, a broad knowledge of these topics will allow you to design your tables with enough foresight to make the setting up of the queries, forms and reports you'll need later as easy as possible. Plus it should make the system easy to use and less likely to be corrupted or crash. Keep in mind that even if your stock database needs don't fit very well with our example parts database, or if you need an entirely different kind of system like an accounts database or CRM database, the lessons in this tutorial can still apply.
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Microsoft 365 Security Training 2018
In this comprehensive overview of the Microsoft 365 Security offering, Brad Anderson (CVP, Enterprise Mobility) shares how he talks to customers about the unique and powerful M365 Security story. Brad offers an in-depth look at identity-driven security, information protection, threat protection, and security management. Brad also speaks at length about how he describes M365, use cases, and he shows over two dozen demos in great detail. These demos include scenarios for Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure Active Directory MFA, Windows Hello, Intune enrollment, accessing/labeling/classifying/tracking sensitive content, Conditional Access, Cloud App Security, Azure ATP, threat remediation/mitigation with Office 365, and Windows Defender – just to name a few. Microsoft 365 Overview - 1:12 Ch. 1: Identity-driven security 6:32 Ch. 2: Information protection 30:23 Ch. 3: Threat protection 45:40 Ch. 4: Security management 01:03:45
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microsoft azure stack
AsiaPac was incorporated in 1990. We have progressed by working closely with leading-edge manufacturers and product vendors. The company has gained recognition as a leading technology provider offering value-added products and services to our customers. Our role is to assist organisations in delivering value for their business and increasing productivity through technology. Want to know more about Microsoft azure stack? Visit https://medium.com/@aimhigher008/how-microsoft-azure-is-gaining-market-share-in-cloud-services-and-how-to-optimize-for-it-ca718f485708
Azure Stack integrated systems – how to bring Azure to your data center
Today we take a look at Azure Stack integrated systems, a combination of optimized hardware, software and services that delivers Azure, with Azure Stack, to your data center. We catch up with Vijay Tewari from the Azure Stack engineering team to see how it works and how to get Azure Stack up and running with your hardware partners. And as you take on the role as your own Cloud operator, we'll explain the Azure Stack integrated systems approach and demonstrate the end to end IT experience including planning the size of your system and setting yourself up for scale, configuring your system with your hardware partner, provisioning resources to your developers, plus ongoing management and monitoring of your apps and services running on Azure Stack. To get started: https://aka.ms/Azurestackintegratedsystems
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An introduction to Workplace Analytics for Office 365
A look at Workplace Analytics, a tool that uses the power of Office 365 to provide rich actionable insights into how your organization spends its time. Workplace Analytics shows ways that people network internally and externally and the effectiveness of collaboration across teams. We'll also share how it works, including how you can correlate Workplace Analytics data with other business information to generate powerful models and best practices to drive positive business outcomes.
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Designer and Founder from Microsoft, Imgur, Purple [Design Titles]
WTF do "designers" in Tech do? Through interviewing designers with different design titles in the Silicon Valley (and beyond), I aim to create clarity around this very issue. From Product Designers, UX Designers, Interaction Designers, Comms Designers, UX Researchers, and beyond -- what are the similarities, differences or even nuances in our job titles? -- Interview 03: Chris Gallello, Designer and Founder Chris is the founder of Purple.pm, a documentation and planning tool for design teams. Prior to starting Purple, he was a Product Manager at Microsoft, where he helped people be more productive, and Imgur, where he helped people be less productive. On the side, he also runs a VR design meetup and co-created Kitten Cannon VR. ⇢ Twitter: @cgallello ⇢ purple.pm ⇢ roomscale.design ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••• • Product Designer, San Francisco, CA • Instagram: @alexaleigh_h • Website: alexaleighh.com ⇒ I design technology in order to maximize human potential Subscribe and join the family! xo Alexa
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Black Marble explain why they use the Microsoft stack
http://wintheweb.poundhost.com Black Marble are a bespoke software house and Sharepoint specialist. Here they explain why the moved from Java to the .NET platform from Microsoft. Windows® Server® 2008 R2 is Microsoft's most advanced operating system yet. Designed to power the next generation of networks, apps and web services, it's the flexible, scalable, cost-efficient way to open up a world of business opportunities using your existing infrastructure and skill set. Windows Server 2008 R2 empowers your developers to build, run and manage websites, apps and services the way they want to.
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Technology Keynote: Microsoft Azure  : Build 2018
Create a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree
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Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and your options with Microsoft 365
On this show, Roy King, Sr. Product Manager for Office 365 Security takes us through General Data Protection Regulation and how Microsoft 365 can help with your compliance journey. If your organization is in the European Union or you have customers or employees in the EU, this regulation applies to you. We'll walk you through service level controls that make Microsoft a trusted platform. How regulation control sets have been mapped to Microsoft cloud capabilities. And we'll make the IT experience real with the things that you can configure as an admin. Find more information here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/TrustCenter/Privacy/gdpr/default.aspx
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Rackspace on Azure Stack
For more information on Azure Stack, click: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/overview/azure-stack/
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Todays video is the official kickoff of WOODSTACK 2018, There are Three Categories. Perfect Stack, Most Creative Stack, And Get-r-Done Stack (Biggest Stack) Prizes for Winners are as follows, Perfect Stack-Still MS 261 Chainsaw, Most Creative Stack-Log OX 3-1 Forestry Tool, Get-r-done-Black Diamond 25 Ton Log Splitter. on October 10Th 2018 At 7:00pm Eastern you can start submitting your pictures on our Facebook Page Outdoors With the Morgans in the comments on the post in the accurate category. Five finalists from each group will be determined by most likes on their pictures. Then those finalists will have their pictures in a video on November 5th. Grand Prize Winners will be determined by votes in the comment section or youtube Poll Get You LockNLube Here http://bit.ly/2MDdtz5 Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/outdoorswiththemorgans/ For WOODSTACK 2018 T-Shirts Email Melissa at [email protected] Our channel takes you through the day to day chores here on our rural property in Western Pennsylvania. We also work on new projects and maintain old ones. You will find both compact and subcompact tractors here. Lots of 3 point attachments like tillers, box blade, rear blade, cultipacker, disc, brush cutters, augers and post hole diggers and several more. We have backhoes and grapples as well. Other prizes for winners will be Acc-U-marks and mingo markers, T shirts to all top 5 finalists in each group Equipment List On Property; RK 24 With Loader and Backhoe RK 37 With Loader RK 55 With Loader and Backhoe RK by Top Dog Granite Grapple Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Ford F-150 Lifted Jeep Wrangler Subaru Crosstrek Black Diamond Log Splitter Polaris 900 Ranger Crew Power Equipment Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw Stihl 036 Pro Stihl BR 700 Backpack Blower Stihl FS 91R String Trimmer Stihl HTA 85 Pole Saw We do product reviews, build stuff, break stuff, hunt deer, cut firewood and enjoy life with our family, Chickens, and Three Golden Retrievers. Oh and Jinx the Cat!
"The Makings of a Modern Application Architecture" - Sam Ramji Keynote
Watch more from the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference: http://goo.gl/lXpXnG It wasn’t too long ago that artisans, bathed in the glow of molten metal, forged parts that would go on to make up bigger, more powerful machines. Today, we call those artisans developers. Instead of metal, they use bits and bytes in the cloud to forge a modern application architecture. It’s an architecture that supports public, private and hybrid application deployment. One that enables users and developers to move their applications wherever they need to go. And it’s built on a growing, vibrant ecosystem. In this talk, I’ll give you a look at the technologies driving this new level of efficiency for application developers (tech like containers, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and social coding tools like GitHub). And I’ll explain why many prominent members of the Fortune 500 are building their futures on this modern application architecture. About Sam Ramji (Cloud Foundry Foundation): Sam Ramji is CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. He has over 20 years of industry experience in enterprise software, product development, and open source strategy. He previously served as Vice President of Strategy of Apigee, one of the 5 fastest-growing software companies in the Deloitte Fast 500, and is a member of their Board of Advisors. He joined Apigee from Microsoft, where he was responsible for driving Microsoft’s worldwide open source strategy. He drove many of Microsoft’s contributions to open source and its shift to embrace open source technologies like PHP. He was a leader in BEA’s move into EAI/ESB as a founding member of the AquaLogic product team. Mr. Ramji has built large-scale enterprise and Web-scale applications, leading the Ofoto engineering team through its acquisition by Kodak. His other experience includes leading engineering teams to build large-scale applications on open source software, as well as hands-on development of client, client-server and distributed applications on Unix, Windows and Macintosh at prior companies. He is a Member of the Institute for Generative Leadership. Sam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California at San Diego. His work has been covered in Wired and many other industry publications. For more information, visit: http://oreil.ly/1Cyt9nt Software architecture is a massive multidisciplinary subject, covering many roles and responsibilities, which makes it challenging to teach because so much context is required for every subject. It's also a fast-moving discipline, where entire suites of best practices become obsolete overnight. The O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference is a new event designed to provide the necessary professional training that software architects and aspiring software architects need to succeed. A unique event, it covers the full scope of a software architect's job, from IT to leadership and business skills. It also provides a forum for networking and hearing what other professionals have learned in real-world experiences. Stay Connected to O'Reilly Media by Email - http://goo.gl/YZSWbO Follow O'Reilly Media: http://plus.google.com/+oreillymedia https://www.facebook.com/OReilly https://twitter.com/OReillyMedia
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