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The Details: Print & Pattern - At The Shows - MR PORTER
From paisley to polka dots, the guys attending the men's shows in London, Milan and Paris haven't been afraid of embracing a pop of pattern. Take a look at a few prints that caught our eye in our latest video
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Vlog Ep.593 - Become a Brownie! - http://tinyurl.com/BrowniesRule ✩ Twitter - http://twitter.com/MrBenBrown ✩ SNAPCHAT! mr.benbrown ✩ Instagram - http://instagram.com/MrBenBrown ✩ Blog/Website - http://www.mrbenbrown.com ✩ FaceBook - http://facebook.com/mrbenbrown ✩ Tumblr - http://mrbenbrown.tumblr.com ✩ Spotify - http://open.spotify.com/user/mrbenbrown Check Nicole - http://twitter.com/NicoleEddy1 http://instagram.com/NicoleEddy http://nicoleeddy.com Snapchat - NicoleEddy1 Check Matt (SP) - http://youtube.com/sliceofmatt https://twitter.com/sliceofmatt http://instagram.com/sliceofmatt SnapChat - sliceofmatt __ Shot on Canon G7 X, Canon 5D mk3, GoPro Hero 4 black __ FAQs - for those of you bright enough to read the description before commenting with the same boring questions ... :) - How old are you? - 29 - Where do you live? - Surrey, UK - What hair product do you use? - Sea water or Ruffians Wax - What do you ask for at the hairdresser? - The 'Ben Brown' - What breed of dog is Alfie? - Tibetan Terrier - When did you start kayaking? - When I was 8 years old. - What size penny board do you ride? - I have both the Penny & the Nickel. - What do your tattoos mean? My star was just because I thought it looked good. My skull was my reward for winning the marathon world championships in 2010, my triangle on my hand reminds me to keep moving forward and make progress, and my turtle/Pura Vida tattoo on my leg is a reminder of my amazing time in Costa Rica :) - How do you make money? - YouTube/Freelance film/photo & my clothing brand - Do you ship Work In Progress clothing world wide? - We ship to most countries. - What editing program do you use? - Premier Pro CC on Mac - Did you go to university? - Nope - Will you be going to the Olympics? - Hopefully if they introduce Marathon Kayaking into the Olympic program! But it's more likely I'll continue to make films & photos. - What steady cam do you use? - GlideCam 4000 - Why aren't you training for kayaking anymore? - I see new opportunities everyday, I'm just grabbing them as they appear and keep working hard, right now that's YouTube & Film. I'm happy I made the change! - How long do your vlogs take to edit? - They vary massively, sometimes 1 hour sometimes 6+ Still got questions? Check my 'Ask Ben' Video! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egH8APZhRNo __ P.s. I love my subscribers :) xx
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Mr. Softie (Prints)
Mr. Softie is a windows application for the production of dynamic typography with the use of SoftType fonts. It let the user output to high resolution bitmap or vector images for large scale printing. In a multi-document environment, the user can create a typographic design and apply SoftTypes to specific text to generate the desired result.
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Screen Print your own t-shirts // How-To
Links to everything you need to screen print your own t-shirts: http://www.iliketomakestuff.com/how-to-screen-print-your-own-t-shirts Visit Casper.com/make and use the code MAKE for $50 off Here's what you'll need: (purchasing via these affiliate links supports ILTMS) Photo Emulsion Kit (includes emulsion remover) - http://amzn.to/1JxIf3e Screen Printing Ink (white) - http://amzn.to/1bzCCTH Squeegee (multiple sizes) - http://amzn.to/1IiZ5S0 Aluminum Screen (23"x31") - https://amzn.to/2QFsRcH Palette Knife - http://amzn.to/1bzDcAY Blank t-shirts - http://amzn.to/1zjGhAl MORE PROJECTS, POSTS AND EVENTS http://www.iliketomakestuff.com Want to support ILTMS? There are lots of ways .. find out more at http://www.iliketomakestuff.com/support BUY A SHIRT, STICKER OR A HANDMADE ITEM!! http://www.iliketomakestuff.com/store FOLLOW: http://facebook.com/iltms http://twitter.com/iliketomakestuf http://instagram.com/iliketomakestuff Screen printing is a fantastic way to cheaply make branded items, or even one off custom pieces. Need a silly t-shirt to surprise a friend with? Printing it yourself is the cheapest way to make that happen! Kids can even get the hang of printing VERY quickly and be apart of the entire process, which is awesome! Here are a few things that I didn’t cover in the video that I think will give you better results. Use high dpi screens. These provide finer detail, and have significantly improved my prints. Have someone hold your frame so that you can use two hands to evenly pull the squeegee. If you don’t have access to a dryer for heat setting, you can cover the print with a piece of paper and iron it for a minute. If using a dark material, look for an ink labeled “super opaque”. You’ll get a brighter colored print. You’ll need a screen and squeegee to start. Also, some photo emulsion for screen printing. Add water to the sensitizer, then mix it with the emulsion. Mix thoroughly until it’s an even green color. Pour just a small amount onto the screen. Use the squeegee to spread it evenly on both sides of the screen. Try to get even and full coverage by alternating directions and sides. Dry the emulsion in front of a fan and IN THE DARK. After it’s dry, quickly lay your artwork, backwards, on the back of the screen. You can print your art on transparencies at most office supplies stores or copy centers. Tape the art in place, then lay on a piece of glass to hold it against the screen. Apply a very bright light for 30-45 minutes. You can also use sunlight, but the time may vary depending on cloud cover and placement. The areas covered by your art do not get exposed when you remove the transparency. Use a light spray and soft toothbrush to wash out the unexposed emulsion. Be careful not to use too much force when spraying it out or you will remove emulsion around your design as well. Use painters tape to mask any areas that you don’t want to print yet, or areas where the emulsion isn’t intact. Layout your shirt on smooth, flat surface and remove wrinkles. Place your design where you want it to be printed. Lay a thick bead of ink above the art, extended past both ends. Be sure to add extra ink above large areas to be printed. Even though I’m working alone here, you’ll have better luck to have someone hold your screen, then use two hands to evenly pull the squeegee fully across your screen. Remove the screen and wash out all of the ink before it dries. After the ink dries, run your shirt through a clothes dryer for 5 minutes to heat set the print. The screens can be reused by cleaning them with emulsion remover. Spread a small amount across both sides of the screen. Then use a hose to wash out the emulsion until the screen is clean. Dark inks will stain the material of the screen, but this will not affect future prints. Just make sure to remove all of the emulsion. Second channel: bit.ly/iltms-2
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Unintentional ASMR 🖼️ Traditional Japanese Printmaking (brushing, explanations)
Original video: https://youtu.be/yfqsTy3Yx24 I do not own the rights to these contents, I do not monetize them and I will delete them upon request. All credit goes to the original creators. (I significantly edited/enhanced the audio & video for better ASMR effect).
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Prints and Suits at Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Men's Fashion Week | FashionTV
Prints and Suits at Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2013-14 | Milan Men's Fashion Week http://www.FashionTV.com/videos MILAN - FashionTV is at the Giorgio Armani show during Milan Men's Fashion Week where prints and suits are all the rage. Appearances: Angelo Flaccavento (Fashion Journalist), Franca Sozzani (Editor-In-Chief, Franca Sozzani), Elena Braghieri (Street Style Photographer), CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com FashionTV "Fashion TV" FTV "Prints and Suits" at "Giorgio Armani" Fall Winter 2013-14 "Milan Men's Fashion Week" "Milan Fashion Week" "Fashion Week" Milan Fashion TV FashionTV.com FTV.com
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The Styling Studio - How to Wear Patterns and Prints
Combining patterns and prints can be tricky. Jackie Burger, stylist and founder of Salon 58, shares a few tips to make this look easy to wear. Connect with Trenery: Web: http://www.trenery.com.au/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Trenery/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/trenery/ Stay Connected: http://bit.ly/1Hqa2Ox
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☀️ Painting • Elephant "Mr K" by Oksana Rus ☀️
☀️ Painting "Mr K" by Oksana Rus ☀️ ☀️ Limited Edition art prints available at: http://bit.ly/AfricaAndMe ☀️ Donate: http://bit.ly/Donate2Artist
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All Colour Paperbacks - 1969 | Movietone Moments | 8 Sept 17
It's International Literacy Day! Take a look at British Movietone's 1969 report on the production of all colour paperbacks. There are over a hundred titles in this new series of popular paperback reference books which have been designed to have an International appeal. With colour pictures on every page, and subjects ranging from space travel to gardening, mythology to popular science, the new paperbacks are expected to make a tremendous impact on the world market. They've already earned nearly half a million pounds in advance overseas royalties. MS Paperbacks on rack in bookshop. MCU pan ditto. CU woman looking at ditto. MCU pages being turned by woman. MS unfinished books running through press. MCU paintbrush being dipped into paint. MCU portrait for book being painted. GV designers at work. MCU design of bird. CU editor. MCU portraits for books. MCU editor with designer (woman). TS designer with portraits. MS man lays illustrations on transparent foil. MCU shot through magnifying glass. MS man holds foil with images printed through. 4 shots complicated process of producing prints. 2 shots prints being washed. 3 shots prints running through press. MS dials on press. 7 shots press in operation. MS man lifts prints from press. MS men inspect prints. 2 shots prints coming off press. MS folded pages of books. MCU hands scoop up ditto. MS finished book being paid for in shop. MCU 6/- displayed in till. GV people buying books. MCU books rotating on rack. (Hamlin's). see story number 95181/2 for cuts Find out more about AP Archive: http://tinyurl.com/p8cv22p You can license this story for commercial use through AP Archive - story number is: BM95181
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Van Heusen Modern Prints
Take your print game up a notch with the stylish, modern prints featured in Van Heusen’s latest premium innerwear range.
Brett's Style Tips for Men: Shirt Prints
We see a lot of stripes in the golf world, but not many fashion forward prints. Find out how to style and wear printed shirts with confidence and learn some basic styling as well!
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RFMB Gman- Rubbin Off The Prints
RFMB Coming Up In The making!!
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How To Train For Mass | Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program
Learn some of Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite classic bodybuilding exercises and preferred training techniques for building muscle. Get the knowledge you need to train for mass! ► Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint to Mass: http://bbcom.me/2EqSJTB ► Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint to Cut: http://bbcom.me/2EqDPg8 When it comes to bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger knows best. His plan for quality mass and extreme strength isn't complicated. In fact, it's steeped in the fundamentals and old-school exercises that should be at the heart of everyone's program. It's a surefire road to growth, but it's fraught with pain and struggle. If you want to learn bodybuilding from the world's best bodybuilder, you're in the right place. | Basics Are Best | "The biggest mistake being made in bodybuilding today is that people aren't covering basic exercises," says the Austrian Oak. And by basic, Arnold doesn't mean easy. Many contemporary fitness centers are full of people on machines, not in squat racks, and big-box gyms often lack even a single platform. Arnold disapproves: "Today, when I go in the gymnasium, I don't see any of the kids learning about the clean and press, or the snatch, or the upright row from the floor." Schwarzenegger's insistence on the essential lifts is not due to some grandfatherly desire to live in the past. It comes from decades of continued interest and expertise in the industry, and from the hard-earned knowledge that it doesn't take fancy machines or off-the-wall programming to become arguably the best bodybuilder in history. Get back to your bodybuilding roots and experience unbelievable growth. | Arnold Schwarzenegger's Training Tips | Chest: "There are three chest exercises that should always be done," Arnold says. "The bench press, the incline bench press at different angles, and the dumbbell flye." Back: "For back, I did chin-ups, bent-over barbell and dumbbell rows, and the T-bar row. Any kind of rowing movement will give you that thickness. Those are the exercises I relied on from the beginning of my career to the end." Arms: Arnold relied on the barbell curl to build thick biceps, but he also used incline dumbbell curls and concentration curls to isolate his biceps. "For triceps," Arnold says, "we did a lot of narrow [close-grip] bench press in the early days. And then triceps push downs and overhead triceps extensions later." Shoulders: Arnold's shoulders were built by barbell presses, behind-the-neck barbell presses, lateral raises, military presses, and dumbbell presses. "We always did presses behind the neck and a special dumbbell press which would stretch out the front delt at the bottom and fully flex it at the top. Now those are called Arnold presses." Legs "The squat is the most important exercise to create big thighs," says Arnold. "I did back squats, front squats, leg extensions, lunges, single-leg deadlifts, good morning exercises, and a lot of leg curls." Abs: "The regular training we did for abs was just leg raises, knee raises, crunches, and sit-ups. We all believed in doing 500 reps of Roman chair sit-ups." ► Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint Training Program: http://bbcom.me/2yHIrMh #Bodybuilding #Arnold #Motivation #BodybuildingMotivation #ArnoldSchwarzenegger ========================================­===== | Recommended Mass-Building Supplements | ► Protein: http://bbcom.me/2yIG7EC ► Pre-Workouts: http://bbcom.me/2yIppoW ► Testosterone Support: http://bbcom.me/2yHEdUI ► Creatine: http://bbcom.me/2yHkBQE ► Post-Workout: http://bbcom.me/2yHke8I ========================================­===== | Bodybuilding.com | Sales & Specials ► http://bbcom.me/1pzVaL9 Fitness Articles ► http://bbcom.me/1pzVg5e #1 Online Supplement Store ► http://bbcom.me/1pzViu5 Free Fitness Plans ► http://bbcom.me/1pzVkCb ========================================­===== | Follow Us | YouTube ► http://bit.ly/1RSJFa4 Facebook ► http://on.fb.me/1lomhpr Instagram ► http://bit.ly/1LzBxab Twitter ► http://bit.ly/1RSJQlL Google+ ► http://bit.ly/1NRe8qu Pinterest ► http://bit.ly/1OOZgY4 Spotify ► http://spoti.fi/1NRebm0 We are Bodybuilding.com. Your transformation is our passion. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide the technology, tools and products you need to burn fat, build muscle and become your best self.
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Madcap Prints at Etro Men Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Men's Fashion Week | FashionTV
Madcap Prints at Etro Men Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Men's Fashion Week http://www.FashionTV.com/videos MILAN- We already know that whoever is on the runway is going to be fashionable, but what about the people going to the fashion shows? We give you a glimpse into some of the street style of the attendees. From Manolo Blahnik pumps to Marc Jacobs dresses to bright colors and big sunglasses, a variety of personal style is evident within this fashion savvy crowd. Appearance: Suzy Menkes, Anna Dello Russo CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com Etro Men Spring Summer 2014 "Milan Men's Fashion Week" "Spring Summer 2014" ss14 s/s ss2014 "spring 2014" "summer 2014" menswear Runway Fashion Show Milan "Fashion WeeK" Fall Winter FashionTV FTV "Fashion TV" FashionTV.com Fashion TV
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CGI Animated Short Film HD "Print Your Guy " by Cornillon Quentin | CGMeetup
Print Your Guy Short Film by Cornillon Quentin. Featured on http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/print-your-guy/ Print Your Guy is an animated comedy short made by six french students from Bellecour School of Art in Lyon, France. We are Alwin Leene, Sarah Barry, Quentin Cornillon, Laura Gisselaire, Lucas Scheurer and Thomas Sigaud. The concept art was done by Pierre Davoult, Terence Jougla and Raphaël Maaden. The music and sound design was done by Florian Bardoux and Matthieu Vermorel. www.printyourguy.wix.com/shortfilm SUBSCRIBE to CGMeetup for more inspiring content! http://bit.ly/Sub2CGMeetup Watch More CGI & VFX Animated Short Films: http://bit.ly/2DTJARP About CGI & VFX Animated Short Films: Take a look at our curated list of CGI & VFX Animated Short Films created by CGI artists and studios from all around the globe. FOLLOW US: Website: http://www.cgmeetup.net and http://www.cgmeetup.com YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/CGMeetUp Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CGMeetup Twitter https://twitter.com/cgmeetup Google+ https://plus.google.com/+Cgmeetup Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/user/CGMeetup Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/cgmeetup/ Instagram https://instagram.com/cgmeetup/ WANT TO GET FEATURED? All CGI artists, studios or schools who would like their work featured or published on CGMeetup please apply below. We’re looking for short films, commercial spots, breakdowns, showreels etc. Submit here → http://www.cgmeetup.net/forums/ or http://www.cgmeetup.com Contact us here → [email protected] Please Note: All videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected artists, studios or schools or part of the Creative Commons license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode For more details or to dispute please contact us at [email protected] ABOUT CGMeetup: CGMeetup is the #1 inspiration resource for all CGI, VFX, 3D and Digital artists. We feature a wide variety of CGI content including behind-the-scenes, vfx breakdowns, short films & showreels. CGMeetup also serves as networking resource for CGI Professionals. Professionals use CGMeetup to exchange ideas, knowledge & job opportunities. CGI Animated Short Film HD "Print Your Guy " by Cornillon Quentin | CGMeetup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlGgu7wDGKU CGMeetup https://www.youtube.com/CGMeetup
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Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me (Official Music Video)
Miranda Lambert's official music video for 'The House That Built Me'. Click to listen to Miranda Lambert on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MLamSpotify?IQid=MLamTHTBM As featured on Revolution. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MLamReviTunes?IQid=MLamTHTBM Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MLamTHTBMplay?IQid=MLamTHTBM Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MLamRevAmz?IQid=MLamTHTBM More from Miranda Lambert New Strings: https://youtu.be/4cKNxXfWxJ4 Bring Me Down: https://youtu.be/rGF9XyDbUYE Mama's Broken Heart: https://youtu.be/7yg05svXp98 More great Country Hit videos here: http://smarturl.it/CountryHit?IQid=MLamTHTBM Follow Miranda Lambert Website: http://www.mirandalambert.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mirandalambert Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirandalambert Instagram: https://instagram.com/mirandalambert Subscribe to Miranda Lambert on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MLamSub?IQid=MLamTHTBM #MirandaLambert #TheHouseThatBuiltMe #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo --------- Lyrics: I know they say you cant go home again. I just had to come back one last time. Ma'am I know you don't know me from Adam. But these handprints on the front steps are mine. And up those stairs, in that little back bedroom is where I did my homework and I learned to play guitar. And I bet you didn't know under that live oak my favorite dog is buried in the yard. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here its like I'm someone else, I thought that maybe I could findmyself if I could just come in I swear I'll leave. Won't take nothing but a memory from the house that built me. Mama cut out pictures of houses for years. From 'Better Homes and Garden' magazines. Plans were drawn, concrete poured, and nail by nail and board by board Daddy gave life to mama's dream. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here its like I'm someone else, I thought that maybe I could find myself. If I could just come in I swear I'll leave. Won't take nothing but a memory from the house that built me. You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can. I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it this brokenness inside me might start healing. Out here its like I'm someone else, I thought that maybe I could find myself. If I could walk around I swear I'll leave. Won't take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.
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Prints and Minimalism Jil Sander Men Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Men's Fashion Week MFW | FashionTV
Prints and Minimalism Jil Sander Men Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Men's Fashion Week MFW http://www.FashionTV.com/videos MILAN - Jil Sander does not disappoint, the arrivals point out at the Jil Sander show during Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014. CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTV's YouTube network features coverage of fashion shows, fashion week, runway highlights, front row celebs, backstage, hair and makeup, models, designers, photo shoots, red carpets at the biggest events in Hollywood, and much more. The total source for worldwide fashion coverage, FashionTV has new uploads EVERY DAY - See it on YouTube first. http://FashionTV.com FashionTV "Fashion TV" FTV "Prints and Minimalism" "Jil Sander" Spring Summer 2014 "Milan Men's Fashion Week" "Fashion Week" Milan "Milan Men's Fashion" MFW Fashion TV FashionTV.com FTV.com
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How to Print Your Favorite Photo on Phone Cover at Home Using Electric Iron - DIY Phone Cover Print
Hi friends welcome to our channel today we are going show you how to print your favorite photo on phone cover at home using electric iron diy phone cover print. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you like video please - SUBCRIBE - LIKE - SHARE - COMMENT - Thanks for watching phone case print video. Support Us https://www.youtube.com/GrarBoxDIY https://www.facebook.com/GearBoxDIY https://plus.google.com/+GearBoxDIY https://twitter.com/gearbox2017 How to Print Your Favorite Photo on Phone Cover at Home Using Electric Iron - DIY Phone Cover Print https://youtu.be/IOjowNa9h3o How to Make an ATM Machine from Cardboard for Kids DIY at Home https://youtu.be/dKVjy76YtuQ How to Make a Mentos Candy Dispenser from Cardboard - DIY At Home https://youtu.be/IR28wYPwuCI How to Make a iPad with Cardboard - DIY apple iPad https://youtu.be/HeZvrCsL1vs How to Make Electric PENCIL Sharpener Machine at Home From Cardboard - DIY Electric PENCIL Sharpener https://youtu.be/Fr33DNp8z9g How to Make a Tape Cutter Dispenser from Cardboard at Home - DIY Tape Dispenser for School https://youtu.be/8vGMyIxqC7A How to Make Apple Laptop With Cardboard at Home - DIY Laptop for Kids https://youtu.be/7oqU6GI9CPs How to Make a iphone With Cardboard - diy apple iphone https://youtu.be/8K-oQtJpREU How to Make a Powerful Air Cooler Homemade DIY https://youtu.be/RG94HaZegWQ How to Make a Hot Glue Gun at Home https://youtu.be/NAFbi-YG-5w How to Make MULTI Chewing Gum Vending Machine at Home DIY https://youtu.be/Bsi3gxU7RXQ
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Aladdin - Prince Ali [High Quality]
DisneySongs.net - Prince Ali song from Aladdin.
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STYLING PRINTS | All saints | Luke Franks
Something a bit different for this week's style video, styling prints! Some ways which I liked but let me know what you think! pop us a comment below xxx subscribe for more style videos every week : https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user= my links! ►INSTAGRAM : http://www.instagram.com/lukefranks1 ►SNAPCHAT : https://www.snapchat.com/add/lukefranks1 ►TWITTER : http://www.twitter.com/luke_franks ►TUMBLR : http://lukefranks1.tumblr.com cool video by Drew Scott! : https://www.youtube.com/user/DrewDaOne --- O U T F I T S probably better off in store cos sales but Denim Jacket - similar - http://www.allsaints.com/men/jackets/allsaints-packered-denim-jacket/?colour=4119&category=583 Labrynth Print - similar - http://www.allsaints.com/men/shirts/allsaints-morpho-ls-shirt/?colour=451&category=11 Creme Print - similar - http://www.allsaints.com/men/shirts/allsaints-dedham-ls-shirt/?colour=5&category=11 Flower Pattern Tee - similar - http://www.allsaints.com/men/t-shirts/allsaints-plume-ss-crew/?colour=4068&category=13
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Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty" feat. 2 Chainz (Official HD Music Video)
Jason Derulo’s "Everything Is 4" album is available now on iTunes. Download it here: http://www.smarturl.it/EverythingIs4 The album features smash hit “Want To Want Me” and brand new single "Get Ugly"! See below for the official tracklisting: 1. Want To Want Me 2. Cheyenne 3. Get Ugly 4. Pull Up 5. Love Like That (Feat. K Michelle) 6. Painkiller (Feat Meghan Trainor) 7. Broke (Feat. Stevie Wonder & Keith Urban) 8. Try Me (Feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma) 9. Love Me Down 10. Trade Hearts (Feat. Julia Michaels) 11. X2CU CONNECT WITH JASON DERULO Official Website: http://www.jasonderulo.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonderulo Twitter: https://twitter.com/jasonderulo Instagram:http://instagram.com/jasonderulo
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Mr Gugu: Casual Prints Lookbook || Morning Elegance
New lookbook wearing these cool printed pullovers from www.mrgugu.com :D! Music as always by my good friend @ClayDudash!
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Poetic Licence | AW14 | Men's Fashion | Harrods
Watch Poetic Licence to see how Eastern prints and contemporary textures create a sense of dark drama in the new-season menswear wardrobe. Be inspired by luxury menswear designers Haider Ackermann, Paul Smith, Falke, Church's, Fendi, Wooyoungmi, Thom Browne, Dior Homme, Cerruti, Jane Carr, Burberry Prorsum, Paul & Joe, Kurt Geiger, Balenciaga, Carven, Ami, Thomas Pink and Jimmy Choo. As seen in the August 2014 digital issue. To see more including the latest Harrods Man digital edition, download the award winning Harrods app for tablet and mobile: magazine.harrods.com
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The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Theme Song (Full)
This was the first episode. I don't own anything.
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Coming To America (All of the Barbershop Scenes) 1080p HD
All the barbershop scenes from Coming to America. (Also includes a short clip on the street with Clarence, the barber.)
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Judas Priest - Breaking The Law
Special 30th anniversary edition of Screaming for Vengeance. Exclusive DVD and bonus tracksHMV: http://bit.ly/OrTScDAmazon: http://amzn.to/OuSXtlPlay: http://bit.ly/MKDmD2Download the special 30th Anniversary edition of Screaming for Vengeance with 4 bonus live tracksiTunes: http://smarturl.it/sfvspecialDigi?IQid=vevoMusic video by Judas Priest performing Breaking The Law. (c) 2003 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited
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Nikola Tesla's Antigravity UFO:What happened his greatest Invention
Over a hundred years ago, during the first decade of the twentieth century, Tesla filed a request to patent a peculiar aircraft, which he called “the world’s first flying saucer,” the worlds first manmade UFO. Latest Uploads From The Cosmos News https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdM_BWPQiR9C-uBWUfRBO4UnDU5YGhrcM
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Richard Madden Interview | Prince, prints and paisley...
IRL Prince Charming, Richard Madden chats William & Harry, prints and the artist formerly known as Prince to Company's Holly Rains, you may be sensing a theme here...
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गर्मियों मे दौड़ेगा ये बिज़नेस | Tshirts @ 85/- | Best Quality, Prints, Stitching, Washing Tshirts
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Smoke Bombs and Prints - PEONY LIM
Peony Lim for Isolda http://www.isoldabrasil.com http://peonylim.com Billowing whispers. Each cloud moving through space with its own intention. Only flickers of Isolda Pop punctuate the storm. For a more than a year I’ve been thinking about video. Some of my favourite visuals and stills come from videos. It’s such a beautiful medium when it’s used well, it can be so evocative and transportive. Chanel, Chloe and Dior use it to create magical moments, that are aspirational, modern day mini fairytales. Although I could never hope to create the magic Baz Luhrmann or Tim Walker are hired for, I aim to make some little moving moments, that like my stills, I hope you will find intriguing and original. Without huge production budgets I think narrative videos can be difficult to pull off. I hope these little flickers avoid this. I have chosen to stick with pure visuals, which are the bedrock of this site. In this way, I hope video will grow on the site in an authentic way that is unique to me and this platform. I spent a lot of time thinking about how video should look on the site. I have never liked the disjointed vimeo-youtube look of embedded videos. So after much thought and research, design meetings and many hours work by my amazing developer DJ, video now sits effortlessly within the style of my content. Isolda were kind (or brave) enough to let me try with them first. We have been working together since the beginning of both our careers and I hope we will for many more years. I think, as time passes by (the site just past its 5 year blogiversary) how special the people who supported me and believed in me from the beginning are. Isolda and I took a chance, a leap of faith on each other. I’m so glad we did, and I’m so delighted that they are the first showcase of video on this site. It feels right. I have been saving images of smoke editorials for years, always waiting for the perfect project to use the idea on. Finally this project happened and I knew this was it. It was so much harder than I could ever of imagined but with the patience and effort of Kit and Vicki, we got there in the end. #AD
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Binging with Babish: Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants
The Krabby Patty is a thing of pop culture culinary legend - a burger, forged from a secret formula, worshipped by a sociopathically upbeat sponge. How do we go about recreating that which is not reacreate-able? A bit of science, a bit of whimsy, and a whole lot of wanton conjecture. Fill in the blanks with me this week as we build an umami burger using ingredients from mother ocean! Recipe coming soon to the website! Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free https://soundcloud.com/broke-for-free Please support Binging with Babish! Check out my Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/bingingwithbabish - you can get access to bonus videos, special content, and even a custom episode if you give me enough sweet sweet money! Binging With Babish Website: http://bit.ly/BingingBabishWebsite Basics With Babish Website: http://bit.ly/BasicsWithBabishWebsite Patreon: http://bit.ly/BingingPatreon Instagram: http://bit.ly/BabishInstagram Facebook: http://bit.ly/BabishFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/BabishTwitter
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3D printer | Cool 3D Printed Objects | Amazing 3D prints
Learn How does a 3D Printer work, What is 3D printing and discover Cool 3D Printed Objects. Things you can make with a 3D printer. Get the printer here = http://bit.ly/3DPrinte
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FALL 2018 FASHION TRENDS TO KNOW (how to get runway looks into your wardrobe for cheap)
Fall/Winter designer runway trends are hard to afford, but they're not hard to emulate with affordable options! Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hautelemode/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HauteLeMode Snapchat: hautelemess Vogue Runway (https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows) Music: https://soundcloud.com/ujbeats/ifbeat All Trends Listed: Utilitarian/Uniformity The 80’s (Shoulder Pads, Oversized, Neon, Leather, Ruching) The Wild West (Cowboy Hats, Cowboy Boots, Denim Sets, Cow Prints, Western Belts, Bolo Ties, Prairie Dresses) Shearling Coats & Vests Plaids Pleats Layering Blankets Dark Florals Animal Prints Chain Belts Silk Scarves Head Coverings (Scarves, Balaclavas, Hoods, Hats) Gloves Single Statement Earring Slouchy Boots Snakeskin Boots Skin Barring Shoes with Tights, Fishnets, Leggings, Stirrups, Socks Pieces: Boiler Suit (https://bit.ly/2Ql5K6R) (https://etsy.me/2CLjiG3) Doc Martens (https://bit.ly/2x20k90) Blankets (https://ebay.to/2x1W8G8) Cow Print Cowboy Boots (https://bit.ly/2NeUHyn) Cowboy Boots Green (https://bit.ly/2D3N60S) Cowboy Boots Black (https://ebay.to/2Qwz7U1) Prairie Dress (https://bit.ly/2xgBi62) Shearling 1 (https://etsy.me/2Nhnmmp) Shearling 2 (https://etsy.me/2xnYD50) Shearling 3 (https://ebay.to/2D9o7ce) Shearling 4 (https://ebay.to/2p8WG8S) Shearling 5 (https://ebay.to/2QA9Sjy) Shearling 6 (https://etsy.me/2xfXw8d) Shearling 7 (https://bit.ly/2NJADnc) Floral Coat (https://ebay.to/2xmLJVR) Leopard Coat (https://bit.ly/2MATBaR) Leopard Scarf (https://bit.ly/2NeUHyn) Sustainable Brands: Grana- https://www.grana.com/women/new-arrivals Petite Studio - https://www.petitestudionyc.com/ Exhibit - https://exhibitstore.co/index.php Either And - https://www.shopeitherand.com/ Asos Eco -http://us.asos.com/women/eco-brands/cat/?cid=10062 Svilu - https://shop.svilu.com/ Sizzu -https://siizu.com/ Base Range - http://www.baserange.net/ Levi’s - https://www.levi.com/US/en_US/ Maiyet - https://maiyet.com/ Gorman - https://www.gormanshop.com.au/ One by One - https://1x1.la/collections/new Mr. Larkin - https://mrlarkin.net/ The Break - https://shopthebreak.com/ Veja - http://www.veja-store.com/en/ TTYL
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Nas & Nicki Minaj Dating? Bow Wow, Migo's Penis Prints | Kirque Valentino
FOLLOW ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA SIS INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/thekvsho/ TWITTER https://twitter.com/TheKVsho This video is basically addressing Nicki Minaj supposedly dating Nas also Bow Wow and his frauding ways has got social media flaming that ass also I touched on Odell Beckham's new tattoo and Quavo's Print during his performance a few days ago. THANKS FOR WATCHING SIS !!!
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Project Mercury - 221483-04 | Footage Farm
For broadcast quality material of this clip or to know more about our Public Domain collection, contact us at [email protected] NASA Logo. Mercury Redstone 1, Launch Complex 5, Cape Canaveral, Florida. Aerial of McDonnell Plant, St. Louis & men assembling Mercury capsule. Rocket moved on crane at Marshall Space Center, men wiring, CU. Assembling in super clean white room; special harness boards, men soldering, attaching. Series of three capsules in a row. Men looking at prints, checking instruments during testing. MR-1 in place w/ escape tower. Airlifted (one shot). Testing. Static testing. 13:44:50 Moving capsule on trailer from Air Force plane to hanger S. Inspected for damage in transit. In white room checking again. MR-1 booster to pad, put in place on gantry. Capsule to pad & crane hoisting into place. 13:46:49 07Nov60 Countdown, engineers in control room. Launch stopped. Repairing, checking out.21Nov60 again scheduled and countdown begun. CU of men in control. Antennas. Ships in recovery area. Countdown, began to fire then shut down, CU of escape rocket & parachute. Damaged booster shipped back & new one installed. Spacecraft remounted. 13:49:26 Raising MR-1 space craft to top of rocket, CU setting into place. Engineers & technicians during attachment process. 13:50:12 19Dec60 Ready to go again, recovery ships in place; project Mercury flight control center. Aircraft carriers & helicopters. Antennas, radar etc. Firing of rocket, lifting off. LS of contrail in upper atmosphere; firing of separations. 13:53:20 Four helicopters over capsule in water & hooking onto it, hoisted from water and taken by helicopter to deck of aircraft carrier. Robert R. Gilruth looking into craft.
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Top 3 Trends from London Collections: Men, Fall 2014
Missed the London shows? Let Details fashion director Matthew Marden talk you through the highlights and identify the best looks, including graphic prints, sportswear, and dark tones. Still haven’t subscribed to Details on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/detailsyoutubesub CONNECT WITH DETAILS Web: http://www.details.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/details Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DETAILS Google+: http://plus.google.com/+details Instagram: http://instagram.com/detailsmag Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/detailsmag Tumblr: http://details.tumblr.com The Scene: http://thescene.com/details Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene: http://bit.ly/subthescene Top 3 Trends from London Collections: Men, Fall 2014 Starring: Matthew Marden
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How To Wear Bold Prints
Novelty prints were a strong trend for Spring from citrus-decorated dresses at Stella McCartney to monkey-adorned tops at Prada, so we're bringing you three stylish ways to try out these fun-loving prints for yourself! Whether you're itching to channel a '60s vibe, looking for a school-girl-inspired look, or ready to go from runway to real way, we have all the trend tips and tricks you need to build an outfit from a fresh novelty print! On Allison: Skirt by The Addison Story from ShopBop.com, Necklace by Luv Aj, Top: Gap
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Set of 2 Jaipuri Silk Razai with Gold Prints Rs.1499 XMAS Sale (Code:6551)
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World's Funniest Engineering Fails
Who approved these blue prints? These are 57 of the world's funniest & most EXTREME building & engineering fails ever! Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 50. At the corner of Auschwitz lane and holocaust road. How did no one see this in the blueprints? 49. In the event of an emergency, grab a crowbar or a torch and weld the bars off from around this hydrant. Good luck, you’re going to need it. 48. Duck! These stairs are for the vertically challenged individuals only. 47. We can stay at the second Best Western just to see what the inside of the room. Staying in the corner room non-smoking and by the hallway. 46. Your new office is right this way! 45. These condos come equipped with a workout facility, pool, and every unit comes with a balcony. 44. New improved ATM they are child proof and have the latest technology to keep your money secure. You cannot even see the numbers to punch in your own pin. 43. Child’s ATM, Is there no middle ground? It’s a small world after all. 42. Window access to the stairs. 41. The landscaping is through the roof in this home. 40. The landscaping is off the wall in this one. 39. It is a good thing they stopped there someone could have gotten hurt with no railing on the stairs. 38. Bridge by IKEA. Let’s make sure we read the instructions correctly. I’ll meet you halfway. 37. The menswear is up the stairs. 36. Is this what they mean when they say they have a half-flush toilet? 35. It’s the most fun you’ll never have again. I suppose every playground has a tunnel built on the ground by children leading to China. 34. They must feel walled inside. Think they could try and leave the window open? 33. There is plenty of room to build additional stairs. Seems up to code. 32. Looks about right parking should not be an issue living here. 31. A metaphor for life? Or Dr. Kevorkian kitchen? 30. Introducing the most exclusive club in town. Where’s the doorman? 29. Every employee must be sure to wash their hands five times before returning to work. 28. Stairs are coming soon. I may be able to reach this one. 27. Thank goodness for that handrail it’s the stairway to platform 9 ¾. 26. It is a handi-trap. 25. Don’t hit the wrong switch I suppose the projector needs to cool down. 24. Economy seats still cost $300 on StubHub. 23. Is this a team-building exercise? 22. You have arrived at your destination; please exit to the left. Is this the airport? 21. Stairs are for wussies! These stairs are even handi-capable. 20. Even the trees do not want to be here. 19. These stairs are spiraling out of control. 18. That is not how it is supposed to work. 17. Do we forget what that symbol means? Apparently you need to bring your own ramp. 16. Nice save, looks right, at least, someone is trying to keep up with the time. 15. Almost as bad as going into the stall and realizing after you go there is not toilet paper. Go ahead reach for it! 14. Narnia’s exit door. This secret room is a truly a secret. 13. Not the most comfortable seat around, but hey there is a beautiful ocean view. 12. Yes, seriously just build the stairs six feet to the left. Someone evidently followed instructions. 11. Ring your little bell now, Mr. Cyclist and see what happens. This appears to be an excellent place to put a large pole on the cement path. 10. It’s not stupid if it works, but how are you supposed to shut the door when you get in there stand on the toilet? 9. How’s that meant to work? Just open the door and jump after climbing over the railing. 8. This belongs in a skate park or a playground to be a slide, very x-treme. 7. Suck it in, guys or you will never get out this way. 6. Our bathrooms boast an intimate and friendly setting to help you relax while you use the bathroom. 5. Even more intimate and friendly. 4. The sidewalk is closed you need to make your own pathway. 3. World’s largest pay phone. Wonder what kind of money it takes? Pay phones still exist? Hang on. 2. I’m not a contractor, but I am reasonably sure that building is supposed to be in the middle of the highway. Detour! 1. All Employees must wash fingers only before returning to work. How did these ever make it past the blueprint stage? Someone needs to get fired! Which one of these building blenders made you face palm? Leave a comment below! Dont forget to subscribe for more fun videos like this. Thanks for watching!
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Nicki Minaj - Chun-Li
Chun-Li (Official Video) Song Available Here: https://nickiminaj.lnk.to/clYD Connect with Nicki https://www.mypinkfriday.com https://www.instagram.com/nickiminaj https://twitter.com/nickiminaj https://facebook.com/nickiminaj Director: Steven Klein Production Company: Good Company Pictures, LLC Producers: Keith Brown & Stephen Holtzhauser Editor: Benjamin Rodriguez Jr. Director Of Photography: Janusz Kaminski Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Chun-Li. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records http://vevo.ly/nzKLIZ
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Subscribe to Johal: http://bit.ly/SubToJohal In this Gucci Flip Flops Bait Prank I put itching powder on some fake gucci flip flops and dropped them in front of people to see what would happen, if they try the gucci flip flops on they'll be GOING NUTS!! SHARE/LIKE for MORE! Comment letting me know as well :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!! ❤️🔥 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 😆ITCHING GUCCI FLIP FLOPS BAIT PRANK!! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 😂MY TOP PRANKS : YEEZY BAIT PRANK PART 8: https://youtu.be/Yr82e93qxIA YEEZY BAIT PRANK PART 6: https://youtu.be/4bt0PPfhhKc HOVERBOARD BAIT PRANK: https://youtu.be/oYMIVynWHbQ ELECTRIC BAIT CAR PRANK: https://youtu.be/icsUcvHrEWA HOVERBOARD BAIT PRANK PART 3: https://youtu.be/jMUZp5xL0mI ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📱SOCIAL MEDIA : INSTAGRAM ⇨ https://www.instagram.com/omgjohal/ TWITTER ⇨ https://www.twitter.com/omgJohal FACEBOOK ⇨ https://www.facebook.com/omgJohal SNAPCHAT ⇨ https://snapchat.com/add/omgJohal ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📹About this video: This video was filmed in California. A lot of you guys told me to put itching powder on Gucci Flip Flops 😂 These take a lot of time to film as I drop the gucci flip flops in front of a lot of people to get a reaction! Let me know if you guys would like to see more bait pranks similar to this! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🤵🏽About me: My name is Johal, I was born and raised in California and always had a passion to film since I was 9 years old. I make comedy pranks, bait pranks, social experiments, skits and more! I highly appreciate your support on this channel by liking, commenting, subscribing and sharing! You guys mean the world to me ❤️
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Secrets of Counterfeiting and Currency
Jason got pretty good at that noise DRAM makes on Cash Machine and he thought, if counterfeiting a noise was so easy, how hard could it be to do the real thing? Want a FREE credit card knife? Sign up at https://privacy.com/rogue to get it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Information History on the design of the Great Seal http://greatseal.com/ https://philadelphiafed.org/education/teachers/publications/symbols-on-american-money/ https://state.gov/documents/organization/27807.pdf $100,00 bill and other large bank notes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Large_denominations_of_United_States_currency Decoding the dollar http://www.uspapermoney.info/general/note.html http://www.onedollarbill.org/decoding.html Decrypting the printer yellow dot grid https://w2.eff.org/Privacy/printers/docucolor/ https://eff.org/press/archives/2005/10/16 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Patreon: https://patreon.com/modernrogue Discord (patron reward): https://discord.gg/modernrogue MR Articles: https://themodernrogue.com Outtakes & BTS: https://youtube.com/scamstuff Subreddit: https://modernrogue.reddit.com Merch: https://shop.themodernrogue.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/modernrogueshow Instagram: https://instagram.com/modernrogueshow Facebook: https://facebook.com/modernrogues ----------------------------------------------------------------- Music used in this episode: "Lemon Tea" by GYVUS https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/chillhop-essentials-summer-2017 "At Ease w/Monma" by Philanthrope https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/chillhop-essentials-summer-2017 "Lovely Rita" by Birocratic https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/chillhop-essentials-winter-2016 "Flourish" by Axian https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/gaia "Lament" by Philanthrope https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/chillhop-raw-cuts "Breeze" by The Deli https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/chillhop-raw-cuts "Bistro (Intro)" by Plusma https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/album/chillhop-raw-cuts ----------------------------------------------------------------- This episode was made with the help of: Brian Brushwood - host -- https://twitter.com/shwood Jason Murphy - host / research -- https://instagram.com/captainmurphy Brandt Hughes - camera operator / editor / research -- https://twitter.com/gatowag Bryce Castillo - camera operator / live audio engineer -- https://twitter.com/brycas
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EWOK x Ironlak x 33third Mural Prints
EWOK along with Ironlak and 33third put together a LIMITED EDITION Giclee print for release with the latest Ironlak Greener Formula Restock. The print is a full color hand signed and numbered and ONLY available for a limited time - once they are gone they are gone! Purchase $100+ of Ironlak products on 33third.com to receive the FREE print while they last! http://www.33third.com http://www.ironlak.com http://grtiv.tumblr.com
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After Ever After 2 - DISNEY PARODY
GET THIS SONG ON ITUNES http://bit.ly/elsapocalypse Or Amazon. http://bit.ly/manmulan look https://instagram.com/joncozart/ read https://twitter.com/joncozart follow http://facebook.com/joncozart snapchat @joncozart wear http://www.hideandseekclothing.com/collections/jon-cozart LYRICS If you've ever wondered why Disney tales all end in lies Here's what happened after all their dreams came true Mulan (I'll Make a Man Out of You) After saving China I went home alone I was feeling conflicts in my lower zone I've been dressing like a guy for months Now I'm losing all control I think I am a guy in my soul I wanna be a man Soldier 1: I've never seen a guy so hot Mulan: Time to reinvent the new me Soldier 2: Every time he speaks it makes me want to sing (I'm so confused) Soldier 1: Be quiet, or we'll get caught Soldier 3: Maybe one day he'll screw me Mulan: Now I really get why my nickname is Ping I've gotta be a man I've got the brains and the bite of females Plus the brute and the brawn of dudes I know I'm ready for transformation It's time to replace all these useless tubes (Good for you) Cinderella (A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes) The prince was absolutely the only single wish my heart made Guess my wish came true But we never really talked much Before he discovered my shoe The night after we got married I recounted all of my plights Of how I fit inside a pumpkin My canines turned to coachmen Prince threw me in Bedlam that night The white jackets say I'm nutty (she's nutty as a bat) Cause my clothes are sewn by rats (put some meds in her food) But their pills turn my brain to putty Now Lucifer's not just my cat (I AM SATAN) Their insulin puts me under Shock therapy's made me insane And after years of steady frying The doctors gave up trying They stuck 2 steel rods in my brain Tiana (Dig a Little Deeper) I spent a bloomin lifetime To open my cafe Then I took a dive in 2005 Now it's washed away (it's all washed away) I was picked up by a chopper After four nights on my roof Now my new home is the Astrodome Cause New Orleans ain't Katrina proof Ya better carry 'round a shotgun Or looters take your kids Ya better pee inside of jam jars Be sure to keep those lids (ew) We needed Noah but we got Bush Our "savior" flew away and hid Rough seas and levees, Rough seas and levees, Rough seas and levees, I'm dead Elsa (Let It Go) There is no snow on the mountain tonight Just sulfur in the air A kingdom of greenhouse gases Only Bill Nye seems to care My town is melting, breaking off into the sea It's time I show the strength of an evil queen With Germany and Putin, too I'll free the penguins and throw you in a zoo We're going green by spilling red And if you're not dead I built a hoard of evil snowmen We're gonna take over the world Let it snow, let it snow Now Fox News will need heat lamps Let it snow, let it snow I hope you concentrate in camp (Heil Elsa) We don't care who we have to slay Let my troops march on The cold's coming back and it's here to stay Tiana: I sunk like a brick Cinderella: Prince thinks I'm sick Elsa: Ice is melting quick Mulan: Now I have a lot of self esteem
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New Short Sleeved T Shirts Prints by Mister B
http://www.dealbyethan.com/Mister-B-Short-Sleeved-T-Shirts Searching for the best male brands like Mister B Short Sleeved T Shirts? DealByEthan offers you the most famous brands in the market today. So if you are looking for the biggest male brands,Check DealByEthan now!
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President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Report) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News
Megyn Kelly sits down for an exclusive interview with President Vladimir Putin, asking him about allegations that the Russians interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: http://bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will find clips from NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and original digital videos. Subscribe to our channel for news stories, technology, politics, health, entertainment, science, business, and exclusive NBC investigations. Connect with NBC News Online! Visit NBCNews.Com: http://nbcnews.to/ReadNBC Find NBC News on Facebook: http://nbcnews.to/LikeNBC Follow NBC News on Twitter: http://nbcnews.to/FollowNBC Follow NBC News on Google+: http://nbcnews.to/PlusNBC Follow NBC News on Instagram: http://nbcnews.to/InstaNBC Follow NBC News on Pinterest: http://nbcnews.to/PinNBC President Vladimir Putin On Russian Election Interference (Full Exclusive) | Megyn Kelly | NBC News
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Food Prints promo
Available on Lifestyle Network
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Pewdiepie Printer Hack 📰 PEW NEWS📰
I'm taking a break... 3 DAYS LEFT MERCH: https://represent.com/store/pewdiepie (AD) Elgato greenscreen: https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/green-screen Hacked printers https://www.wired.com/story/pewdiepie-printers-propaganda-hack-brief/ https://twitter.com/HackerGiraffe Tsuki: https://tsuki.market/ Cloak: https://cloakbrand.com/ PewDiePie attacks Lilly Singh’s https://www.dailydot.com/upstream/pewdiepie-lilly-singh-youtube-mental-health/ BECOME SPONSOR: https://youtube.com/pewdiepie/join 🙇 MERCH: https://represent.com/pewdiepie 🔥 SUBMIT MEMES: https://www.reddit.com/r/PewdiepieSubmissions/ ʚ(• __ AD| Shop my headphones: http://rzr.to/edgar __ TSUKI: https://tsuki-co-uk.myshopify.com __ :::::::My Setup:::::::: (Affiliate links) Chair:: ONLY 399 ! USA & Asia: https://usa.clutchchairz.com/product/pewdiepie-edition-throttle-series/ Europe: https://europe.clutchchairz.com/en/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Canada: https://canada.clutchchairz.com/product/throttle-series-pewdiepie-edition/ Elgato green screen: http://e.lga.to/PewDiePie (Affiliate) __ :::::::Check out: ::::::::http://store.steampowered.com/app/703840/Animal_Super_Squad/ (A game I helped make and affiliated with) __ Outro: Animation: https://www.youtube.com/user/jae55555 Song: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3e8EMTOn4g6ZSKggHTnNng
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DanDan Closet 1 Ep. 1 - Current Trends I
www.msychrissy.com/DanDan 1st Episode of Netherlands Insurance DanDan Current Fashion Trends: Transparency (Sheer & Mesh panels), Cropped tops, high-waisted bottoms, Graphic T-shirts for men, Floral prints for men, shorts for men
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 🕸 Cat Prints Trophy Guide 🕸 (All Black Cat Stakeout)
How to Unlock Cat Prints. All Black Cat Stakeout Locations in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018. In this video, I will show you how Track down Black Cat. First you will need to complete the Main Story Mission called Stakeout. This will give you access to all Black Cat Stakeout. Below are Time Stamps to the location of all 12 Black Cat Dolls that you need to take a picture of. Is this video helpful? Support my Channel by buying me a Coffee! http://ko-fi.com/gamingwithabyss Please Click the Link to Subscribe and Support! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamingwithabyss?sub_confirmation=1 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 Trophy Guide https://gamingwithabyss.com/2018/09/09/marvels-spider-man-2018-trophy-guide/ Stan Lee Cameo / Easter Egg https://youtu.be/uEMbP7xIwOM The Best Saddest Easter Egg https://youtu.be/g82dNHyHdoU With Great Power / Ben Parker https://youtu.be/FjTt2DBw3wU Hero for Higher / Avengers Tower https://youtu.be/6e4GQMT5cRA Sticky and Tricky / 4 Unique Tricks https://youtu.be/H5RaKl2Pgyk Born to Ride / Ride the Subway https://youtu.be/4NvWhru_ons Cat Prints / Black Cat Stakeout Locations https://youtu.be/xwqFBVkPccI Spider-Man About Town / Greet 10 Citizens https://youtu.be/62qGpqBp7PU Pigeon Hunter / Lost Pigeon Collectible https://youtu.be/i1mx36zpDW8 A Bit of a Fixer Upper / Optional Projects in the Lab https://youtu.be/c1PL6GWQNc4 Hug It Out / Trip Mines Guide https://youtu.be/MMYRy48zGUI Vehicle Takedowns / Overdrive Guide https://youtu.be/HDc41nEcbII Ultimate Score for Combat Challenge https://youtu.be/JnwFDns8UvE Ultimate Score for Bomb Challenge https://youtu.be/hb2WPwgON2k Ultimate Score for Drone Challenge https://youtu.be/gzSMuSe_FBU Ultimate Score for Stealth Challenge https://youtu.be/WPBrdHBWSJM Defeat Taskmaster Boss Fight https://youtu.be/FUdi2O63pV0 Corrupted Student Missions / Schooled https://youtu.be/NS5LSYc51Rg Defeat Tombstone Boss Fight https://youtu.be/bMovHaci7Zk Boss Fight with Electro and Vulture https://youtu.be/lIesRHKIgVU Boss Fight with Scorpion and Rhino https://youtu.be/4GVmoN-ZrcI Boss Fight with Mister Negative https://youtu.be/7NJLdjVa9sk Final Boss Fight and Ending https://youtu.be/yNi2obkL8ks Uninvited / MJ Stealth https://youtu.be/YRb6Nyo8fA0
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