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New LIDAR sensing system – product performance data
Speaker: Gaetan Koers – Product Manager, Melexis, Belgium Find out more at (http://www.auto-sens.com). Presentation from AutoSens 2016 - the Vehicle Perception Conference - held at AutoWorld, Brussels, Belgium.
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Microsoft: OEM System Builder product video
Beyond HP and Dells are thousands of smaller firms selling tens of thousands of computers. These original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, provide a big opportunity for Microsoft to communicate the value of installing and selling its software. And the Garrigan Lyman Group produced a video that helped Microsoft do just that. www.glg.com http://glg.xyz/GLG_Gplus
Ultimate Software - IBM Business Analytics OEM Customer Success Story
Watch Josh Aversa (Product Manager, Business Insight at Ultimate Software) talk about why IBM BA was their SaaS Business Analytics Partner of choice.
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What is OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer)
Powered by AVerMedia. Want to contribute BCD Tech Donate here: Bitcoin: 1P1nwo51MDn8fPuBCkYU4v5XQRApq4ejY2
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TriNet - IBM Business Analytics OEM Customer Success Story
Watch Kenneth Hopkins (Product Manager, TriNet) talk about why TriNet chose IBM as their OEM BA partner.
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How To Identify Windows OS Activation Key RETAIL or OEM
Mainly Microsoft Activate their Windows OS based on Three (03) Types of License. These are 1. Retail Key 2. OEM Key 3. Volume Based Key The Procedures of Checking: 1. At First Run Command Prompt “As Administrator” 2. Now Type slmgr -dli 3. Then Press “Enter” from Keyboard. 4. Wait few Seconds for Windows Script Host being appeared on screen. I am using, Windows 10 PRO 64 Bit. Key Type: Retail After checking as described above, I got to know that my Windows 10 PRO 64 Bit Activation Key came through Retail Channel which is good thing.
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Becoming an OEM To Sell More
http://www.SalesTipADay.com Do you have a product of service that can be included in someone else's product or services or sold as a stand alone product or service by another company? If so, you can potentially become a OEM or an "Original Equipment Manufacturer". An OEM manufactures products or produces services that others can repackage and sell. This is a great way to provide another revenue stream that you can tap into. Here is a video to show you how to become an OEM. For daily sales and marketing tips, go to http://www.SalesTipADay.com
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OEM Tutorial
OEM Tutorial
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ARI | Command Center | Product Manager | Powersports, OPE & Marine
This video will show you how to change pricing, exclude, add to product groups for aftermarket parts accessories and apparel, and units/vehicles. Please give us your feedback on the video by clicking on the link and filling out the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CommandCenterVideoFeedback If you need additional training please call us at 612-260-0215 to schedule an appointment.
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Evoqua’s OEM Products
Stefan Abramo, Vice President and General Manager, discusses Evoqua’s OEM Products.
light+building 2016: Produktvideo Comelit Group SpA Deutschland - Maxi Manager OEM
Impressionen der light+building 2016: Der Maxi Manager OEM von der Comelit Group SpA Deutschland ist ein 7 Zoll Touch Farbmonitor. Er ist interessant für KNX-Integratoren. Das Besondere daran ist: 1. Das Android Betriebssystem für die OEM-Integration 2. KNX und VIP Videosprechanalage in einem Gerät 3. Kompakt und kostengünstig für den Einstieg in die KNX-Welt Der Maxi Manager ist eine performante Lösung für KNX-Visualisierung und Video Gegensprechen in einem Gerät. "Wer liefert was" hat für Sie die Höhepunkte auf der diesjährigen light+building 2016 in Produktvideos zusammengefasst und gibt Ihnen damit einen informativen Einblick in die Weltleitmesse für Licht- und Gebäudetechnik. Finden Sie unter www.wlw.de weitere professionelle Anbieter aus dem Bereich der Lichttechnik.
Interview with Klas Dalbjörn
Powersoft’s mission to strengthen the company further in 2017 has begun in the most dynamic fashion, by announcing the appointment of the highly experienced Klas Dalbjorn as Product Manager.
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Purpose Built OEM Memory Systems
http://industrialmemoryspecialists.co.uk/ The Huge Advantages Of Using Purpose-Built OEM Memory Systems Thank you for downloading your free report on the dangers of using consumer memory products. It’s designed to help you avoid the costly mistakes that so many product managers and designer engineers have made. Of using consumer-grade memory devices like USB flash drives and SD cards in their designs. They probably chose them because those devices are cheap and widely available. But those designers came to regret that decision. Why? For a start, consumer memory devices might not work in the OEM device. Then there’s the fact that consumer memory devices and connectors have a very short shelf-life. As a design engineer or product manager, you should look for longevity in the product life cycle. By comparison, the right industrial memory products are guaranteed to offer substantially better longevity. Many of the Datakey products we supply, for example, have been available, unchanged for over 15 years, some for over two decades. The OEMs who use them don't need to waste valuable engineering time re-qualifying new memory devices or re-designing their system due to obsolescence. Then there’s the fact that consumer memory devices aren’t rugged enough for industrial use. The first bit of dust or moisture and they’re likely to stop working. You need portable memory devices that can withstand dust, water, chemicals, sterilisation, shock, extreme temperatures, and rough use. Our Datakey OEM portable memory devices are so rugged, for example, they can withstand all of that. And they still work. And consumer memory products and connectors make systems vulnerable to viruses and Trojans. And they’re prime targets for misuse and theft. But that won’t happen with Datakey specialist memory products. So if rugged construction, a high mating cycle life, secure form factors and long-term availability are top priorities, you should give consumer memory devices a miss. And instead use purpose-built OEM memory systems. They’re a much better fit for your requirements. And here’s how we can help… Our rugged, reliable and secure industrial memory products are the toughest on the market. It’s why our Datakey products are used by the military, as well as auto industry, transport and medical companies among many others. You’ll find them easy to embed into your system. And they’re much more secure and fit for purpose than any commercial or even industrial USB or rugged SD on the market. Your risk of re-design due to obsolescence is reduced as the serial memory range will remain available, unchanged and supported for many years. Your R&D costs will decrease and your time to market will be shortened by using Datakey development tools. Your support costs will reduce as your customer will be unable to use any unqualified devices in your product. You will gain a new revenue stream by selling the rugged memory tokens to your customer. Your products downtime will improve as the rugged tokens will continue to work in harsh environments and give longer more reliable use. Your field support costs will drop as the whole range of mating connectors have a very high insertion life. Best of all, your customers will be happy because the rugged memory tokens are so easy to use. You can get started today by using one of our Development Kits to prototype your device. You can choose from our Serial Memory Development Kit and our RUGGEDrive™ Development kit. They contain all the tools you’ll need to build a proof of principle, fast. PLUS we’re offering a retrospective discount on development kits when you buy any of our products. That means you save even more in development costs. To find out more about our development kits or to talk through your particular design needs, just call us now on telephone 01794 379 156. That’s telephone 01794 379 156. Remember, the sooner you call, the more time and money you’ll save and the better your end product will be. http://industrialmemoryspecialists.co.uk/
Disa Wheelabrator Group at Surface & Coating Expo 2016
Lars Sudfels, Product Manager, OEM Wheel, Wheelabrator Group GmbH and Jagadish Kulkarni, VP – Sales & Marketing (W&A), Wheelabrator, Disa India Ltd in conversation with Shivani Mody of WOC TV
BMW M Performance Parts with Matthew Mostafaei, Senior Product Manager Aftersales
Matthew Mostafaei, Senior Product Manager Aftersales, BMW of North America walks us through the BMW M Performance Parts displayed at the 2017 LA Auto Show Follow Us: http://www.bmwblog.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bmwblog Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bmwblog Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/bmwblog
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Additive Manufacturing Evolution of Gas Turbine Components | Power Plant Services | GE Power
Andy Passmore, GT13E2 Gas Turbine Senior Product Manager at GE Power, showcases the evolution of additive manufactured components in the GT13E2 gas turbine, culminating with the newest upgrade, the MXL2 with Additive Manufactured Performance (AMP). #GEPower #PoweringForward Subscribe for More: https://bit.ly/2N82PfY Work for GE: https://invent.ge/2F0yg76 GE Power Social Accounts: Visit GE Power: https://invent.ge/2Blgkr1 Find GE Power on Linkedin: https://bit.ly/2L34UaT Follow GE Power on Twitter: https://bit.ly/2MVIVoh Like GE Power on Facebook: https://bit.ly/2OMQcaz Follow GE Power on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2MuWG0c About GE Power: GE Power is a world energy leader providing equipment, solutions and services across the energy value chain from generation to consumption. Operating in more than 180 countries, our technology produces a third of the world’s electricity, equips 90 percent of power transmission utilities worldwide, and our software manages more than forty percent of the world’s energy. For more information please visit www.ge.com/power, and follow GE Power on Twitter and on LinkedIn. https://www.youtube.com/c/GEPower
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RDA IMPACT OEM Refinishing System (ORS)
This is a recording of a live webinar hosted by Melissa Jolls of RDA IMPACT, and presented by David Vivian, SEM Product Manager. The webinar reviews the products and benefits of SEM's ORS System.
How To Obtain Media for OEM/Retail Office 2013 products
With the release of Microsoft Office 2013 they have moved to a 100% Medialess package with no more DVD's. If you are an end-user you would use your product key from the packaging to reach the download link via https://officesetup.getmicrosoftkey.com/ If you are an OEM wanting to pre-install Office you would get the OPK/Tools and bits from the OEM.Microsoft.Com website shown here: http://www.microsoft.com/OEM/en/installation/downloads/Pages/office-single-image-v15-opk.aspx#fbid=B7J35Kcr3Ek
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SciCan -- Statim G4 Series
Doug Braendle, Product Manager (USA) at SciCan, debuts the new STATIM G4 series. This newest addition to the SciCan autoclave line can connect to the Internet and boasts a high-resolution touchscreen.
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What's the Latest & Greatest? GNSS Products for 2014 and Beyond
Sponsored by: Hemisphere GNSS Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013 On-Demand Available Until: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 5 p.m. EST Moderator: Alan Cameron, Editor & Publisher, GPS World Speakers: Frank van Diggelen, Senior Technical Director for GNSS/Chief Navigation Officer, Broadcom Corp.; Ron Ramsaran, Senior Product Marketing Manager marine products, Hemisphere GNSS; Kirk Burnell, Product Marketing Manager OEM boards, Hemisphere GNSS; Eric Gakstatter, Editor, Survey Scene Newsletter Summary: A report on new product introductions as seen at ION-GNSS+ and at Intergeo, along with perspective on trends in two major sectors, high precision and smartphone/consumer electronics, with experts from both fields.
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07 OEM 13C Installation
OEM 13C Installation Package Requirements for Oracle Management Service (OMS) yum install make -y yum install binutils -y yum install gcc -y yum install libaio -y yum install glibc-common -y yum install libstdc -y yum install libXtst -y yum install sysstat -y yum install glibc -y yum install glibc-devel -y yum install glibc-devel -y vi /etc/sysctl.conf kernel.shmmax = 4294967295 net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 11000 65000 Database Requirement Set optimizer adaptive features to false alter system set optimizer_adaptive_features=false scope=both sid='*'; Check value using show parameter show parameter optimizer_adaptive_features Restart the Database Unset ORACLE_HOME & ORACLE_SID if you have set them during your Database installation on the same host mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle/product/bip/config mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle/product/bip/cluster chmod 755 em13100_linux64.bin ./em13100_linux64.bin
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Covert-ID Authentication Labels (OEM Products)
This label shows an example of the patent pending Variable Covert Image capabilities of the Covert-ID technology. Notice the serial number revealed upon removal from the white base layer. This capability is unique to the Covert-ID technology and cannot be replicated. The white base layer can provide the user with instructions and a QR code which takes them to a verification site to input the revealed code, or it can have information registered and related to the hidden covert image. The larger and longer label example demonstrates a QR code printed on the surface of the Optical Thin Film (OTF) metallic blue label. This QR code is registered to the covert serialization sequence revealed upon activation of the OTF. It is perfect for product authentication applications as it is easy use, and cleaner and more secure than other scratch-off solutions. Note: Packages used in this video are for demonstration purposes only and do not represent clients utilizing this technology.
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How To Deactivate Windows 7 License / Product Key
In this video I am going to show you how to deactivate your Windows 7 license so that it can be transferred to another computer (Retail and volume licenses). **This will NOT work with OEM licenses as those are one time use and limited support licensing model. **Make sure you have saved your product key before hand as the steps below WILL remove it.** If you do not have your product key sticker saved, please download and run ProduKey to get your license key!! Steps: 0) Launch cmd.exe (Command Prompt) with Administrative rights (right-click and select "Run as administrator") 1) To get Activation ID, type this command and press enter: slmgr /dlv 2) Licensing details will pop up and make note of the Activation ID string/text 3) To uninstall / deactivate type this command and then press enter: slmgr /upk "Your Activation ID" (Without the quotes) 4) A pop up window indicating that the product key has been uninstalled Windows rearm count means (Corrected Mistake from Video): You have x-amount of more times to extend the activation grace period, which means you can do without activating for 90 more days. This is mainly for software trial purposes if you want to extend Windows activation period of 30 days. Any questions or comments, please post them below and thanks for watching!
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Edward Blackburn - Production Manager at RBB
Niche expertise isn’t developed overnight. It took us nearly half a century to craft ours and become a team with unparalleled expertise and execution in small batch electronic assembly production. Since our founding in 1973, we’ve serviced thousands of mission-critical circuit boards, box builds, and control panels—experience that has helped us create our unique approach to small batch manufacturing, which has been proven to lower client costs and ensure we provide superior service. Simply put, there are so many reasons to partner with RBB. A Business Rooted in Dedication and Trust Laser-focused expertise would be good enough on its own, but we think our clients deserve more. We’re not just another vendor. We believe that truly successful business relationships are dependent on dedication and trust, two attributes that inform every decision we make. What does that look like? In addition to delivering recurring small batches of assemblies at every stage of a product lifecycle, we offer clients the flexibility and partnership they need to meet their deadlines and achieve their goals. But don’t take our word for it. We consistently impress clients from a wide range of industries who want to talk about how we help set them up for success. “I have told [others] of your outstanding technical capabilities as well as your dedication to your customers—and that you’re super people to work with!” - Dave Puterbaugh, Analog Interfaces Backed by Compliance, Adherence, and Associations When clients need superior small batch quality, they rely on RBB. Why? We believe in stringent compliance and maintaining strong relationships with industry-defining associations. Adhering to best practices and learning from the best in the industry only makes us stronger. Compliance Badges How We Got Here RBB was established over 40 years ago as an industrial engineering services firm. For many years, our engineers designed, assembled, and installed control systems for OEMs and other manufacturing environments. Later, we expanded to include printed circuit board design and assembly. We continued to add capabilities throughout the following decades, matching our services to our clients’ needs. While other contract manufacturers (CMs) pursued high-volume opportunities, RBB learned to say “yes” to virtually every type of design and assembly in the industry, eventually becoming the supplier of choice for mission-critical applications. Ultimately, we became the experts of frequent revisions, unpredictable demand requirements, and delivering the highest-quality products. In 2007, RBB leadership made a bold choice to change the company’s service model and focus on what we do really well: small batches. Since then, RBB has exclusively dedicated itself to small batch production. Download Market Dynamics Facing OEM's with LPOSB Download the one-page guide to see what makes RBB different as a contract manufacturer
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SKF Linear Motion Distributors – experts in (customized) linear solutions
A SKF Linear Motion Distributor supports OEM and end-users with extended stock and knowledge of SKF linear products. A wide range of customer specific options like shortening of rails and the provision of radial and axial bores are possible to shafts, linear bearings and -units. The advantage of SKF Linear Motion Distributors (LMD) is their fast and adequate support to OEM and end-users. Every service point has a dedicated product manager with thorough knowledge of linear solutions, trained by SKF. Various standard adjustments are possible, but also customer specific operations based on technical drawings. SKF started in 1907 and is well known as bearing company. Today we have a wide range of products and services among which Linear and Actuation Technology (8 manufacturing units worldwide). Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/SKFGroup for daily updates.
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Hiring Director of Strategic Accounts (Next Gen Networking Solutions OEM) - CA, CO, TX, IL, AZ, MO
See Job Description at http://the-trevi-group.jobs.mrinetwork.com/03SaUu Director of Strategic Accounts (Next Gen Networking Solutions OEM) Location: San Francisco Bay area, CA Company: Solid fast growing global leader in advanced remote management solutions Type: Full-time/Perm position Compensation: Lucrative salary, uncapped commissions, comprehensive benefits, paid healthcare, 401K, Stock Options Position Id: 1223 A True Career Growth Opportunity…. Our client is a global leader in next generation remote-management solutions for IT and communications infrastructure. With the explosion of IoT, cloud, and data center infrastructure, the need for smarter real-time always-on connectivity and remote monitoring is more critical than ever. Our client offers the industry leading solutions that have been adopted by companies like Amazon, Uber, Nike, Twitter, Pandora, Salesforce.com, Wells Fargo, and many other Fortune 500 firms. They are looking for a Director of Strategic Accounts to manage relationships with significant clients, and drive growth of business with these strategic clients. This should be an experienced sales professional based in the San Francisco bay area, and will work from a remote office. What’s exciting? Established company with market leading product and limited competition Award winning tech firm named a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 leader, Gartner “Cool Vendor in IT/OT Alignment & Integration”, IoT Evolution product of the Year, and CRN Technology Innovators Awards, to name a few. Privately held firm international company experiencing hyper-growth (5 year average growth over 30% to 40%+ year over year) Lucrative compensation, full benefits package including paid healthcare, 401K Stock Options. Qualifications: 10+ years experience in sales with track record of success in selling to enterprise level accounts. Proven experience as a strategic or key account manager. Must possess keen ability to identify opportunities and develop/manage a pipeline. Must possess excellent relationship building skills, negotiation skills, and problem solving skills. . Experience working in a dynamic small to mid-size company is important. Hands on experience with Salesforce.com Must be located on the SFO Bay area (working from remote office), and have ability to travel If this sounds like you, Call me. Contact: Karel Lukas The Trevi Group 615-815-1961 [email protected] (dot) com --------------------------------------------- About THE TREVI GROUP: The Trevi Group is part of the MRI Network, a leading global search firm with over 400 offices worldwide, and are recognized by FORBES as one of the “Best American Executive Search Firms.” Since 2008, we've been helping companies hire sales professionals, engineers, and management in the IT industry. Our specialties include Networking, Cloud, Security, IT Systems, Data Center, Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Collaboration. We work with clients and candidates that are heavily focused on Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Dell / EMC, NetApp, VMware, Citrix, O365, Azure, AWS, Juniper, Nimble, Aruba, Palo Alto, DevOps, Ansible, ServiceNow, Docker, Puppet, and Chef. Keywords: sales director manager business development strategic sales global account manager sales network networking remote management cisco brocade F5 riverbed arista juniper fortinet vertiv raritan lantronix digi perl system cradlepoint groupware bluechip forsythe cdw dimension data insight presidio shi wwt covorus eplus The Trevi Group | http://www.thetrevigroup.net
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AMD and Adobe at GDC 2012 - Interview with Thibault Imbert, Flash Player Product Manager
At GDC 2012 in March, we had the opportunity to speak with Thibault Imbert, Flash Player Product Manager for Adobe, and learn more about how Adobe Flash Player enables accelerated experiences through Stage 3D on AMD APU and GPUs. Thibault explains how third party Flash Stage 3D frameworks, like Away3D and Alternativa3D for 3D and Starling for 2D, are designed to provide game developers with a way to access GPU acceleration through Actionscript for both 2D and 3D games. Thibault also provided a candid glimpse on where Flash is going in the future. If you are a developer, or just someone who wants to hear about the latest innovations that will help shape future technology? If so, check out the AMD Fusion Developer Summit (AFDS) in Bellevue, Washington June 11-14, 2012 where Tom Malloy, Senior Vice President and Chief Software Architect at Adobe will be among several great keynote speakers. Adobe will also be driving a handful of fantastic breakout sessions, including one by Thibault, who will be discussing some of the great advances being made by the Flash team in gaming and premium video. For more information on the AMD Fusion Developer Summit, visit: http://developer.amd.com/afds/pages/default.aspx Interested in AMD and Adobe Flash? See our blog posts at: http://blogs.amd.com/fusion/2012/03/27/adobe-showcases-top-quality-flash-gaming-with-amd-at-gdc-2012/ http://blogs.amd.com/fusion/2012/02/27/adobe-flash-player-11-2-is-coming-see-how-amd-technology-can-make-it-fly/ http://blogs.amd.com/fusion/2011/10/03/3d-graphics-support-in-flash-player-11-unlocks-gpu-acceleration-for-the-masses/ For more information on GDC 2012 and Adobe Flash Stage 3d, visit: http://www.gdconf.com/ and http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/stage3d.html
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Ready to Partner with Salesforce.com (ISVforce or OEM)?
Looking to build a business on the world's first social business app platform? Join us to learn more about the innovative channel programs that salesforce.com delivers for ISVs and OEM's, and hear firsthand from partners who have successfully built recurring revenue streams in the cloud. This session is primarily for business development, product managers, C-Level executives, and anyone inspired to build the next generation social apps for business.
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Presenting the Dell Precision T3600 : Don Maynard, Sr. Product Manager for Dell Precision
CADplace UK Report : http://tinyurl.com/cg96c2t CADplace France Report : http://tinyurl.com/cgxhhmz
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Oracle GoldenGate Monitor and Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
Joseph deBuzna, GoldenGate Product Manager, reviews the architecture and use cases of GoldenGate Monitor and Veridata 12.1.3, followed by demonstrations of both products.
Domino Printing: Interpack 2014 G-Series Thermal inkjet
http://www.domino-printing.com “Hello and welcome to the Domino booth at Interpack 2014. I’m Phil Parkins, Product Manager for the G-Series Thermal Ink Jet Printer and I would like to take through some of the G-Series highlights on the both this year Firstly I would like to draw attention to the G-Series OEM controller. Commonly TIJ printers are installed at the end of production lines, this solution is different and unique providing the first fully ‘integrateable’ printer designed for installation within OEM solution. To OEM board can be paired with the new G-View Browser software, which is an simple Windows or Linux application that can be installed onto any Industrial PC or HMI . The G-View Browser allows full control and configuration of the OEM Controller via a PC base system. Moving on, Domino has consistently been a leader in Ink development and with TIJ ink that is no different. The latest BK652 water based ink offers market leading contrast, de – cap time, throw distance and light fastness extending the capabilities of water based inks and delivering consistent printing performance. BK652 is ideally suited to printing 2D codes for pharmaceutical applications but also suited to many other applications such as the simple two line, high contrast codes required by the Ready Meal sectors. For these kind of applications typically 400,000 to 500,000 prints per cartridge can be achieved due to the high contrast of BK652. Finally I would like to draw attention to our innovative Auto Swap system. Designed For high speed, high print quantity lines Auto swap will allow you to swap cartridges during production by using two cartridge side by side printing at different print rates. This means you will never have to stop you line again to change a cartridge and will provide operators time to get a replacement cartridge ready. To discover more why not visit our website or get in touch with your local Domino contact."
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Cat Shows 40 Machines with Connect Technology
Product manager Jon Thomas explains how Cat Connect technologies help improve equipment management, productivity, safety and sustainability for mixed equipment fleets at CONEXPO 2014.
DUF 2016 - Breakout 1: How Dell OEM Solutions can Help.
Over the last 15 years, Dell OEM has enabled customers across 180 countries and 40 industry verticals to innovate and monetize their innovations. Through our portfolio of rebrand-ready, rugged, extended-lifecycle, telco-grade products, we integrate our custom supply chain capabilities directly into our customers’ product roadmaps, making our customers efficient, agile and competitive. At the Dell User Forum 2016, Adith Chandrasekhar, OEM Channel Manager, Dell South Asia shared the latest product innovations around IoT enablement and industrial embedded computing, and Dell's point of view on the implications of uber-connectivity. http://duf2016.com/videos/
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Recorded webinar: IoT, business potential and security risk by Bitdefender
Presenters: - George Yunaev - Senior Software Engineer at Bitdefender. He joined the company's OEM Technology Licensing Unit in 2008, after working at Kaspersky Lab for seven years. - Darragh Kelly - Global OEM Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender. He has been working within the IT Security industry for over 17 years. This recorded webinar goes through the highlights of the IoT landscape and looks at the business potential and what are the security implications / risk today and for the near future. Attitudes towards the Internet of Things vary significantly by industry and company size, but even conservative industries expect IoT to have a significant long-term impact on business. The inherent security risk in this new business potential is opening up markets for new security products and services. For more information on Bitdefender OEM technologies that respond to mobile and other threat vectors please check out OEM Hub www.bit.ly/OEMHub To best visualize the video change your Youtube quality settings to 720p HD.
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New Products Week in Review  10-16-15
Product Manager Paul Levy goes over some new product releases including: Match Grade Drop In Threaded Barrel-Glock 43 100-018-092 FN15/AR 20” Rifle Upper Receiver Assembly 119-000-259 AR-15/M16 15” G3 Free Float M-Lok Handguard 100-018-128 Learn more here http://www.brownellsvideos.com
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Fuji Transonic: Breaking down our brake decisions
Why direct-mount? Why on the seatstays? Fuji Road Product Manager Steve Fairchild and NetApp-Endura Mechanic Hunter Veloz break down brake decisions on Fuji's brand-new aero road bike, Transonic. Learn more at http://www.fujibikes.com/transonic.
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History of Microsoft -- 1983
For Microsoft, 1983 means the end of an era with the resignation of Paul Allen, the introduction of MS - DOS 2.0 and the formation of Microsoft Press, a trade-book publishing division specializing in computer books. February 18, 1983 Paul Allen resigns as Microsoft's executive vice president, but remains on the Board of Directors. March 9, 1983 Microsoft introduces MS-DOS 2.0. May 2, 1983 Microsoft introduces the Microsoft Mouse, a low-cost, handheld pointing device for use with the IBM PC as well as any other MS-DOS-based personal computer. August 1, 1983 The assets of Wiser Laboratories Pty, Ltd. of Australia, the local distributor of Microsoft products, are acquired. With the establishment of this subsidiary, Microsoft obtains a direct distribution network into the region. All of Wiser's employees will be retained, and the firm will stay at its existing address. This is considered the company's first acquisition. September 29, 1983 Microsoft ships it's full-featured word processing program, Word for MS-DOS 1.00 and provides a free demonstration copy to subscribers of The PC World Software Review. November 3, 1983 Microsoft Press, a trade-book publishing division specializing in computer books, is formed. Nahum Stiskin is named General Manager and Publisher. The primary marketing focus is the business professional, with secondary emphasis on the hobbyist, home, and education markets. Microsoft Press expects to publish 30 to 35 books in its first year. November 10, 1983 Microsoft unveils Windows, an extension of the MS-DOS operating system that provides a graphical operating environment. Windows features a window management capability that allows a user to view unrelated application programs simultaneously. It also provides the capability to transfer data from one application program to another. Windows wouldn't actually ship until 2 years later. December 1, 1983 The first international subsidiaries to connect to Microsoft e-mail are in Europe: Microsoft Ltd. in the U.K., Microsoft Sarl in France, and Microsoft G.m.b.H. in Germany. Other products released in 1983: BASIC Interpreter 1.0, Multi-Tool Budget 1.0, Microsoft Multiplan 1.1, Microsoft Sort Notable new hires: Jon Shirley - Former Microsoft president, chief operating officer, and director; Joachim Kempin - Former senior vice president of Microsoft's OEM Division;Mike Slade -Former product manager, helped products such as Excel and Works to become household names and managed the entire line of Mac products;Pete Higgins - Former group vice president of the Interactive Media Group and member of the Office of the President;Raymond B. "Buck" Ferguson - Former senior director of Investor and Shareholder Relations;Bernard Vergnes - Chairman Emeritus of Microsoft EMEA.
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FAPGA 2015 Bob Endert presentation
Forum of Asia Pacific Graphic Arts (FAPGA) 2015 was held on 7th August 2015 (Friday) at Eastin Hotel Grand Ballroom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. FAPGA 2015 was 3-day event that spanned from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. The main highlights of the event were to enable participants to engage a new format of forum presentation, to enrich learning experience and to make serious business networking. Bob Endert has spent more than 25 years in the print industry, tracing the evolution from offset to digital. He currently serves as Canon Singapore’s Senior Director of Regional Professional Printing Products Division. In this role, he works with customers and partners across 18 markets including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. A passionate believer in building trusted relationships through professional consulting, Bob leverages his global experience to provide unique printing solutions to customers both in the mature and emerging markets. Bob started his career with Océ in the Netherlands in 1988. He took on new responsibilities as International Product Manager for Canon OEM products at the headquarters in 1995, leading to his first international job posting in Malaysia in 1998. He then returned to Europe, where he served as the Business Unit Director in Océ Belgium from 2002 to 2006. He started a successful new business group in Display Graphics, while overseeing the wide format printing business in Belgium and Luxembourg. His next move was as Commercial Director of Océ in Japan, where he successfully launched new products, maintained and built new partnerships. In 2010, Bob served as Canon Switzerland’s Channel Manager for the office printing business and was key in the integration of Océ and Canon in Switzerland before joining Canon Singapore in 2015. With more than 15 years of experience helming senior management roles across Asia and Europe, Bob is fluent in English, Dutch, French, German and speaks Japanese. Married with three children, Bob has a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands. He is a competitive runner and tennis player, and enjoys photography and travelling in his spare time.
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V-LOK clamp system
We are excited to introduce a revolutionary new product from Epiroc – the V-LOK™ clamp system. V-LOK™ eliminates welding, grinding and the need for a hot permit. No more endless hours waiting for a welder with a permit, no more damage to shock sub housings or top subs from removing weld tabs. Just use V-LOK™.
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Unmanned Aircraft Navigation
Sponsored by: Hemisphere GNSS Broadcast Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013 Moderator: Tony Murfin, Editor, Professional OEM newsletter Speakers: Olivier Casabianca, Business Area Manager, Trimble GNSS OEM; Hal Adams, Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer, Accord Technology; Neil Gerein, Defense Product Manager, NovAtel; Eric Brewer, Senior Systems Engineer, Rockwell Collins; and Howard William Loewen, President, MicroPilot Inc. Summary: In recent years, there has been explosive growth in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market segment, with most on-board navigation systems relying on GNSS or GNSS with inertial aiding. As military budgets decline, interest in civilian commercial applications is growing rapidly. The FAA recently awarded special type certification to two UAVs for commercial Arctic operations, and the industry is now poised for the opening of the regulation floodgates to address a growing commercial demand. In this webcast, we will hear from some of the industry leaders in GNSS-based navigation for UAVs, in both the military and civilian sectors: they will tell us what they are doing in UAV navigation and where they see this exciting market going.
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New Products Week in Review 2-5-16
Product Manager Paul Levy goes over some new product releases including: 300 AAC Blackout Unprimed Nickel Brass 100-018-806 Precision Matched Riflescope Rings 100-019-180 Browning Hi-Power Rosewood Grips 647-035-002 Lo Pro Bubblevel for 30mm Riflescope Tube 100-019-191 Remington 700 Trigger, Right Hand, Thin, Black, 3 lb 883-000-083 AR-15 Small Pin Trigger, Straight, 3 lb 883-000-073 Aero AC-15 5.56 16” Mid-Length Rifle 100-018-610- Learn more here http://www.brownellsvideos.com
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Introducing the Digi ConnectCore for i.MX6UL
Digi Product Manager Mike Rohrmoser introduces the ConnectCore® for i.MX6 UltraLite System-on-Module. The ConnectCore 6UL delivers a secure and extremely cost-effective connected SoM platform that is slightly bigger than a postage stamp. Its patent-pending Digi SMTplus™ surface mount form factor allows you to choose simplified design integration leveraging proven and easy-to-use edge-castellated SMT technology, or a versatile LGA option for ultimate design flexibility with access to virtually all interfaces. Learn more about the ConnectCore for i.MX6 UltraLite at Digi's website: https://www.digi.com/products/embedded-systems/system-on-modules/connectcore-for-i-mx6ul?utm_source=YouTube&utm_campaign=CC6UL&utm_medium=Product_Page
Matthew Geaghan on Nuix Director
http://BizCloudNetwork.com http://BizCloud.net Matthew Geaghan eDiscovery Product Manager, Nuix About Nuix: Nuix's powerful, intuitive information management technologies make it possible to search, investigate and actively manage unstructured data sets of any size or complexity. This allows you to respond quickly and effectively to litigation or regulatory action, mitigate risk, reduce costs and extract value from the data. http://www.nuix.com/ Interviewer: Mr. Vahid Razavi, Founder and CEO of BizCloud® Filmed at LegalTech® New York 2014 BizCloud® Media Production
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PABUG Webinar: Oracle SQL Developer Tips & Tricks
Pennsylvania Banner User Group (PABUG) Webinar - tips and tricks for Oracle SQL Developer with Product Manager Jeff Smith and Temple Assistant Director Helen Sanders
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New Products Week in Review 11-17-16
Product Manager Paul Levy goes over some new product releases including: Meprolight FT Self-Illuminated Night Sight Set 100-022-770 Tactical Glock 43 Slide Racker 100-023-071 AR-15 Adjustable Trigger Curved 100-022-912 458 SOCOM 350gr Plated Round Shoulder 20/Box 105-001-105 Learn more here http://www.brownellsvideos.com
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Rise of the high intensity applications in the MH market
Watch Darren Stratton, Product Manager - Material Handling, explain how the rise of high intensity application and the forklift manufacturer innovations keep a constant pressure on the tires performance and how the Camso line-up respond to it. Learn more about the new products on camso.co/en/products-solutions/material-handling Connect with us for exclusive road free content on : CAMSO.CO FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2uusAzT INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2tAk0wC TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2tXj6cW LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/2v5wl0k About Camso Camso, the Road Free company, is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of off-road tires, wheels, rubber tracks and undercarriage systems to serve the material handling, construction, agricultural and powersports industries.
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Chinese Manufacturer, OEM Sheet Metal Fabrication, Stamping, Deep drawing, Welding
Shengyang Ltd is a leading manufacturer specializing in OEM sheet metal parts for over 20 years in China. Company passed ISO9001:2008 and product is produced according to ISO/GB/T19001:2008. It's better to choose us for producing those ones touching with food. The main service is to OEM soybean milk maker parts, water purifier parts, and industrial parts as well. Under the support of engineers, QC, Production Managers, we believe we can offer you the best solutions to your needs. Choosing us, you will get a long term factory and stable stock and profit. Don't hesitate, contact us! Contact: Mr Sasha Zhou Email: [email protected], Tel: 86-534-5537-555 Cell: 86-150-6662-1852, Web: www.sy-hardwares.com
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Søren Weis Lindegaard presenting InvisiBezel - www.invisiBezel.com
Product Presentation of InvisiBezel by Business Manager, OEM & Special Projects, Søren Weis Lindegaard.
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Hyundai Elantra Sport, Ini Masih Standar OEM
Jelang Specialty Equipment Market Association atau akrab di telinga SEMA Show 2017, akhir bulan ini (31/10-3/11), Hyundai sudah menyiapkan modifikasi pada Elantra Sport. Rombakan pada Elantra Sport tersebut, Hyundai mempercayakan kepada Blood Type Racing untuk mengembangkan BTR Ecition Elantra Sport concept. Sebagai modifikasi yang disetujui pabrikan, Blood Type Racing cukup berani memberikan sentuhan radikal pada tampilan eksterior. Bahkan pada bagian performa mesin sudah mengaplikasi injektor methanol serta intercooler. Mendukung laju kian optimal saat kecepatan tinggi, bagian suspensi hingga aerodinamika digarap serius. “BTR Edition Elantra Sport ini melebihi Elantra racikan OEM tanpa mengorbankan pengendaraan harian,” ujar Sam Lee, Product Manager Blood Type Racing. “Melalui platform Elantra Sport dalam segi sumber tenaga, desain fundamental, kita menyuguhkan kepada para penggemar terhadap pandangan baru mobil sport compact akan dibawa ke arah mana,” jelasnya.
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SENCO Cincinnati Fastener Manufacturing
SENCO's Product Manager Tom Hodson talks about our Cincinnati Fastener Manufacturing. www.senco.com
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