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Informatica : Clob Data Type To Blob Data Type Conversion using Java Tranformation
Converting Character Large Object of Source to Binary Large Object of Target using Informatica Java Transformation. For more information please check http://gogates.blogspot.in/2013/09/transfering-clob-data-to-blob-using.html
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Oracle ||   Data types of  Oracle by Siva
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Oracle GoldenGate For Blob Data Type 1
Oracle GoldenGate Tester, using Custom Connection With Java to test Blob Data Type SQL Server R2 in Windows Server 2003 and MySQL in Ubuntu, Bi-Directional Topology
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Send and receive raw blob data using the TCPIPSender and TCPIPReceiver
The TCPIPSender and TCPIPReceiver transformers send and listen to blob data. Dataset obtained from City of Vancouver - http://data.vancouver.ca/datacatalogue/index.htm
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Batch export Oracle BLOB data from query results to files
Batch export Oracle BLOB data from query results, by OraLobEditor, http://www.withdata.com/oralobeditor/ . Download link: http://www.withdata.com/down/OraLobEditor.exe .
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Micro Gang vs PFR (Raw Comms Keres POV)
Hi guys, here's a small fight we got with PFR on their home station. Our fleet comp was an Oracle, Nomen, Scythe Fleet Issue, Jackdaw and Keres. I decided to leave in the raw comms to kinda show what communication in a small gang is like. I apologize for the background noise in the beginning, I hope you enjoy. :)
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What Is The Use Of LOB In Oracle?
Introduction to lobs oracle help center. Use oracle lob's apache db project the software lobs and undo management not as simple i thought large objects (lobs). Using oracle lob data types with ojbbackgrounder large objects in databases. Htm url? Q webcache. Object datatypes and lobs oracle help center. Introduction to lobs oracle help center docs. Space usage of lobs, general behavior and in otm database lob space oracle dba scripts. Two type of lobs supported. This chapter contains these topics this describes the usage and semantics of lobs that you need to be familiar techniques use when accessing a cell in lob column differ table print_media oracle database sample schema pm, is used has introduced many new multi media datatypes, or datatypes if just as an indexing system file locations why not long raw difference between internal external. Those stored as operating system files, such bfiles large objects (lobs) are a set of datatypes that designed to hold amounts data. How to determine oracle lob storage footprint? Database and xmltype data types (oracle connector) ibm. Object data types and lobs oracle help centeroracle large object (lob) supportoracle lob working with blob clob devart. Oracle cd b10501_01 adl01int. Where is lob data stored? . [email protected] select count( ) from external tables containing lob data. Storing data in lobs enables you to access and manipulate the efficiently your application use lob (large object) columns store large amounts of (maximum existing long raw attributes is recommended by oracle this chapter introduces objects (lobs) discusses how types are used development. Lob types support both input and output streaming. A lob can hold up to a maximum size ranging from 8 terabytes 128 depending on how your database is configured. This articles shows how external tables are used to read clob and blob data, enabling parallel load operations of large 7 jan 2014 what is lob (large object) a group oracle database build in data types. Tanel poder's performance operations on tables and views that contain lob data in oracle finding table name for segment base external containing. The microsoft 12 apr 2012 so i have a lob segment taking up lots of space need to find out the corresposding table for. Using lob data types in oracle database allows user to store 14 sep 2011 how the dba can find size of a segment, space that is allocated and unused within if you've marked blob column as deduplicated then you run something like following get stats on actual bytes used connector supports reading writing bfile, blob, configure use inline form, set enable Introduction lobs help center. Your database the most 25 jan 2010 as soon old versions of lob data pages start to occupy more than pctversion amount used space, oracle tries further, oracle8 provides call interface (oci) and pl sql package internal s use copy semantics participate in transactional model 22 apr 2012 there was a question l about where is undo for rollback & consistency,
Oracle Core, Лекция 5
Ссылка на файл с презентацией: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xANFkC3tkFdby_HIFEEwtqInJqKlgx4ykiIbarK1EPE/edit?usp=sharing (презентация может быть с анимацией) Ссылка на краткий конспект лекции: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1x80R-XlWBI_zFzNN2JMmby2wIvBb7jnfshn9axNXEKs/edit?usp=sharing 1. Общие сведения, история возникновения PL/SQL 2. Среда исполнения 3. Структура PL/SQL блока (declare, begin, exception, end). Именованные/неименованные (анонимные) блоки pl/sql. Вложенные блоки pl/sql 4. Набор разрешенных символов. Требования к именованию идентификаторов. Представление v$reserved_words 5. Арифметические операторы. Логические операторы отношения. 6. Комментарии и метки 7. Основные типы и структуры данных (скалярный, составной, ссылка, lob) 8. Значение null 9. Числовые типы: Number, Number(n), Number(n, m), Pls_Integer/Binary_Integer, Binary_Float, Binary_Double, Natural, Naturaln, Positive, Positiven, Signtype, Simple_Integer, Simple_Float, Simple_Double) 10. Строковые типы: Char, Varchar2, NChar, NVarchar2, Raw, Long, Long Raw 11. Rowid и Urowid 12. Операции со строками. Взаимодействие строк со значением Null 13. Типы для моментов и интервалов времени: Date, Timestamp, Interval. Возможные операции 14. Тип Boolean 15. Типы Lob: BFile, BLob, CLob, NCLob 16. Объявление переменных и констант 17. Составные и динамические типы: Record, %RowType, %Type 18. Пользовательские подтипы Subtype 19. Выражения 20. Функции для работы с NULL: Decode, Nvl, Nvl2, Coalesce 21. Преобразование типов явное и неявное. 22. Таблица неявного преобразования типов. 23. Таблица явного преобразования типов 24. Основные управляющие структуры 25. Конструкция IF...THEN..ELSIF...ELSE 26. Конструкция выбора по условию CASE (простой и с поиском) 27. Циклы Loop... end loop, While loop, For loop, цикл по курсору 28. Оператор Goto Oracle Database, БД Oracle, вебинар Oracle, презентация Oracle, урок Oracle, лекция Oracle, обучение Oracle
Managing Windows with Ansible AWX
Subscribe for more computer tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3tx0cfbVHDgI9XGOZj7Vw/?sub_confirmation=1 Here is howto manage Windows with ansible awx. Steps on Windows server: Open firewall ports: TCP/5985 = HTTP or TCP/5986 = HTTPS Run this powershell script: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ansible/ansible/devel/examples/scripts/ConfigureRemotingForAnsible.ps1 And check that Windows remote management service is running. Step on AWX: AWX docker commands, docker containers awx-task & awx-web: pip install ptwinrm or pip install pywinrm add these on details: ansible_port: 5986 ansible_connection: winrm ansible_winrm_server_cert_validation: ignore Playbook on github: https://github.com/koivhe/awx-windows/blob/master/windows-update.yml Music: Huma-Huma - song: Elephants Letter Box - song: Across The Room The 126ers - So Bueno
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Session6 Data type in Oracle
Session 6: Datatypes In Oracle   ALPHABET           : A-Z , a-z NUMBER              : 0-9 (with precision and scale) DATE / Temporal  : any Date and time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Mili-seconds, Timestamp, Timezone etc)   Alphabet + Number = Alphanumeric Data                                     = String / CHARACTER Datatype Category Number                    =  Numeric Datatype Category Date                         = Date Datatype Category 1. CHARACTER Datatype: CHAR, VARCHAR, NCHAR: CHAR is fixed length datatype and VARCHAR is Variable length datatype to store character data. i.e. A-Z , a-z , 0-9 , all keyboard characters etc. The default size is 1 character and it can store maximum up to 2000 bytes. Example : EName, EmpID, PassportNo, SSN, etc. EName CHAR(10) := ‘TOM’; wastage of 7 space after the string EName VARCHAR(10) := ‘TOM’; Spaces can be Reuse which left after the string NCHAR additionally handles NLS(National Language Support). Oracle supports a reliable Unicode datatype through NCHAR , NVARCHAR2 , and NCLOB  VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2: These are Variable length datatype. VARCHAR2 handles alphanumeric character string whereas NVARCHAR2 handles alphanumeric character string with NLS(National Language Support). The default size is 1 character and it can store maximum up to 4000 bytes.   LONG:  Variable length string.  (Maximum size: 2 GB - 1) Only one LONG column is allowed per table. RAW:    Variable length binary string (Maximum size 2000 bytes) LONG RAW: Variable length binary string (Maximum size 2GB) 2. NUMERIC Datatype: NUMBER: It stores Numeric values and performs numeric calculations. NUMBER,   NUMBER(n),   NUMBER(p,s) It stores Numbers up to 38 digits of precision. SeqNo NUMBER;                     1, 123, 12345678 EmpID NUMBER(4);                 1, 123, 1234 Sal NUMBER(7,2);                     23456.78 , 123.45 — correction in video: Sal NUMBER(a7,2); which is wrong please ignore. 1234567 can be a type of NUMBER, NUMBER(7), NUMBER(7,0) It can store both integer and floating point numbers NUMERIC(p,s) FLOAT:   Ex:  EmpSal FLOAT;    FLOAT(7)       Decimal Points allowed DEC(p,s), DECIMAL(p,s) , REAL, DOUBLE PRECISION INTEGER:   Ex:  SSN INTEGER;       Decimal Points are not allowed INT, SMALLINT 3. DATE Datatype: DATE: It stores DATE(Date, Month, Year) and Time(Hour, Minute, Second, AM/PM) and performs calculations with such data. Default DATE format in Oracle is “DD-MON-YY” Based on "Gregorian calendar" where the date ranges from “JAN 1 4712 BC” to “DEC 31 9999 AD” doj DATE;    “18-MAR-2010 12:30:00 PM” TIMESTAMP:    It can store all parameters as DATE datatype and additionally it can have “Fraction of seconds” and TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE / TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIMEZONE. Range from 0-9 digits, the default size is 6. 4. LOB Datatype: LOB: “Large Object” data. It can store pictures, motion pictures, Textfiles etc. CLOB: “Character Large Object” is used to store structured information like a text file with a specific file format. BLOB: “Binary Large Object” is used to store Un-structured information like Image, JPEG files, MPEG files etc. BFILE: “Binary File” is used to store the pointer to a specific file / Just store the location of a file. Maximum size: (4 GB - 1) * DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter (8 TB to 128 TB) Extra Information: NCLOB : It supports all the character set supported by CLOB and additionally it handles NLS(National Language Support ) Maximum size: (4 GB - 1) * DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter (8 TB to 128 TB) ROWID and UROWID(optional size) Datatype: contains fixed length Binary data. BBBBBBB.RRRR.FFFFF combination of BLOCK-ROW-DATABASE FILE Physical and Logical ROWID Upcoming Session: Session 7: Populating Data into Tables(INSERT Statement): Inserting data into all columns of a table Inserting data into Required columns of a table Inserting NULL value into a table Inserting Special Values(USER / SYSDATE) into a table Supplying data at runtime(using & and &&) THANK YOU :)
My golang editor of choice
VS code is good, but a bit too slow for my liking. So I'm currently using neovim to edit go code. https://github.com/kaihendry/dotfiles/blob/master/.config/nvim/init.vim I use vim plug to manage the plugins: curl -fLo ~/.local/share/nvim/site/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/junegunn/vim-plug/master/plug.vim Deoplete is a PITA to get working. You probably need to run: pip3 install --upgrade neovim :PlugUpdate & :GoInstallBinaries Don't forget to setup your GOPATH & put GOPATH/bin into your executable PATH. If you have "vet not found issue", run `gometalinter --install` Enjoy! Let me know if you have any other tips.
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Export With Toad for oracle
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ꘒ0007 RAW Assignment
hextoraw, rawtohex, utl_raw...
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Insert Image to SQL Server and Retrieve Image from SQL Server
For more info go to here http://www.tutsstore.com/
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Batch export SQL Server [IMAGE, VARBINARY(MAX)] (BLOB) data from query results to files
Batch export SQL Server [IMAGE, VARBINARY(MAX)] (BLOB) data from query results, by SqlLobEditor, http://www.withdata.com/sqllobeditor/ . Download link: http://www.withdata.com/down/SqlLobEditor.exe .
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OpenJK - Install Guide (Official BuildBot)
LINKS : https://github.com/Razish/OpenJK http://jk.xd.cm/~builds/ OpenAL32dll (click on RAW) : https://github.com/Razish/OpenJK/blob/master/codemp/OpenAL32.dll
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Reproducible analysis (1 of 2) with knitr, R Markdown, and RStudio by Dr Jeromy Anglim
Video Part 1 of 2: http://youtu.be/XqzHnYLr5BE Video Part 2 of 2: http://youtu.be/XqzHnYLr5BE Repository with code examples: https://github.com/jeromyanglim/rmarkdown-rmeetup-2012 PDF of slides: https://github.com/jeromyanglim/rmarkdown-rmeetup-2012/blob/master/talk/main.pdf?raw=true Reproducible analysis represents a process for transforming text, code, and data to produce reproducible artefacts including reports, journal articles, slideshows, theses, and books. Reproducible analysis is important in both industry and academic settings for ensuring a high quality product. R has always provided a powerful platform for reproducible analysis. However, in the first half of 2012, several new tools have emerged that have substantially increased the ease with which reproducible analysis can be performed. In particular, knitr, R Markdown, and RStudio combine to create a user-friendly and powerful set of open source tools for reproducible analysis. This talk will provide an introduction to Markdown and using knitr and R Markdown to produce reproducible reports. In partiuclar, it will discuss caching slow analyses, producing attractive plots and tables, and using RStudio as an IDE. The talk will also show how the markdown package on CRAN can be used to work with other R development environments and workflows for report production. If time permits, the talk may touch on how knitr can be used with other markup languages including LaTeX and HTML. Jeromy Anglim is a Post Doctoral Fellow in the Melbourne Business School. He has spent the last 10 years teaching statistics in university settings. He has also worked as a statistical consultant in market research, selection and recruitment, and organisational climate survey research. He has been using R for the last five years and regularly blogs about the power of R at http://jeromyanglim.blogspot.com Relevant links: knitr: http://yihui.name/knitr/ RStudio: http://rstudio.org/ Markdown: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/ R Markdown: http://jeromyanglim.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/getting-started-with-r-markdown-knitr.html R Reproducible Analysis: http://cran.r-project.org/web/views/ReproducibleResearch.html
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How to create a calander Item from Part-4
Image Items Using Images You can use images as a graphic within a from the module.A graphic image displays automatically and cannot be manipulated at run time. It can be imported from the database or the file system. alternatively, you can display images within image items What Is an Image Item? An image item is a special interface control that can store and display vector or scanned images.Just as text items store and display Varchar2, number, or date values, image items store and display images. like other items that store values, image items can be either data block items or control items. Displaying Image Items: You can populate an image item by using one of the following methods: 1. fetching from a long raw or blob database column 2.Using a trigger and a built in to populate the image item programmatically Storing Image: You can store image in either the database or the file system When you insert images into the database by means of a save, the are automatically compressed using Oracle image compression Tags: 1. Use image items to display images. 2. Images imported from a file system are stored in any supported file type 3.Images imported from a database are stored in a long raw column or a blog column.
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Ado - framework for web projects on Mojolicious - Красимир Беров (berov)
http://act.yapc.eu/ye2014/talk/5652 Abstract: https://github.com/kberov/Ado/blob/master/README.md Talk: https://github.com/kberov/Ado-YAPC-EU-talk/blob/master/Ado-YAPC-EU-2014.odp?raw=true Ado is a framework for web projects based on Mojolicious, written in the Perl programming language. It provides glue code that a lot of different web apps could use. Ado is a typical well structured, MVC Mojolicious application. It comes with default configuration and a model layer, plugged in by Mojolicious::Plugin::DSC. An SQLite database is bundled in the distribution at etc/ado.sqlite to get started quickly. Ado provides additional plugins and commands, which promote RAD, good practices, and team-work when starting new projects. Semantic UI is included in the distribution and the default Ado page is a good example for usage.Ado is on CPAN - https://metacpan.org/release/Ado Source code repository is on Github - https://github.com/kberov/Ado https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kberov/Ado/master/public/img/Ado-Building-Blocks.png"
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From blobs to relational tables: Where do I store my Data? (Google Cloud Next '17)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers many options for storing your data. From Cloud Storage (Multi-regional, Nearline, Coldline) to the various database services (Cloud Datastore, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable) and data warehousing (BigQuery), learn about the most common workloads and common patterns for data storage. Dominic Preuss and Dave Nettleton discuss decision criteria and the various tradeoffs to consider when choosing your method of data storage. Missed the conference? Watch all the talks here: https://goo.gl/c1Vs3h Watch more talks about Infrastructure & Operations here: https://goo.gl/k2LOYG
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ꘒ0008 Tux.png Pipelined Function
Blob Pipelined Function
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Oracle Forms 10g: Loading Picture
Oracle Training in Bangladesh Oracle Developer and Database Training in Bangladesh Oracle Training at Dev Net IT Oracle forms Training for details http://www.devnet-it.com
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How To Dual Boot Mac OS X Parrot OS (2018)
How to Dual Boot Mac OS X && Parrot OS (2018) __________________________________________________________________ Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me! This channel is for college this upcoming fall so all and any support is needed! Sorry my posts have been taking forever, a sh#t ton of time and research goes into this because of how new Parrot OS is and hasn’t even been touched by anyone in terms of correlating to Mac OS X. I researched for months and figured A LOT out on my own so any support will be immensely beneficial for me. Please do not dislike, contact me with any assistance you may need and I promise to discover a resolution! Thanks! __________________________________________________________________ LINKS MENTIONED IN VIDEO: Bootable Drive Maker for Mac: https://github.com/ETCG/BootableDriveMaker/blob/master/BootableDriveMaker.dmg?raw=true Bootable Drive Maker Alternative: https://etcher.io/ Parrot OS (iso) Download Page: https://www.parrotsec.org/download.fx __________________________________________________________________ CONTACT ME: Gmail: [email protected] Snapchat: brett_bettag https://www.snapchat.com/add/brett_bettag __________________________________________________________________ MUSIC CREDITS TO: Oddisee · After Thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SDlb_TU9-o MUSIC CREDITS TO: Chilean Sunset · LRKR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8Bmq_ckaNw __________________________________________________________________ I DO NOT OWN OR INTEND TO PROFIT OFF OF MUSIC WITHIN THE VIDEO CREDITS ARE STATED IN DESCRIPTION TO ODDISEE AND LRKR. __________________________________________________________________
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Uploading Files to a Database in Flask
Uploading files in Flask to a database is very simple to accomplish. In this video, I'll show you to use an HTML upload form to upload files to Flask and save them to blob columns in your database using SQLAlchemy. The example database I'm using is SQLite, but most popular database systems have support for BLOB columns (binary objects). Flask cheat sheet: http://prettyprinted.com/flaskcheatsheet A useful pattern when uploading files: http://flask.pocoo.org/docs/1.0/patterns/fileuploads/
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Harbinger Down Kickstarter Video Behind the Scenes - Part Two
Help Save a Dying Art Form! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1117671683/harbinger-down-a-practical-creature-fx-film @alec_gillis Keep Practical Effects Alive!
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20090508 vibe aphrodite 05 blob
A part of my VJ set from the Vibe Department party with DJ Aphrodite. After intense tweaking this probably came about from a combination of Pete's ColorGlow and Wave effects... i love how it looks alive. I think there is also some refraction in it (and a hint of metaimage).
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Destiny I - Group 2, HerO vs Kane, Game 1
Destiny I - Day 2, Group 2, Set 3, Game 1 Replay - http://i.destiny.gg/replays/HerovKaneG1.SC2Replay For more information, check out http://i.destiny.gg
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Azure SQL Data Warehouse Common Query Issues
Get cloud confident today! Download our free Cloud Migration Guide here: http://success.pragmaticworks.com/azure-everyday-cloud-resources Learn about 5 common query issues within Azure SQL Data Warehouse that affect performance and how to solve them.
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Azure SQL Database Managed Instance: Migrate SQL Servers easily to a fully managed - BRK3165
Managed Instance is a new deployment model of Azure SQL Database, which enables friction-free migration to a fully managed cloud service, for the vast majority of SQL Server applications. This comes from almost 100% surface area compatibility with SQL Server, incl. cross-DB queries, SQL Agent, CLR, and more. After migration, you can exploit the benefits of PaaS such as auto backups, auto patching and updates, built-in HA/DR, and more. With native VNET support, the most stringent security and isolation requirements can be met. The session covers Managed Instance functionality, pricing, and integration with other Azure services. Live demos and customer testimonials will show how to migrate your data tier to managed cloud easily.
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Azure 10 : Copying data from Azure SQL DB to Azure Data Lake Store Via Azure Data Factory
Copying data from Azure SQL DB to Azure Data Lake Store Via Azure Data Factory You learn to - Create Azure Data Lake LinkedService Create Input Dataset for Source on Azure SQL DB Create Output Dataset for Target Azure Data Lake Store Create One Time Azure Data Factory Pipeline to Copy Data between Source and Target
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5 Ways to Impress in Google Earth and Maps -- Creating Amazing Maps with FME
Discover how to easily display nearly any combination of data (CAD, GIS, database, raster, etc) on Google Earth or Maps. You'll see how to style the data exactly how it's needed, and provide viewers with the most timely information -- even real-time updates onto Google Maps. You'll also hear how Kansas Department of Transportation and Burns and McDonnell teamed up, using FME with Google Earth to develop the award-winning Kansas Airspace Awareness Tool -- an online, interactive 3D model that helps planners avoid building tall structures in areas that violate airspace restrictions.
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Insert And Extract/Fetch Data From Database using PHP Script
http://technotip.com/570/insert-extractfetch-data-from-database-php-script/ Using PHP script insert user entered data into database and extract/fetch data stored in database and display it on the browser. This video tutorial also teaches the MySQL queries.
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Firefall Lets Play Season 2 Episode 2 New BWA - PC Gameplay HD
Firefall Lets Play - Just a little video to show off the newer aspects of BWA since the latest patch :) in Firefall --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to send me a message then please feel free to do so, you can email me at [email protected] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us at: Subscribe on YouTube: http://goo.gl/tt0tJD Website: http://goo.gl/5gxqTi Facebook: http://goo.gl/FrJg63 Twitter: http://goo.gl/O3KB9u Twitch: http://goo.gl/lDHrrU Join GameMode 5 YouTube network: http://goo.gl/NuHI77 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro & Outro Music by http://goo.gl/6kVkSd Music used in Intro: Club_01 by Machinimasound.com Music used in Outro: Shadows of the Mind by Machinimasound.com Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License | https://machinimasound.com/license About my gaming machine: I run Windows 8.1 on my custom built machine. I used an ASUS p8z77 as a base and went with an intel I7 3770k processor. For graphics hardware I chose an EVGA 780TI superclocked for awesomeness. My ram is Corsair Dominator Pro DDR3 (16GB) The cooler managing this beast is a Corsair H70 for liquid cooling and low CPU temperatures. I went with a Fractal Designs 650w power supply as it does what I need at a good price. For storage I chose a samsung SSD and 4.5 TB of regular HDD storage For peripherals I'm a bit of a logitech guy as you can tell from my logitech products like my Logitech G13 gamepad, my logitech G700 gaming mouse,and my Logitech C920 HD webcam but I also own a steelseries Apex Raw keyboard too so I guess I'm not too loyal. This is all topped off by my blue Snowball condenser microphone. About Me: I have a passion for remote controlled gadgetry and flying things so in my spare time I fly remote controlled helicopters like my 450 RC. I'm an IT guy by profession to I work with networking, programming, microprocessors, and ERP systems like Oracle and Sage I'm a fan of Italian food, scifi, and action movies, listen to music, and all those things that make me a human male. Speaking of being a human male I'm happily married to my wife with which I may be starting a family one day. I'd also like to find my dream job one day in film/video editing. I'd love to study up on the trade as a while as I love editing.
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RvB vs EVE Uni - The Battle for 9-9
The EVE Uni POS was out of reinforce in an hour, it was time for RvB to go fight, this is said fight in Aldrat on the Eygfe gate. Apologies for the lack of ships for most of the fight, I was running 4 clients and FRAPS. The video messes up around the 48 minute mark when my alt gets fleet warped away from the gate but never actually does warp and somehow gets stuck on grid with brackets stuck in place.
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Secondary school pupils resort to carrying weapons
For more on this and other stories please visit http://www.enca.com/ After a grade eleven pupil was stabbed just outside his school's gates, Hillview Secondary School pupils say they've resorted to carrying weapons.
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TSQL: Output Query To HTML
Link: https://github.com/tmmtsmith/SQLServer/blob/master/Testing/stp_TableToHTML.sql (cleaned from SO). Make sure to clear any temp table used post use.
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NSA Hack Proves Apple Was Right to Fight the FBI
The NSA demanded Apple hand over a back-door method to break through a mass killer's iPhone encryption. Apple refused, and got hated for doing it. Now, a hole in the NSA's logic is exposed, proving Apple was right. Kim Horcher and special guest Leo Camacho (Host, Actor) break it all down! Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/nsa-hack-apple-fbi-2016-8 Hey there! Could you help us grow and SUBSCRIBE to NerdAlert? It's an easy and free way to support us! http://goo.gl/QLz0LM NerdAlert is a talk and discussion show for the well-rounded nerd, bringing you tech news, gaming, geek culture and more EVERY DAY of the week with host Kim Horcher and friends. Proudly part of the TYT Network. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NerdAlertTYT TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NerdAlertTYT KIM: TWITTER: https://twitter.com/kimscorcher INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/kimhorcher/ LEO: TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LeoZombie https://www.instagram.com/mrleozombie/
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DPC13: Fun with BIG Data with various databases - David Ennis
Exploring some of the possibilities of how to handle big data in PHP. Although PHP may not traditionally be seen as a technology directly interacting with huge datasets, the fact is that even the data consumed on even the most modest webste is getting larger and larger. Code written a few years ago can easily crawl to a stand-still with datasets growing at fast rates year-after-year. The idea is to get people to stop thinking about different ways to tackle data growth both in web applications and other off-line php uses. Get the most out of PHP by using it less, but using it smartly - let the database do what its even better at - handle data. The session is split into three sections covering as much as time permits (1) Get more out of your existing relational Database and flat files (2) Explore other database solutions and break away from MySQL (3) Look at some of the other options for big data such as cloud-based storage services Some Goodies We'll cover as time permits: Use a fulltext table Then use fulltext queries to isolate candidates for xpath functions to further analyze. Step away from Relational DB and have a look at the same data imported into MongoDB and why this might be better. Can't decide between relational and document-oriented or want to get through a proof-of-concept test fast? Lets look at the Akiban server and see how this might help. Data services and distributed systems for your really big data Smart use of PHP - No queries inside of loops when possible. Re-write as joins or subqueries or even run your loop to build a much more efficient query at the end outside of the loop. Hybrid data manipulation - do some queries and dance around your data with array_key_intersect and lots of arrays that are references. Special consideration in MySQLViews/merge tables/partitioning to get to your data faster. All results at once? No Way! Explore ways to get to your data without taking the server down A Big Flat File is OK sometimes- a shard-based approach for looking through your data if its not in a database. As much as possible, samples will be based on a fun set of data - the raw data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Use BULK INSERT to load text files into SQL Server Database [HD]
Description: This video is about How to Use BULK INSERT to load text files into SQL Server Database [HD]. You can refer complete Text Tutorial on my website: www.SQLServerLog.com You can join me on social networks: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SQLServerLog Linkedin: http://in.linkedin.com/in/SQLServerLog Google+: http://www.google.com/+SQLServerLogs Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SQLServerLog
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Unix File System - UNIX/LINUX Tutorials for beginners
Link to ppt: https://github.com/thegenuinegourav/Linux-Reference-Powerpoints-Slides-Notes/blob/master/Unix%20File%20System/Unix%20File%20System.odp Click on "View Raw" and the ppt will get automatically downloaded!! Happy Coding :)
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jQuery datatables get data from database table
Link for all dot net and sql server video tutorial playlists https://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists?sort=dd&view=1 Link for slides, code samples and text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2015/08/jquery-datatables-get-data-from.html In this video we will discuss how to use database data with jQuery datatables plugin. There are many ways to get data into DataTables. If the data is small you can retrieve all the data at once and the processing (i.e paging, searching, ordering) is done on the client-side. On the other hand if the database data is large, server-side processing can be enabled. With server-side processing enabled, all paging, searching, ordering actions that DataTables performs are handed off to the server. In this video we will discuss retrieving all the data at once. The datatables plugin performs all the processing (i.e paging, searching, ordering etc) on the client-side. We want to retrieve data from the following database table tblEmployee. The database data should then be displayed using jQuery datatables plugin
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Data Wrangling in Python #1: How to Read CSV Files into Python
This is part one of a tutorial series on data wrangling in python. This video shows how to read a CSV file into python so that it can be accessed as a list of lists where each outer element represents a row and each inner element represents a column. The "states.csv" data file can be found at this address: https://github.com/jonathanmann/linearithmic/raw/master/episodes/1_reading_a_csv_file_in_python/states.csv To download the CSV as a file, right-click the link above and select "Save link as..." You can use any editor you are comfortable with (e.g. notepad++, sublime, vim). The python file we created is called "csv_read_demo.py". For compatibility with Python 3, add parentheses to your print statement. The source code for this tutorial is available here: https://github.com/jonathanmann/linearithmic/blob/master/episodes/1_reading_a_csv_file_in_python/csv_read_demo.py
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Semi-Precious Gemstones Soft Speaking ASMR
Here I show off some of my collection of semi-precious gemstones! Which one looks best to you?
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Obama Vs Romney: US elections and its impact on India - NewsX
It isn't long now before one of the most closely contested Presidential races in US history reaches its end. President Obama and his rival Mitt Romney have campaigned extensively in the past few days to reach out to voters they couldn't earlier. Many political analysts now believe their future could lie in the key swing states or the battleground states which comprise the maximum number of undecided voters. NewsX analyses US Presidential poll and its impact on India and its economy. For more log on to http://www.newsx.com
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Oracle DBA Lite: an introduction to Oracle administration, part 3
CAPTIONS AVAILABLE - Tablespace and datafile management in an Oracle database.
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Gunshots Fired at LAX Airport Terminal 3, forced his way past a checkpoint With Rifle TSA Agent Dead
Pls Subscribe for more raw world News! A gunman opened fire at LAX, killing a Transportation Security Administration agent and wounding several others at the airport, NBC News reports. A suspect wearing camouflage and carrying a high-powered rifle was shot and secured by cops at about 9:30 a.m. local time, authorities told CBS. It's unclear how the alleged gunman got through security. The LAX Twitter account confirmed multiple injuries and that the gunman was apprehended. Fox News reports that the suspect is connected in some way to TSA. "After the initial burst of gunfire and hiding, people started jumping over one another, jumping off chairs, pushing each other," Fox Sports reporter Bill Reiter said on Twitter. "Chaos & fear." Live aerial footage of the scene previously showed hundreds of evacuated passengers crowded in and around the terminal. Emergency crews appeared to be working with patients on stretchers, and police armed with weapons swarmed the area. "I heard popping and everybody dropped to the ground," evacuated passenger Robert Perez told CBS. Tory Belleci of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters show was on his way to Philadelphia when the shooting occurred. "I was in Terminal 3 when we heard the shots," he told HuffPost Crime. "At first it didn't register. Then, everybody started panicking and running. We ran toward terminal, but the gate was locked. We were trapped. It felt like an eternity ... We heard the shots coming from the elevator. One person near me said the shooting happened in the common area. "A person told me he saw the shooter coming up the escalator. He was [allegedly] a white man in a white shirt."
Adding a column to a database table in phpMyAdmin
This video demonstrates how to add a column to a database table in phpMyAdmin. Related article: https://support.hostgator.com/articles/specialized-help/technical/phpmyadmin/adding-a-column-to-a-database-table-in-phpmyadmin
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Batch Import Images into Nas
Shows how to batch Import Images into Nas
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