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Santa Claus And The Magic Drum - Shaman Casts The Spell (One Line Multilanguage)
This movie is one of my favorite Christmas movies :D Though it's not dubbed into many languages here's a small multilanguage of it. I also found out that there's a voice-over in Mari language but only like first 20 minutes of it can be found online :/ More about this movie can be found on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Claus_and_the_Magic_Drum Languages in order: [Shaman - Nora - Santa Claus] English: Michael Hughes - Adrien Kroó - Robin Dalglish Finnish: Aarre Karén - Henna Haverinen - Esa Saario Hungarian: Beregi Péter - Molnár Ilona - Szabó Ottó Swedish: Rabbe Smedlund - Nina Hukkinen - Peik Stenberg I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! © Yle
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DATE NIGHT REVIEWS: Santa Claus and The Magic Drum
It's Christmas and Sanna and Miska watch a finnish christmas TV special to celebrate! But how does it compare to it's flashier rival TV specials?
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MAGIC! - Rude - Cover (Ft. Anna Sentina) Drum Cover & Bass Cover
My Drum Lessons! http://www.drumeo.com/coop3rdrumm3r Subscribe to Anna: http://www.youtube.com/user/lilchoccarrier?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thecoop3rdrumm3r Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/coop3rdrumm3r Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/coop3rdrumm3r Anna's Social Pages Below, Click Show More Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AnnaSentina Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/annapocalypsee Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/annapocalypsee COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Plays: Pearl Drums: Check out my artist profile: http://pearldrum.com/artists/drumset-artists/casey-cooper 3 Piece Pearl Export EXX in Jet Black 22"x18" Kick Drum 16"x16" Floor Tom 14"x5.5" Snare 14"x5.5" Steel Shell Snare (With Batter Head ONLY for timbale like sound) Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal Zildjian Cymbals: Check out my artist profile here: http://zildjian.com/artists/c/casey-cooper Cymbals Featured in This Video: 20" K Custom Ride 14" K Session Hi-Hats 18" A Custom Projection Crash 12" & 16" Oriental China 8" & 10" Splashes 10" ZXT Trashformer Vic Firth Sticks: http://www.vicfirth.com Shogun 5b Japanese Oak Remo Drumheads: http://www.remo.com
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Beautiful Life • 24/7 Music Live | Deep House & Tropical House | EDM | Chill Radio
Beautiful Life • 24/7 Music Live | Deep House & Tropical House | Chill Radio 👑 Donate Paypal/Card/PaySafeCard Tipeestream: http://bit.ly/DonutPulseMusic 👑Another Paypal Option Streamlabs: https://streamlabs.com/pulsemusicification ──────── Pulse Musification ──────── https://soundcloud.com/PulseMusification https://www.facebook.com/PulseMusification 👑 Discord: https://discord.gg/Vn6vCRZ 🌴Awesome people🌴 👑 Lorenzo Music - €1600.00 💥 Wilson - €800.00 🔥 Strongbad - €280.00 ────────Rules of the chat──────── 🌟 ENGLISH in chat! Everyone has to understand you! 🌟 No insult of any kind. Keep it cool! 🌟 No self-advertising! 🌟 Spread love💘 🌟 No discussion of Politics or Religion! ──────── Q/A ──────── Q: When did you start streaming? A: 19 June 2016 Q: How long will the stream be online? A: It should be online 24/7 unless we experience some technical difficulties. Q: What happens if the stream goes offline? A: If the stream goes offline we will work on getting it online as fast as posible Q: Can you put on my song? Do you take song requests? A: We don't take requests in chat/facebook/email. Our playlists are carefully curated and therefore we can't just play a song you want. In that way the stream is protected from harmful songs. ──────── Mini Games ──────── !flipbeer *Number* (check with !me) !raid *Number* (check with !me) !dice 1-6 ( tibian dice) fee: 1000 beers the win its 6k ────────Miss Pulse Bot ──────── !duel name !arena !boss !trank !hrank !stats ──────── FUN ──────── !beer - You feel like you want a beer? Here you go! !tea - Rainy days should always have tea and a good book! !coffee - Do you want to recharge your energy? !pizza - Hungry, huh? !hotchoco - Favorite drink? Enjoy it! ──────── BOT Commands (Chat) ──────── !bearhug @targetname !bye !cupid @targetname !emo !fastkiss @targetname !flipbeer *Number* (check with !me) !gift GiftName !help !hi !beer !hug !kiss !like !dislike !love !me !new !power !rank !santa as Gift but with @targetname !song !top5 ► If you are an artist and you are looking to send the track to us check out this: http://bit.ly/SendUsYourSong #deephouse #tropical #summer
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Magic Drum Kit w/ JOEY MUHA
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/JOEYMUHA STORE: http://joeymuha.bigcartel.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/JOEYMUHAdrummer TWITTER: http://twitter.com/JOEYMUHA
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie [Official Music Video]
Watch the music video for "The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie" now! I'm With You available here: http://smarturl.it/getrhcpimwithyou Video directed by Marc Klasfeld in Venice Beach, CA. http://redhotchilipeppers.com http://instagram.com/chilipeppers https://facebook.com/chilipeppers https://twitter.com/chilipeppers http://chilipeppers.tumblr.com
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Enjoy the intro with jolly bells playing X-Mas melody in the whirling snow and get prepared for this heavyweight beatmaking kit charged with insane saw progressions, the lowest bass, villain wobbling drops, futuristic chords and signature Trap loops! Get freezed on this holiday! Download Trap Drum Pads 24 with Santa Trap soundpack: ►App Store: https://goo.gl/FRasE0 ►Google Play: https://goo.gl/mXoKXr Follow us and stay tuned: ►https://instagram.com/drumpads24 ►https://www.facebook.com/Drumpads ►https://soundcloud.com/drumpads24 ►https://vk.com/drumpads Make cool videos and post them with #drumpads24 hashtag! Don't forget to subscribe: http://goo.gl/grxsHg
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Paw Patrol Drum Set ! || Toy Review || Konas2002
I needed a new set of drums for my big Paw Patrol Drum Concert so I got the Paw Patrol Drum Set! For more awesome toys and toy unboxing SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/1h0nkKG Click here for some of my best toy reviews and toy unboxing videos! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHjcLg7tbDE&list=PL678CDD45E55C1F90&index=1 I also do sketch comedy, click here if you want to LOL ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMYafdRL-vA&list=PLNgDNV3C0rsSqEgg080BkYBvI1HKEnAdx Paw Patrol Drum Set Does your child love making music? If so this Paw Patrol Drum Set is perfect present for them. This Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Drum Set is made of hard durable plastic that will last for a long time! Please Note: All merchandise listed for sale is officially licensed, 100% authentic for worldwide distribution • Size: Standard • Drums are hard plastic w/ metal springs on sides • Cymbal has metal disk w/ plastic stand • Stand and drumsticks are hard plastic • Vibrant Colors FOLLOW MY SOCIAL IG: @konas2002 FB: https://www.facebook.com/konas2002 Twitter: @Konas2002 Whether you’re looking for Hello Kitty toys, Barbie videos, or Dora the Explorer toy unboxing videos, we have several hilarious comedy sketches, YouTube challenges, and toy reviews for the girls! While we have a son, we are still super up to date on all the cool toys for girls. Check out our reviews on some of Mattel’s best Barbie dolls, Barbie toys, and Barbie games. With so many awesome toys available for unboxing, like Baby Alive dolls and Lalaloopsy Bubbly mermaid, the possibilities for play are endless. Subscribe to Konas2002 to stay up to date on all of the Hello Kitty Games, Dora and friends (like Dora eggs), and any other girl toy reviews you can think of. More Toy Videos! Disney Olaf Sno Cone Maker Unboxing! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTh7qVjqDIw=PL678CDD45E55C1F90&index=8 Paw Patrol Sno Cone Maker : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xL6APV5bJ60=PL678CDD45E55C1F90&index=8 Spaghetti in my Crayon Maker : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7qM90Lk_qA=PL678CDD45E55C1F90&index=8 Snoopy Sno Cone Machine with Santa : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4bcqrA-ghY=PL678CDD45E55C1F90&index=8 Motorized Ride On Ice Cream Truck : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-L4-M6Yrk0=PL678CDD45E55C1F90&index=8 About Konas2002 Let Mark and friends transport you into a word of play on Konas2002, a sketch comedy toy unboxing channel! On Konas2002 toy unboxing isn’t just a toy review, but instead a toy how to assemble and how to play. Mark’s endless imagination makes Konas2002 an unboxing channel anyone can relate too. Check out some of the best toy unboxing videos from your favorite toy brands like Hasbro, Mattel, Lego, and Fisher Price. Play along with Mark and his collection of Play Doh play sets like the Play Doh Burger Builder as well as build along with numerous Lego videos. Let Mark teach you some strategic board game tips with some of the best board games like Pop the Pig and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Or truly immerse yourself in make believe with Barbie, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, and your favorite Disney toys (Frozen Toys!!!) on Konas2002!
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Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas (Drum Cover)
After Thanksgiving its Christmas. Merry Christmas!
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Drums VS. Bass - CRAZY Bass Solos & Drum Solos! ft. Miki Santamaria
My Drum Lessons! http://www.drumeo.com/coop3rdrumm3r Subscribe to Miki: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mikigroove?sub_confirmation=1 Click SEE MORE for our social pages and info! Miki Santamaria: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Mikisantamariaofficial Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mikisantamaria Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mikisantamaria Bass School: http://www.escueladebajistas.com COOP3RDRUMM3R: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thecoop3rdrumm3r Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/coop3rdrumm3r Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/coop3rdrumm3r Get Your Own COOP3R Shirt! http://www.coop3rdrumm3r.deco-apparel.com Arranged by Miki Santamaria. Audio mixed by Miki Santamaria. Video edited by Casey Cooper. COOP3RDRUMM3R Proudly Plays: Pearl Drums: Check out my artist profile: http://pearldrum.com/artists/drumset-artists/casey-cooper 6 Piece - Pearl Crystal Beat (Clear) w/ Special Satin Hardware 22x16" Bass, 14x5" Chad Smith Signature Snare, 10x7" Rack Tom, 12x8" Rack Tom, 14x13" Floor Tom 16x15" Floor Tom Pearl Icon 3 Sided Rack & Pearl's new Advanced Hardware Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedals Zildjian Cymbals: Check out my artist profile here: http://zildjian.com/artists/c/casey-cooper Cymbals Featured in This Video: 14" K Custom Session Hats (Platinum Coated) 18" & 19" A Custom Crashes (Platinum Coated) 14" & 18" A Custom EFX (Platinum Coated) 20" K Custom Ride (Platinum Coated) 6.5" Zilbel (Small Size) (Platinum Coated) Vic Firth Sticks: http://www.vicfirth.com Buddy Rich Signature Sticks Remo Drumheads: http://www.remo.com Clear Pinstripes on the Toms Coated Controlled Sound on the Snare Powerstroke 4 on the Kick Ambassadors on the Resonant Side Drumlite - Drum Lighting System http://www.iwdrumlite.com 1964 In-Ears (Headphones/Monitors) https://www.1964ears.com Qi - Quad Driver Model Cympad - Cymbal Chromatic Pads http://www.Cympad.com
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Mariah Carey - Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Drum Cover)
Mariah Careyの『Santa Claus Is Coming to Town』を叩きました!!
Magic Carpet - Trap Drum Pads 24
Get fresh arabic trap here: ▶︎ http://drumpads24.com/trap A thousand and one nights of boiling heat, sand and treasure. If you ever dreamed of becoming Aladdin go ahead with this oriental preset! Trembling chords, Arabic traditional instruments for a dynamic leading melody and of course outsize trap bass! Download Trap Drum Pads 24 with Magic Carpet soundpack: ▶︎ App Store: https://goo.gl/FRasE0 ▶︎ Google Play: https://goo.gl/mXoKXr New free sound packs every month! Follow us and stay tuned: ✭ https://instagram.com/drumpads24 ✭ https://www.facebook.com/Drumpads ✭ https://soundcloud.com/drumpads24 ✭ https://vk.com/drumpads Make cool videos and post them with #drumpads24 hashtag! Don't forget to subscribe: http://goo.gl/grxsHg
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KSF '15 - Mambo Dance Class - "Magic Drums"
Kiev Spring Fest 2015 Friday April 17
Views: 616 Yuriy G.
Tristan gets Mickey Mouse drums from Santa
Tristan playing his Mickey Mouse Club drums from Santa
Views: 671 Jimmy V
Santa Is Coming - Hip Hop Drum Pads 24
Santa Is Coming guys! He's getting ready His reindeer's and his sleigh. Filling on Christmas day millions of stockings Will not stand on his way And still, he's got much time to play our sound packs! Let's play this new hip-hop pack with us and meet Santa! Drum Pads 24 is the best free music making app for iOS and Android. Use our library of high quality samples in different genres including EDM, Chill, Future Bass, Trap and many more, or create and share your own samples and sound packs. Join beat makers community: create Drum Pads 24 account and share your sound packs with followers. Making music and beats is easy with our free mobile app for beat making. Download HipHop Drum Pads 24 with this sound pack: 📲 App Store: http://bit.ly/gethiphopdrumpads24apple 📲 Google Play: http://bit.ly/gethiphopdrumpads24android https://www.drumpads24.com/hiphop?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video_description&utm_campaign=santa-is-coming&utm_content=santa-is-coming ☝ Download Santa Is Coming and all the previous soundpacks for HipHop Drum Pads 24 http://bit.ly/subscribetodrumpads24 ☝Subscribe to Drum Pads 24 Youtube to get new free sound packs every week Follow Drum Pads 24: 🔥 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drumpads24 🔥 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Drumpads 🔥 Twitter: https://twitter.com/drumpads24 🔥 VK: https://vk.com/drumpads Post your videos with #drumpads24 hashtag to be featured on our social channels!
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24k Magic drum cover
Views: 89 Justin Alonzo
Rude by MAGIC! (Drum Cover)
Hope you enjoy the video (: Please share/like the video and subscribe for more! Leave a comment letting me know what you think and/or what i should do next. Thanksss I do not own this song blah blah
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Santana - Soul Sacrifice 1969 "Woodstock" Live Video HQ
Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Album 1969) Woodstock Music Festival 1969, New York USA Carlos Santana - Guitar Gregg Rolie - Keyboards, Organ David Brown - Bass Michael Shrieve - Drums Michael Carabello - Percussion, Congas Jose Areas - Percussion, Congas
Views: 32329923 NEA ZIXNH
A Christmas Tradition - The Young Americans Presents The Magic of Christmas
The Young Americans Presents The Magic of Christmas! The Young Americans inspires the world through music with our captivating performances, signature youth programs, and performing arts college. Watch our videos, see our shows, and take our workshops and you’ll see why we’re music and so much more.   Hey, look -- you can subscribe to us here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=TheYoungAmericansINC   You can find out when the Young Americans are coming near you at: http://www.youngamericans.org/   And we’re even on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YoungAmericansOfficial/?fref=ts Twitter: @YOUNGAMERICANS https://twitter.com/YOUNGAMERICANS Instagram: @youngamericansofficial https://www.instagram.com/youngamericansofficial/
Trap Drum Pads 24 - Santa Trap
Trap Drum Pads 24 - Santa Trap
Views: 5543 Ali Ozka
Eric Moore - Drum Solo
Canal de aulas de batera: https://youtu.be/bEaW21L1MBY Deixa o Like👍 #EricMoore #EricMooreDrums #Drums #aquarian #zioncymbals
Views: 214659 Conexão Drums
Вот и новый тутор подъехал, смотрим, оцениваем, а также заказываем другие туториалы)))
Views: 1415 SazarDroid
Gino Vannelli - Santa Rosa (Drum cover) by Kai Jokiaho (w/chart)
Here's my Gino Vannelli (Vinnie Colaiuta) cover. I transcribed this song 15 years ago and there's a lot of good drum stuff so I decided to make my version of it. I have made a few covers of my favourite drummers and Vinnie Colaiuta is definitely in top 3! There's a special 14x5,5 Brady Solid Jarrah snare in this video and the rest of the kit is Brady Spotted Gum. Audio track is taken from the sideview take and overhead+kick cams are from different takes. Here's my transcription of Santa Rosa: https://bit.ly/2r56BNV No copyright infringement intended. Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/KaiJokiahoDrummer/ and Instagram: www.instagram.com/kaijokiaho/
Views: 25317 KaitsuDrums
Michael Shrieve Live at Woodstock 1969  Drum Solo
Soul Sacrifice
Views: 147264 RangerTracker
Santa Tell Me drum cover
Ariana Grande Santa Tell Me Drum Cover
P!nk - So What Drum Score
https://www.drumistry.com/ Mobile Phone friendly drum sheet music. https://www.facebook.com/drumistrycom/ How to play Pink? How to play So What? Drum score available at https://drumistry.com/drum-score/so-what-pink/ Like this video, subscribe to us then leave a comment if you have a particular song you'd like to have a drum score for, and we might just grant you your wish! You can also visit our website to vote for your desired drum score. For supporters, you may reply to your Sales Receipts in your email inbox for scores which you want! Drumistry takes the Taking the mystery out of drums. Subscribe now, or comment below if you find this helpful!
Views: 2334 Drumistry
Jingle Bell/Santa Claus (Arr. TeeLek) - Harrow Bangkok Percussion Group (Drum Kit)
The drum kit view from the Christmas Concert 2017 at Harrow Bangkok, with the percussion ensemble rocking the hall with a musical mash-up between Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is coming to town!
Views: 42 bionasard
SYMPHONY X - Iconoclast - Drum/Guitar cover by Rafa Dachary and Ricky Lucas
"This is my new drum video, playing the song "Iconoclast" from SYMPHONY X, with my friend Ricky Lucas on guitars. Hope you enjoy! Thanks Rafa" Rafa Dachary (Drums) contact: http//www.facebook.com/RafaDachary [email protected] Ricky Lucas (Guitar) contact: http://www.youtube.com/user/rickylucas1 [email protected] http://www.nigmusic.com.br/strings/detalhe_rickylucas.asp High def video and editing by Jr Deckmann http://jrdeckmann.blogspot.com.br Recorded at The Magic Place Studio Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil http://www.themagicplace.com.br/ Drum audio mixed by Adair Daufembach http://www.facebook.com/adair.daufembach Guitars audio mixed by Ricky Lucas
Views: 102383 Rafa Dachary
💎Fantasy Magic Shop ASMR 🔮(Korean)
It's reuploaded deleted magic shop Korean version! #ASMR #ASMRKorean 🍅 PATREON (Donation) : https://www.patreon.com/PPOMODOLI 🍅 Twitch (Streaming): https://www.twitch.tv/ppomodoli 🍅 Twitter : https://twitter.com/ppomodolii
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Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus (Drums Only)
Impress your family at Christmas time by learning this song! Full Drum Cover: https://youtu.be/6VelsVLqVSw Bye! - Dexter Fan Mail Address: (Send to Dexter!) P.O. Box 458 Bristol, Illinois 60512 Follow Me: (Everywhere!) http://www.instagram.com/iammightymousedex http://www.facebook.com/iammightymousedex http://www.twitter.com/mightymousedex My Setup: (Equipment and Drums) https://youtu.be/AeJ7qXaSSlU How Old Am I? Age 11: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYmA_f22R22jpdEU1gyB7UdVViGZvzVW0 Age 10: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYmA_f22R22hp-qy9qJNUFwP7HwKaI2o5 Age 9: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYmA_f22R22jhzuJW-Y4hJS_aP9eockDe Age 7/8: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYmA_f22R22j0qRbHMLFgjJXY29RXvi1W
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Suri Pretend Play w/ Toy Sewing Machine & Princess Dress Shop Kid Toys
Suri is pretend playing with her toy sewing machine and opens a princess dress shop with her kid toys. She makes all kinds of beautiful dresses at her tailor shop. Auntie comes and orders a dress from her, however she doesn’t have money to pay so she works for Suri to repay her. Suri makes her a cute red dress and Auntie loves it! Uncle comes and orders a cool blazer from Suri. Suri doesn’t know how to make it, but Auntie teachers her how to sew a blazer.
Views: 3122882 Kids Play
Wake Up Bro! (Goo Goo Girl Play with Instruments)
Goo Goo Girl and Dre Dre are late for school! Dre- Dre will not wake up. Goo Goo Girl tries everything including instruments to wake up Dre-Dre!Hurry you are late for school!
Views: 334600 Goo Goo Girlz
Oliver  |  Ariana Grande  |  Santa Tell Me  |  Drum Cover
Please subscribe for more drum videos !! I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG, ALL THE RIGHTS BELONG TO ITS RESPECTFUL OWNERS Original Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlR0MkrRklg Drums Recorded and Mixed: By Me Recording device: Pro tools/ M-Audio Edited by me: Using imovie Logo made by: Veera Korpela (oliverdrums) Cymbals : Sabian 18" AAX China Sabian 18" AAX Dark Crash Sabian 16" AAX Dark Crash Sabian 20" SX Ride Sabian 14" SX Hi-Hat Drums : DW Performance White Marine: 14 x 5,5 Snare Drum 12" Tomtom 16" Floor Tom 22" Bass Drum
Views: 64 OliverDrums
COLLECTED ALL DRUMS FOR CHRISTOPHER ROBIN! Disney Magic Kingdoms | Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.270
TOWER CHALLENGE Event is here! Click Play and join me in the most magical place on mobile! Watch as I invite more new magical characters to my storybook! Video Link to Share: https://youtu.be/LcVgXSKMcqY Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/DisneyGirlGamer Visit my blog for more information! Thanks so much for watching, subscribing, liking, sharing and commenting! For more Disney Girl fun check out DisneyGirlGamer Blog & Instagram. Don't miss out on the fun with Disney Girl! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Disney Magic Kingdom Videos: All My Disney Characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms Game: https://youtu.be/pwzycHf4A_Y Welcome Winnie The Pooh! Disney Magic Kingdoms | Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.145: https://youtu.be/-LogWlvhbyw Aladdin Legendary Chests + Winnie The Pooh Disney Magic Kingdoms Gameplay Walkthrough 107: https://youtu.be/gY_pdiHuPUk Disney Magic Kingdoms OPENING 20 CHESTS! Sapphire Gold Silver Bronze: https://youtu.be/oJa3rSXt0fA Peter Pan Update on Disney Magic Kingdoms - First Look at NEW Characters: https://youtu.be/2518MGhiSXY WE MUST SAVE THE MAGIC KINGDOM! - Disney Magic Kingdoms Gameplay - Ep. 1: https://youtu.be/3UQaT5jMuKc Disney Magic Kingdoms NEW Buildings! - Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.18: https://youtu.be/NegY6fHfBR4 Disney Magic Kingdoms - Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.19: https://youtu.be/-Dpn3VrZEwU Disney Magic Kingdoms - Snow White Collector Doll & Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.26: https://youtu.be/YcJ_iRLHW_g Evil Queen Collector Doll+Disney Magic Kingdoms - Gameplay Walkthrough Ep.50: https://youtu.be/fChuSZWWO8g --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fantastic Beasts Videos: Fantastic Beasts Game Case Files from the Wizarding World Teaser: https://youtu.be/jt7OWf14Vf4 Fantastic Beasts Case #1 | Tutorial + Gameplay Walkthrough | Who Is The Mysterious Beast?: https://youtu.be/osDOT2C37ZU Fantastic Beasts Case #2 Part 1 | Gameplay Walkthrough | Who Is The Mysterious Beast?: https://youtu.be/Wha1UH8BI3M --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Videos: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game Teaser: https://youtu.be/bx5e_GetzM4 Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game Chapter#1: Diagon Alley: https://youtu.be/xjZFuYrzDys Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game Chapter#2: Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: https://youtu.be/V5rlWnX0fkY Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game Chapter#3: Dealing With Trouble: https://youtu.be/S9UOfgv15rM --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROBLOX Videos: ROBLOX ROYALE HIGH SCHOOL - DAY 1: https://youtu.be/KePd0yciZhE Voted QUEEN! ROBLOX ROYALE HIGH SCHOOL - DAY 2: https://youtu.be/7tFjxCSv_nk --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect With Me: Blog: disneygirlgamer.blogspot.com http://disneygirlgamer.blogspot.ca/ Email: [email protected] Instagram: disneygirlgamer https://www.instagram.com/disneygirlgamer/ In game sound was used in this video. Disney Magic Kingdoms (YouTube Gaming) MUSIC: Melodie Victoria by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100819 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Rainbow Dash - Jingle Bells - Drum Cover by Brony Drumming
If you like my content, don't forget to share, like, comment, and subscribe (Also hit the notification bell) for more content. Have a good rest of your day! It's time to get into the holiday spirit. The first Christmas song I'm doing, is the My Little Pony version of Jingle Bells; I had a lot of fun playing this song. I hope you enjoy this cover and Merry Christmas! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/bronydrumming96 Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BronyDrumming My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BronyDrumming My Tip Jar: https://www.paypal.me/BronyDrumming My Discord Server: DM me for the discord link. Products used in this video: Alesis DM 6 (I am in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Alesis) Vic Firth 5A Nylon Drumsticks (I am in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Vic Firth) Sony Vegas Pro 13 OBS Studio
Views: 108 Brony Drumming
PARTY IN THE ELEVATOR 🎵 FUNnel Fam Official Music Video (DJ Vision)
DOWNLOAD Party in the Elevator Song: 🎵GOOGLE PLAY: http://bit.ly/PARTYelevatorGOOG 🎵iTUNES: http://bit.ly/PARTYintheELEVATOR SUBSCRIBE ➥ http://bit.ly/2w4HCfu & become a FUNnel Cake then Press the 🔔 & get some Merch: http://shopfunnelvision.com Our Other Music Videos: 🎼WALK LIKE SHAWN: https://youtu.be/sOhML6rOVVg 🎶DOWN WITH THE PEW: https://youtu.be/hU3K6_IIpDg 🎵OTHER SIDE: https://youtu.be/dJAgIgs776Q 🎼SLAY ALL DAY: https://youtu.be/d_K5kyi4Eys 🎶GRANNYS HOUSE: https://youtu.be/6eHCKU1ZWgI
Views: 12954196 FV FAMILY
Jingle Bells - Drum Cover by Leizer Dunayevich
Jingle Bells - Drum Cover by Leizer Dunayevich Drumming and bringing back the magic of christmas!!! Hope you like it (:
Alex Krutev - Colour of magic [Drum & Bass]
New track "Adriana" out now http://smarturl.it/AlexKrutev-Adriana Alex Krutev - Colour of magic STREAM/BUY http://smarturl.it/colorofmagic SPOTIFY http://smarturl.it/colorofmagic/spotify SOUNDCLOUD http://smarturl.it/colorofmagic/soundcloud APPLE MUSIC http://smarturl.it/colorofmagic/applemusic ITUNES http://smarturl.it/colorofmagic/itunes GOOGLE PLAY http://smarturl.it/colorofmagic/googleplaystreaming FREE DOWNLOAD https://www.toneden.io/alexkrutev/post/alex-krutev-colour-of-magic-drum-bass FOLLOW INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/krutev FACEBOOK https://facebook.com/AlexKrutev TWITTER https://twitter.com/AlexKrutev VKONTAKE https://vk.com/AlexKrutev
Views: 387 Alex Krutëv
Views: 1451 KLSDRadio
Last Christmas (Metal)- Drum Cover by Santa
Day 6 of #12DaysOfCovers. Leo from Frog Leap Studios did an amazing job with this cover, he's awesome. Hope you guys liked it and do subscribe for more. Cheers! For Skype lessons, contact- [email protected] Follow me on http://www.facebook.com/hksdrums http://www.twitter.com/hksdrums http://www.instagram.com/hksdrums Snapchat-hksdrums Audio mixing, video editing done by yours truly. EQUIPMENT USED Drums- Mapex Raven Mapex Wraith Snare (14X6) 10X7 Rack Tom 14X12 Floor Tom 22X20 Bass Cymbals(L-R)- 14" Sabian AAX Stage Hats 18" Paiste Alpha Medium Crash 21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride 18" Sabian AAXplosion Crash over a 19" Sabian AA Holy China (both cracked) 18" Meinl Custom Classics Extreme Metal China Pedals- Tama Speed Cobras Sticks- Promark 5B Hickory wood Audio Mixed in Reaper Interface- Focusrite 18i20 Mics- SHURE PGDMK6 Mic Kit Cameras- Nikon D7000, Nikon coolpix, Sony RX100 M2
Views: 835 HKS
Santana - Into The Night ft. Chad Kroeger (Official Video)
Check out Santana's official music video for 'Into The Night' ft. Chad Kroeger. Click to listen to Santana on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/SanSpot?IQid=SantITN As featured on Ultimate Santana. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/UltSaniTunes?IQid=SantITN Google Play: http://smarturl.it/SanITNplay?IQid=SantITN Amazon: http://smarturl.it/UltSanAmz?IQid=SantITN More from Santana While My Guitar Gently Weeps: https://youtu.be/L-5M1_DKvb0 Smooth ft. Rob Thomas: https://youtu.be/6Whgn_iE5uc Corazon Espinado ft. Mana: https://youtu.be/t6omUxqhG78 More great classic rock videos here: http://smarturl.it/ClassicRocks?IQid=SantITN Follow Santana Website: http://www.santana.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carlossantana Twitter: https://twitter.com/santanacarlos Subscribe to Santana on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/SanSub?IQid=SantITN --------- Lyrics: Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell, It was love from above, that could save me from hell, She had fire in her soul it was easy to see, How the devil himself could be pulled out of me, There were drums in the air as she started to dance, Every soul in the room keeping time with their hands, And we sang... Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, And the voices rang like the angels sing, We're singing... Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, And we danced on into the night, Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh, And we danced on into the night. #Santana #IntoTheNight #Vevo #Rock #VevoOfficial
Views: 54606698 SantanaVEVO
Ariana Grande - Santa Tell Me Drum Cover by Andy
Instergram: https://www.instagram.com/andy_kampf/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreas.kampf.7 Mapex Drums: 22"x18" Kick Drum 10"x7" Rack Tom 12"x8" Rack Tom 13"x9" Rack Tom 16"x16" Floor Tom 18"x18" Floor Tom 14"x6.5" Snare Zildjian Cymbals: 16" K-EFX 19" K-Custom Hybrid Crash 16" K K-Serie Dark Crashbecken Thin 18" K-Serie Dark Crashbecken 18" A-Custom Protection Crash 20" K-Ride 14" K-Light HiHat 14" A Custom Mastersound HiHat Hardware DW-5000 Double-Base DW-5000 HiHat Stand
Views: 49 Andreas Kampf
Shape of You - Ed Sheeran (Santa Monica Pier-Drums)
Insane drum skills at Santa Monica, Ed Sheeran cover
Views: 141 Eric Lee
Alpha Blondy - Sweet Fanta Diallo
Alpha Blondy - Sweet Fanta Diallo
Views: 3428273 JAH FIYAH
Magic Drum Orchestra - Mash the Pigeon
Download: http://v.blnk.fr/Am6opP7h Tru Thoughts is an independent record label based in Brighton, UK.Over the years we have brought you artists like Alice Russell, Bonobo, Quantic, Hot 8 Brass Band, Zed Bias, Rodney P and Nostalgia 77 Tru Thoughts music is available from all good record stores or direct from: http://www.etchshop.co.uk http://www.tru-thoughts.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/truthoughts https://twitter.com/tru_thoughts http://www.youtube.com/user/truthoughtsrecords
Views: 835 TruThoughtsJukeBox
DRUM CAM Paul Ramirez - The Flatliners Dec 6th 2018
Hey! Wow, my first real drum video. Not sure what’s taken me so long to post actual footage of any performance. This was shot Dec 6th 2018 in Toronto Ontario Canada at the Phoenix concert Theater. I bought the phone clip at a Dollarama on Parliament st 30 minutes prior to hitting the stage. Movie magic. Behold, two classic flatties tunes and yours truly making a mess of things. There are flubs, and there are misses, but at least you also get to see Jon Darbey’s beautiful face 🤷🏻‍♂️ Enjoy. For the drum nerds: DW Performance Series Maple Drums (12, 14, 16, 22) DW 5000 Series Hardware all around Wail City Stave Snare - Walnut and Maple (14X6) With light Snare Weight (not a trigger) Sabian Cymbals 14" AA Medium Hats 19" AA Holy China 19" AAX V-Crash 19" AAX X-Plosion Crash 20" AAX X-Plosion Crash 20" AAX Stadium Ride #sabiancymbals REMO DRUMHEADS All Around Coated Power Stroke 4 on the toms Clear Power Stroke 4 on the kick Coated Emperor X on the snare #teamremo VATER 5B Wood Tip sticks #switchtovater
Views: 256 Paul Ramirez

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