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A Collection of Sea Shanties (vocal only)
A collection of shanties with no instruments. There are far too many videos with cheesy and otherwise childish sea shanties, so I compiled some real shanties that only have vocals. Track List 0:00 - David Coffin - Roll the Old Chariot 2:32 - The Dreadnoughts - Sally Brown 4:08 - Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess - Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate 7:21 - The Dreadnoughts - Eliza Lee 9:19 - Johnny Collins - Leave Her Johnny 14:28 - The Revels - Rolling Down to Old Maui 16:49 - The Dreadnoughts - Randy Dandy-Oh 18:48 - Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers 23:09 - Shanty Crew - Where Am I To Go M'Johnnies 25:16 - Johnny Collins - Old Billy Riley 26:55 - The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Paddy Doyle's Boots 28:17 - Johnny Collins - South Australia Please consider supporting the artists.
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Sea Ballads and Shanties
Just a few sea ballads and shanties because I realized that many of my favourite bands/singers have such songs and I haven't posted any of them yet. Lots of Brillig songs because they have a whole sea shanty album. Also, some recently Kickstarted projects. 0:00 Old Captain - Brillig 4:29 Burial at Sea - Caravan of Thieves 7:54 In All My Dreams I Drown - from The Devil's Carnival 10:27 Windward Bound - Brillig 15:09 Work Song - Paul Shapera (from A Pirate's Tale) 17:50 Lighthouse - Birdeatsbaby 21:49 Fair Warning - Brillig 25:39 The Wreck of the Bold Lady Jean (acoustic, rough version) - The Celtfather 29:41 Ready for the Storm - Deanta 33:16 Isabella - Gods Favourite Beefcake 35:53 Rum Swagger - Kim Boekbinder
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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Best Sea Shanties
Compilation of my favorite sea shanties from AC 4.
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A Pirate Went To Sea
A Pirate Went To Sea sung by Kidzone. Subscribe to the official KidsmusicCYP channel here! http://bit.ly/YRVdzG This video is produced so that your child sings along to the song, thus encouraging the development of reading skills. The song 'A Pirate Went To Sea' is taken from the CD -- 'Pirate Island'. Published by CYP Limited in 2006. This can be downloaded from Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pirate-Island/dp/B0060T5G0Y/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1371136017&sr=301-1 Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kidsmusic/79762755240?ref=ts Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Kidsmusic_CYP Website: http://www.kidsmusic.co.uk/
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David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot"   http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds
To download song: http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds Shot at the 2010 Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival by Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions. To download David Coffin’s recording of this song click here: http://www.davidcoffin.com/index.php?page=music-and-cds David Coffin leads the crowd at the "Grand Finale Shanty Blast" in singing "Roll the Old Chariot" Shot by videographer Stephan Smith of Piscataqua Productions.
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sea shanties - spanish ladies
i just thought youtube needed a clear version of this song :3
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Chanteys by Robert Sheldon
Title: Chanteys Composer: Robert Sheldon Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
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Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers
With Lyrics. The blue bunnys at the end of the video have to indicate to present arms nothing else as my name. For it I have taken an animation from the film "The dragon's hunters". Klick here 4 new Album: http://theirishroversmusic.com/ecom/?category=5&product=39
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Johnny Collins - Leave Her Johnny (sea chantey)
The traditional sea chantey, "Leave Her Johnny," sung by English folk singer Johnny Collins.
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"Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag", All 35 Sea Shanties (HD quality) + Lyrics
Link to all 49 Sea Shanties + Full Lyrics from "Assassin's Creed: Rogue": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BApSzrIYPr4 Soundtrack titles and start time on video: 0:00 Billy Riley 1:15 Bully In the Alley 2:44 Captain Kidd 4:08 Cheerly Man 5:39 Derby Ram 7:32 Drunken Sailor 8:59 Fish In the Sea 10:30 Good Morning Ladies All 12:08 Handy Me Boys 13:44 Hauley Hauley Ho 14:31 Hi-Ho Come Roll Me Over 16:22 Homeward Bound 18:58 Johnny Boker 20:15 Leave Her, Johnny 22:26 Lowlands Away 25:19 Maid of Amsterdam 27:00 Paddy Doyle's Boots 27:57 Padstow's Farewell 30:17 Randy Dandy-Oh 31:51 Roll and Go 32:51 Roll, Boys, Roll 34:45 Roller Bowler 37:19 Running Down to Cuba 38:48 So Early In the Morning 40:16 Spanish Ladies 42:02 Stormalong John 43:33 The Dead Horse 44:40 The High Coasts of Barbary 46:04 The Rio Grande 48:05 The Sailboat Malarkey 49:32 The Wild Goose 51:23 The Worst Old Ship 52:42 'Way Me Susiana 54:01 Where Am I to Go M'Johnnies 55:26 Whiskey Johnny Link to the whole playlist: http://bit.ly/1pkZO96
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Key & Peele - Pirate Chantey
Pirates trade swashbuckling stories about how they've treated the women in their lives and break out into a chantey.
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Louis Killen - The Wild Goose (sea shanty)
Louis Killen sings the sea shanty, The Wild Goose.
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The Jolly Rogers - The Flying Dutchman
The Flying Dutchman, off The Jolly Rogers' brand new album "XXV". Purchase the album XXV off iTunes for some more pirate gold! I highly recommend it! iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/x-x-v/id1154349432 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/X-V-Jolly-Rogers/dp/B01M05C1V3?ie=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01M05C1V3&pd_rd_r=1D7AYBD4YXE7ZKJ3D9WP&pd_rd_w=4XO0b&pd_rd_wg=GJbBv&psc=1 CDBaby: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thejollyrogers13 Website: http://jollyrogerskc.com/ About us: Yonder at ye olde A Pirate's Life, me hearties and me put together treasure maps of the best pirate themed music to make it easier to find ye booty. If ye arrrr into Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails, or Assassins Creed Black Flag, you'll be fond of our channel. Like & Subscribe Pro Deus et Libertas! --- Follow our Captains Log: https://www.facebook.com/APyratesLife If ye have any complaints (Don't be knowin' why ye would, that isn't th' band 'o pirates code), or if ye would like us to upload 'n promote ye music on our channel, send ye message in a bottle to: [email protected]
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Sea Shanties in Moby Dick (1956)
**If you're interested in shanties/chanteys and their history, please check out the "Shanties from the Seven Seas" project, here. 500+ shanties, and growing!: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=58B55DD66F22060C **Disclaimer: Before sharing any 'conventional wisdom' about 'Blood Red Roses', please read here: http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=34080#2718143 And watch here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIv9FSQ_gWY If you have anything to add that *engages* with that discussion, I would love to hear it. Otherwise, no use further spreading myths! :0 Now, on to the.... Video Info: The 1956 version of the film Moby Dick contained some great chanteys, led by the famed English folklorist and singer, A.L. Lloyd. He himself had experience working as a whaler in the Antarctic for 7 months back in the 1930s. This scene contains two chanteys (shanties). The first is "Blood Red Roses," which is being used to haul up a tops'l yard. Then we hear "Heave Away My Johnnies," being used for the old fashioned spoke windlass to warp the ship out of the dock. (The montage superimposes some hauling over this song, which doesn't go?) The scene takes place when the Pequod sets sail from Nantucket. Starbuck waves to his wife and kids who are standing up on a "widow's walk" and The Quaker owners of the ship do last minute checks...
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What happens when shanty singers play Sea of Thieves [The Longest Johns]
We've been really excited for the release of Sea of Thieves for a while and decided to put our own unique twist on how to play it during the beta... Follow us on twitch.tv/ljgamingnetwork & mixer.com/thelongestjohns Song - Randy Dandy-O, Traditional Shanty, Performed and Arranged by The Longest Johns -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Longest Johns are a Bristol, UK based a-capella folk and shanty group. thelongestjohns.com facebook.com/thelongestjohns twitter.com/thelongestjohns twitch.tv/ljgamingnetwork ----------------------------------------------------- Editing - @WorstPerSam https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUPxHQHmSZtyBLFwsn-cy4Q Opening music - NCM Epic Cinematic Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_nyMMvQSQo
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The Pirate Shanty (Original Video)
Buy our songs: https://worldwideadventurers.bandcamp.com/album/travelogue-volume-ii-avast LYRICS & CHORDS: [Em] I am not a pirate, but I [C] long [D] to [Em] be, [C] Sailing by the [G] stars across the [G] se- [D] -ven [Em] seas; [Em] Living with no earthly cares, my [C] mates [D] and [Em] me, The [C] envy of all [G] worldly men who [G] are [D] not [Em] free. A [Em] song to sing for beggars, a [C] song to [D] sing for [Em] saints; A [C] song to sing for [G] wealthy men, all [G] wrapped and [D] bound in [Em] chains! Our [Em] treasure's not in gold, or [C] in our [D] pie- [Em] -ty: Our [C] wealth is in an [G] answered call, the [G] longing [D] of the [Em] sea! [Em] Stormy oceans carry us to [C] lands we've [D] never [Em] known, To [C] mysteries and [G] buried secrets [G] from the [D] tales of [Em] old. So [Em] hoist the sail and raise the flag, we [C] do not [D] stop for [Em] night; We'll [C] ride the wild [G] winds and waves un- [G] -til the [D] morning's [Em] light! In [Em] smuggler's caves and tavern halls, we [C] live by [D] no man's [Em] rules. We [C] fly the colors [G] of the living, [G] free and [D] proud and [Em] true! We [Em] set out on the ocean blue to [C] escape [D] tyran- [Em] -ny; We'll [C] keep our merry [G] hearts alive so [G] long we [D] roam the [Em] sea. A [Em] man once walked along the shore, and [C] called he [D] out to [Em] me, "I [C] see you are a [G] fisherman, a [G] lover [D] of the [Em] sea. I [Em] know this world's a wretched place, but [C] if you'll [D] follow [Em] me I'll [C] take all of your [G] burdens... and [G] pirates [D] we shall [Em] be!" Yo-ho, yo-ho!
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"Assassin's Creed: Rogue", All 49 Sea Shanties + Full Lyrics
Soundtrack titles and start time on video: 0:00 1. Billy Riley 1:14 2. Blood Red Roses 4:21 3. Bold Riley Oh 6:04 4. Bully In the Alley 7:34 5. Derby Ram 9:25 6. Donkey Riding 11:23 7. Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates 13:38 8. Drunken Sailor 15:05 9. Fish in the Sea 16:36 10. Handy Me Boys 18:12 11. Haul Away Boys Haul Away 19:46 12. Hauley Hauley Ho 20:33 13. Heave Away Me Johnny 22:14 14. Homeward Bound 24:51 15. Johnny Boker 26:06 16. Jolly Roving Tar 28:22 17. Leave Her, Johnny 30:32 18. Liverpool Judies 32:58 19. Lowlands Away 35:50 20. My Bonnie Highland Lassie 37:27 21. New York Girls 39:46 22. Off To Sea Once More 41:59 23. One More Day 44:27 24. Paddy Lay Back 47:03 25. Padstow's Farewell 49:21 26. Pay Me The Money Down 50:58 27. Randy Dandy-Oh 52:33 28. Roll and Go 53:31 29. Roll, Boys, Roll! 55:26 30. Roller Bowler 58:00 31. Rolling Down To Old Maui 1:00:29 32. Round The Corner Sally 1:01:42 33. Shallow Brown 1:04:00 34. So Early In the Morning 1:05:29 35. Spanish Ladies 1:07:15 36. Stormalong John 1:08:45 37. The Dead Horse 1:09:51 38. The Maid of Amsterdam 1:11:32 39. The Worst Old Ship 1:12:52 40. 'Way Me Susiana 1:14:10 41. Where Am I to Go M'Johnnies 1:15:36 42. Whiskey Johnny 1:16:55 43. Windy Old Weather Bonus Shanties: 1:18:40 44. Henri Martin 1:20:57 45. Hi For The Beggarman 1:23:09 46. Katie Cruel 1:25:03 47. Little Drummer 1:27:22 48. The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie 1:29:24 49. Ye Jacobytes Link to the whole playlist: http://bit.ly/1UDzdqv
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Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys - Disc 1
Disc 1 of 'Son Of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys,' available now! http://www.anti.com/store
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South Australia - Sea Shanties
South Australia shanty song. It was sung in a variety of trades, including being used by the wool and wheat traders who worked the clipper ships between London-Hampshire and Australian ports.
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Sea Shanties
Enjoy!! (: A1 Hoorah For The Black Ball Line A2 Old Billy Riley A3 Roll 'Er Down The Bay A4 Round The Corner, Sally A5 Haul Away The Bowline A6 The Sailboat 'Malarkey' A7 Bring 'Em Down A8 Sally Brown A9 Shallow Brown A10 Bold Riley O A11 Heave Away, My Johnny B1 Reuben Ranzo B2 Hilo John Brown B3 Shake Her, Johnny B4 Ho Bowline, Bowline Haul B5 Haul Away For Rosie B6 Blood-Red Roses B7 Around The Bay Of Mexico B8 Goodbye, Fare Ye Well
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| Leave her Johnny! | shanty | Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag | lyrics |
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Runescape 07 - Sea Shanty 2 (Trap Remix)
Sponsor me / Will mix for AGS FREE DOWNLOAD: https://soundcloud.com/osrsbeatz/sea-shanty-2 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/OSRSBeatz Twitter: https://twitter.com/osrsbeatz
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Bully in the Alley
The finale of the concert given in the Lifeboat House during the Deal Maritime Festival on 22nd September 2013. The whole crew led by John Bromley of Kimber's Men.
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muppet show: Sea Chantey
Sea Chantey is the opening number from episode 220 of The Muppet Show. It's sung by Fozzie Bear, Robin the Frog, Gonzo, Scooter, and Link Hogthrob.
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US Navy Band Sea Chanters: "Blow the Man Down" (a sea shanty)
The United States Navy Sea Chanters performing "Blow the Man Down", an English sea shanty, with the United States Navy Band. From an outdoor evening concert at the U.S. Navy Memorial on August 20, 2013. A sea shanty is a type of work song that was once commonly sung to accompany labor on board large merchant sailing vessels. The Navy Band Sea Chanters is the United States Navy’s official chorus. The ensemble performs a variety of music ranging from traditional choral music, including sea chanteys and patriotic fare, to opera, Broadway, and contemporary music. Video photography by Jeff Malet.
Old RuneScape Soundtrack: Sea Shanty2
Writer: Ian Taylor Company: Jagex Year: 2004 This song was played at Port Sarim. This song is from 2004. If you want to listen more old RuneScape songs please visit my channel.
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Johnny Collins - South Australia (sea shanty)
The traditional sea shanty, "South Australia," sung by English folk singer Johnny Collins.
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Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate
Lyrics to the sea shanty Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate, as performed by Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess from the album Roast Beef of Old England. This song was used in the film Master and Commander.
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Best Sea Shanty ever written? You can't hold a good man down. Cornwalls' own Pirateers
A song especially for pirate lovers everywhere. Wickedly haunting but mindblowingly catchy, this olde English Pirate tale is funny yet bitter sweet. Telling the story of shipwrecks, ghost ships, pirate galleons, fierce buccaneer battles & lots & lots of sinkings. Cornwalls' Pirateers, bringing the fun back into music, produced their newest sea shanty song telling the story of one of their very own. Obviously it's a true story.... as a young sailor lad puts to sea only to be caught up in disaster after disaster. But he does good and survives all that Neptune, God, Davy Jones and the Kings Royal Navy has to throw at him in this battle for survival on the seven seas before turning to Pirateering. Written by the very clever and prolific Freeman and Morris song writing team, the Pirateers are flying. Rocking Cornwall back to its roots. But still trying to get through a record company door ! http://www.jackiefreemanphotography.com/art_authentication.htm
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All The Deadfire Shanties
All The Deadfire Shanties Play Deadfire now on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/560130/Pillars_of_Eternity_II_Deadfire https://nilsbrownmusic.com A collection of shanties adapted for Pillars of Eternity II, Deadfire, following a tradition of repurposing folk songs, based on new geographical horizons and historical situations... 1. Deadfire Lines 2. Haul Away And Go 3. Faithful Sailor 4. Heave Away My Lendry 5. Roll The Old Berath's Wheel 6. Aim Spirente Nils Brown with Justin Bell, Josh Sawyer, Marcos Torres, Brian Urrita, Yngwie Zamarippa, and with special thanks to the Orange Community Master Chorale. Video Editing by Dominic Cerisano Pillars of Eternity II, Deadfire ® © 2018 Obsidian Entertainment
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey - All Sea Shanties (Greek)
Game: Assassin's Creed Odyssey Composer(s): Giannis Georgantelis, English by Emma Rohan, Adaptation to Ancient Greek by Spiros Cholevas and Eleni Antzoulatou, Further Music Production by Chroma Musika, Maria Diamantis, Dimitris Ilias and Kalia Lyraki Buy and Support: https://amzn.to/2yjPk6K Here we have the sea shanties featured in Assassin's Creed Odyssey during the naval sailing, sung in both English and Greek. SUBSCRIBE! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Synthesia: http://www.synthesiagame.com/ Piano for Beginners: http://amzn.to/2qj1hDK MIDI Keyboard: http://amzn.to/2rQjPvI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In partnership with Amazon, we present you with a dedicated music store, curated by us, for you, as eager soundtrack and music fans. Click here for personal access to a music store dedicated to you: - https://goo.gl/8BpH12 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- We provide high quality videos of music, through uploading and archiving soundtracks and ost, mainly for video games. We also upload song cover renditions of midi sound files through the Synthesia program. We cover such mediums as; video games, movies, television, anime and more mainstream genres. Feel free to request a song for us to transcribe, or a soundtrack to upload, though be specific on the details please! #assassinscreed | #odyssey | #ost CONTACT INFO - See Channel - we do not tolerate spam, but welcome business opportunities, or if you, or your company, has an issue with one or more of our videos. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! All rights and ownership remains with its rightful owners. Regards, The Team
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Sea Shanties: Santy Anno
This is another version I did with the shanty and whaling pics. I loved this version of the shanty "Santy Anno" and I had to assemble it.
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Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her by Coda
Coda' sing their own arrangement of the sea shanty 'Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her'. This song was recorded most notably by Makem and Clancy and an accompanied rendition features on Coda's album 'mouthmusic' (available on www.codasinging.com). It also features in the rugby documentary 'Pacific Warriors' produced by James Marquand in 2015. Coda's second album 'Train of Spirits' was released in December 2017 (also available from www.codamusic.ie) or online https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/coda32 Coda are seven singers and musicians all living near Westport, Mayo, Ireland who love to experiment with and sing in rich harmony. They sing a mixture of a capella and self-accompanied songs all arranged by themselves. Coda are (left to right): Conall Ó Domhnaill, Mike Cannon, Leonard Kelly, Steve Bryant, Alan Drumm, Declan Askin & Brian Lennon. Check out 'codasinging' on youtube, facebook, soundcloud, twitter .... LYRICS Well, I thought I heard the old man say Leave her, Johnny, leave her It's a long, hard pull til your next pay day And it's time for us to leave her Chorus: Leave her, Johnny, leave her Oh, leave her, Johnny, leave her For the voyage is done and the winds don't blow And it's time for us to leave her Oh the skipper was bad, but the mate was worse…… He would cut you down with a spike or a curse…… Chorus Oh, pull you lubbers or you'll get no pay……. Oh, pull you lubbers and then be lay…… Chorus Ah well, now it’s time for to say goodbye.….; Those pilings they are drawing nigh.….. Chorus x2
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🎧 Sea Shanties with Sea and Sailing Ship Sounds 🎧
Sea Shanties from Assassin's Creed mixed with sea and sailing ship sounds. Relax and enjoy.
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Drunken Sailor - Instrumental Fiddle Sea Shanty
Here is an instrumental fiddle version of the sea shanty, "Drunken Sailor." This tune is a fun and simple tune to play, and it has a really catchy melody. =) I hope you enjoy this version of the tune! ^_^ Sheet Music: http://www.katyadelson.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/DrunkenSailor_Fiddle.pdf Backing Track (no piano help / silent introduction -- the backing track used in the video): http://katyadelson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/DrunkenSailorBacking.mp3 Backing Track that is easier to follow (piano melody introduction help): http://katyadelson.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/DrunkenSailorBackingPianoMelody.mp3 Sea shanties were sailor work songs and often had a repetative melody. Versions of this tune have been incorporated into several orchestral arrangements, and the first time I played it was part of an arrangement of folk dances for an orchestra. Since then, I've heard people sing the lyrics often in bars and pubs, and it's a tune that definitely gets an audience excited. It seems like it is one of the few tunes that many people can recognize - even those who do not listen to traditional music very often. It has appeared across multiple production and video games, including "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Assassin's Creed" There are many lyric verses to this tune, but the lyrics most people tend to sing along to are these: What will we do with the drunken sailor? What will we do with the drunken sailor? What will we do with the drunken sailor? Early in the morning! Way, hey and up she rises, Way, hey and up she rises, Way, hey and up she rises, Early, in the morning! I personally think some of the lyrics get a bit crazy about things to do with a drunk sailor, but it's still a fun tune. It kind of makes me wonder what it was actually like to be a sailor on a boat for months on end during the past few centuries. Technology has really changed everything a lot over the years, and I think it's neat to think about. I thought I'd try to add more interesting things to this video by creating time lapses of the sun rising and setting, as well as scenery views. Hopefully those things make the video a little more interesting to watch. ^_^ I've also noticed that ever since I started to learn Cello, my violin right bow hand has become so confused. It looks like I'm struggling to keep a violin bow hold in this video, (and trying to morph into a cello bow hold) so I think I need to put some focus into that! =S Thank you for watching, and I hope you have a good rest of the week! =) ~ Katy ------------ Software and equipment used: Software used (for Macintosh): Garageband for attempted sound mixing Final Cut Pro for video editing PicMonkey.com for the ending cards Plugins for sound effects (I have A LOT to learn in this department!): East West plugins – Goliath Virtual Instrument, Stormdrum II Best Service Forest Kingdom II by Eduardo Tarilonte (See: bestservice.de) Camera: Canon 70D Microphone for audio recording: Blue Woodpecker
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Sea Shanty Songs - The Yarmouth Shantymen
The Yarmouth Shantymen live on stage This was originally taped in 2009 and was shot,remastered and edited by Lynn Hemeon of http://www.yarmouthbands.com #lynnhemeon
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Michael Jones' Sea Shanties
Original video from Let's Play Sea of Thieves: Pirate Skirmishes AH Live Stream.
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Michael Jones' Sea Shanties Part 2
Original video from Let's Play Sea of Thieves Pirate Misfortunes.
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Two Sea Shanties for String Orchestra - Traditional arr. John Mock - 3036051
Sea shanties (or chanteys) were folk songs sung a capella by sailors to set a rhythm for specific tasks on a ship performed in unison. Though shanties were practical, most are very beautiful melodies as well. Chosen for their lyricism, these two expressive songs, "Go To Sea Once More" and "The Banks of Newfoundland," are arranged for string orchestra with flowing phrases and interwoven harmonies that express a love for the sea.
Michael Jones' Sea Shanties Part 3
Original video from Let's Play Sea of Thieves Pirate Brawl and The Lying, The Wench, and The Cannon Load.
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Sea shanties in "Roots" (1977)
Part 1 of the miniseries "Roots" (1977), set prior to the American Revolutionary War, featured the brig "Unicorn." To give it a proper maritime feel, I suppose, they included two shanties (chanteys): "Haul the Bowline" "Haul Away, Joe" These short-drag shanties don't match, however, any of the tasks we see the men doing. Oh well! Incidentally, a few years later an excellent album was released with Tom Sullivan leading a crew on the very same vessel, in actual work while chanteying, "Salt Atlantic Chanties" (Folkways, 1980).
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John Kanaka Sea Shanty
John Kanaka is a sea shanty. Shanties are the work songs that were sung on the square-rigged ships of the Sailing Age. The rhythms of the songs coordinated the work of many sailors hauling on lines. Traditional shanties include short haul shanties, halyard shanties and capstan shanties. Short Haul shanties served sailors in tasks requiring quick pulls over a short time period. Halyard shanties served sailors for heavier work which required additional setup time between pulls. Capstan shanties served for long repetitive tasks which required a sustained rhythm, though did not involve working the lines. I heard, I heard, the Old Man say, John Kanaka-naka tu-lai-e! Today, today is a holiday! John Kanaka-naka tu-lai-e! Tu-lai-e!, oh, tu-lai-e! John Kanaka-naka tu-lai-e! We'll work tomorrow, but no work today, John Kanaka-naka, tulai-e! Today, today is a holiday, John Kanaka-naka, tulai-e! Tulai-e, oh! tulai-e! John Kanaka-naka, tulai-e! We're bound away for Frisco Bay, John Kanaka-naka tulai-e! We're bound away at the break of day. John Kanaka-naka tulai-e! Tulai-e, oh! tulai-e! John Kanaka-naka, tulai-e! Oh, haul away, oh, haul away! John Kanaka-naka tulai-e! Oh, haul away, an' make your pay! John Kanaka-naka tulai-e! Tulai-e, oh! tulai-e! John Kanaka-naka, tulai-e! Performed by The High Seas Shanty Group. Available for Weddings, Birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.
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Sea shanties | The Aggie Boys | TEDxTruro
Sea Shanties are work songs used on Clippers and trading ships around the world. Passed from sailor to sailor and ship to ship, the songs often told tales of home. The tradition is alive and well in Cornwall, with groups meeting in pubs and quaysides to sing shanty songs old and new. The Aggie Boys Choir describes itself as “a loosely formed, rag tag bunch of young upstarts from all over Cornwall”. Its songs are 100% original and written by the creative driving force and de facto leader of the group, Samuel Stephens. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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1 Hour of Epic Pirate Music & Pirate Accordion Music
Tracklist and other info : Buy our music here : iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ahoy-mateys!/id1024793076 Bandcamp : https://dbfiechter.bandcamp.com/album/ahoy-mateys Amazon mp3 : http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01329YTKW Listen to this music on Spotify: Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/0OhNAlKyMKnj6fDOopMLx2 *** Tracklist : Epic Pirate Music: 0:00 – Davy Jones 3:15 – Haunted Isles 6:30 – Pirate Raid 10:33 – Walk the Plank 13:41 – The High Seas 17:15 – Pirate Island 20:32 – Land Ahoy 23:40 – The Seven Seas 28:56 – Ghost Ships 32:05 – Pirate Cove 35:16 – Black Flags 38:15 – Cave of Secrets 41:25 – Blackbeard World Pirate Music: 44:15 – Swashbuckling Pirates 47:42 – Viking Raiders 50:43 – Pirate Tavern 54:10 – Rowdy Sailors 57:17 – Pegleg Pete 1:00:31 – The Captain's Inn 1:04:02 – Caribbean Smugglers 1:07:10 – Hoist up the Sails 1:10:19 – Treasure Bay 1:13:41 – Sea Shanty 1:17:00 – Asian Pirates 1:19:57 – Treasure Map These amazing pictures are done by Torley (1st and 2nd pics) and Myrailon (last pic). 1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/3293712945/ 2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/3294530410/in/photostream/ 3. http://myrailon.deviantart.com/art/the-bay-143811406 Great thumbnail was taken from this site: http://wallpaperswide.com/pirate_flag_2-wallpapers.html Artwork for the Ahoy Mateys! CD is by Torley Olmstead. https://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/3294498750/in/photostream/ ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter -- Black Flags is by Derek Fiechter and SongsofHD ~
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Just wanna sing some Sea Shanties. Gameplay/Commentary
LEAVE HER, JOHNNY! If you're into reddit: https://reddit.com/r/technicalbovine If you're into twitter: https://twitter.com/technicalbovine If you're into twitch: https://twitch.tv/technicalbovine
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Music of the Sea: The Chanteys of Mystic Seaport
http://www.mysticseaport.org/stories A visit to Mystic Seaport includes the songs of the whaling days. Not only can you hear and learn about sea chanteys and other tunes of the time, you can actually help raise a sail or lower a boat to the beat of the music. Mystic Seaport is the nation's leading maritime museum. Founded in 1929, the museum is home to four National Historic Landmark vessels, including the Charles W. Morgan, American's oldest commercial ship and the last wooden whaleship in the world. Mystic Seaport ranges across 17-acres on the Mystic Peninsula with 50 buildings and hands-on attractions, including, sailing classes, a million seafaring artifacts and historical photographs, Sabino, the oldest coal-powered steamboat in America, and a 250 year tradition of celebrating all things of the sea. From whaling history to wood carving and cooperage, Mystic Seaport is the place for those who love the sea and maritime history. Mystic Seaport is located one mile south of exit 90 off I-95 in Mystic, CT. Admission is $24 for adults and $15 for children ages 6-17. Museum members and children under 6 are admitted free. For more information visit www.mysticseaport.org View special offer for Mystic Seaport: http://bit.ly/1m3ZjBM
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