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Formatting Footnotes | Chicago Manual of Style | The Nature of Writing

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To format your footnotes properly, following the guidelines set out in the Chicago Manual of Style, make sure you do the following things: • Use Times New Roman font, size 10. • Indent the first line of each footnote one tab space. • Single space your footnotes, but add a space between each one. • Add a period behind the numbers that start the footnotes. • Change the format of the numbering in the footnotes so that the numbers are not in superscript. Watch the video for a quick tutorial to see how to apply these changes. For more information, please visit our style guide: https://natureofwriting.com/footnotes-and-endnotes-2/ The Nature of Writing is a Youtube channel and website (https://www.natureofwriting.com) dedicated to the teaching of English literature and writing. To support this work, please visit our donate page: https://natureofwriting.com/donate/
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The Nature of Writing (3 months ago)
Quick clarification. In the video I said that there is some leeway in terms of the size of your font. I've used Times New Roman size 10 for the footnotes, which is in keeping with Kate Turabian's A Manual For Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (9th ed.). However, in the actual Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) the font is slightly larger (Times New Roman, size 12). In other words, you definitely have some choice!
Philipp J (3 months ago)
A valuable reference as always. :3

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