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How To Edit eBay Listings for Return Shipping Policies

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Thank you for visiting Jeff Beeman.Online - Don't forget to subscribe before you leave! Stop By My Blog For More "How To" - http://jeffbeemanonline.com Join Our Facebook Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ebaytreasurehunters/ Follow me on Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/jeffbeemanonline3DCart Follow me on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jeffbeeman_online/ Try out INKFROG (eBay management tool) FREE for 14 days! - https://bit.ly/2Hz3qbg Need a white background? You Might Want to try - https://fotofuze.com/ *Just so I can say I told you so, many of our links are an affiliate link and we may receive compensation if you purchase from them. We appreciate you using aour links as that also helps to keep our content FREE here on YouTube and our Blog. #happyselling #100adayonthebay #jeffbeemanonline #chaching #ebaytreasurehunters #ebaysellers #resellersrock #jeffbeeman247 #jbnetgolfnstuff #jbnetauctionsnstuff How To Edit Multiple Listings On eBay For Return Shipping Policies I know many people feel they do not need to have a return policy and if that works for you then no worries. However if you now feel you do need a return policy then this is a quick way to bulk edit your listings and change your return policy with in eBay. 1) Set your listings to see up to 200 per page 2) Click the box that checks all your listings being shown 3) Click Edit Box - Choose Edit Selected 4) Check box all your items again 5) Click Edit Fields 6) Click Return Policy 7) Select the days you want for returns 8) Save and close. FYI - Don't forget even if a buyer is outside of the retuns accepted dates ( past 30 days) or if you have chosen to not accept any returns if they say "Item Is Not As Described" - eBay will generally side with the buyer. They will forcing you to do the return and in many cases pay for return shipping. Yes - It's a bummer but it is their platform and their rules - For the seller it is simply the cost of doing business on their site. Happy Selling Please share this video if it has been helpful for you via the social media tags provided by Youtube. *Disclaimer - I do have affiliate products available with in my web sites and videos where if purchased I will make a small commission from. Thank you.
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Pony Chaser (11 months ago)
I wish you make the videos longer by dragging them out.
Jeff Beeman Online (11 months ago)
Some video's I do tend to ramble on - LOL. ( reasons for that - SEO) Keeps people watching to see the good stuff. Thank you for viewing - please subscribe above if you have not already - Appreciate it!

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