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Carly & Erin Learn How-To Contour | Fad 👎 or Fab 👍 | MTV

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Carly and Erin are makeup dummies so they’re trying to learn how to contour. Let’s see if they can really beat their faces! #FadorFab #CarlyandErin #MTV Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/ #MTV is your destination for the hit series #WNO, #VMA, #JerseyShore, #TheChallenge, #MTVFloribamaShore, #TeenMom and much more!
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Text Comments (93)
Windi Joe (2 months ago)
I said awee to the reveal... Love you guys...
Amelia Hall (3 months ago)
Carly looks and reminds me of Lily from Clevver😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Brianna D (3 months ago)
Whoever had the idea to create this show and have you guys in it deserves an award I love it lol
Jonathan Belmares (3 months ago)
I hope this video inspires Jeffree to have them on his channel. I need that in my life.
Melanie Khoun (3 months ago)
Forgot to wet the beauty blender! 😩
Ayla Kevener (3 months ago)
I love but they need a new set . Like wtf is happening here
seonaid farrell (3 months ago)
Contouring is pointless on them both. They are thin with great bone structure that contouring is trying to fake
ShanKat O’D (3 months ago)
Obsessed This is the content I need when I’m bingeing Catfish
Poetic Curls (3 months ago)
slay hunties. james charles could NEVER!
lulu silva (3 months ago)
They remind me of Rhett and link from good mythical morning
Matthew Hart (3 months ago)
Follow these beauty gurus. They're so underrated
Allie Byers (3 months ago)
Only respect for my two mothers
Angela Dominguez (3 months ago)
DiannaLea Agronglee (3 months ago)
first time i saw carly´s hair pink.In all other videos i see it red!!
Chloe Sugrue (3 months ago)
Issiah Martinez (3 months ago)
Can carly's thighs have there own show
Issiah Martinez (3 months ago)
These huntys are the best thing to happen to MTV scince the invention of music videos
Myravenhale (3 months ago)
theyre playing dumb wtf carly and erin know how to put foundation on
Yesi Nichole (3 months ago)
I wanna do yalls makeup so bad!
Coffee Talk (3 months ago)
I say moowa’s
Clara H (3 months ago)
I love Carly and Erin but mtv's editing makes me cringe it's horrible
Jose Rodriguez (3 months ago)
LOL. Get that money hunties
Wendi (3 months ago)
Did they just brake their vlog squad contract by collabing with MTV?!
d (3 months ago)
we stan these legends
Lu (3 months ago)
omg my bitchesss
that's not my name (3 months ago)
what does fad stand for?
Chewy V (3 months ago)
Hanna Wilders (4 months ago)
MTV doing make up tutorials must be a new level of disappointment.
Bri J (4 months ago)
I love them
Cassandra Nedelisky (4 months ago)
They’re goddesses.
Megan H (4 months ago)
The most useful tutorial yet 😂
Brittany Daniels (3 months ago)
Give this generation of Lucy and Ethel a tv show already 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. I love them so much !! #millennials #carlyanderin
caychats 96 (4 months ago)
Darby Justine (4 months ago)
Carly and Erin 😵😍
Danny Perez (4 months ago)
Demirrra (4 months ago)
"Together we are gonna contour the world" lmao
Emilee Garza (4 months ago)
i love carly and erin! yall have the same knowledge of makeup as me.. not alot!
Marisha Kiedis (4 months ago)
my queens
Saaxmantha (4 months ago)
The queens have spoken it's fab........ and fad
Hermosa Loca (4 months ago)
I love them
Migdalia Valdez (4 months ago)
how did they let go of the opportunity of putting “subscribe hunties” at the end
ross (4 months ago)
uh w-what happened to mtv?
Joey Kelly 01 (4 months ago)
Get the money huntys
Jay Coulter (4 months ago)
Wow. Just wow. You’re a weird trend yourself with your pink hair & saying fab for fabulous!
Marisha Kiedis (3 months ago)
idk wtf you’re even saying
Haylee Bennetts (3 months ago)
Jay Coulter umm the show is called fad or fab so it's actually mtv saying fab not Carly and Erin lol
Manny Moowa who
Melika Tehrani (4 months ago)
Erin has natural fleeky cheekbones
Destiny U (4 months ago)
It’s about time. Jkjk
Sydney D (4 months ago)
Hey MTV, put some more money into the set design. Carly and Erin deserve more...
Dom Amor (4 months ago)
kim k is shaking
Tanner Thompson (4 months ago)
They are so funny. I love them.
TheJennzilla (4 months ago)
I'm so excited to watch this because if you know Carly and Erin then you know they're not about that contour life, so this should be so entertaining hahahaha
Naomi Marie (4 months ago)
Whoop whoop my girls are on MTV !!! Yaya
I Draw Youtube Pets (4 months ago)
Erin could cut someone with those cheekbones
Phoeb M (4 months ago)
Oliver Darque (4 months ago)
"Ok, me too then..." *SAME*
Revanth Muntha (4 months ago)
Erin's face is contoured by gods .
candaceroset (4 months ago)
Christina Espinoza (4 months ago)
Do floral foam next
Paula Gabriele (4 months ago)
Yaaaaaaaaaas hunty 💅💅💅
Hishaam Ahmad (4 months ago)
pop pop bitch @hishy101
markus2 (4 months ago)
they have to stop talk at the same time
Jordan Tanirau (4 months ago)
Yass my queens getting their recognition
Melissa Moreno (4 months ago)
Life of Simran (4 months ago)
Love you guys
coolstream1 (4 months ago)
Every channel should have more Carly and Erin!
Erin Lozada (4 months ago)
Hey gurl hey Love Carly and Erin!! Hunties!!!
Yulissa Bueno (4 months ago)
I hope they keep this series going! I love the content and I love Carly and Erin !!
Lauren Janssen (4 months ago)
we love our fave moowa’s
Cole Jewell (4 months ago)
yes queenss
angela (4 months ago)
the only makeup tutorial i’ll ever watch
m p (4 months ago)
My queeeens
Natasha Okah (4 months ago)
When Carly and Erin try to save MTV! Love it!
glen millar (4 months ago)
Wow 18 comments.....
Bill Parker (4 months ago)
Great "It's a Wonderful Life" reference at the end, LMFAO!
Jordan Tatro (4 months ago)
My fave huntys
Macey King (4 months ago)
Erin does not need contour she’s a chiseled queen
Cassandra Nedelisky (4 months ago)
Macey King yep! Dem cheekbones 🙌🏻
Anna Quinn (4 months ago)
Erin’s cheekbones are already so defined
Alberto Barrios (4 months ago)
You must subscribe, because when you do, another influencer gets her contour....😂🤣😂
Alexa Lopez (4 months ago)
I died when she said Manny Mua😂😂
David Estrada (4 months ago)
Yass queens I love you both!!!!
Malby Sparkle (4 months ago)
Jeffree Star is shook
Malby Sparkle (4 months ago)
Why am i not getting notifications for these!!
Ansam Saleh (4 months ago)
Carly's is decent but Erin's is really good
Jackie Caves (4 months ago)
My favorite MUAs. 😔✊💞
Louise Poppiti (4 months ago)
James Charles is quaking
Nicole Noonan (4 months ago)
love you guys :)
Armando Vilches (4 months ago)
YS SLAYYYYY MAMAMAASSSS! Dude you guys are fucking awesome!
Armando Vilches (4 months ago)
But get better at your make up skills huntiesss
Kaitlyn. resendez (4 months ago)
How early am i
Shadow Flame (4 months ago)
I don’t know how to contour either

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