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Straight Men Find Out Their Gay Category

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Twink or Bear? We dropped some LGBTQ knowledge on these guys. Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/43237 Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 https://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet GET MORE BUZZFEED: https://www.buzzfeed.com https://www.buzzfeed.com/videos https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo https://www.youtube.com/asis https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue https://www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet https://www.youtube.com/perolike https://www.youtube.com/ladylike BuzzFeedVideo BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Love BuzzFeed? Get the merch! BUY NOW: https://goo.gl/gQKF8m MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks (https://www.audioblocks.com) Pastoral Pleasures_Full Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. STILLS Full Frame Shot Of Colorful Graffiti Wall Robert Kneschke / EyeEm/Getty Images semi nude man peepo/Getty Images Unhealthy Lifestyle Juanmonino/Getty Images Fit lean man with six pack ajr_images/Getty Images Portrait of an athletic young man HEX/Getty Images VIDEO B/W 1951/52 two businessmen sitting at desk looking over papers + discussing them / one smoking pipe Petrified Films/Getty Images Men and women watching funny movie in theatre / laughing Fluorescent Films Ltd/Getty Images Enthusiastic audience giving standing ovation, clapping in dark conference audience Caiafilm/Getty Images
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Text Comments (1113)
Juan Ngullie (21 hours ago)
So m a twunk then🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Naomi Gary (3 days ago)
i love the way they were talking to the protestors. gold.
MarshallValentino (11 days ago)
The host looks like a very hot gay porn star,but I forgot his name
Wout Pauwels (16 days ago)
Democrat bone artist fdtlvm sir lately future killing read Islam grateful photography clothes path.
Richy Glez (17 days ago)
I'm a twunk! Don't mind my Britney profile pic lol
Legion Ivory (18 days ago)
lol I love protesters. They are hilarious.
Erik W. S. (18 days ago)
I'm a gay trans man aspiring to be an otter some day...
Milotic shiny (20 days ago)
Polari in brazil is called "pajubar"
Martin Reinheimer (20 days ago)
4:23 looks like Nazi Salute
The host tho, ugh. <3 Lmao.
Ben G (22 days ago)
They should categorize the sign lady as "seashell" or "Ursula" or name her "Seafood Sheila". just for the fun of it.
Anna Schanus (24 days ago)
I fuckin love Mr muscles
John M (27 days ago)
Categories are horrible.
Morris Emantsal (29 days ago)
Fremulon Not a doctor, shh! Dr. Goor Productions
lprochon2003 (1 month ago)
Twink also means effeminate. Young, slim, hairless, fem.
Chris Darris (1 month ago)
"The gay community is a very welcoming place". So welcoming that we will superficially categorize you based on external features and then we will judge you based on those features and how you fit into your assigned category.
Asaru Re (1 month ago)
It is not twunk it is slim muscular ; the new image for fitness ; instead of the over muscular.
Andrew Anane (1 month ago)
Does the guy saying repent have anything better to do. Jesus Christ!!
ruzzell907 (1 month ago)
The guy in the thumbnail is really cute.
Shawn Jones (1 month ago)
Fernando is so fine!!! Yum!
Sophia Puzon (2 months ago)
This is kinda gay
Godfred (2 months ago)
Jay Emm (2 months ago)
There are two gay categories straight men belong in and only two : 1.) Straight or 2.) Bisexual when they get drunk enough.
Jay Tops (2 months ago)
URGH I'm so sick of people getting 'otters' wrong. Otters don't have muscles!!!! They're are regular hairy guys, they are just not as big as bears.
Eren Kutluk (3 months ago)
LoL you keep me gay 😂😂 i think I got older and now I'm more into twunks 😇
AndyBebop300 (3 months ago)
Clearly I'm a bad gay and failed the gay test because I'm so bad at all these labels.
the1tigglet (3 months ago)
They showed a musclebear when they were describing an otter.
Rose Juliette (3 months ago)
This is such a good video
duck_on_some_quack (3 months ago)
This is just sad...
Anime Diplomat (3 months ago)
I've ever only heard of a bear, jock, and twink, what happened these few years? I guess I need to brush up on my gay lingo before going to college
PeanuttyGoodness (3 months ago)
This is fantastic. Moar pleese
poyoles (3 months ago)
Aweasome mockumentary, it changed my life, we need to spread this wordlwide
Trash Bag (3 months ago)
The protesters are my spirit animal 😂😂😂
Miro (3 months ago)
3:28 so which type is Septa Unella in the end ? 🤔
agito289 (3 months ago)
- Repent. - You don’t have to repent. If you don’t want that body you can just work it out. Lmao
pkmitl3000 (3 months ago)
zacthecatty35 (3 months ago)
One essential category missed out: queen. "There is heaven right here on earth. With those beautiful queens!"
Ruby Rudd (3 months ago)
monochromeglass (4 months ago)
How many people did they enslave to be in that live audience
Unknown Dreams (4 months ago)
Tony X (4 months ago)
you are sick, buzzfeed
NorthernStal CPR y'all (4 months ago)
Is that the same spiderman in brandon roger's video?
elHEARTBREAKER (4 months ago)
It's a good thing we don't like labels🤣😂
Mr. Cub Fan 415 (4 months ago)
“We have spotted a bear in its natural form” **points to Chewbacca**
Syarif Alkaf (4 months ago)
I am a cub 😁👌🏻
chii hasagi (4 months ago)
chewbacccccccaaaaaaaaaa xD
sierra mist (4 months ago)
“You’re a cub.” “Repent.”
William Craig III (4 months ago)
"My GAY friend." ..."Here's a GAY expert." 🙄
Jorge Medina (4 months ago)
They need to make more videos with these two!!! Especially the “doctor”
Aalan (4 months ago)
Very informative 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈
Rix Morales (4 months ago)
"A bear in its natural form" "A live bear in Hollywood" LMAO
Britani Otero (4 months ago)
Paul Douglas (4 months ago)
Twunks are #1
James Large (4 months ago)
Im not a twink or a twunk im a twat
Hai Ho (4 months ago)
They have a gay expert oml im dying 😂😂
poco poco (4 months ago)
This is funny!!! You should make videos like this more. With this two hillarious hosts!!
Gleek Phan (4 months ago)
My bestie is straight but would be a total twink just with a baby mustache
Corvus Bruxo Luggenikos (4 months ago)
"The gay community is a very welcoming place" - WRRRRRROOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG. But the videos is funny though lol
Kat Kusterer (4 months ago)
anyone else see the person holding the anti gay sign in the back at the beginning?😂
GKP Trashcorner (4 months ago)
what i learned from this is im a mix of otter, cub, gipster and wolf... depending on the timeframe before and after i shave myself... which is not helpful at all...
효그 (4 months ago)
*right in front of the protesters* 😂😂😂
Sab (4 months ago)
I have dai elf bod. Sadly.
ຟ. lēē ๓໐໐rē (4 months ago)
Dante Ferrise (4 months ago)
Lucas PlayL (4 months ago)
To the lady who said she hates gay people: hope Jesus like you :)
ICONIQUE by Deniss K (4 months ago)
Cringie Vengie
Garret Woeller (4 months ago)
I thought twunk was a asian twink
Conical (4 months ago)
So being attracted to a twink is basically pedophilia
Conical (4 months ago)
Curtis Shaw and small stature
Curtis Shaw (4 months ago)
Pedophillia is an attraction to an undeveloped body, whereas someone who is 18 years old has a fully developed body. The only thing that shows similarities is a lack of body hair, but many men have very little/none throughout their lives.
Conical (4 months ago)
but they have the appearance of a young boy
Curtis Shaw (4 months ago)
Conical783 No, as they’re usually classed as 18-25.
Aaron Rush (4 months ago)
"I almost spread that web" 🌚
Danny (4 months ago)
It was so funny when they went up to the homophobic guy saying "repent"😂
Nathan Yusuf (4 months ago)
Xantron (4 months ago)
otters, bears, cubs. the whole gay community is a damn zoo. lol
hayden miller (4 months ago)
Alexis (4 months ago)
Gino Esma (4 months ago)
The only category i like are "Daddies". Older Man above 45+. im a 24 male model guy. I luv sexy hot daddy
Alexis Aguiñaga (4 months ago)
Name of the presenter please
Sheeva Bernan (4 months ago)
One of my closest friends just came out as bi and i want to understand him more cuz i don't even know how to react. i'm not exactly uncomfortable, just not used to it. i 💯 support him but i just need time. i hope other people understand people like me and not jump to conclusions that I'm homophobic cuz i get it alot 😕
Maria Pukkila (4 months ago)
bakabul arkadinanta (4 months ago)
That clickbait on the thumbnail tho...
Doru Panda (4 months ago)
I like twinks wkwkwkkw
youtubeuser (4 months ago)
So what is an average body?
Kaleb Chancellor (4 months ago)
I’m totally a twunk hahahahahahahahah
vanu saggar (4 months ago)
Lol the yellow protest signs in the back
metylee (4 months ago)
Hänschen Klein (4 months ago)
What about fat guys that aren't hairy?
Goosups (4 months ago)
Just leave men aloooooooneee :,(((((
Kfierce Scene (4 months ago)
so ive only ever heard twunk used as an older twink shrug
no body (4 months ago)
Well I love otters, cubs and bears but I really prefer daddies... 😂
Wallace Ribeiro (4 months ago)
Guess I'm a twink lol
[神]GŌD (4 months ago)
I paused this on an ad. Anyway I doubt these are truly straight men. Is buzzfeed news? I have so many questions.
David Emery (4 months ago)
I'd love to be a twunk, but I'm more of a "junk"
The fundamentalist retards behind are insulting my faith ! LGBT rights exists and should !
damngoodfeeling (4 months ago)
This made me cringe VERY hard
China Sheep (4 months ago)
what's a twunk? *long story*
WHITE NIGGER (4 months ago)
Buzz Feed Just found out they're runned by a bunch of Illiterates! "Their"
Emily Silas (4 months ago)
"I'm not a real doctor"
Big Blackkk (4 months ago)
Looks like Daniel Cormier
audiotrax2000 (4 months ago)
That was good. Funny.
Ludicium Veri (4 months ago)
What category are we on right now?

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