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Gavin on JOE ROGAN 2.0

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This is a edit from Gavin's second time on Joe Rogan's podcast, so funny. SORRY SORRY i haven't been uploading in a long while but hope to turn this thing a round now . HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody
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Text Comments (22)
Jami Saarela (9 months ago)
mcdouche2 (10 months ago)
Who hasn't made out with Milo?  Not me!
Fall_In_Intrigue (10 months ago)
I could listen to him all day!
Larry Medina (10 months ago)
I was molested by a woman when I was 13 years old. U weren't molested you liked it.
Bruce Wayne (10 months ago)
I swear gavin made Joe laugh more than any guest. Apart from Joey Diaz of course.
Vilspanx (5 months ago)
can you imagine the podcast with Gavin, Joey, and maybe Alec jones that would be the funniest thing ever
Vilspanx (5 months ago)
Yeah Joey is tha sh**t
pluckyduck11y (10 months ago)
Diaz is such a good dude. He makes Joe lose his shit every time. The best was when Diaz crashes Joe's guest appearance on Alex Jones radio show. Hilarious. Even Jones, the nutter he is, had to be like "ok yall we need to chill" XDD
Adam Lewellen (10 months ago)
Joe Rogan #me to.
Thomas Wolak (10 months ago)
Fuck that Jew pussy hard!!!
Thomas Wolak (10 months ago)
I loved that movie Big
Thomas Wolak (10 months ago)
Is Joe Roger a trained MMA fighter?
Etaipo (10 months ago)
and Tai Kwan Do (lol)
yaqwsx cderfv (10 months ago)
Thomas Wolak he's a black belt in jujitsu I belive
231swift (10 months ago)
gavin is a bad influence on joe
Laurie Winek (4 months ago)
After Joe said that Obama was his favorite president after hanging out with Joey Diaz, Gavin is a much needed influence!
Emily Burke (4 months ago)
And me but I 💜 it!
Jack Francis (9 months ago)
Gavin is a bad influence on everybody. That's why he's hilarious and why Vice magazine got so popular.
Yatan (10 months ago)
The best part is Jamie laughing in the back... you NEVER hear Jamie.
Ryan Worstell (10 months ago)
He's right about the crazy ones, damn they're good in bed...
Jamie Wilson (10 months ago)
Irish Bullion (11 months ago)

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