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THE PREDATOR (2018) - Trailer Time with Will & James

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It's Trailer Time. We checked out the latest red band trailer for Shane Black's THE PREDATOR. Check out why this has won us over, what we think the plot will be and watch James set himself up to lose £5 upon release. Editing: James Eldridge Film https://www.jameseldridgefilm.com/
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Joshua Petersen (3 months ago)
Hey here are my final thoughts on why the Predator will fail...why they keep missing the mark over and over. I recently bought the original 1987 Predator and it still blows me away....a near perfect movie. Somehow as old as the movie is, the Predator creature design and gore effects still looks better. Hats off to Kevin Peter Hall for one! So why is this Predator so superior? First off, it is more real looking, the mouth and the suit, the Predator has a real personality and acts more convincing...he is more brutal...it uses the trees, remember when it was beating the shit out of Arnold how he was giggling as it got a real thrill out of dominating his opponent. He reveled in his success as he kicks the shit out of him. How about when he is invisible and sneaks up on Arnold, to get caught up in the trap they made...being helpless in the net, it starts randomly shooting and screaming almost like a temper tantrum from a child...clearly vulnerable and upset when he doesn't get his way...also it does hunting calls, uses the jungle and Camouflage is to his advantage. They have never been able to recreate that Predator. Somehow after the original, each movie the creatures get worse and farther from the original design. This idea or a giant digital upgrade Predator is gonna fail, it will be the ruin of the movie like Alien covenant and David....Kevin Peter Hall was perfect acting in that suit...plus in the end Arnold has a stand off with the Predator as a worthy opponent! It seems the creature lives for this moment...it is the thrill of the hunt. Now it is about getting DNA from the spine? WTF and WTH!!! Since Black took part in the first movie, Shane should know better! I wish it was going to be epic, but this will go the way of Alien covenant, the thing prequel and the Last Jedi. These directors are dumping all over our movies we grew up on. Tell me, I am wrong? The first Predator creature had so much personality and slowly but surely it has all been lost and forgotten...the upgrade will be a down grade. It will be a big digital piece of shit. Where is the creature from the first movie...it was and still is like nothing we had ever seen before...and he was terrifying and believable! Probably my favorite scene in the first film is when Black's character gets gutted and hung from the trees!
Joshua Petersen (3 months ago)
Yeah you are spot on...Predator 2 is better than AVP or Predators, but somehow fails in comparison compared to the first movie. I had hight hopes for Predators but you are right...it felt lifeless....which is so weird cause Rodriguez had his hand in this one....but alas it fell short....I tried to watch Predator 2, Predators, as well as AVPR and I am telling the truth that I couldn't finish any of them...some of the stuff felt so lame and dumb to sit through, so my thoughts or rant above were some of the reasons I felt the first one worked so well along with the "macho insanity" you mentioned. I will be curious to see your thoughts on the new one once you have seen it if you are, but I fear like other sequels these days....even something as big as Starwars can be destroyed...so nothing is safe lol. Iron man 3 is an example of where Black can make a movie that I am not pleased with...especially the dialog and many of the forced jokes. I will say this....the part where the Predator is captured in the new trailer....I think that part is going to be pretty fun to watch cause almost all the best scenes in the trailer show this predator ripping through countless victims as he makes his way out of the facility. I do like that Busey's son Jake is playing that role too...hopefully he gets ripped apart! Where I really worry is the upgrade....bigger is not always better...but let's see what happens. All of the scenes in the new trailer though that continue the narrative of Peter Keys wanting to capture it from Predator 2 and what would have happened look good to me....that Predator is practical effects too so it looks more believable and it looks pissed off.
Will Goldstone (3 months ago)
Hey Josh, interesting take, Definitely agree they have not recaptured the original magic since the first one, I mean, the predator itself is great and amazingly realized for the time - but it's the cast- it set the bar for ensemble macho insanity, and you'll never top that. I'm interested in seeing what they do with the 'capturing' aspect - as its kind of playing off of 'what would have happened if Busey succeeded' in Predator 2 (I just watched it for first time in many years the other day, man it's bad) - but I don't think it's necessary. I hoped you'd get some of the interesting 'use the jungle' stuff from P1 in Predators but it was just so lifeless and characterless - this looks like it has more character, but I am not sure Shane Black's style suits directing the Predator, will it be another Iron Man 3 situation where its a mix of awkward action and sentiment? Let's find out!

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