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Nick Molyneux - The Beautiful Suchness of Things (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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The Beautiful Suchness of Things mocks the universal comedy of unlived lives. Performed by Nick Molyneux. Lyrics by George Marsh. Animation by Aaron Wheeler. Download at http://darkislands.co.uk We busy ourselves with one thing after another, our minds racing ahead to the next one, and don’t savour the present moment of anything. The refrain, by contrast, is my hard-won Zen learning from koan-study on Joshu’s MU. Those who are Zen practitioners interested in sitting with a koan might like to read my full article, originally published in the New Chan Forum in 2012, on the long logical and illogical journey through paradox and meaninglessness to Suchness, with the help of dear old Joshu: Meaninglessness that makes sense. For a Zen inspired selection take: Mrs Bride (about a murderer’s meditation in prison) The Beautiful Suchness of Things Notariddle What Can It Be? and Lingering Download at http://darkislands.co.uk - order a CD and get an immediate download as well.
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