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Aliens Walking On The Moon, The Truth Exposed, Apollo 8

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Text Comments (2524)
Orhan Demir (4 days ago)
Orhan Demir (4 days ago)
Mangesh Kumar (6 days ago)
You are real
장용희 (8 days ago)
크기가 상당합니다 주작인가?
juan-k sporty (8 days ago)
Are they doing the moonwalk!!
Domigene Yellets (9 days ago)
pasqualeredo (17 days ago)
WHATEVER that thing is, and it does look humanoid, must be freaking gigantic to be picked up in these photographs because the satellite or orbiter is probably 35-70 miles from the surface.
Jason Nash (21 days ago)
Goin for a walk to the pub was he or getting fuel for hes space ship
Martin Alvarado (21 days ago)
You need to update your information go to see Bruce sees all Sunstone research and then get up to speed
Akhilesh Asd (26 days ago)
Ghost walking on the Moon ...
Akhilesh Asd (26 days ago)
Host walking on the Moon ...
I know that there are something or someone on moon, mars and other planets, it's impossible if there are no living creature on other planets
Bynk333 (1 month ago)
Ahahaha i hawe found 5 same aliens on Moon in geometrical paterns. :-)
dimuthu nilangika (1 month ago)
Bullshit dont tell lies
angelo comoretto (2 months ago)
many other aliens live in antarctica, greenland, patagonia, tibet ......
Manju Natha (2 months ago)
Seems his\her lover deserted.so in search of a companion from earth.
Arthur Rogers (2 months ago)
Where foot prints of aliens
Dannys Vlogs (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me the soundtrack name?
Ronald Lase (2 months ago)
*They have secret Lunar Base on Moon..That's why NASA did not comeback to moon because of it*
Blackjack Videos (2 months ago)
Nothing goes beyond the Ionosphere anything above 150km is fiction
CAPITOL YAMAHA (3 months ago)
Wilber Lacerda (3 months ago)
Tell me, are you kidding me? The direction information of the Sun (represented by an arrow) and the shadows of the supposed "Aliens" does not compare with the shadows of the craters of the Moon. Are in opposite directions!
swaminarayn steel (3 months ago)
Salvador Estrella (3 months ago)
Just another still blurry photo.(fake) ..show one walking at least..make it worth watching..
Tanusree Dhali (3 months ago)
I want to see the Live videos about aliens existence in earth, moon and Mars. Please display about it and inform me.
Garabandal M (3 months ago)
As St.Padre Pio exorcist / Satan He had showing us how to recognize Satan They can be any shape to scare - or make us not scared Can be a sexy lady with a sweet voice - Aliens are Satan with a shape of alien I believed so Father Amorth exorcist ... please check out thank you
endmuhsuffering (4 months ago)
Dame tu cosita
Alex Adame (4 months ago)
They must be Giants 😜😜
tommyboim (4 months ago)
Oops we did it again.... we left Matt Damon on the moon
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Looking closely at this part of The Moon (shown in higher definition) I spotted at least 12 more of these beings walking in just in this small area. All on Google Earth. Their shadows give them away. No doubt about it! There are probably more but I got tired of looking.
Old Sky (4 months ago)
Fake video
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
No, It's real
md washim (4 months ago)
Fake fake fake fake
Ak 999 (3 days ago)
No it's not I saw it with my binoculars
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Again, No it's not.
Ricardo Salinas (5 months ago)
They are lost looking for directions too strips. McDonald's.
Rafael Cabral (5 months ago)
Caraí que ET grande e esse maior que a estátua da liberdade 🙄
Prashant Verma (5 months ago)
If this would real we already saw this on news .
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
If your waiting for confirmation from anyone in charge you'll be waiting a long time.
john adams (5 months ago)
Didn't 'The Police' sing about this?
sonu kumar (5 months ago)
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
No it' not.
Tee Kim (5 months ago)
the best guess to that would be that its either 2pac, bigfoot, or waldo.
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Maybe Anunnaki
nawazish khan (5 months ago)
B K Bawa (5 months ago)
Y both shadows are same direction if they walk around 600 km ?
Ghassan Monal (6 months ago)
Padma Priya (6 months ago)
Tamás Vári (6 months ago)
Where are the walking humanoid footprints? :)
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
On the Moon
Pavan Kumar (6 months ago)
How can we say aliens are same like a human representing?
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Most Alien species appear to be bipedal. If that is what you are referring to.
Fazli Hamid (6 months ago)
CHI Nation (6 months ago)
That's the Slender Man
Air Cams (7 months ago)
your indication of the direction of the sun is backward. Such blatant fraud. The caldera of the craters is a bowl. The sun is OBVIOUSLY coming from the right side of screen, not left. You messed up the fake shadows, bud. Try again.
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Why don't you try. This is only one example of these beings in this area.Take a look for yourself. Afraid of the truth.
Charlene Garcia (7 months ago)
Henry Chuailou (7 months ago)
Neil Armstrong statue
nel c (7 months ago)
Is actually Donald Duck
sundar mann (7 months ago)
Moon is still a virgin and free from human filth.
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Open your eyes and then your mind.
Cloud Chaser (8 months ago)
The sun is in the OPPOSITE direction of your arrow.
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
There are more of these that will show the obvious if you want to look for yourself.
Jayalakshmi J (8 months ago)
It is a true story 🤫
Aldebaran 369 (8 months ago)
There is a lot going on which the powers would not want you to know and those who expose the truth are killed.
JD Eíre32 (9 months ago)
Holy shit good find
ба- байка (10 months ago)
Anders Mattson (10 months ago)
aah its me i went there with Finnair by Honkong
Ignacio Galaz (10 months ago)
Si le haces zoom, se puede ver como baila cumbia
Norma Castro (10 months ago)
these two photos has the alien in the same pose.
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Maybe, but whats your point?
Adhi Satish (10 months ago)
Brother koncham camera mundhuku pampu HD camera Leda moon medaku velli clarity leni photos tiyyadam manchidi kadu prajalanu mosam cheyyakandi plz enkeppudu elanti videos pettakandi memu like cheyyamu OK na gurtu pettukondi
Mick Carson (10 months ago)
So fake.
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Tyrone Washington (10 months ago)
BentSardine (10 months ago)
Roblox moon tycoon
Chris Eggleton (10 months ago)
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Thinkers like this guy will lead you to the 19th century where they belong
Jose Neves (11 months ago)
The Moon is not gray but brown. It has an atmosphere similar to the planet Earth. It has water in great lakes, has trees, has cities, human beings and not humans. So why do they always insist on showing the Moon the gray color? Why does NASA mind us?
MOHAMMED AFSAL.P (11 months ago)
NASA found many technologies to reach moon, mars etc... Why they not found a clearly showable cameras.....
Blanca Alvarez (11 months ago)
Some say there are 250 million on the moon... would than be under the moon?
IMANE NACIRI (1 year ago)
أين هي مركبته
R W (1 year ago)
Numbers 13:33 KJV — And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.
Aurthur Ledesma (1 year ago)
the Moon is deep dust.can they Walk
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
How do you know this?
Aurthur Ledesma (1 year ago)
where do aliens get there cloths
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Probably get them fitted
You Uber (1 year ago)
I know this one. Kronolid
iko wyce (1 year ago)
Naman alle (1 year ago)
Ok so alien was doing moonwalk
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Some of us think this is news.
Ronald Sears (1 year ago)
These photos are the property of the Arcturian High Council. These photos were illegally downloaded from the mainframe computer aboard the Arcturian Starship Vhodozhop
Rohan Pednekar (1 year ago)
there are 8 such figures i have found on the moon in that straight line . it a fake it is glitches
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
No fake. They are all over. Not just in a straight line. They are also different enough to be obviously not the same being!
Ins4n3 OFFICIAL (1 year ago)
Sorry guys, my pet got loose again. Don’t mind him
David Silva (1 year ago)
If you fallow a line to your wright you will see this Object several times. And if you notice, this looks more like a Ship than a Alien. Just look at the image as it is and don´t rotate it..
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
If you don't rotate the picture you will not get the best perspective.
Ingrid pocze (1 year ago)
Photo shop
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Google photo shops the beings out of the pictures not into them. Good try though.
0nli Hak (1 year ago)
grilar (1 year ago)
Well. kind of crazy to spot a humanoid on the moon when the camera doesnt take picture better than 100 mtrs/pixel?? Gotta be a biiiiig one atleast, you idiots always forget how big things are when you make this crap...
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Sorry but this is not made up. Maybe you are so uninformed in these times that your thoughts are irreverent.
Mohammad Aslam (1 year ago)
Really ... This is my WhatsApp number.9704599480
Naveen Mohan (1 year ago)
That is a old lady who is preparing the vadai and she was going to shop for buying oil for preparing vadai
Steven Merrick (1 year ago)
I hope their legs don't break, walking on the moon.
magnus baja (1 year ago)
Nice exclusive content!
THE ACOUSTIC CAGE (1 year ago)
"The truth exposed"....lololololololol..
Mike Negreiff (4 months ago)
Sometimes I feel sad for stupid people.
Renato (1 year ago)
O ser humano vê o que quer ver! Lembram do "rosto" em marte? Depois com mais resolução se viu que não era rosto nenhum!
david wyn-jones (1 year ago)
its sting,,walking on the moon
Cristian Olea (1 year ago)
Minuto 1:21. La misma imagen dos veces en lugares distintos? Hasta con la misma pierna doblada? Eso se llama montaje!!! Hasta cuándo van a creer en las imágenes de la NASA? Son bien ahueonaos.
Transimaginator (1 year ago)
So where is the shadow??
Cole Porto (1 year ago)
The Allies of Humanity Briefings clearly reveal the intentions, activities and methods of the alien intervention, and offer the greater perspective needed to comprehend this reality in the world today. If you are looking to understand the cause of Contact, and not simply the symptoms, look these documents up, they are free online.
Jevi Alfiannor (1 year ago)
Tiada Tuhan yang patut diSembah melainkan ALLAH SUBHANAHUATA'ALA
Ivy Choy (1 year ago)
I think is neo queen serenity
ghali sooki (1 year ago)
There was no need for the background music at all. There should never ever be any kind of background music in films and Documentaries.
Potsie (1 year ago)
Wow! They must live beneath the surface in colonies and come up through a hole in the middle of a crater. The colonies are peaceful and interact by playing golf. But you only see them singly miles apart so they must have some score card method. They then compare cards using telepathic skills or some kind of comms system. They must be very honest folk because it would be so easy to cheat.
Daniel Oconnell (1 year ago)
Jay Dubb (1 year ago)
Nasa is ful of LIES... Moon is not in space.aliens are behind antartica Walls.thats How They get here. Where do aliens come From or planet.no such thing.
Flaco2x MTZ (1 year ago)
He was doing the moon walk 🕺🏻

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