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PGA Golf Impressions - Open Championship 2018

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Tiger Woods, Harrington, Reed, DJ, Poulter, Sergio, Phil, Rory, Tommy Fleetwood, Justin Rose and Bubba Watson give there thought heading into the Open Championship at Carnoustie!
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Text Comments (441)
Honey Lindsay (1 day ago)
TFrail (1 day ago)
Ian's hair lmao
Jeremy Davidson (2 days ago)
Not much to smell about :)
Ronagery (2 days ago)
A true master ! Especially the garcia and tiger. Impressive
Jonathan Gerkensmeyer (4 days ago)
That tiger!!!!
Kirk Radeck (5 days ago)
Matt Kaminski (5 days ago)
you need to do an updated one with justin rose and be sure to mention honma 400000 times
Matt Kaminski (5 days ago)
haha the rory voice is spot on
Dustin (5 days ago)
The Bubba impression was the best! Dude cries all the time and it's the farthest thing from a manly cry. He has the shoulder convulsions and the snot bubbles with the bottom lip quiver. Bubba really knows how to cry.
RDJ410 (9 days ago)
Andy Stack (10 days ago)
does tiger woods do mad cocaine? cause this guy makes it seem like it
cneddy22 (16 days ago)
Mono-tone Dustin
MikeyD22 (19 days ago)
Sergio and Rory were spot on!
Daniel Q (21 days ago)
This is scary accurate.
Guitarist 24 (23 days ago)
That Sergio impression was so good it scared me 😂
Mike Reza (25 days ago)
GucciGrind (25 days ago)
All of these are incredible
Rus Kolnikov (1 month ago)
How da hell this guy look so much like Tiger Woods AND Justin Rose?!! Genius
Young Skywalker (1 month ago)
nailed every single one...unbelievable
SunGod Asiatic (1 month ago)
Ian Poulter crazy golf hahahahahaha
Arthur Lelu (1 month ago)
Transcendent Studios (1 month ago)
Just wonderful
Pretty stupid.
Football India (1 month ago)
Bro , u are not concentrating on Football .
Brennan Wallman (1 month ago)
Dre Wilkinson (1 month ago)
These impressions are insane
Chris DePoy (1 month ago)
Seriously all spectacular! Nobody's giving his Padraig any love though - that was PERFECT!
beardedcollie39 (2 months ago)
brilliant stuff. you got that tool woods down to a tee
R G (2 months ago)
It’s not only the voices, it’s the facial expressions & mannerisms. This is just pure entertainment!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Upload - Paul (2 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant, well done 👍
Frisco Poenisch (2 months ago)
Pretty impressed by this lol
Scott Robertson (2 months ago)
This guy is superb. Ian Poulter and Bubba Watson are class.
Barry Noordimeer (3 months ago)
Teach me your ways, plzzzzz
moreme40 (3 months ago)
Love his Sergio
Superette Glenelg (3 months ago)
The DJ one gets me every single time 😂😂😂😂
Luke F (3 months ago)
Sergio and rory mcilroy are spot on
Cool Apple (4 months ago)
0:59 ahahahahahahah
Ollie Moore (4 months ago)
Great impressions with Justin and tiger and also tommy
Daniel O (4 months ago)
Patrick reed refers to his fans. That was the biggest joke in the video
D S (4 months ago)
darryl mcerlean (4 months ago)
Can you do GMAC????... & his N.Irish / American accent
daniel mullen (4 months ago)
Padraig was unreal, first open I watched was '07 when Padraig won, hooked in the game ever since
Lee Adams (5 months ago)
Tony Shiels (5 months ago)
Serve his dad every week in Lidl 😂Conor is brilliant hope to see him when he's back in Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Brodric Johnson (5 months ago)
I absolutely love these impressions, keep it up, and is tiger doing cocaine now or something
Beta Vulgaris (5 months ago)
Fucking CLASSIC.
Johnny Fiver (5 months ago)
amazing. Is this the same guy?...loved the Bubba Watson...he hit every one on the nose.
Jeff Brown (5 months ago)
Deborah Conley (5 months ago)
This guy is about as funny as death nobody cares about someone imitating a bunch of ass hole golfers
Lee Wilson (5 months ago)
Spot on, had me in stitches
Shawn Mueller (5 months ago)
Too funny!!
Fran Gipane (5 months ago)
colin glen (5 months ago)
lol ... i'd love to see some of the players reacting to these accurate observations.
AndyAndy Sylvester (5 months ago)
Njenga Joe (5 months ago)
You killed it man... You nailed it. I really enjoyed it. 😂😂🔥🔥
Ker Vate (5 months ago)
Tiger Woods lmaoooo
bubbadelux (5 months ago)
I would love to see them play this with the Players present then , watch em say ; " Thats Not me, I dont Do that" This guy has All of them down to a Tee. Lol. !!
Paul Goodier (5 months ago)
so good
stephan diehl (5 months ago)
Ahhhhhhh hahahhaahahaa was worth it just to see Bubba !
R8cer Ex (5 months ago)
This is pure gold. Tiger is spot on.
Terry Wells (5 months ago)
Sergio tee hee! I fell over and his tiger is off the hook and bubba, forget about it!!
Sam Houston (5 months ago)
Dude this guy is awesome. He's got Bubba Watson down pat
I am clack (5 months ago)
Hell ya! That's awesome. Great job man!
copper jacket (5 months ago)
not bad
Chuck Taylor (5 months ago)
No Rickie Fowler?
GENO (5 months ago)
I could watch this guy do impressions for hours!
JohnNiemsMusic (5 months ago)
He was right on point with all of them!!!! I think all of them may want to change how they respond to questions now after seeing how they look here! hahaha
V Seme (5 months ago)
Hugo Månsson (5 months ago)
Tigers impression was amazing🤩
Joshua McClellan (5 months ago)
That was brilliant
Darryl Parkinson (5 months ago)
That Justin Rose 😂
Isac's Adventures (5 months ago)
Rory !! Hahah
SunGod Asiatic (5 months ago)
Hahaaa Paddy...Rory...Dustin.. Ian and Sergio!! Lmao!! J Rose and T. Fleetwood lmao!!!
Rob Calvert (5 months ago)
The mannerisms are what make it so great. The voices are obviously great but Poulter, Rose and Mickelson are just scary good.
tigerbalm (5 months ago)
OMG...if you close your eyes...that was Sergio!
Ciaran Riley (5 months ago)
Absolutely brilliant he's got them all of to a tee!!! No pun intended lol
LEE BRANDON (5 months ago)
omg this is the best thing ive ever seen. he has DJ's eyes down to a tee.
Anthony Anderson (5 months ago)
The Patrick Reed facial expressions were fucking spot on! Haha hell they all were
JEF 3x (5 months ago)
OMG, I think I just pissed me pants! I'm crying with laughter! Thank you Conner! This is priceless....I hope this takes you to places you dreamed all along! JEF3x
Zach Powell (5 months ago)
That is an amazing Tiger impression
Cushty (5 months ago)
toddms41 (5 months ago)
Dude, you are so talented!!!
flytii (5 months ago)
C. S. (6 months ago)
"I'm totally excited to be back in the UK....different language you gotta learn" --Dustin Johnson
madgameradam (6 months ago)
Lol tiger
Sterling Schreiber (6 months ago)
That's some funny shit!!! Pretty good impressions. LOL
Harvey Broadfoot (6 months ago)
Amazing 😂😂😂
Stephen King (6 months ago)
Bang on Woods impersonation
Jim Inman (6 months ago)
I love this guy! He is spot on with the impressions.
Perfect Sense (6 months ago)
"A lot of ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys" Totally something Rose would and has said in the past. Always some proverb or wisdom in there from old Rosie. Spot on!
celtic348 (6 months ago)
awesome lol
Will Shealy (6 months ago)
WoodyLongone (6 months ago)
wht.. diff language? lol. Fleet was the best
Mark le Spark (6 months ago)
JESUS CHRIST he's so good 😂
Tom Piscitelli (6 months ago)
no black face for tiger?? come on
WoozyCally314 (6 months ago)
Dude Patrick reed
JJ G (6 months ago)
Bubba Watson impersonation is hysterical
Don Carbon (7 months ago)
i find myself returning to this every weekend to have a laugh
Michael Preiss (4 months ago)
me too
Asim Gupta (7 months ago)
Fleetwood hair is hilarious!
アダム/HAKAIBLACK (7 months ago)
He looks like gary cahill from chelsea

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