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eBay Returns Have Never Been Easier With New eBay Item Return Process In Favor Of Sellers!

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eBay Returns can be a pain in the butt but now that eBay has changed the way listings rank, offering returns is a must have now. I know we all have fears of offering returns and having customers return the item for a full refund. Not only are there headaches and hassles involved but scam artists that try to take advantage of you. Hopefully, not anymore due to this new way of helping sellers with return policies. Make sure you watch the video and click on the link in order to check this out! 1) Set up your return policy with the criteria that you want e.g. 14 day return window and a restocking fee 2) If the buyer wants to return, they go to "My eBay" 3) They select the reason for a return and confirm their refund amount 4) The customer then prints a return shipping label with a tracking number and a date to send it back by 5) After receiving the item in its original condition, you can refund the customer
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Cooney Creek (2 years ago)
So who pays the return postage?
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
You can have the buyer pay return shipping and no need to reimburse on your end at all.
uppermostking02 (2 years ago)
I'm fairly new to selling on eBay I'm selling a game console and if I offered returns I'm scared that they would damage the item intentionally and I would be left with a broken gaming system.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
That can definitely happen. I won't lie to you and tell you that everyone is honest online. You probably already know that though.
Gnarlixx (2 years ago)
What's the difference between an exchange and a replacement on eBay?
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
I'm assuming you exchange one item for another or you can have the exact item replaced. Example: I purchased a silver alarm clock. The exchange would be a black alarm clock but maybe smaller or a different shape. If had the item replaced, I would get the identical alarm clock.
TheOreo Kid82 (2 years ago)
Nice video buddy!!
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
AJN81 (2 years ago)
What does mean when the prices change from red to blue color!
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
Not sure...
Xavien Garcia (2 years ago)
trying to find out how to win return case with ebay with my iPhone I had sold on ebay if anyone knows please let me know. thanks
I'm just getting started with ebay and I'm facing tremendous hardship after my husband suddenly passed away .Being disabled I need to sell my stuff on ebay just because it can be picked up at my door to ship. I don't have the luxury to be able to take returns. I'm not going into business on ebay, I have to clean out my closet and sell handbags and stuff I never used ,so everything must be a final sale.when facing foreclosure taking back item is not an option. I wish ebay has an all sales final section where the buyers goes into that area knowing that all sale are final. Is there such a place? I used to working in a womens clothing store and I cannot risk someone wearing an item or using a handbag and then returning it. That kind of shit happens all the time in retail.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
For clothing, there is an app called Poshmark and it's simple to use. They add on a flat rate to ship which is usually enough to cover the cost to ship and all sales are final. Check it out!
Zane Wv (2 years ago)
Ebay sellers are horrible, I lost money after returning 3 items and ebay found for the seller, so the seller has my money and their item.
Arnando Rivero (3 years ago)
Hi there, I'm new selling on eBay and long and behold I sold my very first item however not without an obstacle. I sold a like new anxiety sweater for small dog suffering from anxiety as stated on the box (photos provided too). Now the person wants a return because her dog uses an x-small instead. I specifically stated that I had a no return policy on this item, what can you suggest I do in this case. The item was sold for 23.00 dollars.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
Ebay likes to side with the buyers, so not much you can do. Take the return but the buyer pays return shipping. You never give money back to cover their shipping cost! Relist the item and I'm sure you will sell it again.
abdalla abas (3 years ago)
i have the graphic card that i send to a buyer and i end up make a video before i send it to him and after few day he send me a message say to me its broken. help what should i do. i submitted a print screen of picture of this matter and this video the card is working and also showing the part number. during the test.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
You did well taking a video. It's harder and harder these days to protect yourself! I hope the outcome was a win in your favor.
CHERYL HARBOUR (3 years ago)
Thanks for the info.  The new Easy return has worked fantastic!  I had a similar thing happen.  A lady bought some mugs from me with some famous artist Picasso, Rembrandt etc.  She claimed they were broken when she received them , so I asked for a photo.  Never heard from her again .
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
That's great Cheryl! I love when that happens.
subyayap (3 years ago)
Phophang Soa (3 years ago)
I am a seller on ebay, when I my item sold, after he got the item, suddenly he want me to return fund, and he said that my item was broken. And I know 100% that my item is really good product. And after that ebay take my money from paypal. I don't know what should I do now, even my product never return to me. So please help me
St. Apollonius (3 years ago)
no matter whether you set the refund to "no refund" ebay is still more likely to come down in favour of the buyer and insist you refund the buyer.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
Very true but you can try your best!
St. Apollonius (3 years ago)
You should've took time to report her to ebay, there has been similar buyers tried it on with me once they leave positive feedback that contradicts their earlier complaints I report them to ebay. because when they try scamming someone else ebay then can see they have a history.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
I did St. Appollonius. When we report them, it hopefully helps eBay create a a log. We don't realize how many other people they could have done that to.
mtdewramen (3 years ago)
Depending on the market, and my limited experience it is better to trust your buyers in general. Yes you will get scammed less than 1% of your transactions, but what business doesn't? I made many mistakes starting out this year, one of them being not offering better customer service with returns since day 1.
g quinn (3 years ago)
You paid $8 for an item from a thrift store and sold it for $40 ... you are a crook!
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
It's called supply and demand... simple economics! Remember, something is only worth what a person will pay for it!
St. Apollonius (3 years ago)
Ebay still will always side with the buyer. I recently sold a vintage Philips dictaphone and in the description I pointed out that though it works I hadn't tested the record mechanism because I didn't have a micro cassette. so it sold then a week later the buyer emailed me saying he was returning it because the recording doesn't work. to cut along story short despite my description pointing out that the record mechanism was untested Ebay still sided with the buyer and made me give a full refund.
St. Apollonius (4 years ago)
I spent near a hour telling them (ebay customer support) that the item I sold was returned eventually they said ok your final valuation fee has been cancelled. two weeks later the fee that should have been cancelled was charged to my bank account I found this out by having to return my shopping because I didn't have the funds in my account to pay for my food. believe me Ebay customer support is going to know they have pissed the wrong guy off.
coco rokz (4 years ago)
I am new to selling, a buyer was unhappy with the product she got. Even though I did not offer returns I am thinking about exepting it to keep the customer happy and not receive a bad review. If I do the return will i have to also return the shipping? If I don't and she leaves a bad review what's the worst that could happen? Thanks in advance :)
Trang Lê (4 years ago)
Does returning item an ebay need printing? I don't have a printer. That's my problem
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
Try a local UPS store to print from but I hope you have a printer by now.
Ronni Blasz Mackles (4 years ago)
The new process STINKS.  Numerous phone calls into ebay and a different answer each time. First they said it was a software bug, then they said I should have subscribed to "hassle free returns" two years ago, now they say that there is really a limitation and they don't know how they can help me. If I sell an item and the buyer wants to return it, the only way I can get my final value fee back is if I refund the initial shipping.  What if the buyer needs to be responsible for the initial shipping? If the item simply doesn't fit, then that obviously does not mean that I misrepresented it. I am simply allowing them to return an item if they choose to do so. I am currently awaiting for a call back (again) so that they could continue to help me figure this out.  This is ridiculous.
Kyle Lucas (4 years ago)
The is good selas & buyas But ther selas that are that no the ebay time limit so thay wast time try keep your self safe wen buying wen you selling asck for pick it rite to no you not geting ript off get proteinuria just like this guy good on you just wish thay whos more help for them like me that just wast time so thay dont have to pay or give you a new itom thay sed thay replas but thay not
Kyle Lucas (4 years ago)
I understand this but i buy from ebay a lot not that menny problem it just one itom i ben ripped off my it whos a brand new Samsung galaxy s3 unlocked i no drand new whot can be rong got from HK thecks long time to get hear well payd for it dawt 5.12.14 for xmas presont got it wat ov box to meck so it weckt for xmas back nevar fited and network sed emgnsy only i tuck picks and emaild them and thay sed it had to go back xmas presont awt windo then wen it got ther a bawt munf aftar thay sed it going back to factry had to wat for reply thay send wen it cum back that thay will test it be for thay sent it off got it back wiv no batry and the memry card whos gon so cunt test i emailed them back to let the teling the so i went got a batry to thest it and still wunt weck the told me to send it back in box this time so i did wiv batry that i got thay got itom back but thay wont giv me refund or replacement thay wont email me back ebay say thay cant duw nufing a bawt it i keep emailing them and ebay can eny one help me
Zubin HV (4 years ago)
Old but need to know. Is there a special procedure to go through when I (The buyer) needs to send the item back for a refund?  So far I've been talking things over with the Seller via eBay messages and just now sent me the OK to send item back, is there anything I should do? file a refund somewhere? paypal?  Do I just pack the item and send it back in hopes of getting the refund? (seller's return policy was Buyer pays shipping) Item was sent to me not as described.
Zubin HV (2 years ago)
Oh wow didnt realize I had issues 2 years ago with returns, now I'm a Seller and recently just went through a nightmare buyer. Sold a computer part, After a few days get a Return Claim initiated by the buyer claiming that the item is Defective, which it cant be because I was using it a day before packaging. I did not know a Return Claim, LOCKS YOUR PAYPAL. I was put in the negative balance and for an entire week and a half I had to walk this idiot through how to properly install the part, just some driver installation issue he messed up on. Its a bit ridiculous how eBay jumps into action like that, I've never had that much "success" whenever I was in the buyer's seat. Think the worst was my only options were Paying for shipping back and then refund, Partial refund and the buyer keeps the item, Full refund buyer keeps item, even though I offered Free Shipping, and paid about $32(CAN to US) from my wallet for shipping. When you've sold something you are 100% sure works and these are your only options, thats messed up. Plus does listing your item as "No Returns Allowed" even mean anything, because the fear I have with selling PC parts is the buyer buys, incorrect install (like this case) breaks the item in the installation and then claims the item arrived DOA, all things I assumed this nightmare Buyer was doing. I had listed the item as No Return, and yet how does that setting even work if the buyer can claim a return still, they should need to go through the seller before eBay, like in this case, I was completely willing to help fix the problem, but instead I was just (still helping) furious that eBay took the "guilty before proven innocent" stance on the issue. So for anyone oddly reading this in 2017, if you're going to sell anything PC related, my advise, clearly SHOW and add the words "Working" or "100% working" in your listing, I've sold a few parts before without this so never knew the words missing were an issue. I've also started this new listing where I grab my phone and record the entire system working with the part, just a 2-3min clip, upload to YT and embed it to your listing, now I should be false-return-proof. =D Best to get on with life and use this as a lesson learned than mope around about it. man, just thinking about it infuriates me.
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
You can file a complaint through eBay for a refund. You will more than likely pay for shipping but eBay may refund that as well. Just make sure you communicate through the eBay messaging system, that way they can see the whole conversation. Email the Seller and ask what you need to do.
heyitsablackguy3 (4 years ago)
I've had that happen too.  One buyer BROKE it and now wants a return.  That's NUTS!
Dauchi K (4 years ago)
Thanks for that.. I'm new to the ebay thing and I'm not sure how to go about returns. I recently purchased an item as a guest. Everything went well, except the item sent to me was the wrong item. (Honestly) Not sure how that happened. I've since obtained an account with ebay, but the problem is.. there no record of the buy in my history. I've communicated with the buyer and have been asked to send it back and he, in turn will send me the correct item. Now.. I'm little reluctant to send the item back without the proper ebay return label, fearing scam. Whats your thoughts.  
Dom Cheney (4 years ago)
Where is the link?
QueenAnn01 (4 years ago)
I have a return and it was not in the condition that I shipped it in (the buyer said the hat was to big for him). The buyer had the hat for 19 days and had washed a wool hat in the washing Machine or something. I clearly stated in my preference that NO REFUNDS except but eBay refunded the money anyways. Now was that right for eBay to step in and refund without even a "what's going on" to me the seller? I thought eBay was going to look at the faxes on this matter, but they sided with the buyer. But I live and learned from this situation.
Jose Hernadez (4 years ago)
how do i pay a 5 dollar restocking fee?
Quinton Cook (4 years ago)
i hate we can't leave neutral or negative feedback on buyers.  I run into customers that try to pull a lot of SH*T.   And i have to disagree the system is more geared towards the buyers then sellers...  I pay ebay about 1000.00 + in fees a month then another 1000+ in fees to paypal and they still are too quick to try to screw me over often.
Phoenix Picker (4 years ago)
After times goes on, I agree with you. I thought when this first came out that it would really help us as Sellers but nothing has really changed. You are correct, they should stand behind us more because without Sellers, there wouldn't be Buyers. They should really treat us better! Thanks for commenting.
Alan Maier (5 years ago)
I offer returns on everything and use eBay managed returns. However with the new defect system coming into play - those returns count against your defect rating. If you give the buyer a full refund, it counts against you - even if the buyer simply changed their mind and you are being a good seller and striving for customer satisfaction by taking a short term loss in effort to please the customer in the long run.  So eBay wants you to offer "hassle free returns", but knocks you down when you do. 
Phoenix Picker (2 years ago)
Yep, it's a hard thing to swallow but now 2 years later, I still haven't seen any improvement.
Alan Maier (4 years ago)
Just an update. Yes I lost TRS status by just a small fraction of a percent. Today I am at 2.15%. But then I look at the defects taking it down. A buyer who opened a item not received case when it was literally out for delivery that day and was mailed within 1 day of payment. Since the buyer closed the case ASAP when they received the item - I am left with a defect. Another buyer opened a return due to the item being defective - but it really wasn't, they didn't mean to, they are happy, and I still have a non-removable defect. All it takes is a competitor to open a return and you get a non-removable defect even if the item is never returned. If eBay wanted to be FAIR, they would have a system in place where if a return is opened but the item is not returned - the defect comes off after X number of days. eBay doesn't want to be fair, they appear to be wanting to run off the poor seller (okay), but are hurting the core seller who works hard to do the right thing. 
Alan Maier (5 years ago)
Jennifer, unfortunately buyers are returning items as "defective" in order to obtain free return shipping (honest or not). My terms are "buyer pays return shipping" and this is an easy work-around to not pay for return shipping. The number of buyers who are abusing returns is staggering. Due to this issue and my liberal return policy, my defect rate has been dinged hard. I won't be a TRS come August due to buyers abusing the system. 
Jennifer Bishop (5 years ago)
Also it is only a defect if the buyer selects the item was not as described
Jennifer Bishop (5 years ago)
Not if you send a cancellation request that says "buyer is returning item for a refund". You get your fees back too
Steve (5 years ago)
Buy a GoPro camera/camcorder and record everything. Use a tripod. Take close-up video of the product. If it's electronics, video it working. Keep the item in view at all times. With the camera rolling, document the package all the way into the carrier's hands. I know it sounds excessive, but there is no other way to win an ebay dispute when the buyer claims damage or a misrepresented item. Also, use a listing program and take as many pics as the program allows (20+) of every conceivable angle of the item. It's somewhat time consuming, but a video tells a million words. It will give a seller a chance in the long-run.
Harald Roomets (5 years ago)
Excellent info, thanks for sharing.
Phoenix Picker (5 years ago)
You're welcome. Thanks for watching.
xululx (5 years ago)
Thanks man for sharing this, am almost got into this shit few days back. Same with ur situation, my 'client' wanted her money back, knowing that i didnt offer return policy..luckily i watched this video and the same action i took upon her–no reply from her ever since! Again,thank u soo much:)
Phoenix Picker (5 years ago)
HAHA... it's sad but it happens. I am so glad you saw this video and applied what I spoke of. I appreciate your feedback xululx. Thanks for watching.
Ania S (5 years ago)
This sounds good in theory, however not always in practice.  Case in question, I purchased an item, it didn’t work, I shipped it back within a few days.  It was a piece of clothing, and the zipper won’t zip.  The seller isn’t a happy camper, so he turns around and makes up lies by saying that I damaged the item.  It’s his word against mine, I didn’t shoot pics of the item prior to shipping it back;  just didn’t think about it.  Again, I did NOT damage the item.  He also refers to my waiting five days, when I could have waited up to 30 days as per eBay rules.  I am fighting this on the principle, and will escalate.  Now imagine a scenario if I returned the thing just because, without mentioning the malfunctioning zipper.  He would’ve said the same thing.  Fair, isn’t it?  ( /sarcasm)  . Btw I left him a positive feedback before checking said zipper;  now he holds THAT against me, too.  D if you do and D if you don't.  Amazing.
Phoenix Picker (5 years ago)
Oh trust me, there are times where you can never win. I just try to make things easier if possible. I still have trouble now and again on Ebay. Just the other day I sold some ink cartridges and the buyer only paid $7 total. He complained that he never received it but wanted a tracking number. Since I didn't post it on Ebay, I know he was hoping I didn't have it and then claim it never came. I sent a picture of the recent to him and he said, "I will check the mail again" and I never heard back. Scammer are out there and it makes it hard doing business online anymore.
Jay Cutler (5 years ago)
Hell yea man i say this it is the sellers that make ebay wat it is buyers keep takin advantage of ebays buyers rite crap im sick of it
Phoenix Picker (5 years ago)
The more scamming that goes on, it will hurt the auction site and changes will not be for the better. Thanks Scott for sharing your opinion.
Phoenix Picker (5 years ago)
I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing this right now. If you were honest in your listing and told them no returns, you can stand by that. I would offer to take the item back as a return but only if they pay for return shipping and you will not reimburse. They may have taken a part out, so expect a loss when/if it is returned. I suggest you read up on the returns policy and maybe that can help make your decision. Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience.
Phoenix Picker (5 years ago)
At times people receive items they don't like or want and donate them to Goodwill. This was a new item and had new tags on the item. There was no damage, as I inspect items for high quality. The best part I learned from this experience is to make a video showing the item and holding on to it for 3 months. If there is any dispute, I just email eBay with a link to the YouTube video and it proves my case. ;o)
Marco Juarez (5 years ago)
You look like Zimmerman
curlz1290 (5 years ago)
My experince qith ebay has been good so far dough a week ago i bought a case for a Tablet that i have, though its too big and will return it, hope i struggle with this issue..
ObsessiveFanboy (5 years ago)
Okay. I printed out my shipping label. Now what? Do I go to a UPS or something and get a box there and just put the shipping label on it and have them ship it out for me? I no longer have the original packaging my item came in.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Yes, that's eBay for you. They look after the buyers more so than the sellers. It's frustrating to say the least.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Just offer free shipping and add the cost into your item price.
shadow985 (6 years ago)
i lost my ebay account to a Niger scam and ran my bal to $106.00 and ebay said i had no choice but to pay it and its been in limbo for 3 years
S.0.S (6 years ago)
Any advice on avoiding final value shipping fees on ebay?
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
The whole thing with eBay is that it allows this behavior. They need to release the more Sellers that get fed up with this stuff will end up leaving and if you don't have Sellers, you won't have Buyers. They better wake up! I'm so over the rating system. I could care less because I am an honest Seller and you get what I describe.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
It's all about saving your messages and writing detailed auctions.
Littlepoochgirl (6 years ago)
wow. hope you blocked her from your store. thats so nasty of her to try to scam. they are used to sellers being so terrified of getting a low mark so they assume you'll just return $ and not ask for any proof. why cant one leave a truthful message AFTER she left you a positive one? Such as, "cust said i arrived broken and when i asked for proof in a photo she changed her story and gave pos feedback. BEWARE Sellers" Would ebay care?? Could she hurt you after she's already given you rave reviews?
CubbieBearandAmyBear (6 years ago)
I usually take pictures of expensive items beforehand. It really sucks when you're honestly trying to make a living. I had a few people who tried to fraud me. Of course, I backed up my proof from the messages I received, demanded clear images shown, have ebay look at the images, get the name of the ebay rep. and time, etc.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Sorry to hear that JK. Not sure if that would be a scam or just a unhappy customer. I would probably take the item back, inspect it (make sure nothing was removed from inside), then refund the money minus the shipping cost. You can then ask for the Final Value Fee to be credited back to your account. This happens on occasion and really should be considered a part of doing business. Since you did say NO RETURNS in your listing, you could fight it but expect negative feedback. Up to you JK!
jk Egg (6 years ago)
Just sold a watch on ebay listed as used/ preowned. put in the listing that the watch had wear on it what not. Also listed it as no returns.This guy bid up the watch at the last second. took him a couple days to pay on paypal. he gets it in the mail and then contacts me that he wants a full refund because the item doesn't fit my description. he opened a case against me. paypal put a hold on his payment. Im fighting it and have a feeling that this guy is trying to scam. let me know what u think
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
I appreciate your comment ebayisajoke. I hardly offer returns because it seems like it's more of a headache. This is just an update of their return policy that may help others decide if it's for them or not. Your comment is truly an asset to this video because it's grat to hear others opinions. Thank you again!
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Saturday Night Fever Baby!
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Always worth looking into. Thanks for watching.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
People will say anything at times to get a refund or a discount. I had some lady write me saying she purchased my item for her husband but he passed away the next day. I felt bad but at the same time, the story didn't add up. I told her it was already shipped out but if she wanted to return it, I would refund her the money. Never heard back...
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
I feel now that eBay is a little more involved with the return transactions, maybe we will see less bull. Only time will tell.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Oh no rapp six, that is not good at all. If you refunded through PayPal, you can file a claim and say you did it by mistake and have not received the item back. Good luck!
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Sherry (6 years ago)
Great information, I like your videos, I will check out the link. I had a person give me a bad feedback because she did not get the item in time for a birthday. Never mentioned that she had a birthday, Never said she got it in the mail. So even if I offed a return you can still get feed back. Someone has to make some rules about purchasing items and not paying for them. I like the idea of sending a photo when they say its broke. Good thinking. Again, I like your videos
Neil Brewer (6 years ago)
Good stuff, TYVM!
Sonny Earp (6 years ago)
Great info, I never offered returns in the past, maybe after checking the link you provided I might change that. Thanks PP.
rapp six (6 years ago)
I think I just got scammed today;( i sold my phone and refunded the buyer without getting my phone back. I have a bad feeling, I'm an idiot. I wish I would of watched this video yesterday.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
UPDATE: That little scammer left me Positive Feedback. I didn't notice he did that prior to requesting the cancellation. Looks like he is just looking to bump up his feedback rating. Reported to eBay!
Bill Stoner (6 years ago)
I have not seen any change in returns. I get very few anyway and I think that the new policy actually saved me from having 2 returns because 1) the buyer didn't understand the return policy and 2) the seller did not ship the item by the date required. I offer 14 day return policy on everything I sell.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
LMAO... that serves her right. At least you stepped up and tried to do the best you could. Thanks for sharing PP.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Something to look into at least.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Kind of like gambling.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
No doubt!
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
It's sad that it's come to this. Just a few minutes ago someone won an item from me and I received an email requesting to cancel. If you don't want it, don't bid! Makes me so mad. Now I have a second chance offer out there.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
You have the higher power Mr. Stoner! LOL
Bill Stoner (6 years ago)
I was opt in in the beta stage of the new return policy
Bill Stoner (6 years ago)
was that buyer's ID youyoustupid I had that user tell me I sabotaged her puppets. A lot of us buyers got togather and filed a dispute with eBay against her.
CaliforniaPickin (6 years ago)
What a scam artist she was. Great info PP!
Picking Profits (6 years ago)
I offer returns on items that are low risk. I do not offer returns on items that are high risk. This allows me to get more exposure but I do not get top rated +. That's fine with me.
ReALliFe4nOw (6 years ago)
@uptown I put the picture on a Thank-you note with my Webster and eBay name. I then email it and print it on regular paper and send with the item. It looks like a nice Thank-you note/invoice, but I have had to use it twice in the past for scammers
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Thanks for watching.
thanks for the heads up good to know
Steve Hickey (6 years ago)
I changed my whole policy on feedback. If I get feedback then I leave positive feedback. I shipped a 1969 Tripoly game wrapped in plastic. she emailed saying when it was opened the paper contents was crumbled from age.( she sent a pic) I gladly refunded her money and her shipping. She emailed saying she wanted her shipping costs also refunded for her shipping the gift at Christmads to a friend. I refused. She left neg feedback. I contacted Ebay. She is suspended for six months.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
@mikegoblue68 I believe that changed because I came across it the other day as an option.
mikegoblue68 (6 years ago)
Unfortunately you can't leave a buyer anything but positive feedback.
Uptown Scarlett (6 years ago)
Here is a story: About a month ago a lady got a blouse I sold and she said it didn't fit and wanted to return it. I said that was fine. About 3 weeks go by and I finally get the package. The label is marked out and it states "refused, return to sender." Apparently this buyer fraudulently used the USPS to send back her item for free. You can't legally send back a package after you open it, but she did. I wanted to report her, but how?
Uptown Scarlett (6 years ago)
wow! that is a good idea. How do you send the letter to your buyers? Do you email them the picture when the item ships? Just curious, this is a good idea
Uptown Scarlett (6 years ago)
I offer returns because I sell clothing. A lot of times things don't fit, so people want to return the item. That is fine with me because I don't lose anything... they pay the shipping both ways and I just relist the item. Sometimes I will have a buyer say that something is wrong with the item (when really it doesn't fit), and those people will purposely damage my item to claim it as received damaged and then return it. Those people are fraud and that's what I hate!
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
@Uptown Scarlett Great Point!
Uptown Scarlett (6 years ago)
Also, if you don't offer a return you won't be able to establish top rated seller status!
ReALliFe4nOw (6 years ago)
As a buyer and a seller I am cautious of returns. I always take a photo of the item packaged with the box open, then I print it with a letter I send to all my customers. That way if there is any "broken" items they know I have proof of condition when I sent it.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
And that's the kind of stuff I'm talking about. It's weird! Hopefully he left you positive feedback. Thanks for sharing!
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
Things are forever changing on eBay, so we have to always learn. Thanks for watching.
Phoenix Picker (6 years ago)
That's correct, sometimes they feel it's just not worth it but yet, you still offer it. Good point CP.
MakeMoney2Day (6 years ago)
When people want to return an item and i say ok so far i got no returns because when they relize they have to pay return shipping the just keep the item
Ann Eckhart (6 years ago)
Good advice!

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