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Ebay Returns Fraud. Why does Ebay punish Sellers?

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Ebay Returns Fraud. Why does Ebay punish Sellers? I recently got a return that was automatically approved by Ebay for item not as described. This is the story. •••••••••••• Music By ••••••••••••• 'Song Title (s)'' Jay Man - OurMusicBox http://www.youtube.com/c/ourmusicbox Instagram: egmusic16 https://twitter.com/freemusiceg16 https://www.facebook.com/NCMmusic16/ soundcloud.com/ncm-free-music http://vk.com/ncmenderguney aquaman soundtrack
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James Ramirez (3 days ago)
EBay will Always side with the Buyer. That is their model. Without Buyers and their perception of Satisfaction, EBay would Collapse! Plus they’ve already collected their Seller’s FEES TOO! No Skin off their back....
Isaac mondragon (6 days ago)
As i have said in my previous comment i truly believe Ebay is the scam bot posing as buyers and getting refunded while keeping the product! They make the rules and enforce as its suits the need in each case to monitise on the back end! They can get away because the government is not investigating
Phill Cobra (1 month ago)
Ebay punished buyers too! It's not just fake goods. It can be genuine goods but not as described too! I added negative feedback to UK Ebay seller chalkstarr-uk and it was removed by Ebay. This left the seller squeeky clean and made me feel unsafe to shop. I have had to close my account which I opened in 2007 just to keep myself safe. Not good!
richard small (2 months ago)
Isn't what ebay said a fair reflection of today's horrid society? So Ebay were correct as they are going on and making decisions based on today's horrid society?
Patrick bennett` (2 months ago)
yea its soo rough on sellers, im afraid to accept the return of a $650 item because of all the scammers so i have to tell them no and stick to my guns even through the now paypal despute. buyer changin their story right n left just trying anything to scam and im trying to dodge every bit of it. doesnt always work out for the seller but sometimes it does
Viet Dang (3 months ago)
This happens to me everyday .. buyers always say to me, oh somethings damaged and they are expecting a partial refund and 100% of the time they get it .. and I lose Money 😂 all the time !!!!!
Andrew M (3 months ago)
The eBay return policy is such a joke. The buyer can break what they bought from you and demand a replacement. You say no and they open a ‘not as described’ dispute and the seller pays to send it back. Now, you’re out the money for the product, shipping both ways, and you now have a broken product. eBay does not protect sellers.
Kara Elder (3 months ago)
I stopped selling on eBay because of all the bs.
effi avitan (3 months ago)
Not surprised. I sent a customer a sweatshirt and he sent back a cardboard air freshener!!!! Contacted Ebay, sent them pictures gave all the proof and they still said I had to issue a full refund. Done with Ebay.
Juan Derer (4 months ago)
EBAY will die . The majority of fraud issues always involve he said /she said . These are impossible to resolve . EBAY will side with buyer as they are the ones who spent the money . As more and more unscrupulous people realize just how easy it is to steal on this platform , more and more responsible sellers , like myself , will seek alternatives . Every item out the door , from 1$ to 1k$ is subject to loss . Be prepared for the " Build it into your business model " speech . You have been warned .
Joe Marks (4 months ago)
I had someone send back new in box Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, and they replaced the actual ones with fake's. Ebay/paypal wanted to side with them because the weight of the package was the same. So what I did was contact the legal department at Titleist, and I sent the fake balls to them. They then in turn contacted Ebay/paypal on my behalf to verify that the balls were fake. The process took about 3 weeks total, but I ended up getting my money back. What was even better was the legal team at Titleist sought this person out, and 6 months later, this person ended up in prison for fraud. While Ebay/paypal may not care about sellers, manufacturers most certainly do care about people fraudulently representing their product. I know this is different from your returns in this video, but if someone happens to try this scam on you, this is your best plan of action for this situation.
bimbo mix (4 months ago)
how it ended then?
Bearded Picker (4 months ago)
Ebay reimbursed me
Laurent Hutin (4 months ago)
Same problems with ebay in France... Also after more than 20 years selling and buying, there new policy is to refund people who are thieves !!!
Tracy R (4 months ago)
I feel bad for you 😢
Fast2Furious4 (4 months ago)
I'm just getting started on eBay and this frightens me. I have some high dollar items I don't want to get scammed on.
vegas23 (4 months ago)
Ebay does not support sellers at all
roccorostagno (5 months ago)
I bought a ecig mod off a seller. The color i ordered he said he was out of, so i picked another color and he sent me a color i didnt pick at all. The item shipped from Florida to me in Maryland. I sent a return request which he granted but it states it has to be there by the 25th of January and today is the 17th but he wants me to send it to Israel. It states if its not there by the 25th that i might not get a refund. It takes a month to ship a item to Israel from the US. What do you think? Sounds like BS to me. Thanks.
Jonny Grow Lately (5 months ago)
*Dont you make videos on how much crazy profit you make on each product you resell? You made a video for $60? How about track all your profits for us...son????*
Leonard Persin (5 months ago)
We need to spread all these videos around big time because eBay (believe it or not) actually does notice when they get bad publicity and rightfully so! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SHIT EBAY!!!
Donna Jackson (5 months ago)
No no and hell no. Thats a lot of work for Ebay to f up! They need to do right by you!
craigerlist (5 months ago)
With al these Billions of problems people/sellers have had with Ebay for Years, why do sellers (and customers) keep using this site at all ?!?!
Plant Maven (5 months ago)
Happened to me 3 times, 2 times I appealed and got my money back. 3rd item stolen from Ukraine. Untraceable fake buyer. Buyers are supposed to send back the item as received but not always. What really irks me is Ebay changes your listing without your authorization.
Marcy Kennedy (5 months ago)
I got my first return the other week. I actually video taped the opening of package to cover myself. It turned out not to be a scam but I ended up eating around $50. That really hurts as a new seller. Not sure if I missed the follow up information but I’d love to see it if you haven’t done it yet! Happy New Year 🎆🎈🎊
Bearded Picker (5 months ago)
Sorry the return happened to you. Ebay ended up paying for the dvd/vcr in the video
judgmentcareUSA (5 months ago)
The issue is Ebay is LOOSING TRUST with sellers. When Ebay realizes they are loosing trust, and developing a BAD reputation with the public, they will have to change.
Hector Beltran (5 months ago)
I am a full time seller but I would never put all my eggs on eBay. Sellers are treated the same no matter if you get a 10 year positive record on eBay if a scammer buys your item you probably will lose money.
werty erth (6 months ago)
hey, love ur channel, and im with you on this issue, amazon is not too much better in this area... but just a q, regarding the dropshipping... not sure y u knocked on it... ive done it for 5 yrs, and works great... as the middle man, of course i take responsibility if my buyer messes up... also why couldnt u refund only partial?
Bearded Picker (5 months ago)
Ebay doesn't allow partial refunds unless you do free returns. I am about to switch to free returns. If you take responsibility, I commend you. You are the exception to the rule. My last two drop ship returns have been awful, and crickets from the drop shipper. I would not recommend drop shipping on Amazon because it is against TOS in most cases. There are exceptions like my friend John does.
HappyQuails (6 months ago)
I have said for many years now, never sell a high value item or anything you can't lose the earnings on.
Bearded Picker (6 months ago)
there is truth in that.
Bob Hammerstone (6 months ago)
Purchase usps insurance.
Doug F (6 months ago)
Yup. Had a similar experience this year. Sold an item. right after I shipped it, the buyer tried to back out saying he changed his mind (excuse #1), but the box was already gone. He gets the item, then contacts me saying the item did not match the description (excuse #2). He was complaining about something that wasn't described at all in the listing one way or the other. I declined the refund. THEN he says the item is damaged..... damage is the 3rd complaint, not the first.... In the end, I agreed to let him do the return, and I sent him the postage. He doesn't get it. When I contact eBay, they tell me to PAYPAL HIM THE MONEY DIRECTLY. So now I've paid postage twice. Then, out of nowhere, there is case opened and closed the same day, eBay rules against me, and they withdraw the refund out of my PayPal account automatically. So I'm out the selling price, plus 3 separate charges for shipping. Naturally I am ballistic, and when I call eBay, the poor Indian lady gets me at full rage. After about 1/2 hour of her reviewing the messages between myself and the buyer, she says that I have "won" and that I will get my money back. Over month later, I do finally get my selling price back, but I never got refunded the 2 return shippings I paid for. What a pain, all because the buyer changed his mind on the purchase.
See Nomore (6 months ago)
DannyBoyTV - (6 months ago)
You should have started with the fact that this case was past the 30 day mark and that it was supposed to be closed as per ebays own rules.
Isaacganz (6 months ago)
Simple. Ship items less than $100 with FedEx home delivery! Be sure you click the checkbox for free FedEx insurance if anything is wrong with the item upon delivery or buyer refusal return FedEx will cover you 120% no problem.
Marco Angelo (6 months ago)
Once you click "Buy it Now" you have agreed to the condition these clips are in, have read the description and are required to immediately pay for the purchase.  Shipping: Item will be sent via USPS to the winning bidders address. I ship ONLY to a Residential Address, NO "freight forwarders" or third party resellers, NO "I live in Florida but want you to ship it to my condo in Chicago," NO P.O. Boxes, NO Canada, NO Drop Ship, Continental US only.  Returns: Not Accepted. If you decide to open a INAD case and return the item against my wishes it must be packed exactly as it came to you and with insurance. I retain the right to charge you a 20% restocking fee as the item is of no use to me and you must nk pay for wasting my time. NO partial returns, If there is any fraudulent activity associated with your eBay account or your address I will cancel the order. I will not tolerate any B.S. PERIOD.
Marco Angelo (6 months ago)
When buyers send an item back I state that it must be returned EXACTLY AS IT WAS PACKED.
robert shorts (6 months ago)
this is the reason I stopped selling on eBay
Will Ipad (6 months ago)
I won a case as a seller once. I had the local police investigate the security cameras at the buyers apartment. Buyer admitted to fraud. Funny thing is, I had to appeal TWICE because my first appeal with the police report was ignored. Broken system.
Psyrecx (6 months ago)
I got robbed via ebay and Paypal back in 2003. It wasn't even a fraudulent return. It was a seller saying they never received the package, even though they confirmed in ebay messages that they had and that everything was there. I got banned from paypal, but fortunately, at that time, they didn't have you register the same as they do now. So, I still have an account and haven't sold anything that expensive since.
Wiggy (6 months ago)
I will never sell on eBay again. They treat sellers like absolute crap and have for well over a decade.
Lee Swindle (6 months ago)
They used it to make all the copies they could and sent it back.
Item Demo (6 months ago)
Most of my returns as a seller never arrived returned. PayPal locks the money and forces you to refund.
helrod (6 months ago)
eBay will never help Best thing to do is in the description include all the stipulations such as refunds only given upon return of item as sent /same condition. Etc. Always ship via USPS. So that if you encounter a scammer you can report the fraud to the USPS I personally have gotten two scammers busted because the fake returns are mail fraud One guy was jailed having a long history of scamming people. The other fled the country before anything could be done
Marc Loev (6 months ago)
eBay is TERRIBLE at protecting sellers. They have not improved. I had nearly the same thing happen to me in Dec 2018. I have a 100% rating and this was my first return as well as my first scam in over 1000 transactions. After 4 reps and 2 supervisors they admitted that if Not As Described is claimed by the buyer then under ALL circumstances they will side with the buyer and against the seller. Even if they return a rock instead of the item. They each said “it is policy”, they “are a platform only and can not choose nor decide which party is right.” I put it right back to them that by default thing to the buyer, they are making an active choice rather than considering the validity of the circumstances. There is zero seller protection! Scammers know to claim NAD by which eBay chooses To protect its buyer base rather than at Sellers. If I knew how to sell on Mercari, posh Mark, Facebook marketplace, or Amazon – I would. I feel like a victim after all the great experiences I’ve had and the positive way in which I’ve represented eBay. They don’t care about sellers! I told them that they turned an eBay love her into an eBay hater. It’s even worse when they provide you all these empathetic platitudes during the call and and tell you to go screw yourself. I run a large organization and issues like this would be resolved quickly. They have a large organization that also scrutinizes policy and process. By not choosing to change over this past year, it means they do not wish to change. What does that tell you about their priorities? I work with a lot of lawyers. I do think that a class action lawsuit to compensate all the sellers who have lost money by eBays lack of Protecting sellers through their claimed benefit of Seller Protection is a real consideration. They induce sellers to utilize the platform by claiming seller protection but do not deliver this benefit.
Lazlo (6 months ago)
eBay enables bad behaviour from buyers. They are a hangout of thieves and con men. It's kind of like the internet mafia.
8bitjunkies (6 months ago)
And Ebay wonders why PPL left for Amazon! I have been an Feebay seller for about 15 years they never take the sellers side even if you are a power seller with 100% feedback
raceface_m (6 months ago)
eBay doesn't give af. Honestly, I've experienced this as a seller too. And also some people don't read full descriptions of an item and try to get refunds. There are people who take advantage of sellers knowing that they can get away with it. Honest sellers don't deserve this Bs.
Nick V (6 months ago)
My guess is the buyer used it to transfer some old VHS tapes to CD and then had no more use for it. Free rental.
Lexst1 (6 months ago)
I sell with no returns and still end up paying sometimes. Pain in the butt.
Bearded Picker (6 months ago)
They know how to beat the system
The Nervous Wreck (6 months ago)
eBay have that policy that "the buyer is always right" which sucks. Used eBay for 18 years and WOW I could write a book about all the different things that I've been scammed for, LARGE losses (for me anyway), one being a $700 item, seller made out he returned it (a large wardrobe) he even used a fake tracking number and eBay sided with him, you just wouldn't believe the attitude of the lets just say "lady" I spoke to eBay. That's just one story, I've had them all though, death threats over £5 items, you name it, like I say, I could write a book. It's sad they don't look after the seller too, also nothing to lose for a buyer now, especially after they removed the negative feedback system for a seller to give a buyer. I have so many idea's how they could improve, but you think they'd listen, unfortunately not. Sorry to hear about you loss anyway @The Bearded Picker, sadly your gonna get these bad apples at least 1 out of 20.
Quick and Dirty (6 months ago)
The biggest joke was when eBAY removed the ability of the seller to leave the buyer negative feedback.
Dean Avanti (6 months ago)
TRUE! If it was there, we could also ban people from buying our items if they have too many negative reviews.
RubberBand Squad (6 months ago)
I now only sell electronics through market place etc with local pick up because of the amount of fraud I was experiencing on ebay! Once sold a £3000 synth that shipped to Germany! The seller filed an item not received even though the tracking showed delivered! They refunded him all the money and he stole the Synth! It took me 6 months and the Police in Germany to finally get ebay to refund me the money? I went to hell and back with it! Ebay are a disgrace when it comes to fraudsters!
CowTownCustoms (6 months ago)
Ebay is in trouble! They have fallen to a serious poor level of customer care. My last transaction that I had an issue with had to be refunded by PayPal because Ebay did not care. 15 years and 100% rating means nothing! They are catering to drop shippers who have nothing in the game to loose! I don't sell on there anymore I just buy from sellers I have done business with in the past that I know and trust. That's a shame because there are a lot of good sellers left but the rules of the game are tilted to the thieves!
con Ba (6 months ago)
i literally just sold a working item on ebay only to be told by the buyer that it doesnt work and he wants his money back despite me selecting a no returns policy on the auction. ebay immediately reversed the payment i received and then 2 weeks later told me the "case" had been closed and that my credit card will be charged the full auction amount (despite the charge already being reversed) a total joke of a company. luckily they dont appear to have taken a payment from my card and the paypal i received money into which they reversed, i had already transferred to another account so they never got hold of the money! ebay can kiss my ass!!!!
Michael Sorrell (6 months ago)
Fake Chinese gold and silver being sold on Ebay with thier knowledge annoys me, almost 90% is fake.
flyguille (6 months ago)
the problem with the return video, you didn't open the box in front of the cammera..., so the video can't proof anything, you needs to do a unbox from mail sealed to show everything in the box.include show that in between the in the wrap material is nothing.
Bearded Picker (6 months ago)
True. But I did send it to Ebay's social media team and they got my money back.
yam yam dash cam (6 months ago)
this is why i refuse to buy or sell anything from ebay , the good get screwed over
tumbleweedfarm (6 months ago)
I ditched ebay several years ago after repeatedly falling victim to unscrupulous buyers stealing from me and ebay backing them up. I started my own web store and have not looked back. I make everything I sell (custom leather goods).
Kevin Bender (6 months ago)
ebay is awful for sellers on returns. such a headache
macgyver15147 (6 months ago)
I quit using Ebay 4 year ago. I was a buyer 98% of my transactions were OK with around 500 buys. I had a problem with about 10 seller scammers and half of them Ebay screwed me over on. last time they screwed me on a $300 order and the seller even admitted to lying about the sale through ebay message yet they still sided with a scammer on their first sale with a 2 week old account. I had 10 year reputation.
hilariousjamin (6 months ago)
That's exactly why I stopped selling on eBay. Waaay to many shady deals where seller's are claiming "the item was lost in the mail" or "the item was scratched and i want a full refund!" All the while refusing to return the product. And when I reach out to eBay for help, they don't give a shit about lowlifes taking advantage of me. So if that's how they conduct buisness, they don't deserve my money!
hilariousjamin (6 months ago)
'Buyer's are claiming'
Stuart Showalter (6 months ago)
Criminal complaint I filed against eBay and a buyer - https://bcchildadvocates.blogspot.com/2018/12/winning-against-ebay-buyers-making.html
cory swolley (6 months ago)
I agree ebay is so stupid they have no common sense when it comes to doing business by screwing the seller that makes them money. I always check a buyers profile and everything i can find out before i ship an item. Specailly idiot scammers buying apple devices. They will make offers even if the buy it now price is way lowef than the offer. Thats how dumb the apple scammers are. See it makes no sense to return an item for a refund unless it was damaged along the way.Dont trust p.o. box numbers in the united states if the buyer is really over seas. Shit i had to creat e a 2nd ebay account because ebay keeps screwing me on my fees payment they dont take the cash out days later and not the same day as payment due and it just adds more fees. They are scamming us in fees
TheBN1soldier (6 months ago)
You need to sign up ebay concierge! I had a buyer claiming the subwoofer I sold him was rattling and he could fix it but wanted a partial refund. Obvious scam as it was in perfect condition and well packed. My first move was calling ebay concierge. You get put straight though, no queue. They speak your language, no indian call centre. I explained my situation, showed what little evidence I had. From there they dealt with it all. Message the buyer, opened a case, offer of return. Then funny enough no response from buyer. 2 days later ebay concierge call, same lady who I spoke to with the local accent. Just an update on your case, buyer not responded. I will be closing the case on this date. So there was nothing I needed to do. One phone call was all I did.
Bearded Picker (6 months ago)
I think you have to have an anchor store to get this service.
cee dee (6 months ago)
Ebays GSP is BS no more Facebook market place is better.
TheSpiral01 (6 months ago)
Ebay changed fundamentally. Originally, Ebay was an online yard sale auction, ask questions, look at the pictures, get what you pay for. Now, they basically are a store front for you the sellers, and they will make the sellers lose and the customer win because without us buying, the seller is nothing. Ebay‘s option for the seller to “not accept returns”, is fake, the seller should not even use that option because Ebay will make you take it back. Sad, very sad.
TRUTHSPEAKER (6 months ago)
The real issue is that people are no fucking good! Most are selfish and only care for themselves....karma will get that jerkoff for doing what they did to you, sir.
joeblackakareaper (6 months ago)
Plain and simply Ebay really sucks, eBay fees, shipping cost and the 10% on the shipping fees, returns etc. etc. make it pretty much a waste of time. The only good thing is the number of people you can reach for harder to sell items. TheReaper!
I’d almost bet that the person who bought it needed a remote, and figured they could get the remote control for free.
jennings mills (6 months ago)
I sold a arcade pcb board on ebay a few years ago. Buyer harvested the cpu and other various chips off the board. Admitted to doing this via ebay's own message system. Then filed a return & ebay still sided with the buyer & allowed him to return. Haven't sold on ebay since.
Izzy Dizzy (6 months ago)
Sad but true. Exactly why I stopped selling on Ebay years ago and also no longer sell on Amazon for the same reasons. Not worth the headache!
Roller Coaster Addict (6 months ago)
Multiple times i've gotten screwed on eBay ... One time i sold a PS2 console Perfect condition no issues guy gets it Brakes the entire door off it then sends it back saying it did not work "Ebay favored the buyer" Another time i Sold Sonic Adventure Battle for Dreamcast Brand New Sealed Guy gets it says it was not new sends me back an open Sonic Adventure Battle & the funny thing it wasn't even the same version disc, "Ebay sides with the scammer" ... I've dealt with this so many times it is crazy !
Chris M. Moretti (6 months ago)
I have been selling on eBay on and off since 1999. I have pulled all my stuff off ebay because of this. 30 day returns does not exist, the customer has 180 days if they pay with PayPal. I have started selling on Mercari with good success. The customer has 3 days to return
Moonlight Owl (6 months ago)
This is why I’m scared to sell on eBay. Especially selling electronics. It’s a playground for scammers who don’t mind taking money from hardworking people. eBay allows this and that’s why eBay will never be successful in the long run.
Michael Bruce (6 months ago)
The other thing that sucks is eBay's mentality is the customers always right. Me as a seller can not leave negetive feedback but even if I follow all the rules and accept the return then I can still have negetive feedback. If I call eBay and speak to them they won't change it because it's their honest opinion. I lucked out the last time I sold a 3.50 video game and it was recieved by buyers post office, all of a sudden I got 5 messages saying the game did not work. They then opened a claim against me. I called eBay and I got ed them, won since they didn't recieved the item yet and the strike was removed.
bob moore (6 months ago)
Watch ebay seller shipping charges. Got 50+ pc lot of keyboards, same brand, same model. Shipped nationwide in same container, same method. Ebay charged me $1.34 to $39.62. Correct charge should have been about $7. Took over 2 mo. of calls / emails to get my money back. Paypal is soooooo much better to deal with.
Costa Sergio (6 months ago)
Because sellers on ebay are superstars yeah right gtfo dude.. Personally I buy on Amazon only and ALL my purchases on ebay I got fucked by the seller either forgery or not sending the stuff and saying it did or misleading the sale and more
Mike Dancy (6 months ago)
This is why I quit selling on ebay. The only things that I sell now on ebay are things that I find for under $5 and can flip. That way I don't lose out on a lot in case I have to deal with clowns like this. Plus I hate dealing with drop-shippers. And Freight Forwarders
Brad D (6 months ago)
is ebay volatilizing their own TOS?
Eric Echols Sr. (6 months ago)
I feel bad for what happened to you. I have been on eBay since 1998 (as a buyer) and have only a handful of times I had to return something (that seems to be in the past 5-6 years because of being defrauded). You seem like a "Good Guy" and if I find something that you sell, that I need, I'll make sure to give you the business ツ
Joel M (6 months ago)
Ebay only protects the buyer. Someone bought an item from me and shipped back a box of rocks weighing the same as the original item. Ebay said there was nothing they could do once they show something was shipped back...
Your buyer obviously fails to understand what CSS is, and that copyrighted discs are NOT GOING TO COPY.
InItForTheParking (6 months ago)
While it is frustrating, from a purely business standpoint you have to look at it as modern shoplifting. It is a loss you have to calculate. And just like shoplifters, you can trespass them from your store by blocking them.
symbolicsin (6 months ago)
Great video sir
Robert W (6 months ago)
As a seller I document everything from the item from all angles, serial number and how its packaged.. And of course I have the package insured. Ebay always favors the Buyers.. every single freaking time, and it's why I don't sell anymore.. As a buyer I know the risk of what I am buying and have never ever made a return. I have been with Ebay for 20 years..
K Y (6 months ago)
Your recourse is taking the buyer to small claims court to sue.
synthartist69 (6 months ago)
I wonder why anyone would buy a VCR from Ebay to begin with. They are everywhere at yard sales for 1.00 or 2.00. Ebay is a nightmare.
synthartist69 (6 months ago)
The first problem is that EBAY needs competition.. real competition. In the musical instrument world we have REVERB.com. Instead of charging you 10% seller fees, they only charge you 3.5%. If you sell something for 7500.00 then your Ebay fees are 750.00!!!!!!! THAT IS NUTS!! And their customer service is great, you actually get to talk to someone and fairly quickly, and someone who speaks ENGLISH.. They also protect sellers as much as they do buyers.
Steve Hassings (6 months ago)
I go through this crap on eBay all the time as a Seller. One day I'll get smart and not sell on eBay any longer.
roxcyn (6 months ago)
You have to call them and follow through with lawsuit with the scam returners.
DreamZ FPV (6 months ago)
I would have just told him to keep it. I do partial refunds to cut the loss and the hassle of dealing with the return
Bearded Picker (6 months ago)
Ebay paid me. This was an auto approved return through Ebay. It was drop shipped too, so I had no contact with the actual end buyer.
DreamZ FPV (6 months ago)
PayPal is just as bad
DreamZ FPV (6 months ago)
Yes sir I have made a living selling on ebay for years until this same shit started happening. Fuck eBay. Right before I quit I printed ashit loads of over night FedEx labels and used them. eBay bills you later for it. I got my money back
Sergey K (6 months ago)
*The problem with eBay behavior is teaching others how to scam and get away without any consequences.*
oldtwins na (6 months ago)
Guys, gave up on ebay years ago. they embrace fraud because the sales show up on their quarterly reports to investors. They don't care how the sales numbers are achieved.
CreepRcris (6 months ago)
Exactly why I stopped selling there quite a while ago. Maybe here and there but definitely not in the same capacity as before. Customers can send back bags of dog shit, Ebay still issues a refund and there's not much you can do about it. It's ridiculous! Ebay makes more money on sellers than any where else but yet they screw them over the worst. It should be a case by case basis not one sided for the customer only. And the fact customers can leave negative feedback for a buyer but a seller can not do the same and warn others about the customers fraudulent ways!
Rhett G (6 months ago)
I feel your pain brother. Last year, I sold a nice Reel to Reel for $649 and $80 shipping. I took photo and video of the condition, packing and when I accepted the offer, I stated no returns which the buyer agreed. When it arrived, the buyer claimed it was damaged. He went right to the last minute and suddenly uploaded photos that were obviously not shipping damage. It looked like he snapped off a knob with pliers, bent the corner intentionally and claimed it didn’t work. eBay then authorizes his return, despite calls and “investigation” and charged me an addition $80 return shipping. When it arrived, it was in a oversized box with no packing material and even further damaged. eBay then did another “investigation” and told me they were reaching out to the buyer to arrange something due to excessive return damage. Then, a week later closed the case and when I called, told me they were not going to do anything else and it was between me and the buyer.. who was, of course, a dick. I ended up selling the device locally for $250 as parts. Netting a total loss of $560 since they also refunded him the initial shipping to them. I have since closed my eBay store and account after 10 years and feedback of over 5000, all positive. The buyer had 32 positive feedback over 6 months of having an account. I just deal locally and through Amazon these days.
OzSeattle (6 months ago)
Happened this week. I sold a expresso machine, purchaser had made a clam that Fedex destroyed the machine so Ebay refunded his money without sending the machine back or even telling me about it. Also charged me for selling it on Ebay. They stole my money straight from my bank account not Paypal my Chase account twice. I will never sell anything from Ebay again an I tell everyone to not use Ebay ever again. Not to mention it happened with another item the same week. I sold some new Teva's and the person who purchased canceled right away so ebay decideds to also steal my money out of the bank and said I had to pay there fee's for the sell.
Dangrabat (6 months ago)
I miss the days when you could give buyers negative feedback
Bob Bastion (6 months ago)
What a coincidence. The first (and last) item I sold on Egay was a DVD/VCR combo. I advertised in THE TITLE in all caps "FOR PARTS ONLY. NO RETURNS." Well, a guy contacted me and said that his wife "didn't know that it didn't work." To which I replied "can she read?" So, Ebay sided with them and said that I would issue a refund to which I replied "Ain't gonna happen. You can issue a refund if you want to, I'm not." Then I went to the bank and closed my account. Egay issued the refund and had the item shipped back to me. When it arrived, it had been gutted and was in pieces with no remote AND a different serial number. I got "banned" but of course got right back on and now rarely buy but when I do, it's for no more than I am willing to lose. Now, my motto is "FuQ Ebay before they fuQ you."
Diabolik771 (6 months ago)
I am the buyer all ebayer's dream of. I'm honest and don't try to scam people. I only had 1 issue with a seller who screwed me over of a VHS movie. He threatened to sue me if I put negative feedback. The guy was insane. I never buy electronics only toys, board games and music CDs.
Ricky Bobby (6 months ago)
ebay should only be used as a last resort....i quit ebay after 20 years of use....too many scams and sellers are treated like garbage

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