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Handling A Nasty Ebay Return Case (Avoid Getting Scammed On Ebay)

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Missy Hensley (6 days ago)
I know you are busy and stuff but I was really hoping you could answer some questions for me. I recently started an eBay store and I have people messaging me asking me to send them a PayPal request? What should I do?
Caleb Bay (1 month ago)
Your not a Top Rated Seller. You showed you weren’t 30 seconds before you said that.
SeNniN (1 month ago)
Thanks bud. I recently started a small business on ebay and came across a person that just calls the product fake and wants a refund but thanks god is willing to return it. Lost money in shipping since I'm being forced to send shipping label but yea... I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Clearly this person changed their mind but it pisses me off when people just can't be transparent and honest rather rely on calling other scammers.
Liquidation Wizards (1 month ago)
Communication is key we have never lost a case in 15 years ebay reads all messages :)
O (2 months ago)
Yea he was wrong for wanting a huge discount BUT you did not accurately describe the item. 16 gigs when you were expecting 128 gigs. That is a huge difference. You were in the wrong as well.
Eddy Eddy (2 months ago)
Dude you sound like the scammer here the description was not accurate it’s your fault . End of story .
Dazed Matt (2 months ago)
so i sold a phone with cases on ebay and he returned the phone idek if it was the one i sent because both were broken but the one he sent was scratched too to bottom and i got none of my cases back what do i do..
The Illuminati (2 months ago)
I like how ebay has a return option but if the SELLER closes the return you cant even do shit about it anymore so you're just stuck there without your money or the item you ordered. Ebay is a shitty site.
kidder lar (3 months ago)
Item not as described so we refunded him , I've just saved you 8 minutes
oldproji (3 months ago)
If you are a UK seller please sign this petition. https://www.change.org/p/ebay-paypal-stop-violating-sellers-abusing-feedback-forum-fake-returns
oldproji (3 months ago)
Well, I don't like being scammed and it looks as though I am about to be. Ebay UK is not the place for honest private sellers to sell anything these days. Bye and large there are honest traders and buyers going about their business in an ethical way, but mostly it is an outlet for thieves and scammers. My current problem has cinched it for me. I will quit using it after being a member since 2004. I'm done with it.
Ross Hamilton (3 months ago)
@oldproji thanks for this, the guy is a fellow seller, I just checked his feedback and he has blemishes and funny enough has just had to provide a full refund for a non delivered item (judging my his feedback) just days before he won the camera. He was a late payer, wish I had never send the reminder now. I will do as you suggest but it really has put me off selling and it's one of my hobbies which I pride myself for as I have 100% feedback and really have provided a great service. Cheers for now
oldproji (3 months ago)
@Ross Hamilton Ross, I kept the money and got the crappy item back from the buyer when the item was returned not as originally sent. I sent a message to eBay telling them this and that my only course of action was to make a County Court claim and was in the process of doing so. They covered the return and paid the buyer. Don't let it drop. Stay on top of it and be prepared to spend £25 (if you are in the UK) on court fees. Don't be Bullied. Stick to your guns and spread the case (no names of course) over social media. PS. Be polite to them and be the victim.
Ross Hamilton (3 months ago)
I have a buyer requesting a refund for a camera he has claimed doesn't work. No reply to my communication. If Ebay end up refunding him and I don't get the camera back I am done too. Been selling for 14 years!
OL DIRTY WU (4 months ago)
EBay is a place to sell stuff between 15 and $25 stuff that you can sell one after another and you’ll do just fine with not many issues once you start selling big ticket items you’re going to run into issues with the buyers and it’s going to be a fucking nightmare.
Spanner Works (4 months ago)
Not really a very good video. You should put a security sticker on one of the screws . . You should also have the emie number pictured when listing .
OL DIRTY WU (5 months ago)
( Kix4sixx ) Check me out on eBay
OL DIRTY WU (5 months ago)
I pay $1 for all my brand new magazines and sell them for $12.67 - $15.67 + Free Media Mail Shipping so I end up making around $11 per sale after everything Is said and done. Are usually sell between 15 and 25 brand new magazines daily seven days a week.
jasin biggs (3 months ago)
Robin Taylor dont be misleading then you wont get so many returns.
OL DIRTY WU (3 months ago)
The reason you’re losing sleep at night because PayPal will hold your funds until you get your shit right if you get too many returns.
OL DIRTY WU (3 months ago)
jasin biggs And I’ll guarantee you I make more than you each month on eBay and I have no worries virtually compared to what you’re going through I guarantee that you are losing sleep at night with your returns.
OL DIRTY WU (3 months ago)
jasin biggs You talk so goddamn fast your almost as phony as a three dollar bill.
jasin biggs (3 months ago)
Quit Bragging. I get broken phones given to me for $0 to $4. I resell them for $30 to $300. Lots of people don’t realize that the nonworking phones they throw in the garbage have value
OL DIRTY WU (5 months ago)
I sell around $3000-$4000 a month in brand new magazines on eBay and I love magazine sales they’re easy to pack hardly ever an issue with anybody.
OL DIRTY WU (3 months ago)
Jalex Cervantes I will do later this morning
Jalex Cervantes (3 months ago)
I have some guestions
Jalex Cervantes (3 months ago)
Dm me
OL DIRTY WU (4 months ago)
Kix4sixx is my eBay name
Day Dreaming (5 months ago)
So my Apple Watch was cracked and I said in my description that it was he bought it 20 days later he wants a return because it was cracked I had messaged him that I had it in my description And there was a photo showing that tomorrow I have the option to ask eBay to step should I do it?
Crayon Man (6 months ago)
and as per usual,when it comes back,its either not the phone,a book or just a butch of broken phone rubbish,then what??more hassle,ebay isnt worth the chew,selling fairly decent ,expensive things,there are far far better ways to sell,and the charges of ebay,and paypal are ridiculously greedy. You are at the mercy of ebay,they could suspend your account in a second and thats that..it happens,and they wouldnt give it a second thought.
Robbie WillSurvive! (6 months ago)
This is a BULLSHIT video. eBay's seller protection policy clearly states: THE BUYER IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THE SELLER CAN DO ABOUT IT. If the buyer scams you... eBay and PayPal will ALWAYS side with the buyer and give them a full refund AND they will also allow them to keep the item (or at most the buyer will return the item damaged or just send you an empty box).
Abhay Malhotra (6 months ago)
I recently lost an iPhone 7 to a fradulant buyer. Ah well, the phone is blocked by the network and I got my money back :) plus after reporting the buyer, they've now been suspended.
Liketocustomize (7 months ago)
I have had sellers on Ebay try to get me to close return first then they don't help and buyer stuck with it.
J. B. (7 months ago)
Nun Ya (7 months ago)
Everytime I call eBay about an issue I get a different answer. I've only been selling for about 90 days, it's been nothing but a headache. 95% of transactions go smoothly, the other 5% are a fucking nightmare. There's a reason eBay stock is worthless.
Johnathon Wheeler (7 months ago)
Thanks for posting? Where do you buy phones? Thanks
jasin biggs (3 months ago)
Craigslist is good
Maicoh Lichter (8 months ago)
So I got a return where the seller told was damaged and wasn’t true. Then I receveid a real damage phone and he gets his money back and me a damaged phone and ebay doesn’t care about it. I did appeal and I won oh yes but only won the fee back! I hate how ebay only protect buyers!!
J None (1 month ago)
Sold on eBay for over 8 years was good for the first 5years then starting getting liers and scammer from it's not as described and says it was scratched or didn't work and saying i didn't get the item when tracking showed it was delivered to them . I left eBay because I was forced to refund these scammer , I came back to eBay last year 2018 had no problems untill last month April 2019 a sold a Simpsons seventh season DVD collector set I said it was like new I checked all the DVDs and there were no scratches and had all the paper it orginal came with .buyer got it and message me right away saying it was scratched and skipping and not as described ,I told him I have pics of the dvds and checked them before shippingthem and there was no scratches and I said like new not new ,eBay told me my item was as described but let him keep the item and ebay gave him his refund I'm done again with eBay and left eBay for good this time
voltrox (8 months ago)
never sell high value items on ebay , ebay only cares about buyers not sellers
Level99Clitoris (9 months ago)
What if he opens a case and says that instead of the phone, he has received a useless book or something like that. How are you gonna prove that you've indeed shipped a phone inside your package?
Dark Alan (10 months ago)
At first I was outraged too, but then i realized: you actually lied in the listing, basically saying it's 128GB then sent him a 16GB phone. Mistake or not, he's gonna feel scammed. I would be pretty fucking angry and ask for my full money back, and you think it's weird that he didn't accept $30? LOL you guys are retarded. Stop doing business you're treating customers like shit.
Ultimate Ormus (10 months ago)
I have been scammed a few times on eBay. At first I was very mad, now I just add $1 on all my products and don't worry about it.
SKYFALL (11 months ago)
bad touch screen? the phones fuked. not worth anything.your selling junk
SoggyFries (3 months ago)
Junk that people buy. He's making $20K a month selling junk. How much you making selling the kings gold??
Jack Bradley (5 months ago)
probably worth ~£50 profit to the buyer after refurb with aftermarket parts.
Moe WRLD (11 months ago)
where do you buy your lots/ items im looking to start an eBay business. thanks
Matthew Milam (11 months ago)
30 Day return now buddy You better get Your lube ready Apparently they don’t care what the situation is there going to side with the buyer no matter what I just got screwed royally by eBay I am so disappointed in them right now honestly I cannot believe how I was treated being a top rated seller basically Just been pissed on and they called it rain
SeNniN (1 month ago)
technically it's something ridiculous like 185 days through paypal that they can claim.
did you pay that 100& that buyer ?
Keith Gomez (1 year ago)
Lcd being the screen that allows you to see the screen and the digitizer being the part that lets you touch the screen
Lex Beltran (1 year ago)
Dave, I have a buyer that never returned an item. It's way past the due date. Do I need to call ebay to close the case?
J D (1 year ago)
what if he sends a different phone or something else in the pack tracked with number. he'll play you how you deal with that
Bob Smith (3 months ago)
I had a similar issue what they forget is you have there address so I sent the police over there it works every time.
Latanya Omondi (4 months ago)
@Spanner Works its really not. I don't feel like he explained anything other than the situation and ebay told the buyer to return the phone after he escalated the case. I don't know if he made this video before he got the item back or what but he should have waited until it came back, and gave more details.
Spanner Works (4 months ago)
J D this really was not a good video
James Durcan (1 year ago)
Great tips, Thanks Dave
winatlifewithDave (1 year ago)
Tofu Talk no problem
Vlad Machevus (1 year ago)
I almost got scammed one time. My first phone that I was going to sell, was to a scammer but I realized before sending him the phone. Thank You for the videos, I do enjoy watching them.
winatlifewithDave (1 year ago)
No problem at all. Thanks so much for watching.
Mike Jones (1 year ago)
Heard you mention a discount for your viewers on a vid but can't seem to find it again after watching so many of your vids! Great content - I'm ready to start if I can find that discount
winatlifewithDave (1 year ago)
Hey Mike. Msg me personally at [email protected] and I will hook you up.

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