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World's 10 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed | Best Magic Trick Ever | FactoFusion

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In this video, you'll get to know the secrets behind the world’s 10 greatest magic tricks. Be it the best magic trick ever performed by the greatest ever known magician Houdini, or magic secrets by some of the best magicians like Dynamo, David Copperfield or Darcy Oake, you'll surely learn how to do magic tricks performed by these amazing talents on magic shows and streets. Also, once these magic secrets are finally revealed, you'll be amazed to know how easy magic tricks can be performed, once you know the recipe behind them. So, we are quite sure you all are very interested in knowing these secrets. So, below is the featured list of the magic tricks: - Walking On Water - Darcy Oake's Dove Illusion - Card From Deck Levitation Trick - Girl Levitating In Air - Can On A Card - Turning Water Into Ice In A Second - David Copperfield's Death Saw - Twisting An iPhone - Jamie Raven's Lemon Trick - Houdini's Greatest Escape So guys, if you get a chance, which one of these magic trick would you like to try? Let us know in the comments as you might be very interested in telling us all. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to FactoFusion: http://bit.ly/FactoFusion Our Social Media: Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FactoFusion Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactoFusion Music: Kool Kats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100601 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (3377)
Sandip Makvana (1 hour ago)
Hosanna Limbu (4 hours ago)
You nailed it . Thanks for your efforts. From now on there will be no arguments with my friend. Now I understand how they do 😁😁
thomas pilot (21 hours ago)
i hate magic
Mardo Borson (2 days ago)
can you unravel the trick of ironman
muji fariz (5 days ago)
masih bingung saya mau coba
Ștefania Crîșmariu (5 days ago)
I love how they put the harry potter scene in the beginning❤❤
MusicallySound (5 days ago)
There are other amazing tricks also which are impossible to decode. Like the one in which a magician asked Simon to speak a random word and it was the same word which was recorded by the perfomer's baby 2 years back. Can someone logically prove this magic?
REYNALDO BASCO (5 days ago)
How about the magic tricks of shin Lim?
Tarun Bansal (5 days ago)
basically magic is smart engineering
Joey c (6 days ago)
it's should not magic it's a trick
Kuro (6 days ago)
Well, it IS a magic 'trick'. The magic here is getting impressed as a kid. But now I'm also impressed at how it's done and how they're able to improvise and create new tricks from basic tricks to their own. It's also an art tbh. Actually, some thieves uses misdirection and sleight of hands too. If you've been in the Philippines, there's lots of them in Manila. If only they use it for good instead.
Dawn White (6 days ago)
Loved the video but loved the accent more. Thank you for the upload.
randy orton (7 days ago)
Magic is fake
Shaikabdul Waseem (7 days ago)
Good bro
Lara Rose (8 days ago)
The way he said magicians in the beginning with that accent so cute 🤣
Pratik Meena (8 days ago)
It’s okay magicians will develope new tricks
Dinesh Pariya (8 days ago)
Otso Turkka (8 days ago)
nice ice rice price
Hoi Hang Lou (9 days ago)
Shailendra Chaudhary (9 days ago)
Please do not disclose the secret of great magic as it is practically done .this is not so easy.they are interesting but you diclose and spoil the effects.i deslike this vedio. I am refused to understand tricks.these spoiler of magical entertainment
asif khan (9 days ago)
Munkee Nevah Rong (9 days ago)
Paul Xie (9 days ago)
I spent like five minutes trying to tell what accent is that🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Damian Bethell (9 days ago)
Great video. Thanks x
Kim Wilson (9 days ago)
Your nothing but a Fucking idiot for showing people how this stuff is done people make a living doing this.Fucken Clown.We know who you are Valintino
Kim Nida (10 days ago)
Magic i dont believe but i just believe miracle
Sujith Sk (10 days ago)
nice tricks.🔥🔥🔥
Riddhima Sarkar (10 days ago)
Osas Good (11 days ago)
Your prove are baseless.. there is no fucking prove here.
Swiftly Adequate (11 days ago)
Crystal Mcdonald (11 days ago)
if your smart you know there is no such thing as magic. cool way to learn how theses illusions are created.
Sundar Bk (11 days ago)
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Amit Mittal (11 days ago)
Very good..today only I came to know Thanx
byron reid astorga (12 days ago)
dance donathmassawe (12 days ago)
nc pls
Johhny Lemon (13 days ago)
nice compendium, but for almost all of them all you did is rip off the show magic secrets revealed...
Tony Parente (13 days ago)
filem bf (14 days ago)
Guntur Dias (14 days ago)
paket sudah diamankan merah telah padam ditunggu balik ya
Tony England (14 days ago)
*To those complaining about this video - either make a better video or be thankful to FactoFusion for producing this one.*
Shemika Sprague (15 days ago)
🙈🙉🙊...See...Hear...Nor...Speak. I appreciate how you "exposed" the most common tricks and illusions...now on to the newer tricks and illusions.
David (15 days ago)
Brilliant! Thank you!
Sue Birkas (15 days ago)
Wow thanks for this video. You should do one on how Australian bankers make Billions disappear with an apology 🥺😲😂
5executioner5 (15 days ago)
"greatest magic tricks" not so "greatest" "magic" "tricks" "best magic trick ever" not so "best" "magic" "trick" "ever"
5executioner5 (15 days ago)
that's not "magic"
paisely pashkevich (15 days ago)
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Joselin M Color Studio (15 days ago)
Bins boy (16 days ago)
How they cut earcord in two pieces and then they joint
Riduan Minority (16 days ago)
Nice explanation 😊😊
MASTER GINGER (16 days ago)
Maddy Churchhouse (16 days ago)
I have no intention of watching this, but the thumbnail in my sidebar just ruined my fave trick anyway 🙄 cheers guys
Gary Clarke (16 days ago)
Shame.this stupid man has to spoil it
Joji Thomas (16 days ago)
Nalle puffs
Joji Thomas (16 days ago)
One plate beef fry
Jeremey Ellis (16 days ago)
Awesome video!!
FactoFusion (16 days ago)
Thanks 👍
rabiya syne (16 days ago)
Love your explanations  But explain Rianna.  Ithink the organisers have setup everything.
sonprajug pramsook (16 days ago)
Jason Ingram (17 days ago)
Can you explain the disappearing act my dad did 30 years ago, nobody has still seen him to this day
Larry George (17 days ago)
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GBtha G (18 days ago)
shithole bitchiz.
zeeshan Haidar (18 days ago)
very Nice #promote Channel
gary keen (18 days ago)
always have been intrigued how illusions workstill dosn't stop me from watcjing them, great, lets have sone more.!!!
Meganathan J (19 days ago)
MySpace tamil
Crissbaby2008 (19 days ago)
Dynamo is nothing but a hack.
Nusrat Khan (19 days ago)
I would like to try... Balancing a can on the cue card
Very nice. Thanks for giving knowledge.I'm Sri lanka.
FactoFusion (19 days ago)
jonathan dota (20 days ago)
Fuck off the indian magic trick revealed.. Low class
Craig Wilson (20 days ago)
Is it in the fish tank
Viral Wildlife (20 days ago)
Amazing 😉
paan azmi (20 days ago)
Houdini..that reminds me of Mikel from Dark Netflix series
Homeslice Brice (20 days ago)
The ice in a cup one. Really?
levancho Mazanashvili (20 days ago)
daisy castro (20 days ago)
very nice
Shafin Khan (20 days ago)
John Pflug (21 days ago)
Nicely Done . I look forward to more.
Bhaskar Pal (21 days ago)
Very very good. Thank you for posting this type of video for information about the fact behind the magic
Fiona Pollard (21 days ago)
Wow informative
BECK (21 days ago)
zammam khan (22 days ago)
Lance Lee (22 days ago)
In this video, it will destroy all your imagination of magic
Steven Hines (22 days ago)
I can do magic too! Once I stood in the middle of the street and held my hand out. My neighbors asked what I was doing with my hand out. I said I'm keeping elephants away! My neighbor said but there are no elephant anywhere around here! I looked at him and said, 'you see how well it's working"?
Mehrdad Asadi (23 days ago)
Thanks buddy. It was an awesome video. It's always great to reveal secrets.:)
Ravi Merupaka (18 days ago)
https:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_HA02AtM48​
FactoFusion (23 days ago)
Thanks Buddy 👍
Kwok Ho Sánchez Suen (23 days ago)
Why I saw this video?
chander bhan (24 days ago)
L L (25 days ago)
This guy just spillin ALL the tea lmao
Shenankondra Tenetmare (25 days ago)
Wow all that time I never knew 😱 Thanks friend for this now I know.
Astin Sullivan (25 days ago)
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Eva Sanford (25 days ago)
Great video but your accent annoying. I turn off the volume. Sorry i can’t understand what you said.
LOUISE GANAT (26 days ago)
Hahaha nice😳 thanks for sharing💕
Kaloqn Vasilev (26 days ago)
#искам epik drama
well.....awesome....magic...tricks !!
sky blue (6 days ago)
+Manjunath E sure my friend it may be // let us become friend give subscribe to my channel and watch my best and best amazing videos !! friends !!
Manjunath E (10 days ago)
May be he is doing that work for 10 years
Ovidiu Bucur (26 days ago)
I just want to say that your english is really shit
Michiyo Hornibrook (26 days ago)
My father taught me a magical blackcurrant disappearing trick when i was 8 years old so i spent 30 minutes picking them gave them to him and he ate the lot
Michiyo Hornibrook (26 days ago)
Thank you so much for teaching us there is no Santa Claus Booooh Hoooo
Tekniq52 (28 days ago)
02oye (28 days ago)
Tamil Channel (28 days ago)
Walking on water
Ravikishore Haddanuri (28 days ago)
The 5
Jeff Long (28 days ago)
Almost none of these needed explaining.

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