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CSS Tips | Centering multiple divs

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In my last video I expained how to center a single div.This time, I show one of the easiest ways I've found to center multiple divs both horizontally and vertically. Thanks for watching!
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BladeAndrade (6 months ago)
Thanks bro, you saved my homework
FrontEndDev (6 months ago)
BladeAndrade No prob man, glad I could help!
zaheer reef (10 months ago)
Nice tips..carry on!..what editor are you using ? Getting the output within the editor is cool..
FrontEndDev (10 months ago)
Thanks! Im using a website called CodePen. You can visit it here: https://codepen.io/ or visit my profile here: https://codepen.io/TheVVaFFle/ It's basically an in-browser editor that shows live code output and its completely free to use. I just use it for the sake of tutorials and messing around for fun. For other projects I use actual editors like Atom or VS Code.

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