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Flirting & My Stories

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i stalled making this video for 10 months because i'm embarrassed to tell these stories but whatever i'm over it here ya go NEW SHOP: http://tidd.ly/ddef0d00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE for more animations! https://www.youtube.com/c/jaidenanimations MERCH: http://tidd.ly/ddef0d00 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JaidenAnimation INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/jaiden_animations/ DEVIANTART: http://jaidenanimations.deviantart.com/ ASK ME SOMETHING! http://ask.fm/JaidenAnimations Support me on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/jaidenanimations?ty=h If you're an animator, artist, gamer, or entertainer, then join us at Channel Frederator Network: https://frdr.us/Jaiden Wanna Send Fanart? You can send it to me through Twitter or DeviantArt (links above), however if you cannot send it through those methods, then you can email it to me through the email below. DISCLAIMER!! There will not be any notification showing that I have seen your art through this method. I highly suggest using the other two :) [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: i tried to find good background music for this video but i gave up because i couldn't find anything that fit it. background music is hard to find, alright? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You have a 2% higher chance of being asked out by someone you like ;0
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Jaiden Animations (2 years ago)
i already know what you guys are gonna say and no, none of these stories are about james so you can take off your detective hats thankyaverymuch
Lori Prado (1 month ago)
Thank you Jaiden can you help me through this relationship I had with this boy in my class and he said that he only likes me as a friend that my heart and I'm embarrassed to put this on YouTube and you helped me get through the Heartbreak once again thank you so much P.S. I love your videos.
Naili Fahima (1 month ago)
SalKa (1 month ago)
last reply ayeeee uwu
Lilith's Monster Party (2 months ago)
Me and my (at the time friend) watched this video...We're dateing now...thanks jaiden *_*
the lego variety hour (2 months ago)
Oh reallyyyyyyy
PurpleLeaf (37 minutes ago)
0:58 not another baby
Michael Peoples (59 minutes ago)
I just started watching your videos and you're super talented and very kawaii UWU
Idk if i laugh or cry
Ashley B. (1 hour ago)
All of us no you like james
Privat (1 hour ago)
Calling a single person "they" is really distracting :/
Crazy Slay (2 hours ago)
Lesson learned don't trust your instincts
I_ Alpha (2 hours ago)
Elliott Conradie (3 hours ago)
I think your dates are just young and unlucky yakno, like you need someone who can just talk if you get awkward
Ricardo Carzola (3 hours ago)
Well anyway I might do animation as a job and I hope to be like the next studio ghibli or Disney that what I hope for.🖖🖖🖖🖖
Scrub Lord (4 hours ago)
BUT was he actually gay
Hey is this about Jam-- Oh Thanks Jaiden! Doesn't stop my ship tho.
akashi noragami (5 hours ago)
If u don't wanna kiss get close to their ears and tell them to stand and then kick them in the balls 🐸😆 really simple then tell them u fill good now
LegendarySaga66 (6 hours ago)
Im just a friendly guy who loves anime and memes
Lancetier (6 hours ago)
At least she had dates... 😭
Shahnewaz Shaikat (6 hours ago)
She sounded so mature and all but she call someone douchebag just that easily. While she didnt even consider why that person want to leave? does that ring a bell? its the same thing? You think he/she dont want to understand you and stay with you as a friend while you are doing the same lol
I had a "girlfriend" when I was 8 and have barely had a conversation with one since. Where did I go wrong did I peak at 8?
KrookT (7 hours ago)
hahahaha surreal. creativity at its finest *kisses hands like an Italian* The last part was hilarious
raid raptor boy (7 hours ago)
The peps:how long have you been together j:he's gay :me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I know this is an old video and btw I'm new and I love your stuff, you were also my favorite part of rewind! You and domics, haha. Okay all the animators were but I thought your animation was adorable! And you probably won't see this comment so I'll just get the urge to make this statement off my chest anyway. So I liked a friend of mine in a very similar situation and she and I kind of pursued it mutually at one point but it obviously didn't play out. Well I still liked her and I stuck around. But I spent like, every single month up until I suddenly had a girlfriend REALLY interested in her. This made things super awkward but luckily we powered through it, I got over it, found them less interesting in that way, and we're still friends. However this inability to accept it but also insistence on sticking around did put me through a lot of seemingly pointless emotional stress that I probably would not willingly go through a second time. Since you can't just get over someone you like not liking you in most normal situations, it makes sticking around really easy, and really painful. Detaching yourself is hard, and sometimes that detachment goes all the way. I also became increasingly insecure until I jumped at the chance to engage in a relationship that was mutual and feel valued and loved in that way. This lead to the worst relationship that I have ever had, which resulted in at least two years of being used, and manipulated, and lied to. The relationship started off really simple and cute in a way but there was just an ugly underbelly begging to present itself. She was a very immature and promiscuous person. Early in the relationship, she cheated, before we were official. But she felt so bad about that she told me about it the first summer that she and I were together. It hurt my feelings a lot but I didn't break up with her as to be fair, any exclusivity was mostly assumed on my part. It still hurt like a bitch, though. You can tell from this that I definitely gave this person the benefit of the doubt. Well, that was inevitably a mistake as this persons personality, and entire self changed for the worse over the next 2 years. No need to bother you with the details, you can imagine how much worse they get. But the point is, I was pretty hasty in entering a 2 year relationship with this person just because I was depressed. Soooooo.... I would not blame someone for fully detaching themself from someone who made them feel depressed and lonely just by being around. Also, before anyone who somehow ends up reading this comment feels any pity for me, I am the happiest I have ever been, now, and I am committed to the love of my life, we are both damaged people working together to beat the bullshit, AND she is the best person to ever exist. In summary, if you are into someone, but stop interacting with them because they don't feel the same way, that doesn't invalidate the way you felt, or mean that you just wanted their body. If it implies any ulterior motive at all, it just means you are a lonely person who doesn't find any emotional satisfaction from friendship, at least. Which in itself is too complicated to go into detail on.
corvair67 (8 hours ago)
corvair67 (8 hours ago)
Jesús • Wizard (8 hours ago)
Amo tu vooooz
Victor Chavez (8 hours ago)
Moment 2:22 that's a funking JoJo `s bizarre adventure reference
Harmony Baker (8 hours ago)
"I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING BUT I DON'T KNOW IF I WANNA KISS THEM YET.. oh I ran out of time" This is a whole mood
CNM Xomboid (9 hours ago)
I am so confused, GRIAN? U watched this? Why. Great vid, also something about me for no reason, I don’t like talking to the person I like because I am weird and nervous. Yeah, it’s awkward, aye… ! 😶
cupcakefan somo (9 hours ago)
duke605 (9 hours ago)
The reason some people don’t talk after feelings are reciprocated is because 1) it’s awkward 2) IT’S AWKWARD 3) because every person they date/see/etc from now on you’re going to compare yourself to. And that is a horrible way to live. If you’re like me your also always going to think there’s a chance and make a fool of yourself at every opportunity.
SwaggyDabber Dabs (9 hours ago)
woah there isn’t that second fan art a little profane there partner
Reads jaidens text out loud accidentally. (Out of nowhere)TIMTOM) [moi]who even ARE you?]
sukairo (10 hours ago)
"Hes gay"😂😂😂
Lang Lightman (10 hours ago)
Jaiden, the reason for not wanting to spend time with someone that doesn’t return your feelings. Well, it hurts.. It hurts a lot... Just.. Yea.
Bet ber tee bree
Kara Oakley (10 hours ago)
I SHIP U WITH JAMES ((I am eleven)))
Black Cat (10 hours ago)
Me definitely me
Kiro Perida (10 hours ago)
That guy couldn't control his hormones
[VR1] LegoFat XD (11 hours ago)
Honestly, I haven’t been in a relationship lol
The Gaming Majikarp (11 hours ago)
I think I feel down that mountain... I have a scar.... from it.
esther wang (11 hours ago)
lol on the bed and talking
Freddie Mercury (11 hours ago)
To be fair, the pressure of approaching is up to guys.
Lorenzo :v (11 hours ago)
Can relate to you really, there was this one time I confessed my love to a girl I liked, she didn't feel the same, I was a little disappointed, as I thought we could really be something more than friends, but actually, she just stopped talking to me, I really think that if I were to disappear, she would not notice it or care if it happened lmao
Mihir Dahiya (11 hours ago)
Why is she addressing everyone as they?
Landon Ferguson (12 hours ago)
Your the best
Anna Isabella Wilson (12 hours ago)
Hi u are amazing
yolanda montano (12 hours ago)
2:09 shoot she caught me out
TheTrueWolf 77 (12 hours ago)
That be my gal friends XD So how long have you been together HeS GAy REeEeeEeEEEee
Jåsmînë (13 hours ago)
7:21 Would be me (I almost died of laughter and my parents think I’m crazy now) XD
120 Coffins (13 hours ago)
hey jaiden, do you wanna go to the movies with me
Joaquín Arteaga (13 hours ago)
Im more of a just exist person
Aigua (13 hours ago)
2:33 No Jaiden, it's not because some people are "doushbags" if someone1 likes someone2 on a romantic way every time they're together someone1 will feel "romanticness (?)" like you know love or something. is not the same as friends you don't feel the same with friendship you don't feel your heart race etc. Plus, wym "(in that case, please leave)". leave the video? I mean you think making some feel ashamed for liking someone for their looks and telling them to leave the video is a good idea? Are you willing to loose watchtime just to make some people insecure? I don't know if I'm overtthinking this but you seem like a bad person.
Genesis Rubio (13 hours ago)
You x tim tom
Razz Barry (13 hours ago)
I accidentally flirted I told them my birthday is on Valentine’s Day and I said to get a box of chocolates for my birthday and Valentine’s Day I realized I made a mistake
Silly gamer (13 hours ago)
The trumpet sounds doe xddd
Kailee H. (13 hours ago)
My first kiss was on A mountain too! Uhg I love how I go to the same school Jaiden went to 💕
sarah archer (14 hours ago)
Omg 😂😂😂😎
Icarus Holmes. (14 hours ago)
Press F
Alex B. (14 hours ago)
Fire Birb (14 hours ago)
Why would you talk in movies tho?
MoFBox (14 hours ago)
I probably have flirted before but I might not remember because I most likely was too drunk to remember and most likely was still about as bad as I am sober. The only difference is I'll try when I'm drunk instead of thinking about every possible (negative) reaction I could get and the give up without trying.
Top Contenders (14 hours ago)
EmphaticDeer (15 hours ago)
Wow I live nearby “A Mountain” and it like... under?...uh...1 hour...yeah...
ddddddddddone (15 hours ago)
2:01 such true words
ATAA123 (16 hours ago)
Well, I guess I'm either unlucky at this "dating" thing, or I'm really oblivious, because if someone ever flirted with me, I never noticed. But, meh, whatever. I'm just fine with hanging out with friends. As long as I'm having fun, I don't care comes next.
Galjoen Boer (16 hours ago)
7:25 Mission failed. We'll get em next time
Ak gaming (17 hours ago)
7:25 wow that is hilarious
Musaab Umair (18 hours ago)
I get that behind your animation you can be more open and stuff, but damn, I’d date you. You seem so humble and nice, I genuinely wouldn’t love it :3
Maia TheYellow (18 hours ago)
Random dude: so how long have u been together??🤩 Jaiden: uhhhh....gggrrr.... he’s gay.....🤨🤐😐 Random dudes: ........😨😶
Robert Präger (19 hours ago)
are you lesbian
Ronen Pinchevsky (19 hours ago)
Oh bowlingbi thinked bullying
Paul McMurray (19 hours ago)
my name is rachel and I am 9
june loh (20 hours ago)
6:26 ( feminist saw this ) Feminist : RAPE !!!! I AM CALLING THE POLICE !!!
Aditya Lakhara (20 hours ago)
Girl you are Damn funny...😂😂
S∆N7Y (21 hours ago)
Lin Kevin (21 hours ago)
Love your content so much
caritosXD Hernández (22 hours ago)
He's gay Sssssff we made a mistake XDDDDDD
A Frog (22 hours ago)
Sometimes there's a misunderstanding in what kind of relationship you are having: one of you might think it could lead to something romantic and/or sexual while the other thinks it's purely platonic. If that happens, it's best to stop seeing eachother. In other cases people suddenly develop feelings for the other; that can be tricky. I've been there. I tried to stay friends but I couldn't go back to seeing them as just a friend and that created a tension that made the whole thing awkward so we stopped seeing eachother. Sometimes people just wanna try and see if your friendship can be more and if not then they're fine with keeping things as is.
Mushanya R (22 hours ago)
its not that easy.... when youre in love with a person but he doesnt feel the same it breaks you, and when the person you like is somewhere around youre starting to feel bad with your self because you cannot be so close but so far at the same time so you decide to leave her to not feel bad about yourself.... and another reason, when you love someone but youre not in a relationship she/he could do what ever she/he want, and that means when she/he is walking around other guys/girls youre starting to think what is wrong with you, why did she prefer him/her and not you...... this is all im sure no one will read this
erquiza emmanuel (22 hours ago)
I wanna fuck that cute voice
Sami Abou Chakra (22 hours ago)
hes gay
Sami Abou Chakra (23 hours ago)
Sitting in their bed? Are u sure u didnt do anything else there?
SlySpyKurt (23 hours ago)
@2:15 It makes sense when you take into account that you'd have to possibly go through watching them be with someone else. There's like then there is Like, it's a difference of whether you like someone as a person, or romantically.
raiyan hossain (23 hours ago)
Think I'll set 0:04 as my notification tune
Shernice pang Xiang ting (23 hours ago)
*hes gay*
Ice fire fox (23 hours ago)
Yay sitting on the bed😹
Harsh Raj Always free (23 hours ago)
Sees comments Everyone flexing... What I have ? Oh yeah when I was 15 a girl confessed to me by saying "I have a crush on u". Being unfamiliar with World (yeah I always was a nerd and weird) I thought Crush = To crush We were good friends I thought why is she mad at me ? I asked "Why ? What I did wrong ?" (BTW when I notice it now , how weird it must have sounded to her) She was Paused I asked again "Did I did something wrong?" She got a hint and said "Go home and search it on Google" I was like "yeah whatever" (being confessed was literally last on my expectations list , I could have imagined her saying "I am growing a dick in my garden" But not this lol)
Harsh Raj Always free (23 hours ago)
Man I wish I could be that innocent again Internet ruined everything 😂😂
Bee eeB (1 day ago)
LiamPlayZ - Games (1 day ago)
*Inhales wait.
Mithun Vinayaraj (1 day ago)
How come she's using they/them pronouns??
bob bill (1 day ago)
People don't want to continue a friendship with someone who doesn't share mutual feelings with them because it's too painful and would probably come bubbling up again months or years down the line and get messy.
Cyrus Magalinao (1 day ago)
ooof, too painful 😥😥🤒
DHIKЯIS (1 day ago)
Ok so here's the questions: 1. Do you wanna flirt someone, confess, and getting rejected? Or 2. Flirt someone, taking months to getting closer, confess and either way, kept rejected also? Talking about time efficiency
If you got a Crush on someone that is your Friend. You can not stay Friends. You know why? Because it hurts. It fucking hurts in your heart to be close. But not as close as you wish. And it hurts if your Friend/Crush gets into a relationship with someone else. If you are still around. Get ready to be tortured.
blake matheson (1 day ago)
XD lol
Lyric Wigno (1 day ago)
I literally was about to ask if any of them were about James. Sorry
Xenon (1 day ago)
1:56 Feelings of love don't just disappear when the other person says "lets just stay friends". Every time you see that person it's another stab in the heart. When that person starts dating someone else, it's like a thousand stabs. Some people would rather not feel stabbed. Sometimes it's better to move on with your life and find someone else. Life is too short to float around in "the friend zone" wishing things could be different. The only way out is to distance yourself.
Efe Saglik (1 day ago)
Burbity burrr
T-rex Gamer101 (1 day ago)
Jaiden how do you feel about people making hentai of you?
Eduardo Sanchez (1 day ago)
I'm trying to understand the cartoon logic that many YouTubers use... •Select characters are naked •Almost everything is in black and white •Footwear doesn't exist •These characters can break the laws of physics and human anatomy •Jaiden is mostly in an area of empty space •Most of the naked characters are also bald •Characters can appear humanoid, but they then turn into boxes with stick arms and balloon heads •Their eyes are bigger than their noses •Most characters have no noses •A finger was amputated off both of their hands •They have no ears •Giant words and pictures appear on demand (I didn't mean to insult those YouTubers who use this kind if animation, I just wanted to list out what I noticed)
Testor Trapzz (1 day ago)
I can feel your pain... oh my gosh the cringe is crawling from the top of my brain down to my back.
Timothy's EpicGames (1 day ago)
Ok so like the first kiss story was, first of all relatable (heeheehee **cried on the inside**) and second of all, very smooth on the other person's part. Like, WHO has the confidence to a) put arm around date, b) physically move date's face then c) do the thing with the mouths and ya...?

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