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Green Product Junkie Talks Hair: Shampoos, Conditioners + Treatments

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Hey, everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about my favorite green beauty products for hair: shampoos, conditioner, hair spray and even a hair mask. Products are from True Nature Botanicals, Josh Rosebrook and Rahua. Links for the products are listed below. If you have any comments or questions or wish for me to talk about a particular subject, let me know in the comments! The products I'm chatting about today are: True Nature Botanicals Shampoo + Conditioner: http://bit.ly/tnbpoo Josh Rosebrook Shampoo + Conditioner (Nourish for drier hair, Balance for Normal to Oily hair): http://bit.ly/ccjrose Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask: http://bit.ly/sblrahmsk Rahua Volumizing Spray (hair spray): http://bit.ly/citrahspray I use these curlers (just for a few quick minutes, not long or you look like a 80s prom queen) http://amzn.to/1kHITRV Interested in what I'm wearing on my face makeup-wise? It's all non-toxic: Foundation Narcissist W3ll People: http://bit.ly/narcw3ll Concealer RMS Beauty: http://bit.ly/citrmscover Blush Kjaer Weis Sun Touched Cream Blush: http://bit.ly/citkwsun Highlighter Kjaer Weis Radiance: http://bit.ly/citkwrad Mascara W3ll People: http://bit.ly/dmw3llmas Lipstick Ilia Beauty's Nobody's Baby: http://bit.ly/citilianobod Lip gloss: Ilia Beauty's Butterfly + I: http://bit.ly/citbutter Eye Shadow: Kjaer Weis Pretty Purple: http://bit.ly/citkwpurp Eyeliner Benecos Violet: http://bit.ly/pjviolet Brow pencil Alima Pure Brow in Blonde: http://bit.ly/dmapbrow *So ya know...these are all my own opinions. If I don't love a product, I'm not going to talk about it. I'm a blogger so some of these products I have received from the brands in hopes that I offer my honest opinion and some I have purchased on my own (I'm an addict, what can I tell you?) Some of these links are affiliate links.
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leigh lennox (1 year ago)
Great video, Katie, thanks for the reviews! Since you reviewed the Josh Rosebrook products and like the Rahua hair mask, I was wondering if you had tried the Josh Rosebrook Enrich Mask....it is my favorite. Also wondering: have you tried the Mukti Organics shampoo and condtitioner? They are my favorites (along with the other two you mentioned here). Mukti is Australian, not as easy to find here...I get mine at Lukcyscent.com. It's my favorite conditioner, especially. Love your videos (and Instagram posts)!
Kelli Wright (2 years ago)
Do you know of a good super hold hairspray? I've always used Kenra super hold finishing spray #25 but I'm trying to go green. I've used John masters sea salt spray and hair spray but they did not work, then I tried Giovanni and that didn't work either! Would love your help!
HI. Super hold? Well, the best that I know of is this one: http://amzn.to/2axjJTV . I think conventional ones have super, super hold because they're filled with toxic ingredients. This one worked for me. Thanks for watching, Kellil!
The Choosy Chick (2 years ago)
What type of camera are you using Katie? You have nice lighting and quality!
Hey, just saw this...my iphone! I'm very professional...hee, hee...
Green Life In Dublin (2 years ago)
Really like your intro :) And the fact you are youtuber now :) Subbing straight away, as l know l am going to enjoy all your videos!
+Green Life In Dublin Hi. Thank you SO much for watching and commenting. I think my next one will be answering some Q + A's from everyone...talking about what THEY want to yap about. Thank you!
c l u m s o r (3 years ago)
instant subscriber! I am so glad to see you on YouTube! Your hair is GORGEOUS
+A W R E E Aww, that's excellent, thank you so much. Yep, it's all these products...just clean, pure ingredients. Thank you for subscribing...more to come, toots!
The Green Bunny (3 years ago)
Katie, you absolutely KILL me. That intro, oh my god. So happy you are here so I can gush over you more. How do you style your hair if you don't mind me asking?
+The Green Bunny Blow dry? ZZZZZ...never! I mean, just the bangs for about 2 seconds, but I'm too lazy. What I do is let it dry and then leave these in for about 3 mins just to smooth it out and give it a little body: http://amzn.to/1kHHv1B They are my favorite because they're packaged nice and small and do the trick! Thanks for watching, toots!
The Green Bunny (3 years ago)
If you need any help, let me know! You will become a pro soon, I promise! Definitely shoot another video! I love hearing you talk hahaha. Like do you blow dry with a round brush, curl it?! I want my hair to look like that please and thank you.
+The Green Bunny Thanks for watching, girl. Ha! Yeah, they'll get funnier...I just have to figure out iMovie better! I think I'll shoot another one this week. What do you mean how do I style it? Pray explain....
Moroccan Souk (3 years ago)
Great video, will be checking out the shampoo. Honestly, shampoo is something I never paid too much attention to but need to start as the amount of chemicals I wash my hair with every day is scary.
+Moroccan Souk Thank you. Yep, it's very important. Conventional products are mostly just garbage, why not wash with pure ingredients?   True Nature Botanicals Shampoo + Conditioner: http://bit.ly/tnbpoo Josh Rosebrook Shampoo + Conditioner (Nourish for drier hair, Balance for Normal to Oily hair): http://bit.ly/ccjrose
Tasha Brand (3 years ago)
AHh So happy that you are on youtube!! your hair and skin are so perfect!!
Stephanie Bookout (3 years ago)
So glad to see you on youtube now! Can't wait for more videos! I have been using the JR balance for about a week now and so far I'm pretty impressed. You're so right about the smell! Love it! I have naturally curly hair so I appreciate that it doesn't weigh it down. My only gripe is that the conditioner doesn't provide any slip for me. I do not brush my hair once I get out of the shower (it breaks the curl pattern) so I appreciate a good slippery moisturizing condish. No big deal though, it just takes me a little longer to detangle. Next time I think I will stick with the balance shampoo but go with the nourish conditioner. I think that combo will do the trick for me. Great video though! And you look so pretty!
Stephanie Bookout (3 years ago)
+The Green Product Junkie That is such a great idea. No idea why I didn't think to leave a diluted amount as a leave in conditioner. Good looking out 👍
+Stephanie Bookout Thank you for the wonderful compliments and for your comment. I think that if you want to use the Balance all up, I would make sure not to wash it out too much. I think you have to make sure that you don't completely wash away all of the benefits of the conditioner (which the majority of us do). The Nourish is going to be great for you, as the Rahua Omega 9 would be, too. Thanks for watching, I honestly appreciate it! More to come...
Lea Lou (3 years ago)
I would love to see videos about mascara, primers, foundations, laundry & dishes (cleaning in general) and clothing. I'm working on finding my holy grail products/recipes.
+Lea Lou Oh, man...you're no joke...okay, well, gosh golly, I've got some work to do with your list here...I'll get on it. Laundry, though is a no-brainer. Get yourself some soap nuts asap: amzn.to/1krselH . Pure, compostable, no plastic bottle, you only need three per wash. Also, you can look them up on my blog if you wish, too! http://www.thegreenproductjunkie.com
Lea Lou (3 years ago)
Great video!!! I'm so glad you started making YouTube videos! I've been following you on Twitter & your blog. You've just given me some motivation for getting back into blogging & making videos. You have a great presence!
+Lea Lou Thanks so much! Once I get the hang of it, we'll have some more fun on here!
Mareene Samson (3 years ago)
Have you tried reverie milk? I have wavy dry frizzy asian hair. I'm looking for something non-toxic if you have other brand recomendations. Thank you!
The Choosy Chick (3 years ago)
OH my gosh - you are awesome! Love everything about this video and will definitely SHARE!!! And - your hair looks gorgeous!
+The Choosy Chick Thanks so much for checking it out. Yeah, this non-toxic has really helped my hair get healthier. Thanks, toots!
Erin Turner (3 years ago)
So excited to see you on YouTube! :)
+Erin Turner Hey, Erin! Thank you so much for listening to me yap about hair. LMK if there's anything you want to see!
Anna Eline (3 years ago)
MOAR VIDEOS! You're hilarious! Love it!
+Anna Eline MOAR...stealing that! I appreciate you taking a look. More to come...hopefully, funnier, too!
Sense of Aesthetic (3 years ago)
Hey! Awesome vid and awesome to see another beauty vlogger who focuses on toxin-free products! I have a channel similar (although I also focus on ethical fashion) so it's great to see the community growing! :)
+Sense of Aesthetic Yeah, people swear by Henna, but I have highlights, too. My hairdresser ordered me "less toxic" hair color, but it faded into an awful color AND it dried out my hair like CRAZY. So, we're still searching. Hair color needs to get it together. I'll be on board in a nano second. Thx for watching + commenting.
Sense of Aesthetic (3 years ago)
+The Green Product Junkie I was actually thinking of going Henna for hair colour since it's really the only truly toxin-free hair colour today (hopefully that will change soon). But a hairdresser told me it is permanent so unless I want to do a buzz cut at some point, I'd have to keep redyeing the same colour. Not sure if I'm ready for that commitment yet! :P
Sense of Aesthetic (3 years ago)
+The Green Product Junkie Awesome!! 😁
+Sense of Aesthetic Oh, I'm all NON-TOXIC...nothing toxic in my life (except hair color...the natural ones haven't caught up yet). Thanks for taking a lookey!
Jana D. (3 years ago)
Yaaay, you're on YouTube! :D Gosh your hair looks gorgeous, so bouncy and voluminous <3 xx
Pemberley Jones (3 years ago)
Love this, you were made for you tube!! 😍 Dying to try both of those shampoo brands too!
+Pemberley Jones You haven't tried yet? Wow, you're going to love. I'll rec ones specifically for your hair, too. Thanks, bae.
My Dainty Derriere (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing, just subscribed! I've been meaning to try some Josh Rosebrook products and am almost out of organic shampoo so will order some ASAP! I also run a natural beauty channel and would love if you'd come check it out. I just did an organic beauty haul that you might like to watch, I'm in Australia so there may be a few products that aren't as well known in the US :)
My Dainty Derriere (3 years ago)
+The Green Product Junkie Thanks! Looking forward to more videos :)
+My Dainty Derriere First off, your name is hilarious! I will most certainly check out as soon as I get one second to sit and enjoy it. Thanks for subscribing...I hope I can make it worth your while. K
missrocat22 (3 years ago)
I LOVE that Rahua Omega 9 hair mask! You mentioned you color your hair, do you use a more organic brand? Also, would you have any recommendations for a good green eye primer for a gal with oily lids... Great to see you here, been reading your blog and following on IG for a while now. 😍 Just started watching your scopes, SO GOOD! 💚
+missrocat22 Oh, gosh..the scopes. You can catch the old ones here: https://katch.me/GreenProdJunkie they are so ridiculous, but funny, somehow. Please email me and I'll let you know about a primer... thanks for all the follows, it means a lot. K
Evelina P (3 years ago)
So so excited you're on YouTube! You dye your hair? 😱 I thought we were natural redhead sisters! Lol What's your color? Anyway I gotta try the tn botanicals. I'm planning to purchase once I finish my current bottle of Rahua voluminous shampoo. I don't like having more than one in my shower and it takes me like a century to go through shampoos. Can't wait for more videos and scopes..haha. 💞💞💗💗
+Evelina P The pump makes it. So good. Yes, I'm highly recommending them. My review on them is here: http://bit.ly/tnbpoore Thank you for taking to time to check out my stuff...and scopes! Oy!
Evelina P (3 years ago)
Oh and the fact that it has a pump kills me. Every shampoo needs a pump!
Lutska (3 years ago)
I don't like it, I loooooove it! Can you suggest something for skin that has a tendency towards redness and feels oily during the day? You rock!
+light shaping Hey, woman. Send me an email and we'll figure out what the best option is for you. That shouldn't be a problem AT ALL. K
K Steimer (3 years ago)
Your hair is magical, dudette.
+Kristine Steimer Ha. Magical...yeah, I really wash with Unicorn Saliva! Thank you. Non-toxic has saved my hair. Thanks for watching, K
Krystal Smith (3 years ago)
Whooo! Another green YouTuber! Love the video! :)
+Krystal Smith Thanks so much. Yep, I'm super de duper green!
Melanie Woods (3 years ago)
Great video! You're a total natural seriously!! My all time (it saved my scalp and hair from falling out) favorite shampoo and condition after trying 100 products is: Peter Lams Chinese Herb Shampoo.
+Melanie Woods Haven't tried that, but if it's pure, go for it! Thank you so much for watching. You might enjoy the periscopes, too: http://bit.ly/tnbpoore
Makenna L. (3 years ago)
Your hair is gorgeous! So happy you've started a YouTube channel :)
+Makenna L. Thanks so much. Honestly, the non-tox shampoos/conditioners really do bring back the health to hair. Conventional ones strip it. I'll never go back. Thanks for watching, toots!
Amber Eldridge (3 years ago)
Loved it, Katie! <3
+Amber Eldridge Thanks so much...and for watching.
Annie O (3 years ago)
It's great to see you here Katie! Love your scopes haha 😘
Annie O (3 years ago)
😂 Victims, yes lol! Nah, even hilarious bad date stories aside, you're great to watch!
+Nourished Beauty Oh, yeah...scopes...I have to figure out what my next story will be or I need to go on more dates...find more victims! Ha.
Vivi T. (3 years ago)
Lol, the intro cracked me up! Your hair was my hair when it still felt young. Never knew TNT had a haircare range!
+Vivi T. WHAT? What's wrong with your hair?
EJ Devonne (3 years ago)
Your hair is so bouncy!! it looks great :)

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