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Optimum Nutrition Opti Women Review | Wonder Woman Fuel?

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Visit http://rawmusclegain.com Optimum Nutrition Opti Women Review. Just like there are bodybuilding specific multivitamins there are gender specific multivitamins. Optimum Nutrition's Opti woman looks to be one of the best choices for the active female. Let's take a look at the label. So here we see that this is meant to be a nutrient optimizing system. It claims to be highly potent and has 40 different ingredients. Let's get down to it, the real question is what have the ladies been saying about this supplement? Time for some social proof Reported Pros: 1) Potent in small amounts 2) Inexpensive 3) Energizes the body Reported Cons: 1) Unpleasant Taste So far so good, as for the ratings, here we see that bodybuilding.com has 127 ratings averaging out at 9.4. Supplementreviews.com has 10 ratings scoring 8.6. This gives us a total of 137 ratings scoring a very respectable 9.34. Let's see what unique ingredients opti woman has to offer, time to check out the active ingredients. Dong Quai (80 mg) - Primarily known for its uses in treating women's problems including lack of sexual desire, the symptoms of menopause, cramps and PMS. - It aids in increasing the effects of hormones in both men and women and is widely used as an aphrodisiac. Garcinia Extract (50 mg) - It's primary benefit was once thought to be an appetite suppressant. - However, it's now been determined that Garcinia also has potent fat burning abilities, which have been proven through new research. - It's even prompted Dr. Oz to feature it on his show after he was amazed by the new research on this amazing product. Horse Chestnut Extract (25 mg) - Traditional remedy for leg vein health. - It tones and protects blood vessels and may be helpful in ankle oedema related to poor venous return. - Utilised extensively throughout Europe as an anti-inflammatory agent for a variety of conditions, in addition to being used for vascular problems. Butchers Broom (15 mg) - in 2002, researchers studied the effects of butcher's broom extract on 148 women suffering from poor circulation. - Women treated with butcher's broom noticed a significant benefit from taking the herbal extract, experiencing less tension and leg fatigue and a reduction in leg volume. - Saponins in butcher's broom have a stimulatory effect on veins, helping them constrict and push fluid back up from limbs to the heart. Final Verdict There look to be some great ratings and helpful ingredients in opti women. An active female taking this supplement can expect: - Higher energy levels - Small convenient doses - Cost effective supplement However, there is a draw back, it might not: - Taste amazing If you'd like to know when opti woman is having a promotion, visit rawmusclegain.com and sign up using our form. We will then email you when opti woman or any of your favorite supplements are having a substantial promotion. Thanks for watching!
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veny sharma (1 year ago)
sir m age 20 h m ise use kar sakti hu kya isse weight gain hota h nd iska price kya h
Natalia Macabatal (3 years ago)
Please how to use the opti women
Anna Avon (4 years ago)
I'd like to know if it's GMO free. Can anybody tell me?
Ocean (5 years ago)
Helpful, thanks .

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