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HTML5 as Fast As Possible

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What changes did the fifth iteration of HTML bring? Why is a new HTML revision so important? Sponsor message: lynda.com is your one stop shop for learning a variety of skills online, at your own pace. Visit http://lynda.com/techquickie to redeem your 10 day free trial and start learning today!
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Mterestive (1 day ago)
Baka Matsu (1 day ago)
Html5 is also resource hogging.
Vasya Pupkin (2 days ago)
HIGH (18 days ago)
1:09 this guy doesn't age wtf...
KAY DE (20 days ago)
men T.T
Arkie the Architect (22 days ago)
Ay , caramba! 1997 was the last update to HTML??? I honestly don't know why we can't just type blog posts directly into Wordpad and upload the rtf to a server!
EcoDimension (27 days ago)
Relax Jentlemen... relax
Henry Jonsy (28 days ago)
Taris Iskandar (1 month ago)
CSS3 as Fast As Possible
Nishant Pandav (1 month ago)
have my like for the iphone screen :P
lon lom (1 month ago)
its gif not shiff
Zage Mahone (1 month ago)
Thanks for the nice straight forward video
Jacob Payag (1 month ago)
Am I hearing things or was Apple requesting something open source
Coleen West (1 month ago)
Linus - QUESTION - what programming language would you rather learn to have the best career as a developer? C++, HTML (or some variation), and what back-end database would you master??
11swallowedinthesea (1 month ago)
Web dev? HTML, CSS, and Javascript (aka The Holy Trinity of web dev).
τ (2 months ago)
Java is pronounced jah-vah, not jahv-vah.
star of duty (2 months ago)
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matt winward (2 months ago)
...jif... *mm peanut butter*
Nat Bradz (2 months ago)
OMFG.... i was gonna say this guy looks just like Linus in the thumbnail....
Omar Shoqar (2 months ago)
video ended at 3:47 but there's till 5:01 i mean why-_-?
Fergus Duniho (2 months ago)
I know the creator of the GIF format liked to pronounce it like his favorite brand of peanut butter, but I take the position that he was wrong to do so, and the word should be pronounced with a hard G, like in the word gift, which is the closest word in English.
Jordon Robinson (3 months ago)
Sobia Rauf (3 months ago)
I like the helpful information you provide for your video. For more details read the given link, chillelife.com/html5/
theking5517 (3 months ago)
linus bro
Sage Shadowplay (3 months ago)
random x
Richard Atkinson (3 months ago)
Unfortunately we are still waiting for website owners to let developers go over completely to HTML5. So many websites still have code corrections to adopt for older browsers. Plus I would like to see more websites actually officially validate their websites. I try many of the big news websites and using validating software and they fail with so many errors.
4k Seed (3 months ago)
testosterone tablets
Amey Kudari (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVW8B_4AbHg&t=37s Now learn it in 9 min
Achilles Gaming (4 months ago)
<p><font face="Tahoma" color="black" size="7">It's GIF, not Jif</font></p>
The Techcat studios (4 months ago)
I am CIW certified.
Saskia van Houtert (4 months ago)
Nice to hear techquickie again, thanks
Isaac Cool (4 months ago)
*breathes in* it's Gif not Jif
BMX FAIL Company (5 months ago)
Ssnakee (5 months ago)
In 5 words: the fifth version of html
Dolphin Tech (5 months ago)
The best feature of HTML5 (and the included JS API): ArrayBuffers
WoofFacePersonaI (5 months ago)
i hate the way he pronounces "java"
Saint Mars (5 months ago)
What makes you think that viewers want to watch your eyebrow dance and flailing arms? Furthermore, you need to learn voice control, that you must realize that you haven't quite reached puberty, as evidenced by your strident voice. It would help if you talked slower, without all of the aforementioned distractions, and attempted a lower vocal register. You sound like Donald Duck with a load of amphetamines.
Vertilogy (6 months ago)
Is knowing complete HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Swift impressive, or is it something that is expected for all teens or adults?
craftnut (6 months ago)
What’s jahh-va, LOL XD
rt tr (6 months ago)
0:44 *Z U C K E R B E R G*
sup150 (6 months ago)
what about html 6 for dedicated vr videos?
KIMBERLY STANCIL (7 months ago)
LordAtropa (7 months ago)
Actually, a lot of websites are switching over to using PHP.
Hamdan Firaz (7 months ago)
What is the video editor did yu use
aditya kin (7 months ago)
Tutorial Android , HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, c++ and much more XML. https://www.welookups.com
OldBoy (7 months ago)
when I see '9' as the last digit in the number of likes under a comment, I always hit like to turn it into '0', I'm like that
Mr.Nezla (7 months ago)
Guh if gif
cosmichero 2025 (7 months ago)
I'm a senior web developer in 2018 why am I watching this :/ . I may have too much free time
Paul Gusich (7 months ago)
A O (7 months ago)
Your shrill voice hurts my ears
Amine El Farssi (8 months ago)
<h1 class="wtf_linus"><strong>It's GIF not jif</strong></h1>
Angela Toal (8 months ago)
Very interesting, thank you uni-brow Mickey Mouse.
Vince Offer Jail (8 months ago)
thresh (8 months ago)
He said "jifs" instead of "gifs". I am unsubbing.
TheRealSeal (8 months ago)
Jif is a peanut butter.
Osato Okoro (8 months ago)
what's with the earrings? they were a constant irritation through the whole video. i know we're mostly informal with our appearances in tech but try to be a bit more professional (formal) when addressing an international audience. you will pass more knowledge and information that way. which i assume is your purpose on TechQuickie
Dr. Mandingo (8 months ago)
<html> <head> <title> ur mom gay lol</html> </head> <body> <p> Yeah boi</p> </body> </html>
theFizzyGaming (8 months ago)
Thank you for pronouncing “GIF” correctly! ;ᗜ;
SuperSonic6 and MKWii (8 months ago)
Brayden's workshops (8 months ago)
When you say jif but mean gif
Cameron Frye (8 months ago)
I love Apple, but hearing the words going along the line of “Apple said we need open source and helped make it real” is kind of strange..
Simon Foster (8 months ago)
the fuck is going on with your hands? thanks for the video though! very helpful.
Shamy unix (9 months ago)
Andy Barrera (9 months ago)
<!DOCTYPE HTML> <html> <body> <p> <strong>How do you code<strong></p> </body> </html>
Wheezy (9 months ago)
<DOCTYPE! HTML> <html> <head> <title>TechQuickie.com</title> </head> <h1>Welcome to TechQuickie</h1> <h2>Information</h2> <p1> Hi there and welcome to tech quickie, a website about a channel that gives amazing tech tips</p1> </html> is this a good example of some html code??, created my self with my unique coding skills
The Blockchain Gamer (2 months ago)
at the start It's <!DOCTYPE html> and It's <p> not <p1>, and you forgot to wrap the body around <body> tags.
Christopher Crawford (9 months ago)
Ignore GF lmao
Vicarious (9 months ago)
<!DOCTYPE html>
Mateusz G. (9 months ago)
html4 was meant to be the last one in favour of xhtml. But anyway there it is html5
Wileen Byroads (9 months ago)
Soad (9 months ago)
I love his gestures.
Dragonic Paradox (10 months ago)
Was that a Muse reference that snuck there? I think it was
CanuckGod (10 months ago)
I wonder if NCIX Linus was aware of how cringey LTT Linus would become...
Collin (10 months ago)
<a href="https://www.google.com">Visit Google To Search for something else</a>
ashtiboy (11 months ago)
but youtube's 105-300KBs hardcoded limit on there servers is makeing youtube videos so slow becuse my internet must wait on youtube potao servers and HTML5 NEEDS MORE at least 2.5MBs at the least
shaik masthanvali (11 months ago)
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shaik masthanvali (11 months ago)
say the best websites to learn html tocreate best webpages and websites
LUTAS (11 months ago)
ei curso de html 5 gratis aproveitem totalmente gratuito beixe link mediafire ei html 5 course free download link mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/dk5s3sbl1jq1zu2/HTML+5+curso+completo.rar
G Kuljian (11 months ago)
I have a fast connection. So why is html5 slow? I cannot even play youtube videos at 2x speed without buffering. The max I get with youtube is about 1mbps.
asocial Innovator (11 months ago)
It’s pronounce “yiff”
G-Vecom (1 year ago)
can you teach us about AMP Accelerate Mobile Pages
Bourn Phree (1 year ago)
So....I recently went to Youtube and was informed that I must use html5 - Flashplayer did not work - downloaded html5 and tried it out...the Youtube video started off Ok but within 5-6 seconds the video image started jerking then stopped - the audio portion continued to play - the progress bar on screen continued to move normally. I found by clicking on progress bar to go back a little bit the video started to play again - but stopped after a few seconds of play. I noticed that loading of other stuff such "up next" selections on righthand side of PC screen took long time to load - seems PC had been bogged down.......so what gives?
Hero667 (1 year ago)
Did he just say jif...
Dustin Van Tate Testa (1 year ago)
everyone talking about how he mispronounced gif but what about how he mispronounced java?
123jolien (1 year ago)
Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.
Please explain PHP as well :D
A A (1 year ago)
I was paying attention until I heard his pronunciation of "GIFs" and "Java" ...then I just lost my f**king mind.
Iván Ávalos (1 year ago)
"And speaking of noticing things online...", jajaja
Benji Redin (1 year ago)
1.50: apple fighting for open source programs... Wow
Doki Doki Gaming (1 year ago)
I wanna play farmville on my ipad but stupid flash won't let me.😤
TechGuy1986 (1 year ago)
Why does it sound like you suck a lot of helium?
ROCKST4R (1 year ago)
ShockWave or Java? Like why? Didn't JavaScript exist back then?
<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> body{ background-color:lightblue; } p{ color:darkblue; text-align:centre; font-family:Times; font-size:60px; } </style> </head> <script> function myfunction() { var x = document.getElementById("demo"); x.style.display="block"; x.style.color="lightgreen"; x.style.fontFamily = "ComicSansMS"; x.style.fontSize = "125px"; x.innerHTML="Javascript is the best"; } </script> <body> <marquee>press the buttons!</marquee> <p id="demo">JavaScript(MADE BY NITEESH)</p> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontSize="100px"'>Enlarge</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontSize="40px"'>Shrink</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.color="yellow"'>Yellow</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.color="darkblue"'>Blue</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.display="none"'>Hide</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.display="block"'>Show</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.color="purple"'>Purple</button> <button type="button"onclick=myfunction()>Show,Enlarge,change font,change text and change color all at once</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Times"'>Change font to Times</button><button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="ComicSansMS"'>Change font to ComicSansMS</button> <button type ="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML="Thanks JavaScript"'>Change text</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML="JavaScript(MADE BY NITEESH)"'>Change text back</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Menlo"'>Change font to Menlo</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="American Typewriter"'>Change font to American Typewriter</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Avenir Next Condensed"'>Change font to Avenir Next Condensed</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Luminari"'>The best font ever!(Luminari)</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Savoye LET"'>Another great font(Savoye LET)</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Courier New"'>Change font to Courier New</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Marker Felt "'>Change font to Marker Felt</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Didot"'>Change font to Didot</button> <button type="button"onclick='document.getElementById("demo").style.fontFamily="Noteworthy"'>Change to a "Noteworthy"font(XD puns for days).</button> </body> </html> rate my html from 1-10
Because I'm Batman! (1 year ago)
Does Lynda really look like that?
Dry Wall (1 year ago)
//Talk about c++ #include <iostream> main() { std::cout << "ok"; }
ifraz I (1 year ago)
thanks for the nice video. do you mind telling me, more about HTML 5 can do with database connections, forms, and does it have external plugins or do we still have to use external scripts like JavaScript, Java, ajex, php, ect... If I am wrong please correct me. Thanks in advance
MintSoup (1 year ago)
The way you pronounce java hurts my feelings :(
wesos de queso (1 year ago)
HTML is not a programming language. Javascript is.
Eyaura Eya (1 year ago)
All I know is that it can't play youtube videos. Flash was much less of a resource hog.
blackneos940 (1 year ago)
It's not "Jiff", it's "Gif"..... XD And before anyone corrects me, the creator of the .gif File Format said that it's pronounced "Gif"..... :)
Nasrul Azeem (1 year ago)

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