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Wardrobe Malfunctions That Ended Up In The Movie

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper From casting and direction, to props and wardrobe, every little piece involved in a major motion picture becomes gilded in history until the end of time. But although the hours of footage passes by a thousand professionally-trained eyes, sometimes a wardrobe malfunction skips all of the censors lands in the final cut. No, not that kind of wardrobe malfunction. This is YouTube. What did you expect? Whether no one noticed, or the picture was already locked, these blockbusters hit the big screen with wardrobe pieces that were way out of place... Too bold for the background | 0:25 Undies from the future | 0:56 What time (period) is it? | 1:26 A Rolex out of time | 2:01 The erroneous earpiece | 2:43 A little too much skin | 3:18 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/106211/wardrobe-malfunctions-ended-movie/ Discoveries https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT 18 Action Movies You Need To See At Least Once In Your Lifetime https://youtu.be/0AUvaktFH3A?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT The Greatest Sniper Scenes Ever Filmed https://youtu.be/cxIjnBerFUs?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT 4-20 Releases That Will Blow Everyone Away https://youtu.be/xtvZTfLsCpU?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT 5 Best And 5 Worst Things About Black Panther https://youtu.be/6ehYzefZrNQ?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT Things DC Wants You To Forget About Wonder Woman https://youtu.be/nM0Agbg6fCc?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT The Coolest Crossovers In Film https://youtu.be/Dpi9FbEqmdY?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdznHAHkiFYg_9Icwe7dERT Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (306)
Looper (9 months ago)
What other costume hiccups should've made this list?
Marcus Vachon (4 months ago)
The guy wearing a t-shirt and jeans during the filming of Indian Jones is not a wardrobe malfunction. Do you guys know what a wardrobe malfunction is?
Mark Randolph (5 months ago)
Things happen...
misteraimless (5 months ago)
Nicole Kidman upskirt in Batman
4saken404 (7 months ago)
Who cares? Your writing team obviously doesn't. I could think of more wardrobe malfunctions just off the top of my head than you people could bother to compile for your whole damn list. If you people aren't going to spend any effort on these things you're going to lose viewers pretty damn quick.
trip189n (7 months ago)
Elvira in her first movie when a guy grabs her from behind and it causes her right nipple to show from under her dress.
Andy Slater (3 months ago)
Horse shit
bodensick (3 months ago)
So there are really nerds who do nothing but look through hours and hours of film to find this shit. Get a life.
8-BIT Revivals (3 months ago)
I have the Portman movie, but the scene they are talking about did not end up in it, what a jip.
GoTorino (4 months ago)
Skip to 3:30 to see Natalie. the rest is nothing.
Boo Radley (4 months ago)
That is 3.56 minutes of my life I am not getting back
epiphany (4 months ago)
Blackhawk down. Eric Bana has Oakley Juliets on. X metal wasn't around when the Blackhawk down incident happened :)
Hue Lu (4 months ago)
😂 a ghost...
MrTron (4 months ago)
Most of these are anachronisms, not wardrobe malfunctions.
Richard WILSON (5 months ago)
I don't think *_Wardrobe Malfunctions_* statement apply here, I was expecting something else.
Genji Shimada (5 months ago)
2:43 Really? It's a Marvel Movie, tech is Super Advanced. There's literally a Flying Car and a capsule that gives Cap powers in the Movie.
bgcp bgcp (5 months ago)
Natalie Portman gets a "thumbs up"
Mark Randolph (5 months ago)
Things happen
Terence John Lampasa (5 months ago)
LMAO at the Captain America headpiece. WW2 also didn't have Hydra's energy weapons you know.
Steve Musser (5 months ago)
Wow we're still calling this wardrobe malfunctions why not call a spade a spade
American Citizen (5 months ago)
What is the point of pointing out the errors and then censoring them so we can't see a thing?
Pickle Rick (5 months ago)
There is also an other with wrong kind clothing in Gladiator movie, with during 1 smaller arena scenes there is 1 dude with jeans and t-shirt in spectator seat.
Andrew Y (6 months ago)
Natalie Portman just totally hypnotizes my ass. With her amazing ass. IDK what it is but girl just does it for me. All around just perfect.
Kevin Swan (6 months ago)
More prop problems than wardrobe
Lee Bronock (6 months ago)
Alas, even Looper succumbs to clickbaitism. Promising "wardrobe malfunctions" and delivering the 'plain grey wrapper.' I've learned my lesson. No more YouTube 'wardrobe malfunction' videos for this sick puppy.
John Michael Della Valle (6 months ago)
what movie is his???
Danny (7 months ago)
Thumbs down for no boobies !
Bill King (7 months ago)
In Apollo 13 the Omega Speedmaster Professional watches had the wrong band. I know, how sloppy.
Hick Bozon (7 months ago)
The first soldiers in the first scene have a submachine gun. Not invented yet.
Jason Woelfel (7 months ago)
Waste of time. Not afraid to say I disliked. Your video sucks.
Joe 76 (8 months ago)
I've watched the Natalie Portman scene so many times. Didn't realize her nips were showing through the whole time till now. Such a face I'm glued to, and such a banging ass.
Keyser Söze (8 months ago)
Oh ceramic bezel. I missed that one.
Jannik Andreasen (8 months ago)
I'm pretty sure, that they didn't have "SuperSoldier-Serum", alien technologi and vibranium shields, during WW2 either...
Will Ragsdale (8 months ago)
RealDrudge (8 months ago)
it doesn't make sense if you censor it...
evknucklehead (8 months ago)
What's with all the random word spam comments on this vid?
Miguel Galviz (8 months ago)
okay where's them boobies I came here to look at??
Greg Thompson (8 months ago)
You seriously think a movie about super soldiers has a flaw because of a headset?
Dane Lovell (8 months ago)
There's a scene in Closer that is the wardrobe malfunction is where you can see Natalie Portman's butthole. Google it.
Grem Jams (8 months ago)
I would not count The First Avenger.. I mean the movie also has floating cars, death ray laser beams, and tanks way more developed than there were at the time.
Gary Daniel (8 months ago)
Pirates of the Caribbean had a guy with a Table Shirt and Cowboy Hat. Bah Bah Black Sheep or Black Sheep Squadron was filmed near Indian Dunes Motocross Park and you can hear dirt bikes climbing hills in the background and they had jet contrails all the time and they used the wrong names for enemy aircraft. Glory was real close but they attacked Battery Wagner from the North so the sea would have been on their right as they advanced down the coast. Some other small details were wrong but it didn't take from the film. That watch could have been a bracelet. It sure looked like a watch though. The Horse Soldiers had the U.S. Cavalry in 1880s Uniforms and Saddles and firing 45/70s. 1873. Tons of films like that. The Red Badge of Courage was terrible in both Audy Murphy and John Boy Walton versions. 45/70s in both with Confederate Cavalry fighting as Infantry in the Richard Thomas one and Audy Murphy's using Span Am War equipment. Civil War flicks don't get that the different colour trim and piping on the Uniforms are for different Branches of Service. They just throw any old uniform in the wardrobe department on them and arm them with whatever they have blanks for. Dances with Wolves had some innacuracies but I don't remember what they were. Cold Mountain actually got the uniforms and equipment right. Even the weapons. Although Jude Law had a LeMatte revolver yet never reloaded it. He didn't bother to get the ammo off whoever he got it from. 9 shots of .44 and a .20 ga on the side is quite a few shots but after that they need to be reloaded. They didn't have brass cased bullets either. That's all I can remember for now. Oh! The rubber Bayonets in North and South and Gettysburg you can see wobbling around. Looks stupid.
Andrew Phipps Phillips (8 months ago)
Nothing as good as the first time I watched Short Cuts by Robert Altman. Only watching cos it had a good rate in a magazine & didn't expect the scene where Julianne Moore spilled a drink on her skirt then cleans it, wandering around in the lounge with her glorious minge on show.
Black Crow (8 months ago)
Show the goodies and I'll subscribe.....
PrinceArt77 (8 months ago)
Captain America was created in that time zone...from a short skinny guy to a muscular strong man in just a few second using technology far beyond WW2. I'm sure the top secret government agency who created him could afford to invent a state of the art military grade earpiece far better than the usual earpiece present in that era.
dfcvda (8 months ago)
America and their breast nipple fear pathetic, No sub,
Fish Fool (8 months ago)
Crap vid
Jimmy Chitwood (8 months ago)
jeans were invented in 1873 sooooo....
Matheo Aubry (8 months ago)
Recommend allegation on psychological head pocket occupation mayor range.
Windfall Wingman (8 months ago)
Wow. What a waste of time. But hey! You know what they say. *save the best for last*
Robert Slugg (8 months ago)
In Bad Santa, Lauren Graham's pubes are clearly visible when Billy Bob tries to unbutton her jeans with his teeth. Cracks me up every time it is shown on network TV.
Leland James (8 months ago)
yeah total click bate crap
Daily Goodkilng (8 months ago)
Gerald Gray (8 months ago)
The only real wardrobe malfunction is the last one. The others are not really wardrobes.
Lilian Leclerc (8 months ago)
Cooperation table burning elegant record wow captain future.
fydjub (8 months ago)
FYI in Marvel movies like Captain America their technology in the comics or a little farther than we are in the real world so just keep that in Those comp systems were not put in by mistake or used by mistake it's not a Time period Appropriate movie it's based off of a comic book that has that has fictional technology
Slim The Messenger (8 months ago)
This is the definition of click bate
Pithy Plinth (8 months ago)
Robocop 3 - he gets shot and falls over on the church steps.. you can see he is wearing Nike trainers
Jim Bronaugh (8 months ago)
I'm offended. They should have blacked out the whole screen of Natalie Portman. I couldn't see any thing, but I could still imagine and that is offensive to me. They should have blacked out anything that made me imagine.
etru6 (8 months ago)
Blue jeans date back to the 1870's. They just didn't become widely popular as everyday clothing until the 1950's.
Kevin Slater (8 months ago)
Uhhh, Blue jeans were invented in 1873. T-shirts were invented in the 19th century as underwear and began being worn in public as early as the great depression. Raiders of the Lost Ark taking place in WWII is perfectly reasonable to see a man wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt.
Dave Davidson (8 months ago)
Seriously Ripley in Alien at the end first version of the Movie when she sits on the pod for cryo you can see her Snatch
Miss. Molly (8 months ago)
There is a boob flash of Sigourney Weaver in the Ghostbusters movie that I'm pretty sure wasn't supposed to be there. Its blurred out in most newer versions. But its the scene when she sits in her chair when the monster arms break through and grab her, one of the hands pulls her top down and boob flash.
Mike Rasnick (9 months ago)
1). Blue Jeans were invented in 1871. Patented in 1873. And the T-shirt was an undergarment dating back to 1890, and became very popular to wear in 1920. Both are well before the "mid 1930's". 2). The biggest Historical error in Gladiator is the Zulu War chant for the Germanic tribes.
TWSTF 8 (9 months ago)
Ah! 🔥Natalie Portman🔥 👍
Ken Tan (9 months ago)
Jude Law sure looks different in Closer. Them British, they all look the same!
The Butler Did It (9 months ago)
Considering the dialogue that went with that scene in Closer I think a little extra skin was the least they had to worry about.
nefarious k (9 months ago)
Niptalie Portman
Nellie K. Adaba (9 months ago)
Jack Prestwood (9 months ago)
Steve Creech (9 months ago)
That wasn't Jude Law. It was Clive Owen.
Treefarm (9 months ago)
As an English teacher I often hear expressions used that I know weren't used even 20 years ago, but writers have stuck them in period films much older.
SuperKeith00 (9 months ago)
Being honest this isn't what I expected but it turned out better than I thought.
Nautilus1972 (9 months ago)
Wristwatch in Ben Hur ....
SolaceWinter (9 months ago)
The Closer one was not a "slip" at all or malfunction. Portman actually filmed the scene, and was completely nude for it (when she spreads her legs for him and he wants to slip his fingers in). However, she changed her mind about showing that much off and was convinced to just keep the topless scene in instead. So there's no malfunction in that scene, it was 100% deliberate.
valar (9 months ago)
Apparently Natalie Portman had a full-frontal nude scene in the film that ended up on the cutting room floor. Oh Internet, finder of all things lost, can you retrieve this scene from the cutting room floor? For sure it wasn't destroyed - some editor probably stashed it away somewhere. So it could still happen.
valar (8 months ago)
God knows the shit they might find if they ever get around to slapping the handcuffs on him. He probably has snuff films locked away somewhere.
evknucklehead (8 months ago)
Who knows, maybe he already has it?
valar (8 months ago)
James Bresnahan (8 months ago)
valar Harvey Weinstein could get it.
Moderate Fkr (9 months ago)
Thumbs down for hiding the best bits of Natalie Portman. The idea that a part of the human body should be censored is utterly absurd. But it just becomes obscene when we're forced to look at the ugly faces of politicians on TV every day!
Masochistic Suicidie (9 months ago)
Portman ain't got boobs to flop out so it's no biggie. Like, literally
givemetoast (9 months ago)
You made me watch until the end only to not show it???? Thumbs down!!! Just kidding.....
Adam Fisher (9 months ago)
Alan Palmer (9 months ago)
Raiders clip shows a German holding an MP40 which was not made in 1936!
Nilanjan Dutta (9 months ago)
yeah so headsets shown in captain america seems pretty high tech, but not the laser/ energy based weapons? and supersoldier serum?
Mickey Bitsko (9 months ago)
Blue jeans and tee shirts date back to 1849.
Michael Bova (9 months ago)
The sunglasses Hoot wears in Blackhawk Down
Craig Simek (9 months ago)
You prattle on unnecessarily. Sooooooooooooo boring.
Reesey Me (9 months ago)
anything else is possible in 1940s if you have super soldier, guns that vaporize your enemy and some freak with literally red head.
CatNadian (9 months ago)
About Captain America,we could say it is part of the Hydra technology they took
MrShadowpanther3 (9 months ago)
It is funny everyone failing to grasp the difference between story elements and BACKDROP. Yes there are fantasy elements to the story, but the storyteller is establishing the time frame. All the non-story elements and time frames should be consistent. For the earpiece in Captain America, that is a bit shaky since there WAS a lot of new technology being developed by Stark so that muddies the timeline a bit. Cars were built of heavier material back then but 100% bulletproof doors? The Rolex is a far better example. Nothing "fantasy" about the movie, just a mis-"timed" prop. Jeans were invented in 1873 and so very easily could have been in the Indiana Jones movie, but the backdrop there is 99.99% consistent, except for t-shirt/jeans dude. I doubt the movie maker went to all that trouble and then said... hey let's add this! Braveheart had a modern vehicle in the background. Unless that is Ash and his Boomstick... doesn't belong. Pirates of the Caribbean had a dude in a cowboy hat. It happens.
DOUG HEINS (9 months ago)
How about Tatjana Patitz's pubes being visible during her rape scene in "Rising Sun"?
MysticHydra (9 months ago)
When I hear "wardrobe malfunction" I tend to think of nipple-gate. Or whatever the fuck people call that super bowl moment.
Ehsa (9 months ago)
I like that it wasn't an accident that we could totally see Natalie Portman's butthole
evancortez2 (9 months ago)
In "300 Spartans" some of the Spartans are wearing tennis shoes
Jon 36 (9 months ago)
evancortez2 trainers actually I remember
Jeroen Peters (9 months ago)
so intellectual broker range hungry section speed put large ball
Brody Phillips (9 months ago)
entitle finding standing wteyin modify fee defeat deny look actually currency flip crime.
Lily Sanchez (9 months ago)
Throughout study post deep retire tradition weak Latin practically volunteer.
David DavisCrawford (9 months ago)
Wardrobe malfunction are awesome
Mata Nui (9 months ago)
at least a few of these are not wardrobe malfunctions. The modern watches and the indiana jones guy for instance.
Owen Oulton (9 months ago)
The so-called mistake in Raiders is bogus. Tee-shirts existed as far back as WWI and the name was coined in the 1920s. Blue jeans were invented in 1871 and patented in 1873. Both were common work clothes in the 1930's. The real mistakes in Raiders were the anachronistic Schmeisser submachine guns and Panzerfaust rocket propelled grenade launchers during the scene on the island when Belloq eats the fly (which is another mistake).
Dapple Dog (9 months ago)
I don’t feel the Captain America one is justified.
Jakob Egger (9 months ago)
float separate mud asike minute rest accommodate address.
Rob Anonymous (9 months ago)
why am i still subscribed to this garbage?
Edgar Nomestrus (9 months ago)
What about the first Spiderman in the Raimi trilogy where Kirsten Dunst's boobs are fully visible through her wet clothes in the rain? That couldn't have been intentional in a PG-13 hero flick
john clhugyugihjbvgbkj (9 months ago)
Time in movie would help. Not just where they are in video.
askabourgo (9 months ago)
Sharon Stone???
Matt Lawson (6 months ago)
Not really a wardrobe malfunction if it was deliberate, is it?
askabourgo (8 months ago)
6ity esty68nmuw876i5ew6njubb 45y[opdrzmh'l;jmdfb.
Roy Li (8 months ago)
askabourgo 你把青年男女吧ā。acccv
Vincent Culpepper (9 months ago)
Since people cry too much about being offended I'm highly offended that it didn't show a Natalie Portman titty....... Lol
Arthur Pendragon (9 months ago)
Aliens: The infamous pubic hair scene. Braveheart. Mel Gibsons's (Stuntman) modern undies. Visible when he jumps out of the window after slaying a certain someone. Braveheart again: the Jeans.

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