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Denso or NGK Spark Plugs Toyota

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I recommend Genuine Denso iridium spark plugs cause most of Toyota originally came with Denso iridium plugs when they was made... Do not save on spark plugs, always for cars like Toyta\Lexus or Honda\Acura buy spark plugs form the dealer.. it will cost you 11-16$ for 1 spark plug... Both Denso or NGK spark plugs could be platinum or iridium .... platinum always cheaper you can buy 4 platinum aftermarket ngk spark plugs ( bad quality) for about 10 bucks... they will last you probably aprox 20 000 miles.... the most important thing they don't work right and you not saving!! you will loose a lot more.. Iridium spark plugs last you approx. 100 000 miles.. Denso iridium or NGK iridium? My choice is Denso... They work like a magic in all Toyota vehicles..
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Louis Humphreys (3 days ago)
Great demonstration...thanks for sharing!
Darrin G. (3 months ago)
I use Bosch Double Iridiums in my 2010 Corolla...Works Awesome!
Richard NZ (8 months ago)
ngk is good , neither is better or worse
Alexey Gavrilov (8 months ago)
discerningmind (1 year ago)
You don't say what year that Camry is but some of the older Toyota's must use the twin ground electrode spark plugs.  Check the owner's manual and look for labels on the engine.
EvendimataE (10 months ago)
with that much work its a good idea to change the gasket as well
Mohammad Niaz Morshed (2 years ago)
At 100,000 you'll find the old gasket as hard as rock. It's going to leak soon. You may also notice traces of oil in spark plug well too. Oil can destroy your new spark plugs, so better be safe than sorry. You can avoid an expensive repair later. A genuine gasket only cost around 10USD for toyota corolla.
kids yousef (2 years ago)
Never drope spark plug into the hole it can damage the spark plug head
Alexey Gavrilov (2 years ago)
I know about that, thank's for comment, you reminded me....
Floyd R. Turbo (2 years ago)
Comrade, I wouldn't drop them down the spark plug tube. You may end up changing the gap.
Justin Hickey (2 years ago)
This has nothing to do with one brand vs the other it had platinum instead of iridium in it. You can get NGK iridium plugs as well and use the heat range chart on NGK site so you get the correct plug.
Alexey Gavrilov (2 years ago)
ok, thank you for the comment.
Shawn Harvey (2 years ago)
Just follow the specification in the manual, Denso or NGK they work fine both of them. Had Denso before, now i'm with NGK and there's no diffenrence whatsoever in performance or having issues.
Alexey Gavrilov (2 years ago)
v6 Toyota trucks came with denso on one bank and ngk on other lol
Alexey Gavrilov (2 years ago)
never heard about that..
Mr. pewterschmidt (3 years ago)
best to get whatever the owners manual says, gap them properly to oem spec....
Alexey Gavrilov (3 years ago)
Not always from China... Spark plugs from Lexus Dealer were Japanese made.. ;-)
Mr. pewterschmidt (3 years ago)
i always thought ngk were higher quality than denso, no? but at this point.... everything comes from china !
Alexey Gavrilov (3 years ago)
+Mr. “Bluedragon” pewterschmidt totally agree..
El Tomster (3 years ago)
No dialectic grease !!!!!! Good luck
Suranga Sampath (3 years ago)
Don't drop plugs. they will damage....
Soon Wei Yeo (3 years ago)
Denso is owned by Toyota, of course Toyota will recommend Denso. But Toyota also recommends NGK, thats speaks for NGK.
spookypunky (3 years ago)
They're all Japanese companies
Martin Quirex (3 years ago)
I prefer NGK iridium spark plugs before I had Denso nothing special. My engine 1SZ-FE 1.0 Yaris of course that was engine of the year from 1999 :) K&N filter of course.
spookypunky (3 years ago)
IR plugs and a K&N on a Yaris??
Martin Quirex (3 years ago)
Of course Denso it's promoted by Toyota. Really I got now NGK Iridium IX and I'm happy. Imagine this NGK by Toyota and the same situation higher price and prestige. Anyway what do you think about Motul Oil fully synthetic 0W30 for Yaris? Toyota use that's oil in very extremely hard conditions like Rally of Dakar. Cheers
Alexey Gavrilov (3 years ago)
+Martin Quirex it's better not to safe on spark plugs and only to buy them OEM from the dealer...
Martin Quirex (3 years ago)
NGK also recommended by Toyota :)
Hishaam Patel (4 years ago)
don't drop plugs in the chamber. You will damage the tips. get a spark plug socket! and lower them into the hole
Hishaam Patel (4 years ago)
don't drop plugs in the chamber. You will damage the tips. get a spark plug socket! and lower them into the hole
shannon brider (2 years ago)
+Mr GShocker hg good DG BBC
Happy Me (4 years ago)
Here! Here!!! 
Alexey Gavrilov (4 years ago)
you will damage... I'm fine....
SilentServiceCode (4 years ago)
Why don't you clean the shit off the wiper cowl
discerningmind (1 year ago)
Yes!  One thing that makes me crazy!  I remove one leave if it sitting there.
Alexey Gavrilov (4 years ago)
it not my vehicle...
counkev (4 years ago)
The Denso's have two grounds. NGK makes them with two grounds two. 
Alexey Gavrilov (4 years ago)
thank's for the comment..
MIke Brazen (5 years ago)
Вери гут, комрад!
Nikolai Vakulenko (4 years ago)
+Alexey Gavrilov Лет ми спик фром май харт ин инглиш!
Alexey Gavrilov (5 years ago)
сенкью вери матч фриенд...
BrokenDDL (5 years ago)
Thanks for the explanation of iridium and platinum and brands.
Alexey Gavrilov (5 years ago)
Cars like Lexus, Acura and many others only can work properly with genuine spark plugs..

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